Due to Extreme National Pressure, Ferguson Police Finally Release Name Of Mike Brown’s Killer


With trust within the community at an all-time low and the Governor of Missouri placing the Missouri Highway Patrol in charge of security in Ferguson, the Ferguson police chief finally decided to release the name of the police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Mike Brown. On Saturday afternoon, Wilson shot Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black male, multiple times. Eyewitness accounts claim that the officer was the aggressor and killed Brown despite Brown placing his hands in the air and surrendering. It also appears that this tragic murder evolved from the officer wanting Brown and his friend to move from the street to the sidewalk.

Tom Jackson, the Ferguson police chief, made his announcement at the burned-out QuikTrip on W. Florissant Ave. Friday morning. The QuikTrip has become Ground Zero for protests in Ferguson. His hand was basically forced by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who not only removed control of law enforcement and security in Ferguson from Ferguson and St. Louis County police, but also said Thursday that the release of the officer’s name was an essential step that needed to be made soon. Jackson and St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar have taken a lot of heat in the past few days not only for the militarized way the police have handled the protests in Ferguson, but for their comments and actions regarding the investigation into Brown’s death.

Obviously, by making the announcement at the QuikTrip, Jackson is trying to appeal to the community, repair the image of the Ferguson police department and regain some trust within the community. The night before, Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, in his first day overseeing security in Ferguson, literally embraced the protesters and marched with them to QuikTrip. He advised his police officers to take a hands-off approach and allow the protesters to assemble peacefully. He mingled with the crowd and spoke to the community. It was a complete 180 shift from what Ferguson residents had seen the previous few nights. In one night of compassion and understanding, Johnson repaired much of the emotional trauma that had been caused by local law enforcement’s overreach and brutal tactics.

Even if Jackson didn’t release the name on Friday, the officer’s name would eventually be made public. The ACLU submitted Sunshine Law requests on Wednesday to both the Ferguson and St. Louis County police departments. The requests were for the police incident reports, which would have shown the officer involved at the scene of Mike Brown’s shooting. The state’s law says that Sunshine Law requests must be acted upon within three business days. While the police departments can withhold information pertaining to an active investigation, they must release incident reports. This knowledge, along with the Governor’s statement, basically left local police with no other action than identifying the shooter.

While releasing Wilson’s name, Jackson described a strong arm robbery at a convenience store in the area. It seems as if Jackson was fingering Brown as a possible suspect in the robbery. Jackson pointed out that the robbery was not at the QuikTrip, but did not name the store where the robbery call came from. After Jackson had left the scene, some residents were very angry about the way Jackson released the information. They were both upset with the fact that they were never told about any robbery in the area as well as the insinuation that Brown was in someway involved with the robbery. Jackson said that they have video surveillance from the robbery scene but carefully chose his words, making only vague implications.

The trust Jackson was hoping to regain within the community did not materialize.

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28 Replies to “Due to Extreme National Pressure, Ferguson Police Finally Release Name Of Mike Brown’s Killer”

  1. I hope the KKK sends him lots of money for his defense, so the family can sue him, and take it in civil court.

  2. Why is it that every time I see that police chief I feel like he is nervous because he knows he is covering something up?

    His story stinks, so if you suspect someone to be involved in a robbery – you yell at them to walk on the sidewalk -??????

  3. Tom Jackson, the Ferguson police chief, will be looking for a new job soon. He is still trying to make it look like it was ok to gun this young man down in the street like a dog. So long Tom, no one will miss you.

  4. First Mike Brown was accused of shoplifting. Now, it’s a robbery? But the cop yelled at Mike Brown for jaywalking,, then executed him b/c he ignored him.

    Ferguson PD is LYING.. This smell of a cover-up..

  5. He chose the QuikTrip to reinforce the negative implications of the “rioting.” If he had balls, he would have chosen the murder scene.

  6. According to the police chief, Brown “highly reassembled” a robbery suspect, i.e., a young black male.

    So Wilson was just following department SOP — if you see anyone fitting that description, shoot first and to hell with the questions.

  7. Police have confirmed that it was Mike Brown in those surveillance videos that I saw on Tamron Hall’s show that Alex Witt is sitting in for.

    I didn’t see the face of the “strong-arm robber”, just half of the head when Alex Witt (always good for defending White people from Black people’s charges) showed the stills from those videos.

    Still, as is her habit, she didn’t mention, not even once, that Officer Darren Wilson stopped Brown and his friend for JAYWALKING.

  8. The more one think about the police statement the bullshit meter goes up

    It claims Mike Brown went into the store, grabbed a pack of Swisher Sweets & tried to walk out without paying. The clerk tried to stop him & lock the door to prevent him from leaving. Mike Brown pushed the clerk out of the way & left.

    It claims the value of the cigars was $48.99. They are ~$6.00 for a pack of 5. The only way a box of Swisher Sweets could be $48.99 is if he was trying to steal a CASE of them.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  9. My B.S. meter is going on tilt, too, djchefron.

