U.N. Committee Is Investigating Why Persistent Racism Continues To Plague The U.S.


Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, and the principle behind racism in America is to distinguish the white race as superior to all other races. Sadly, Despite Thomas Jefferson’s “immortal statement” that “all men are created equal,” America was founded on racism and it is beyond refute it is still a country steeped in white supremacy. It is true the nation has made progress from its beginnings when African Americans were considered 3/5ths of a human being, Native Americans were slaughtered, Christianized, and herded on to reservations, and Hispanics were regarded as expendable cheap labor, but America is still racist.

What is stunning, really, is that despite the Civil Rights movement and laws providing people of color with the same rights as white people, the government has done precious little to monitor racial disparities in great part due to racists in the conservative movement. Fortunately for people of color in this country, where their own government has failed them, the United Nations is investigating America’s record on race.

The U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination had begun a review of the United State’s compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICEAFRD) even before the recent racially-motivated killing in Ferguson Missouri. ICEAFRD is the world’s leading anti-discrimination legal instrument America ratified 20 years ago, and events over the past two years have put America’s despicable racism record under the international organization’s spotlight once again. The U.N. Human Rights Commission has already condemned this country for its deliberate mistreatment of the poor, homeless, and infirm with the latest criticism targeting Michigan Republicans for cutting off water and sanitation to Detroit residents; a monumental human rights violation.

The committee is focusing its investigation on why there is a huge gap between the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution on the one hand, and the “reality of persistent racism that continues to plague American society on the other.” The recent events in Ferguson could not possibly have made the U.N. investigation more prescient, and it further elucidated to the international community that this country is steeped in racism targeting all people of color, but primarily African Americans.

Many Americans are appalled by the unwarranted murders of unarmed Black teens and young men, or the images of war machines confronting peaceful African American protestors, but the travesty has caught the world’s attention and the U.N. wants to know why this is happening. The Committee is reviewing several areas where people of color are being disenfranchised, particularly by local government edict, and it is yet another black mark on this nation that it is left, once again, to an outside international organization to do what this country’s government should have done of its own accord.

The committee will review how America has dealt with several issues such as deaths on the Southern border, serious abuses plaguing unaccompanied minors seeking asylum, violence against minorities, poor education access for minority communities, and why there is a gross lack of implementation of the treaty at federal, state, and local levels. The U.N. is also investigating racial profiling, racial disparity in sentencing, racial disparity in capital punishment, minorities’ right to vote, discriminatory treatment of guest and undocumented migrant workers, predatory lending practices targeting minorities, and the lack of due process in Native American child custody proceedings.

The final report and recommendations will be released at the end of August, but it is doubtful that this country will do anything to comply with its own Constitution or obligations under the U.N. Conventions to which it is a signatory. The committee’s goal is to push America to start addressing the perpetual racial discrimination plaguing people of color and hopefully prevent one more unnecessary death; something that is NOT going to happen because white supremacy reigns supreme.

When the Committee met in Geneva this week, it heard from racial discrimination experts from all over the world, leading human rights advocates, a fairly large delegation of high-level U.S. government representatives, and more importantly, advocates and victims of human rights abuses borne of racism. The committee, like many Americans, were deeply concerned at the murder of Michael Brown and other unarmed African American men at the hands of racially-motivated law enforcement officials. They also heard testimony from Trayvon Martin’s mother and Jordan Davis’s father who both lost sons to overt racially-motivated violence not unlike a Ferguson police officer gunning down unarmed Michael Brown; a case the Committee expressed the deepest concern over. The American delegate tried to alleviate the Committee’s concern by informing them the Justice Department opened a civil rights investigation into Brown’s murder.

America was represented by a “high-level delegation” headed by Ambassador Keith Harper, the first Native American U.S. ambassador representing America at the U.N. Human Rights Council. Harper said, “The United States has made…visible progress that is reflected in the leadership of our society, but we recognize that we have much left to do. Issues covered by this Convention are of such fundamental and deep importance that we must continue to make progress. For this reason, we value the opportunity for dialogue with the Committee.” There is little doubt Harper is sincere, but it is suspicious that he said “we must continue to make progress” when the racism plaguing this country is being manifested and increasing at an alarming pace because of Republican machinations.

