GOP Rep. Steve King Tells African-Americans In Ferguson To Straighten Up and Fly Right

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Rep. Steve King (R-IA) gave an interview where he told African-Americans in Ferguson that race wasn’t an issue and that they needed to “settle down” and “straighten up and fly right.”


Rep. King dismissed racial profiling in Ferguson, “I’ve seen the video. It looks to me like you don’t need to bother with that particular factor (racial profiling) because they all appear of a single origin, I should say, a continental origin might be the way to phrase that.”

King referenced a tweet that he claimed was from an African-American man, “He called upon them all to settle down, said ‘I’m getting tired of this. I’m tired of you burning down our communities, my communities’ and essentially said straighten up and fly right. I thought that was a good message. I was glad to see it.”

Finally, he added that if everybody had guns, none of this would be happening, and all black people have tattoos, “They’re not going to loot the gun store because there’s someone in there with one,” King continued. “I’m not sure why they’re not looting the tattoo parlor except that might have some of the strongest, friendliest relationships there.”

This was typical of the Republican response to anything involving race. They deny that the problem exists. Republicans blame the victim for what happened. They throw in a healthy dose of racism and claim that if everyone had guns, there would be no violence.

Unlike Rand Paul, Steve King doesn’t try to hide his race issues. Rand Paul doesn’t really discuss race. He blames big government for all racial issues and is trying draw in minority voters by wrapping the same conservative ideological agenda around race.

This country does have a racial problem and people like Steve King fan the flames for political gain on a regular basis. Republicans would never think of telling Cliven Bundy’s all white mob to settle down, but they see no problem with speaking to African-Americans that way.

The situation in Ferguson has once again revealed the Republican Party’s true colors. America may be red, white, and blue, but the GOP’s rhetoric is all white.

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21 Replies to “GOP Rep. Steve King Tells African-Americans In Ferguson To Straighten Up and Fly Right”

  1. Another reminder that republican party is for WHITE RACISTS ONLY Any black people who sign up for this party of bigots must have Stockholm syndrome. I hate to repeat this question but:Hey Priebus how is that rebranding thingy going for ya?! the autopsy has returned and the results are still the same:YOUR PARTY IS still RACIST AS HELL!

  2. This is the kind of abysmal ignorance that led to not only Michael Brown’s murder but also other racially charged incidents even before that. He’s just a run-of-the-mill RWNJ within the GOP who loves to weigh in on matters he knows nothing about that involves people he stupidly looks down on. With all the racism that the GOP proudly espouses even without words, he and his ilk are the very last people who need to say anything at all. It’s exactly that kind of attitude that not only led to the murder, but also led law enforcement in Ferguson to make a bad situation even worse with their ham-handed tactics.

  3. When no republican makes no attempt man to stop this man in his demonic rants, this can only mean that they condone his actions and stand behind what he says.

  4. A hateful man, and any way I think he is
    talking to the wrong people, I think the police should shape up and do the jobs they were hired for, like protecting the people they serve!

  5. He’s an idiot supreme. He is just telling folks exactly what most republicans/ tea nuts believe.
    You want to know what they are doing just listen to what they are projecting & accusing liberals of doing.

    The rightwing wants to go back to the 1950’s where women & especially minorities knew their places, and if they stood up there was hell to pay.

    They are afraid of knowledge because then you actually use your brain for something other then a hat rack.
    They want to indoctrinate our youth with their revisionary history. It’s all about making the “whites” out to be the good guys, & should be held above everyone else. For only white folks know what is best for everyone, and they alone know how you should live your life.

    It’s time to stand up against the party of STUPIDITY, and vote as many of these self righteous racist haters out of office!!

  6. I’m from Iowa and I don’t blame King. I blame the idiots in western Iowa who keep electing this idiot.

  7. It’s time for this idiot wake up and keep his mouth shut about things that don’t concern him. He has enough problems in Iowa to worry about like jobs and decent healthcare. King and his other GOP ass holes say these things to get the media attention. They don’t realize how ignorant and stupid they sounds.

  8. We had no use for the Confederacy the first time around.

    Today’s Neo-Confederate Party is almost more insidious because they pretend NOT to be racists.

  9. Mary,

    You must not be from the ole South – it is:


    Actually King deserves and needs a good beating.

  10. For the life of me I can’t understand how the GOP manage to get nearly half of all voters to vote for them. They do absolutely nothing for the bottom 85% of the public. Their policies consist of deregulation, stuffing that Pentagon pig full of cash, drilling holes, dumping & spewing toxic waste, and robbing the poor to feed the rich.

  11. Imo, one of the most successful scams that’s been run on Americans by the GOPTPers is the claim that it’s always someone else who pushes racism but never themselves. I’ve read many times online that Pres. Obama has ‘damaged’ race relations and will be remembered as the ‘divider in Chief.” Rarely does he say anything about race, but whenever he does, we can expect some Rwer to attack him, no matter what he says and no matter how innocuous it is. Laura Ingraham attacked him the other day for even talking about what’s happening in Ferguson. She accused him of “fanning the flames of racism,” even though he made no reference to race in his comments. He only asked that protests be peaceful and that the police shouldn’t abusing their own citizens. This was too much for Ingraham to deal with. Some on the right have used this president’s race to turn everything he says/does into an attack on White Americans. They’re the race hustlers they constantly accuse others of being.

  12. Good grief when are people going to wake up and realize the people that are the most racist are rw repubs. I don’t understand why they don’t hear the same things I do even though I listen to popular news channels which are slanted for them, that this stuff is so racial slanted against the POTUS that they even blame him for all of George a. Bushs mistakes even though Obama wasn’t even there. One of their Zombie Lies (curtesy bill maher) says he was responsible for stuff before he was even born. So no matter who does what, who is wrong.. The black guy. Such a shame because if they had even pretended to work with him this country would be a whole lot better off. I hope November lets them know this.

  13. I just wish MSNBC video was worth a snit. Google shows they’ve had video problems for YEARS and they still haven’t fixed it. How can I watch the best news shows in the USA (next to Amy Goodman) if their video is in the toilet. Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow – both without peer. But Amy delivers EVERY DAY. Chris and Rachel only deliver if MSNBC video lets them. C’mon techs, earn your salary.

  14. Geeze, the last time I went through the state of Iowa, it was the “Dog Days” of August and that aroma from all of the pig farms….well quite frankly, it reminded me of all republicans. It is a smell that just keeps on giving……headaches.

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