    Aside from the fact that the police chief didn’t take any questions from reporters, it’s clear this is a transparent attempt by him and his “brothers in blue uber alles” to defend the murder of an eighteen year old boy.

    I guess he didn’t take any questions because he doesn’t want a savvy reporter asking him, “If Mike Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, really committed the robbery, why haven’t you arrested Mr. Johnson when he all but begged you to call him in and question him? Why did you refuse calling him in and questioning him? And wasn’t the official reason, according to Officer Wilson and the Ferguson P.D., for stopping the two boys in the street jaywalking? Why the change in story?”

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. This whole situation was handled badly! Since when did police start using military tanks against peaceful protestors?

    When did the police become the military? Where was Governor Nixon? Where was the mayor?This reminds me of the mishandling of evacuating the people of NOLA before Katrina hit.

    Our communists enemies must be ROTFL!! Imagine how this played out on the international stage! Military tanks and gear being used against the “home of the free.”

    They looked as if they were invading Tiananmen Square! Why haven’t this military might not been used against the KKK, OCT, Clive Bundy’s ranch, the militias on our southern borders?

    Instead of attacking armed law breakers, all white, they brought out the big guns against the peaceful black, unarmed protesters! Every African-American will tell you this country has never been democratic, and these last few days showed it.

    It racists when white, armed lawbreakers are left alone and black law abiding citizens are murdered…

  11. Even if he stole $48,000 worth of cigars it was a summary execution. Why can wrinkled old white guys like Bernie Madoff can steal $65 Billion dollars but live.

  12. It would appear that Chief Jackson only wanted to release information which he believed would exonerate Officer Wilson of wrong-doing, and he is deliberately withholding any and all details that would indicate improper action was taken during the altercation.

    Had Jackson believed that the Brown was not involved in the cigar theft, it is likely that these details would not have been made public either.

  13. I want to know WHY, with people across the country protesting the death of Michael Brown, the police department withheld the information about the alleged store robbery? Instead of reporting it they brought guns and tanks in an effort to hurt people of color. What if someone else had died????
    What were they (police) trying to do, start a race riot???

  14. Now his reputation is being smeared. Michael and his friend were not the two suspects in the “robbery.” HLN had footage of the “robber” and his friend. I switch over to MSNBC and during the pc, the police chief states that Michael Brown and his friend are not the two individuals in the robbery footage.

    Even if it had been, law enforcement will murder a young black male over Swisher Cigars, but not when the militias shoot at federal officers at Bundy’s ranch?

    It makes me wonder if African-Americans love this country. Why should they? And yet, after all that has transpired, many white Americans still don’t understand why African-Americans are legitimately angry, but understand why the militias at Bundy’s ranch are angry, when they don’t have a legitimate reason to be angry.


  16. Unfortunately, these clowns didn’t care about how badly the violence in the South played out internationally during the Civil Rights Movement in the ’60s.

    And then, they didn’t care when Bubba Bush and Dick “Haliburton” Cheney trashed our international reputation for the 8 horrible years they were in the White House.

    So, I really don’t think they care about how Ferguson is going to play out in 2014. They are insular, close-minded, and think that the world owes the United States a favor just for existing. Who cares if we are hypocrites who impose so-called democratic values on other countries when we can’t even maintain it within our own borders?

    This is why November is important. Because they may be crazy but they still show up on Election Day.

  17. The people who down-voted you outright refuse to admit that Chief Jackson himself said that the officer who shot and killed Brown was UNAWARE of the alleged robbery at the Quick Trip.

    They also seem to have forgotten due process. Police officers aren’t suppose to just shoot unarmed suspects. They are suppose to detain them for questioning.

  18. A couple of packs of cigarellos does not a case make. Didn’t you see the surveillance video?

    Besides, even if that were Mike Brown in that video (and the Ferguson P.D. have yet to confirm that it is), do you believe the cop had the legal right to commit extrajudicial execution on an eighteen year old and gun him down while he had his hands in the air in the universal sign of surrender? Really?

    I know it’s hard for some people when they’re filled with innate racism against Black people, but try and keep things in perspective, Tommy-boy.

  19. I hope those who are rushing to make Mike Brown’s execution by cop racial are aware that a young white male was killed in Salt Lake City Monday night, and I’m pissed about it. Dillon Taylor, his brother, and a cousin were in a 7-11 when police received a call that a male was in the area waving a gun around. When the three exited the store, police stopped them, and told them to put their hands in the air. Dillon didn’t hear them because he had on headphones and was listening to music. When he didn’t comply, an officer opened fire on him and gunned him down where he stood. Dillon had arrest warrants, but the officer who shot him didn’t know that. His brother said Dillon did NOT have a gun in his possession, but he’s still dead. This must stop.

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