It is, after all, Republicans who are disenfranchising people of color’s right to vote, starving poor communities of education funding, demonizing immigrants, Hispanics, and African Americans, and their legislative arm the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is responsible for laws increasing racial disparity in sentencing and capital punishment of African Americans. It is true President Obama, the Department of Justice, Democrats in Congress and state houses are fighting to rein in the racists, but they have been unsuccessful in large part due to the conservative Supreme Court and Republican obstructionism because their base of support is inherently older, whiter, and racially-motivated; likely why they yearn to “take America back” to the nation’s racist founding.

It is a sad, sad, commentary indeed that a nation founded on racism over 238 years ago, fought a bloody Civil War, suffered through a bloody Civil Rights movement, and elected an African American man as President is being investigated by an international watchdog for its predilection to racism and civil and human rights violations against people of color. Of course, the mainstream media will never report that America’s racism is under investigation, or that there is even overwhelming racial disparity in this country. However, the American people are well-aware that racism is rampant, and instead of admitting there is a problem primarily stemming from white supremacists in the conservative movement, they refuse to openly acknowledge the problem. And why should they? When they are white, it is easier to ignore the simple fact that being African American or Latino in America means being a second-class citizen at the mercy of white supremacists in the conservative movement and law enforcement seeking out the next unarmed African American to gun down in cold blood. Fortunately, the United Nations, and the entire world, is not ignoring racist America any longer and they are watching and speaking out.


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  1. nice… except the implied part of the quote is ‘in the eyes of the law’… justice is supposed to be blind for a purpose…

    I keep seeing all the coverage of this kid and I keep wondering why no one draws the parallel with Snivlin’ Cliven…

    a punk dumbass ripping off the government (US) in the name of some supposed ‘freedom’ to rape the land for his own purpose… the more I think about it the hotter I get…

    he steals hundreds of thousands and calls in a bunch of armed thugs to ‘standoff’ the government which then backs down…

    the police chief in Ferguson tries to justify shooting a black kid because he might’ve stolen a couple cigars?

    I also have to say the first interview with this dumbass police chief… it looked like they had to drag him out of the local bar to get him on interview… he was unshaven and unkempt and my first thought was where did they drag his ass out of…

  2. The answer is you have too many white people who have buried their heads in the sand and believe racism is dead.

    The only people who can make that statement are the people affected by racism. And their answer is racism is alive and well. Black people have been saying to white people in this country for 400 years, “you are hurting me.”

    The white mans response has been, I can’t hurt you, you are not human.” And their in lies the problem. If whites continue to think of black people as subhuman, dehumanize them, refer to them as “animals” or “apes,” you are the problem.

    Liberals like to chide the right for living in fantasyland, but black people say the same thing about white people when it comes to racism. First, you have to admit you are racists, or have preconceived notions about black people. Then, learn what they are, then be willing to change.

    Racism affects everything: where you live, work, attend school. It affects how how you approach policemen,shopping,trying…

  3. Minutes from now you will hear the gop screaming to get us out of the UN. Or at best for us to go to war with UN peace keeping forces

  4. It is said, that those who say or do nothing are just as complicit. Republicans saw how Americans acted during beergate: there was no one who came to the President’s defense, and left him hanging, because he had the “audacity” to say the policeman acted stupidly, when he arrested the professor for “breaking” in to his own home. From then on, republicans have pushed and pushed, beating the drum, that Obama is the divider, and they are trying to ensure that in the future, Blacks know their “place.”

  5. That article is far from true. What proof does the author use to make the asinine claim that America was founded on Racism? Think about that statement for a minute and the rest of the argument falls apart. America was founded by people of faith who were looking for a place to practice their own denominational religion in peace without a government backed denomination.

    The practice of slavery has been going on from the beginning of recorded history. When the new world was discovered over 6 million Africans were captured and sold by their own people to people in the Western Hemisphere. Only 400 thousand of that 6 million were brought to what is now the United States. While some were beaten, most were treated humanly by their owners who fed, clothed, housed and provided medical help for them. That doesn’t excuse the practice, but it was accepted all over the world.

