With Ferguson No Longer Intimidated By Local Police, Unity And Peace Show Up Thursday

Photos by Justin Baragona
Photos by Justin Baragona


PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona was in Ferguson Thursday evening and was able to capture images of a large, peaceful and symbolic march through the town.

The march stopped for a rally at the Canfield Green apartment complex where Mike Brown was tragically shot on Saturday. Once the rally was over, protesters marched again, this time to the burned out QuikTrip, which has been deemed Ground Zero in Ferguson.


On the way to the QuikTrip, Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who is now in charge of law enforcement overseeing Ferguson, addressed those leading the march and joined the protesters. The residents of Ferguson finally realized they were free to assemble and protest without fear of police intimidation.

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8 Replies to “With Ferguson No Longer Intimidated By Local Police, Unity And Peace Show Up Thursday”

  1. All the people wanted were answers and understanding by the police. Instead, the police grossly overreacted and while some did loot and whatnot, the way the police responded was outrageous.

    Now they see that they are being listened to and hopefully answers will follow.

  2. Why did it take so long for this change? I hope this wakes up the people of the city that they have to vote in local elections to change the make up of the local government.

    Where I live we have a large Latino population. There has never been a Latino elected official in the city. I hope it does not take a killing to get people to realize you cannot just vote every 4 years for President and expect things to change locally.

  3. Epic fail!!!!As if black people don’t already distrust the police, Ferguson’s response has made the distrust even worse!!

    Somebody needs sensitivity training in how to deal with non white communities to foster community trust and respect. Ferguson gets a F++ on that.

    Meanwhile militias at the Bundy ranch shoot at federal agents, nothing happens. OCT terrorise customers in store, banks, restaurants, nothing happens. Militias form along the borders armed, dangerous, and violating the law, all white, nothing happens.

    But let a black man jaywalk, unarmed, test a fake gun in Walmart, which welcomed armed OCT with no problem, and they are murdered! The damn military went after predominate black, peaceful, protestors expressing their 1st amendment rights. but allowed the law breaking, predominately white people run amuck!

    Talk about bad PR! And the world witnessed it. It says white thuggish people can break the law, nothing happens. Black people keep the law, the army comes…

  4. “The residents of Ferguson finally realized they were free to assemble and protest without fear of police intimidation.”

    Those popping sounds you hear are the exploding heads in the right wing blogosphere.

  5. This is the way it should have been from Day One, minus the looting. The residents of Ferguson have every right to demand answers to their questions as to why this senseless killing took place and who was responsible. The responses of Ferguson’s police department in the immediate aftermath are a textbook case on what NOT to do in any situation. People like Joe Scarborough and the RWNJ who told people there to “straighten up and fly right” have no business commenting because they have no interest in understanding the why and the wherefore of the murder or the aftermath.

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