Ferguson Police Ignored The Justice Department’s Warning Not To Release Michael Brown Video

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The DoJ warned Ferguson Police not to release the video of an alleged robbery yesterday in their attempts to avoid taking responsibility for their previous inaction after one of their officers shot and killed Mike Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old teenager, but they did it anyway.

Evan Pérez, who covers justice and national security for CNN, tweeted:

The moment Ferguson Police released the video, claiming that they had received multiple freedom of information requests, tensions reared again.

The Ferguson Police Chief referenced the robbery when he finally revealed the name of the officer who shot and killed Brown, insinuating it was related to the killing. Justin Baragona reported from the scene:

On Saturday afternoon, Wilson shot Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black male, multiple times. Eyewitness accounts claim that the officer was the aggressor and killed Brown despite Brown placing his hands in the air and surrendering. It also appears that this tragic murder evolved from the officer wanting Brown and his friend to move from the street to the sidewalk.

This is the George Zimmerman playbook of smearing the dead victim, especially given that the police officer who shot and killed Mike Brown did not suspect him of the alleged theft at the time of his stop. The Ferguson police are so obsessed with justifying the shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager that they intentionally fanned the flames of violence by releasing the video in such a way that it was guaranteed to raise tensions.

Zimmerman got away with shooting and killing unarmed teen Trayvon Martin by smearing the victim. The Ferguson police are following the same plan. The fact that the officer who shot Michael Brown didn’t know that he was a suspect in a robbery undercuts the police attempts to sell the story that Brown deserved to be shot and killed.

The Department of Justice knew what would happen if that video was released. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knew what was likely to happen when the video was released. The behavior of the police department continues to confirm that one of the primary obstacles blocking the defusing of this situation remains the Ferguson Police.

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  1. It appears that Chief Jackson only wants to release information which he believes will exonerate Officer Wilson of wrong-doing, and he is deliberately withholding any and all details that would indicate improper action was taken during the altercation that led to Michael Brown’s death.

    Had Jackson believed that Brown was not involved in the cigar theft, it is likely that these details would never have been made public. He chose to release the video simply to gin up disdain for the victim, knowing full well that the cigar incident had no bearing on the confrontation between Brown and Wilson.

  2. I love how they are touting it as a robbery when it’s noting more than stealing cheap freaking cigars. Assault looks like it could be added as well being that he pushed the attendant. All misdemeanor charges. Ferguson Missouri’s meaning of misdemeanor, death by cop!

  3. The Police Chief says he released the video because ‘he was complying with the press’ FOIA’. Gee, I never heard any allegations of theft until the video was released. So who knew of it besides the Ferguson Police Dept?
    This smells worse than a fish market at the end of the day.

  4. That whole damn police department needs to be fired!!! Hell, they make the three stooges look like einstein!

    This will now piss off the DOJ and they will investigate capt. jackson and the whole departure. and when they do, capt. jackson had better be damn sure he has an answer that satisfies the DOJ.

    And where is Governor Nixon? He’s pretty much MIA, along with the mayor. Whoever supersedes Jackson needs to step up to the plate and grab hold of the reins. This is getting way out of hand!

  5. The chief of police and the governor are both scared to death because they don’t know what is going to happen. The chief blew it when he came out and could not even tell a straight lie on a dead man and a black man had to come and clean up his mess. That is what he is really mad about. He knows he have blown it, he started the riots and if the cop was in the right he should have told his story the first day not go into hiding, waiting to see what others are going to say. This is just like with GZ but now his picture is on the internet so he will come forward and pretend he is so upset, guess he is when he shot an unarmed man on purpose. Guess he is working on his lie and how well he can tell it because the chief sure is doing a poor job at telling his. We don’t agree with stealing, the looting or the burning but we don’t agree with kill unarmed people regardless of their race. The people in STL is fed up because this has been going on for a long time.