    To my knowledge, America is where the slave movement was ended at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives. P…

  6. As a southerner, I can tell you that most blacks and whites live together in peace. The only time there is a problem is when someone tries to create trouble by stoking the unfounded fears of racisim. For the most part, what some call racism in the south is nothing more than the class struggle you find in any city in America.

    Unfortunantly, blacks are the victims of a failed socialist policy where democrats control inner cities, promise largesse for votes, and stoke envy at every turn. This is not a recipe for success.

    Blacks, and poor whites, should take a lesson from people who succeed in life – take your education seriously and get married before you have kids. Pretty simple, huh? Those two things are found in almost 95% of the top 30% of economically successful Americans.

    Truth hurts, but it is still the truth.

  7. Long before the slaves you mention Americans used Indians as slaves. There was a slave revolt here before this was even really a country

    You should probably also know, the people of faith who came here were such fundamentalists that no country wanted them. They were booted from England, booted from the Netherlands. These people didnt even celebrate xmas.

  8. My, you got all your rwnj talking points in.

    I live in Tennessee and I can tell you there is still racism. And plenty of it.

    As for your socialism, democrats and big city garbage, its just that. Garbage. And to think all the while you support corporate socialism that costs far more then you know. You are so far away from factual statements its enough to make a person sick

  9. Did you know a year before the pilgrims hit land here that the first slave ships hit Jamestown? No, you didnt

  10. BTW, there were not 6 million slaves brought here. There were only 500,000. 6 million went to Brazil and the rest of the 11 million slaves went to Mexico and South America

  11. BTW , did you know America is one of the biggest slave states in the world? Millions of immigrants are here forcibly working in Salons, porn, strip clubs and many other business’s? I thought not

  12. This is like the pot calling the kettle black. Come on! Most of the countries in the UN have such religious and economical inequality that they should be investigated. Name me ONE country in the UN that doesn’t have it’s own disparity and what are they trying to do about it? Nothing.

  13. Reply to mary at 5:55 pm

    Racism is a southern problem.

    As a Yankee now living in the Southeast, my own personal observation is that the overwhelming majority of blacks/whites get along just fine in the South. As a matter of fact, I think northerners (black and white) are generally more outspoken, and because of that, racial tensions at times were more obvious/identifiable. Not to say that racial bigotry doesn’t exist in the South…because it exists everywhere. But Southern bigots do seem to hide their prejudices better than Northern bigots do.

    But a word of caution to anyone of any race who wants to visit the South. Watch out for those albino midgets who play the banjo all day. Do that and you’ll be fine.

  14. I have to play the devil’s advocate here ( sort of ) because one thing is glaringly absent from this article, and that is the fact that many people of color are just as bigoted as white people. Please understand that I am in no way disregarding the fact that discrimination from whites has a disproportionate impact on the lives of people of color, but this doesn’t excuse racism from people of color. In the late 80’s I, as a white man, had a wonderful relationship with a black woman when I lived in Florida. This relationship came to an end not because my white friends were intolerant bigots, but because every black person in her circle of friends and family were violently opposed to our being together. For racism to be effectively eliminated we must all be willing to set aside our misgivings about people who don’t share our same culture, color, and religious backgrounds. we must all become more accepting of others not like ourselves if we are to eliminate racism.

  15. I suppose you never heard of Native Americans. Never heard about Wounded knee. Or the dozens of Natives that were killed in the largest mass hangings in this country. But that one is kept secret by whites. But Native Americans haven’t forgotton.

  16. Why would anybody quote Thomas Jefferson’s “all men are created equal” when he owned slaves? That right there is one of the problems black people have with white people: do not quote from a man who said one thing, and did another.

    Jefferson is one of the biggest hypocrites in US history as far as black people are concerned. There is no respect for him, or the other slave holders. Quote somebody else, but not Jefferson.

    The Constitution was designed by white. heterosexual, well to do, male WASP for them, and nobody else. It needs a revamp, which it will never receive.

    The UN cannot solve this problem. White people can only solve the problem of racism. A whole new way of thinking about non whites has to be done. It’s not going to happen overnight, and many whites don’t want to change anything. The current status quo has benefited them well, with white privileges and entitlements.

    Change will probably only come onces whites become the minority an experience what non wh…

  17. how the hell do you know. most slave were not treated humanly. your statement is bull. white people must have told you that.

