Reporter Arrested In Ferguson Absolutely Destroys Joe Scarborough Over Criticism

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During Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough decided to criticize Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery over his actions that led to his arrest in Ferguson Wednesday evening. Lowery, along with Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly, was arrested while sitting and writing in a McDonald’s in Ferguson. Lowery filmed the encounter with the police officer and posted it when he was released from custody hours later. The actions of the St. Louis County and Ferguson police towards media and protesters on Wednesday night caused Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to relieve local law enforcement and bring in state and federal police and authorities.


Anyway, Scarborough felt that Lowery brought the arrest on himself. When discussing Lowery’s situation, Scarborough brought his own son into the conversation, condescendingly treating Lowery as if he is a kid and doesn’t know any better.

“I will just say if I saw that video and my son was the one police arrested after that episode, I’d say, ‘Joey, heres a clue. When the cops tell you for the thirtieth time, let’s go, you know what that means, son? It means let’s go. I’m sorry…I don’t sit there and have a debate and film the police officer unless I want to get on TV and have people talk about me the next day.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Ugh. Joe really is an insufferable jerk. Lowery was on CNN’s New Day shortly after Joe made his comments. Host Kate Bolduan brought up what Scarborough had said and asked for a response from Lowery. The WaPo writer’s retort was perfect.

“I would invite Joe Scarborough to come down to Ferguson and get out of 30 Rock where he’s sipping his Starbucks smugly…I have little patience for talking heads. This is too important. This is a community in the United States of America where things are on fire. This community is on edge. There is so much happening here and instead of putting reporters on the ground we have people like Joe Scarborough running their mouth who have no idea what they’re talking about.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of CNN:



Lowery completely annihilated Scarborough. I can attest to what Lowery is talking about. Having been on the ground in Ferguson myself, I can speak to the level of anger and frustration that has boiled over in that community. These residents want answers. They want to trust their local police force. They don’t want to be made to feel like second-class citizens with targets on their backs. And the response from local law enforcement has been to quiet them and anyone covering what’s going on down there. It is as if the police have been trying to break apart this community with their actions the last few days.

So I concur with Lowery. Scarborough needs to either make his way to Ferguson or shut up. Joe, nobody needs to listen to your smug opinions on something you know nothing about.


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24 Replies to “Reporter Arrested In Ferguson Absolutely Destroys Joe Scarborough Over Criticism”

  1. And that is how you give someone a well-deserved smack with words!!

    P.S. I lived in Hanley Hills, which is a mostly black suburb just south of Ferguson for four years. My husband and I used to see black people harassed by the police constantly, so we started just stopping our car, getting out, and watching. It was to let the officer(s) know that white people with white privilege who would be believed as witnesses were seeing the whole scene. It visibly pissed them off even as we kept our distance. I am as furious as a person can be without being black about how black people are treated by the police having witnessed it my whole life (I also grew up in a majority black community).

  2. I stopped watching MSNBC in the morning simply because of Joe Scarborough. Love the rest of the regulars though.

  3. Just what is needed here..a cosseted motor mouth like Scarborough passing judgement on a situation he is too terrified to even see. He can head down to Texas and pose with guns with Perry for pre-Presidential run pictures, but he can’t be bothered to do anything but criticize a real journalist trying to do his job. I too, do not watch this man in the morning. We don’t need more RW whiners in this country. We need people who care about others. Who care enough to put themselves into danger and write about it. How will it get better if we blame the victims? But I guess when you’re a rich white guy with an attitude, anyone not just like you deserves your petty attitude. Sad.

  4. He and Ryan from HuffPo weren’t DOING ANYTHING other than sitting in the McDonalds! They were charging phones and filing reports.

    It was late afternoon – daytime – the city was not on lock-down, Marshall Law had not been declared, nor a curfew.

    This action of disturbing these men while minding their own business, inside a private business – then arresting them when they can’t juggle all their supplies / backpacks / food and such fast enough, only to release them without a reason or explanation is a direct violation of their First Amendment rights.

    What happened to freedom of the press? How about just regular people? The police in Ferguson are acting as if ordinary American citizens are enemy combatants.

  5. And the police still won’t release the incident report, which is an open document and required by law to be released. This is the incident report, not the investigative report, which typically is withheld until the end of the investigation.