  6. This is a good thing for those who keep crying they wantto take their country back and want to have all the rallies and fell to get fifty people to join their marches. Now they can see what a real protest is all about and how people really protestwhen they are really fed up and this is spreading from state to state. The teaparty don’t like this kind of protest because they can’t control and do make them afraid because when this kind of protest happen all the people that are fed up are out there together asking for and demanding for results. They aren’t backing down and they make people nervous because no one knows what they are thinking and planning on doing. The chief of police couldn’t even tell his lies straight and blew his own policeman albi to pieces. What he is so mad about is RJ had to come in there and clean up his mess over and over and the people wanted RJ not him, even the governor is not good. That is bad. Two nuts who need to good home and sit down.

  7. Golly, gee, whiz, on saturday, a week after the shooting, he released the video due to multiple FOI requests from the press. What the hell happened to the FOI press requests for the name of the shooter for this past week?

    Did the press even know about the video prior to the release? Or were the actual FOI requests for the shooters name and the Captain just decided to add that little tidbit in, free of charge as it were?

    THEN loses any tiny bit of credibility he may have had by going on Faux News to explain his situation?

    God help us! Forest was right, you can’t fix stupid.

  8. If stealing a few cigars was sufficient reason to kill the kid, imagine what it’d be like for the Wall Street people…

  9. You really ought to change the headline of this article. Police did not release the “Michael Brown video”. They released the robbery video. The headline misrepresents the video and the views of pretty much everyone here.

  10. Fox trumps the DOJ when it comes to profit and lies every single time. And no matter how this salad is served. No amount of Fox Dressing can change the smell and taste of total BS. If this story was legitimate and the chief himself is legitimate that could have come out within an hour of the slaughter. But then the county cops wouldn’t have had an excuse to play dress up and show off the expensive toys the taxpayers have bought them.

  11. In their CYA program, the Ferguson police will flout the DoJ, common sense, the law, and human decency.

    When this is over, their must be a new police department there, starting with the chief, who should be facing criminal charges.

  12. I find it difficult to believe that there were FOI requests for this video because in everything I read from the day of the shooting going forward, not one story, not one tweet, not one reporter, mentioned this robbery.

    How could the press file an FOI for a video they likely did not even know existed?

    I’d like to see the actual report on the shooting. Where is that piece of information? I’m sure reporters have filed an FOI for that so where is it?

  13. The police chief also disregarded the order of the governor who relieved him of his oversight of this issue in Furguson and brought in the head of the state police as the operating officer in Furguson. What the police chief succeeded in doing is putting the spotlight on him personally and his whole department. There is already a photo of a confederate flag hanging on a wall in his home. He’s going to be answering a lot of questions and he’ll be on the witness stand when he does.

  14. Is it sure that the robber in the video is Michael Brown? If not, the video should not be referred to as the “Michael Brown video.”

    The Ferguson police are following the George Zimmerman model: give the local population a few days to get really upset and then begin the vilification of the victim. It worked for Zimmerman, why wouldn’t it work for the Ferguson policeman who failed so miserably in his job that he killed an unarmed teenager in the middle of the street? Very similar cases with police departments handling them in just about the same way. Odd, isn’t it? I hope the model fails this time.

  15. If the police need to call it anything why not say shoplifting instead of robbery. Since Michael cannot defend himself the information should not be released at all.

  16. Captain Jackson is with the state police, not the local police department. He had nothing to do with releasing the video as far as I can see.

  17. Jackson is white Chief of Police of Ferguson and yes he did release the details and later said they had nothing to do with the shooting. Capt Ron Johnson is black from Ferguson and is from MO Highway Patrol who is defusing the situation brought on by Jackson’s being an idiot changing his story a couple of times on Friday. Johnson was not consulted by Jackson before he released the video either. Police Chief Jackson who went on Hannity while tear gas was flying is responsible for ignoring DOJ.

  18. This totally inept police chief is clearly out of control, and while my entire state is trying to rein in the protestors, who have every right to be outraged by what happened with this 18 year old boy being MURDERED by a police officer, they seem to not care to do anything to stop this moron from inciting more anger. This idiot clearly did not think he should listen to the request of the DOJ not to release this video, and is now the4 sole blame for things getting out of control again.