  18. Your “lesson” there is quite simplistic – too simplistic to solve the very complex nature of both racism and poverty.

    Simple solutions might work when a light bulb goes out but human behavior and the human condition are incredibly varied and complex and require much more thought and study than you suggest.

    A one-size fits all “lesson” – or policy – is no lesson – or policy – at all.

  19. Lalwlzzz, between your two posts, I don’t even know where to begin. Slaves were treated “humanly” [sic]? What white-washed textbook did you read that crap from? Blacks were considered 3/5 of a human at the founding of this country and you want to say this country wasn’t founded on racism? Holy shit, man.

    “…racism in the south is nothing more than the class struggle you find in any city in America.” What? Is it class struggle when here in Texas, the cashier at the counter tries to insist she wait on the white customer in line behind the black customer FIRST? Is it class struggle when education is gutted in the poorest (aka minority areas) of cities and towns, leaving them very little opportunity to get out of poverty?

    Out of room. You’re an idiot. Oh, and a racist. Pull your head out.

  20. Here’s the deal, Sally.

    Most of those countries you mentioned don’t portray themselves to the rest of the world as a “bastion of democracy.” Most of those countries don’t start wars overseas in an attempt to spread “democratic values.”

    The United States has always portrayed itself as a defender of democracy, but when we couldn’t even live by those standards within our own borders; its hypocritical.

    What happened in Ferguson, MO puts this hypocrisy on full display.

  21. The problem that most people have with understanding racism is that they think its only a personal attitude. Racism is also perpetuated through institutions. And when this happens, it doesn’t matter what yours or my personal attitudes are.

    Racism is social, political and economic. And although there may be nonwhites in this country who are racially prejudiced, they are not in the favored group. So, those black prejudiced people you came across, although they are just as ignorant as any white bigot, they are not getting any privilege based on their race. As a matter of fact, they are still facing discrimination and other disadvantages that their white racist counterparts don’t have to face. To be believe that these two are on the same playing field is to engage in a false equivalency. This doesn’t excuse the prejudice of a nonwhite racist. It just explains how it is different.

  22. “But Southern bigots do seem to hide their prejudices better than Northern bigots do.”

    I call bull pucky on that.

    I know of two people in my neighborhood, in Florida, that have openly expressed their prejudices to me.

    One day, being new to the neighborhood, I stopped to talk to a lady(?), who asked me if I knew the guy down the street. I said I had met him. she leaned a little close, lower her voice and said, “You DO know that he is living with a black woman, don’t you? Isn’t that just awful?”

    Would I seem racist if I said she was Jewish?

    The other is a lawn maintenance guy that went off on a tirade about the “Spicks” (Puerto Ricans). I asked him why he didn’t move to someplace like Wisconsin. hie response was, “Because they hide under the rocks there.” Suffice it to say that I now walk on the other side of the street when I see him.

    You, sir, are only seeing what you want to see.

  23. Racism exists at official level with programmes like Affirmative Action.
    It doesn’t matter what the reasoning is, they’re race based policies.
    The preoccupation by politicians and the media with what color people are is another example. Why does it matter that black people dominate basketball or that white people dominate swimming?
    Why did Obama have to be the first black president (despite being half black half white)?
    The sign of a society that is truly post racial is one where the media isn’t fixated on the racial makeup of some workforce or another, or some sports star or another.

  24. I can answer that question very simply. HUMAN NATURE. And the human garbage that keeps stoking it for their own reasons. Mostly profit in some form or another. Can anyone truthfully say Fox news and the republicans has not done everything possible to keep racism of all kinds at a simmering boil. Their only viewers are the types that desperately NEED someone to look down on. Just look at who is the biggest investor in rupert murdoch’s business after his family. The Saudi Prince. All the while stirring up hate against Muslims. Look at the big backers of ISIS. Remember back, do a little research if it’s not been erased who made up the Carlyle Group to profit off these big and small wars.. Look at who profits most.
    Countries doesn’t matter, religion has nothing to do with it.. Arabs are and have been in bed with the worst of the jews all along.

  25. America, the nation who sends it’s sons and daughters off to fight for the rights, peace and freedom of other nations across the world won’t even fight for the rights, peace and freedoms of it’s own people. America, the home of the republican racist hypocrites.

