Fox News Tries To Justify Militarization and Violence of Ferguson Police


Fox Ferguson

Fox News has the Ferguson, Missouri police department’s back. In order to justify the unwarranted violence and violation of First Amendment rights, Fox News is once again stirring up racial animus and using one specific outlier as an excuse for consistently and inherently bad behavior by the police.

Filing in for the vacationing Megyn Kelly, Fox News’ Martha MacCallum drummed up Black Panther fears by claiming they are pushing racial violence in Ferguson, based on an FBI report that ONE member of the fringe Black Panthers group is in Ferguson.

Watch the August 13 edition of The Kelly File here via Media Matters:


Media Matters’ Thomas Bishop laid it out:

On the August 13 edition of The Kelly File, Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin explained that while “demonstrations remain[ed] peaceful” throughout the day, New Black Panther Party members were seen in Ferguson. Ignoring the reports of peaceful protests, MacCallum highlighted a tweet and Facebook posts from one New Black Panther Party member in particular who she claimed “is very vociferously advocating violence against the police.”

PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona is in Ferguson, and has been reporting daily about the citizens’ desire to be heard after the still unexplained shooting and killing of an unarmed, African-American 18-year-old boy named Michael Brown. Their daily protests have been peaceful, even in the wake of such tragedy.

If one citizen of a group “very vociferously advocating violence” via Twitter and Facebook is cause for alarm and police targeting of entire group, then conservatives should expect to be the targets of the Secret Service for just being a conservative, since there are consistent threats against this President made by conservatives on both mediums. But of course, that is ridiculous and unfair to an entire group of people, especially when made by a lone member and not a leader.

Bishop pointed out that Fox News failed to mention the fact that Brown’s family, President Obama, and the NAACP all denounced the violence and called for peaceful protests.

But the community has also been trying peacefully to communicate their message. Yes, there is looting at night, but that is not the only story and even that is not being put into context. It’s hard to justify repeated requests for non-violence while an unexplained killing is being being ignored and swept under the rug.

AG Eric Holder announced a federal investigation into the shootings. It is no doubt due to this investigation that conservatives at Fox News feel compelled to exaggerate the Black Panther fear-mongering. Nothing gets the Fox News crowd riled up like the idea that justice might extend to black people and might be dished out by a black person in charge, such as Eric Holder or President Obama. These examples of leadership coming from minorities is a painful reminder of change and progress, and stirs up the festering resentment among the Archie Bunker crowd.

If anyone is playing the race card right now, it’s Fox News. And by playing the race card, I mean unwarranted stirring up of racial animus and fear for political reasons. This is not even in the same category as a minority sharing their experience of being targeted by the police due to the color of their skin. One is not real, and the other is way too often demonstrably real, and documented.

The Civil Rights Organization explains that racial profiling by law enforcement is not only a violation of Constitutional rights, but it is also ineffective.

Racial profiling in law enforcement is not merely wrong, but also ineffective. Race-based assumptions in law enforcement perpetuate negative racial stereotypes that are harmful to our rich and diverse democracy, and materially impair our efforts to maintain a fair and just society.

Fox News is trying to justify the militarization of the police by inferring that black people are dangerous because one member of the Black Panthers has bad judgment. Fox News is trying to justify the violation of constitutional rights, and ignoring the killing of an unarmed African American teenager, by using one example of what they would call a “lone wolf” or “bad apple” were this person to go on a shooting spree and kill innocent children. Yet, one person expressing emotions on Facebook and Twitter justifies targeting an entire group of people when that group is a minority, according to Fox.

The lack of consistency in values is the giveaway that there is an agenda in play.

Conservatives consistently side with violence and violation of First Amendment rights by the police when targeting people with whom conservatives disagree or for whom they have contempt. See Occupy.

A value that is not consistent is not a value at all. One Black Panther expressing himself on Facebook does not justify arresting members of the press for no reason, excessive violence against citizens, and lethal police silence in the wake of a still unexplained shooting and killing of an unarmed teenager.

31 Replies to “Fox News Tries To Justify Militarization and Violence of Ferguson Police”

  1. So FOX supports the Bundy gang pointing guns at law enforcement but opposes protests against police killing a teenager.

    FOX very much adds to the division in our country.

  2. How much more proof do people need to prove that Fox is NOT a legitimate “news” organization, but a anti-American propaganda spigot?

    A boycott of any company that sponsors Fox is warranted.

  3. 9:07 AM PT: Anonymous’ #OpFerguson group is now saying that Bryan Willman is NOT the name that was given to them by a source inside the Police Department. They claim to have a different name and full information including address, phone number, picture, girlfriend’s name, tax records, etc. They are not releasing yet in hopes that the Police will start releasing information instead.