    I am white, and I am outraged by how this entire sad episode has been handled. I am a Democrat, and I am appalled at how my Democratic Governor has handled this entire situation. He should know damn good and well, that the people of Ferguson have every right to be outraged that they still have no answers, or official report on what happened with this police shooting of a kid, a week after the killing. We DO have enough witness accounts to know that this cop shot this kid down in cold blood.

  19. So, the same people decrying the police for not releasing the police officer’s name are pissed about the tape being released? Here is a quote from a statement released by the Brown family:

    “The prolonged release of the officer’s name and then the subsequent alleged information regarding a robbery is the reason why the family and the local community have such distrust for the local law enforcement agencies.”

    Perhaps they did not realize that delaying the robbery video was the DOJ’s fault. Transparency is always the best policy.

  20. The DOJ told the sheriff not to release it. How could that be the DOJ’s fault? Transparency indeed. The DOJ knew that release would bring more riots.

    Further, the sheriff released the video and then said it had nothing to do with the shooting.

    Further again, the people wanted the cops name. The sheriff was responsible for holding that back.

  21. Living in the Deep South as I do, I see those flags daily. It’s well known here to represent those that still refuse to believe that the Confederacy lost…after how many decades? No one in the rest of my state would tolerate that bloody flag be displayed anywhere. Also that flag is placed proudly above the pick-up truck’s rifle rack of a red-neck driver, chewing his tobacco. I’m not being snarky here, just truthful. Peace.

  22. You said: …….”or official report on what happened with this police shooting of a kid, a week after the killing. We DO have enough witness accounts to know that this cop shot this kid down in cold blood”.

    I say: …….It takes some time to put together an investigation. This is the FBI. You people do not want an investigation anyway. You want a lynching…..NOW!

    Yuh, that’s right….plenty of witnesses……and every one of them is black.

    Hey, I have a question: Do you really think the FBI is gonna believe a bunch of black witnesses who swear they saw a white cop execute a black man ? Duh!

  23. Well if it actually was the victim that took the cigars and bullied the store owner who tried to stop him, then it is easy to see why the video was released….I believe it was likely as an opposing view to the much publisized assertion that the victim was JUST a “gentle and funny” kid because the person in that video was NOT being “gentle” OR funny! It shows a differnt sort of person altogether and one that I could BEGIN to think MIGHT take on a police officer. I for one want to know what kind of person he really was and also what kind of person the officer is! I mean if the officer has been a racist then I would want to know that. Complaints filed against him? Have a bunch of citizens seen him treating people wrong in the past? I want to know ALL of it! Or has he has been vocal against racism ? Does he have close friends that are black, I’d want to know! Just as I want to know did Michael have a history of fighting authority? I want to hear about it ALL BEFORE forming opini…

  24. When I was a teen I was beat up and maltreated by certain police officers in my community. I guarantee that if one of them had been accused of simply executing another teen, I would have fallen all over myself trying to get to a microphone and camera to tell the world about it! A person’s past follows them in cases like this …both for the shooter and the dead. No matter what happens “officially”, “legally” both of these men will be tried by the court of publican opinion … good or bad, a man’s past WILL follow him…

  25. It is POSSIBLE that witness accounts and cop’s statement to wind up agreeing to a high degree. Crazy? bear with me. Gathering from witnesses and the “friend of cop” that called the radio talk program. I came up with this possiblity A. The officer tells the 2 they are j-walking “get on over on the sidewalk!” B. Verbal exchange escalates with Micheal finally reaching inside the car to mess up this cop which get’s him shot once for his trouble. C. Wounded both in body and pride Michael attempts to flee the scene. D. The cop tumbles out of his car, points his gun and yells “FREEZE or I’ll shoot! E. Michael does stop and does turn around coolly puts hands up saying “don’t shoot I surrender…but he walks TOWARDS the cop F. Cop says “STOP walking FREEZE or I’ll shoot” Michael keeps walking suddenly charging head down like a 300 pound mad bull! Scared silly the much smaller cop fires his weapon michael keeps coming! more shots…still coming last two to the head bring him down. …

  26. The police chief does not respect the justice department. He is bad American and not doing his job. He has children and if their lives were threatened every time they walked out the house how would he feel. Every resident of Ferguson should sue all employees of the city for violating their rights.

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