  26. It’s not about slavery. It’s about the choke hold that the conservatives have on our government. It’s about the local governments who do nothing about racist cops and racist displays. It’s about state governments who encourage a return to pre Civil Rights Act days, who pass laws designed to restrict minority voting. It’s about the United States Congress and the domination there of conservative members who are racists themselves and who formulate laws to restrict individual rights of minorities. And it is the United States Supreme Court that has removed so many protections of minority rights and returned into place in society the practices of institutional racism. That’s what this is about. Our government at all levels has made it acceptable to be in your face racist.

  27. and the largest mass hanging here in MN was after 600+ people were murdered by natives – mostly children, and infants would have their skulls smashed in by large rocks? why forget that part?

  28. I’ve seen numerous references and comparisons to the Bundy “stand-off” on Twitter. Guaranteed you’ll never see that on MSM however. That’s way too much truth for the general public.

  29. Related to the racism issue is the issue that some people assume that if someone is superior in one visible way – that person is superior in general.

    A successful businessman or actor or athlete or good looker will be successful in other areas – so we should vote them into office.

    Someone who doesn’t fit such a standard obviously is a failure in everything. Or not so much a failure – but bad. As in owned by the devil.

  30. Without knowing some additional specifics, I’m going to say that if you live in the south Florida region, then you don’t live in the “traditional” South. Good chance too that your two encounters were with northern transplants. Alot of us northerners moved south and brought our bad manners with us.
    I never said there weren’t any jackasses in the South, Pat.
    I just don’t seem to run into them as much.

  31. What proof does the author use to make the asinine claim that America was founded on Racism?
    Oh, golly, that’s a hard one, Randy. Lemme think….yeah, there was that whole slavery thing. Uh, ‘separate but equal,’ Jim Crow laws, lynchings, the Scottsboro boys, the entire civil rights movement, MLK, “segregation forever,” “a black man possesses no rights a white man is bound to respect,” the Underground Railroad, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin,’ right up to the murder of Michael Brown in broad daylight in the middle of the street by a white cop.
    “While some were beaten, most were treated humanly by their owners who fed, clothed, housed and provided medical help for them.” Gee, Randy, what can I say? You’ve got a realllly big problem with that whole reality thing, don’t you? The entire POINT being that the slave owner wasn’t obligated by law to do ANY of the things you just listed. And many. did. not. They were considered property, and treated as such.

  32. The problem I see: 1/2 the country, or almost 1/2, have lost their friggin minds. You can dress it up any way you like, but the fact that there’s a black family in the WH has plainly pushed them over the edge into full-blown paranoid psychosis. They’ve got 1/2 the govt all wrapped up in blocking the govt from doing ANYTHING to help ANYBODY, full-blown demonization of anything and everything the Obama administration has ever even mentioned in public, and wasted millions of taxpayer $$ in the never-ending search or outright fabrication of any kind of scandal to hang around his neck. SCOTUS is helping them dismantle the VRA protections smack in the middle of the biggest overt display of pure racism in decades, announcing publicly that “racism is dead.” Within MINUTES of that green light, voting restrictions and utterly shameful laws were being shoved through statehouses across the country. See, that’s what is known as up-front, in-your-face racism. Naked and raw.

  33. it’s a power thing. everyone is powerless. everyone. so in order to feel powerful, have some concept of control, one must have someone “lower”, “lesser” to control, an “other” to feel superior to. it’s simple. it’s sad. It’s human. it’s animalistic territorialism. but instead of rising above, transcending, evolving it’s been internalized and institutionalized. It will only change when enough powerful people lose so much that only reaching out to another human being – of whatever distinction, color or class can save them. we’re heading to that point fast. whether or not that “other/lesser” decides to take that desperate hand depends on how badly they have been treated, the last shred of nobility remains.

  34. Lawlessness and destruction of property will NOT bring this crisis to a close; or, to reasoned dialog. There is an element within black culture in certain communities that continues to believe in setting fires to private property, looting and creating complete mayhem. Do those criminals — yes, criminals — believe they should be allowed to get away with such destruction? Police should simply stand by and watch for the sake of entertainment? If so, we are in a worse state of mind than I might have believed or hoped. I have been a civil rights, equal rights and justice advocate for 4 decades. That support does NOT lend itself to reckless, wanton vandalism. That is the very image so many white folk have of blacks in general. How sad that is!