    Every incident has an incident report filed.

  6. pretty sure if Joe did make his way down to Ferguson he’d do what he usually does when he leaves the comfy confines of his set…

    either set up in the local coffee shop or the nearest hipster bar and make jokes about being up so early…

  7. Why would police, in a town where there are protests going on that are apparently so terrible that they’re all wearing riot gear and throwing tear gas and the like, take out time to bother two REPORTERS when all of this is happening around them?

    What did these police expect the REPORTERS to do…NOT report that they were unfairly arrested?

    And I’d say shame on Joe for his comments but the man has no shame so there’s no point.

  8. I applaud you Deb. Just maybe if more whites did what you did the situation would lessen in this unfortunate community. These cops, need watching, Lots of it.. sound more like black booted terrorists then police men who should be(according to the police) there to “protect and serve”!!!I ask what protection? what service? ?A bullet in the back?

  9. there are only two times the Joe Scarborough leaves that chair. When he is on vacation, and during elections.

    and in between he isn’t good for much of anything

  10. I am happy that law enforcement there was received of involvement in this case. That’s because they have no credibility due to their own actions before and since Michael Brown was murdered. As for Joe Scarborough, he is an obnoxious fool of a blowhard who loves to talk loud and say absolutely nothing. He also has no credibility to speak of, with his unfounded criticisms of someone who was there to report and shed light on what is going in in Ferguson.

  11. All I could see last night was that
    the police had it Bass Ackwards.
    If you didn’t know the story, one
    would think that a young Black Man
    had KILLED a COP! Uh, NO! One of YOUR Police Officers Killed an unarmed kid.
    That it was the cops who needed to protect themselves while sitting atop armoured
    vehicles, dressed in camo & pointing guns at protestors with their #handsup. This
    was a clear case of overkill.

  12. You know what? What if busloads or caravans of White folks were to go to Ferguson and stand in the crowd side by side with the townspeople, showing solidarity for the cause….that would be some image across the country eh? Think the police would be firing tear gas and shoving little old white ladies and elderly men (ex-military veterans), white students, and everyday folk? I bet you NOT! My imagination at work.

  13. SallyinChicago – what country do you live in, and where do you get your news? First, COPS DO NOT have the right to simply order you to stop doing a legal activity in a public place – you’re thinking of a military dictatorship! Second, they WERE moving! Just not fast enough for the stormtroopers!! You should try reading the Constitution before you “side” with that ignoramus! If people never challenge illegitimate authority, we are doomed!

  14. Joe is disgusting and should have been shut down for his talk about all this.
    We do know what happened, there were two eye witness accounts. So the officer was assaulter, if he was. Does that deserve being murdered. NO it doesn’t. Willy, you have it right.

  15. I disagree.

    These were reporters covering a story. It is their job to be there. Even more than that, it is their RIGHT to be there. Police can’t just unilaterally declare martial law and announce a business is closed. Even if they order people out of an area for reasons of safety, they have to provide SOME reason for doing so. Asking questions about why one is being forced to stop a legal activity is NOT an arrestable offence.

    My conservative mother and brother and I (the liberal) all said this: This is America. We have rights. The police don’t have the right to take those rights away. People shouldn’t be willing to give up their rights for the illusion of safety.

    You know the police are in the wrong when both conservatives AND liberals can agree upon it.

  16. Well then “Sally Stay In Chicago”….you are on the wrong side of history…and probably always have been…but it’s your distorted as it still have that right to make far…think..THINK…use your brain…there is no marshall law…this is the police…not the military…and the man they were urging to an American…remember American Journalists for Huffington..sitting in a public restaurant..charging his batteries..eating…filing..doing HIS JOB!!!…They..the police..were clearly NOT!..Have you even read the Constitution??..Sooo with that said…you can keep Joe…no one likes his lame ass anyways…

  17. He’s a REPUBLICAN with an attitude. Republicans who don’t make knee-jerk superior know-it-all comments from afar are rarer than unicorns.

    Republicans like Morning Joe do send minions to places like Ferguson, but only to make videos that are later spliced and diced to make white folks look like the victims and black folks to look like thieves and frauds (hello, James O’Keefe of ACORN “fame”).

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