  4. Oh,sure….militia with guns pointed at federal agents on the Bundy ranch does not get this kind of over-the-top reaction and presence of heavily armed police in full riot gear (and in armored vehicles with machine gun snipers sitting atop pointing the gun at unarmed people). Noooo the Sherrif department and the federal agents bowed out, retreated without any further confrontation with those militias pointing THEIR rifles at the agents (In sniper prone positions to boot). So what is wrong with this picture America? You guessed it.

  5. Oh where oh where is Sen.Paul Oh where is he.

    Oh where oh where are the libertarians Oh where can their be

    Oh where Oh where are the white constitutionalists Oh where can they be

  6. I wonder what took Fuk news so long to spew their bull$#!t because this is their motto and what they represent..racism,hate,division & I am waiting for slush limbum to make his statement & he will blame it on President Obama. We are living in a sick society and when a black man became president it spread
    like cancer.

  7. Make that Old White Men! Most white women tend to be nurturing, life affirming, capable and smart. Of course, there are exceptions. Check the PAID commentators for fox news!

  8. I think the police in Ferguson must watch FOX all day and get their ideas from the people on FOX who preach racism and hate every day.

  9. What are they talking about? Black Panthers, really? How many are there total nowadays?

    And ONE says something and they freak out over it?

    I swear, how these people manage to get out of the house in the morning is beyond me. The way they go on about this kind of thing makes me picture them hiding under their beds, guns loaded, doors locked, curtains drawn, crying, and screaming for their mommies.

    Heaven’s sake.

  10. I think quite frankly that the police are militarizing because of the gun freaks around this country threatening to attack the government. The government is also local and state government. And if that’s true, how funny is it that Fox news is trying to justify the very thing that is going to put down the other thing that they justify, that being the gun nuts?
    The police never know when one of those Gun freaks are going to be in the crowd. Or several.
    But we know they want show up because they don’t really want anything to do with actual people who are armed to the Teeth

  11. If Bundy and his moronic cowardly militia were black you can be damned sure Fox, Hannity and Billo the clown would call for not only the national guard but for full martial law across the nation.

  12. Shiva, we do work for the local sheriffs dept. and shirts for a law enforcement bike club. And to an officer they are all against the proliferation of not only hand guns but high power high rate of fire weapons. Not as many are NRA members as what the Reich Wing claims. Many have cancelled membership because of the fact that they are the main reason why so many un registered firearms and guns in the hands of flat out criminals. The NRA is directly responsible for ALL of the murders in this nation by firearm. NOT the criminals.

  13. Fox is trying their hardest to dumb down America.
    Fox does NOT want America to succeed. What does that make them? Un American.

  14. This and the L.A. shooting is causing unrest all over. Here in Louisville, Ky. fliers are all over town for doing a purge from Friday to Saturday. If you don’t know what a purge means, look it up. Shit is getting real. I hope they arrest some police and take away their military toys before we look like Gaza, Iraq or Syria.

  15. Why the protest in the first place? If I as a white person was to be so-called mistreated by a cop I bet there would be zero news coverage. The sorry fact is that this is not about police mistreatment it is about jealosy.

  16. FOX News claims to be ‘fair and balanced’, but the fear-fomenting, innuendo-laden, highly speculative garbage that they propagate is better suited to the slogan ‘fatuous and bigoted’.

  17. Some of us are concerned about all people who are killed unnecessarily by others. I was appalled when a white guy in Minnesota shot and killed two white teens who were trying to burglarize his home. He was lying in wait for them and shot them multiple times. The jury found him guilty of murder. I don’t live in MN, and I’m not white, but what this guy did to those teens shocked me to my core. I could imagine how their parents felt to learn a guy had blown kids’ their brains out. They were wrong for entering the guy’s home to burglarize it, but he didn’t have to shoot them multiple times and then brag about doing it. These were executions and should have shocked any sane human being who possesses the least bit of compassion for their fellow human beings. Hopefully, Byron Smith will spend the rest of his life in prison where he belongs. So, when you say “no one would care” if what happened to Michael Brown happened to you, more people may care than you think.

  18. The St Louis county police force (the one who stormed into the situation in Fergueson) and the Fergueson police force were trained by Israel. Israel is apparently in a program which provides police training to the many of the police forces of American cities. So why are we surprised that they acted like the IDF does in the Occupied Territories of Palestine? Why is Israel training American police forces? Who pays for that? Whose idea was that?

  19. A person who knew what the definition was would tell people instead of calling them uneducated. You usually are what you accuse others of being

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