  35. I wrote and recorded this song 10 days after the first election of Barack Obama in 2008 before the bigots came out of the walls like roaches, before all the obstruction. Listen to the lyrics, it’s like prophesy. I believed in Obama back then, even more now. If you want this bullshit to stop like what happened to Michael Brown and Trayvon then stand up for them and Obama now. I’m sorry to say The Black Community has not stepped up for Obama causing more and more of this kinda shit to happen. As soon as Republiclan’s sensed complacency by The Black Community they started this attack on African Americans. STOP IT NOW OR YOUR KID MAY BE THE NEXT TO DIE PERIOD. You have the power stop it. Don’t just protest yet another innocent kids death but go to the root cause, the total disrespect for The First African American President Barack Obama. This is all about ROOTS~

  36. “Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race,”

    So racism is observing and acknowledging quanitative reality? So be it.

    “the principle behind racism in America is to distinguish the white race as superior to all other races.”

    Are the Chinese bad because they are superior to all other races in their own country? Are the Japanese bad becuase they are superior to all other races in their own country? Whites built a 1st World civilization out of the wildernness here in North America. Are Whites bad because they don’t want to see that 1st World civilization turn into a replication of Haiti, San Pedro Sula, and the banks of the Ganges River?

  37. Here’s the problem with your sad premise.

    Racism is not backed up by science. It’s irrational and doesn’t account for environmental factors that can be just as powerful as genetics.

    And here’s another problem you have. America has never been an all-white country and never will be. If anything, America is moving further and further away from a white majority. Although the Constitution was created by white male, no where in the document does it say that whites are suppose to be in charge.

    At the end of the day, race is a social construct which is based on observation of physical appearance and those observations are often wrong.

    Also, whites did not build America all by themselves. You really need to get over yourself with that BS.

  38. One more thing…

    Your last statements about Haiti, San Pedro Sula, and the banks of the Ganges River conveniently ignore the fact that all of these places were colonized by whites and even when those colonial powers officially left, they still interfered with those countries.

    Racism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It always have been.

  39. You seem to have forgotten that the Native Americans were here first. But, instead of working together with them, European settlers ultimately made the decision to conquer them. Sure, some of the tribes were hostile towards Europeans from the get-go, but there were many others who were not. But, eventually, all the tribes were persecuted and disenfranchised.

    Yes, the way the Native Americans behaved in that massacre was atrocious, but settlers in the area came from somewhere. Duh! What the settlers may have saw as “staking a claim”, the Native Americans probably saw as an invasion. The entire Manifest Destiny mandate in the 1800s was made possible by land originally inhabited by Native Americans and yet you conveniently forget this!

    You’re engaging in a false equivalency here.

  40. I hate to tell you this, but those same, property destroying elements exist among whites as well.

    However, those whites who are anti-social and destructive are not seem as indicative of their entire race, but when it comes to blacks, you and other racists immediately attribute it to all of us.

    Besides, considering how upset the community in Ferguson is, it’s remarkable that there wasn’t more unrest last night. And from what I’m seeing, the vast majority of Ferguson don’t support the looters and have even gone as far as to protect the private property of others.

    But there you go attributing this small group of troublemakers (when of whom aren’t even from the area) to the entire black community in Ferguson.

    This is what racism is and you are walloping in it!

  41. Persistent Racism plagues the World. The U.S. is the only country forced to really deal with the issue of skin color through Civil Wars and 1964/1965 Voting Rights. The U.S. is the only very diverse country where people of color hold positions of true authority in Corporations and Government.

    America is more diverse and the racial politics need to end. This Country is moving forward and we will drag idiots kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. The World is ¾ People of Color. Other Countries will claim they don’t have racial issues, it’s class structure, but look around all the people in position of authority are so called “white”. We’re Not Going Anywhere!

    “White supremacy is a complex social phenomenon. It is also a relatively new invention that was created to make Europe’s efforts to colonize, conquer, and control resources around the world seem like a “natural process” wherein white races would dominate non-whites” ~

    America isn’t perfec…

  42. It’s clear that you don’t know about the “one-drop” rule. Obama is considered black because more than “one drop” of African blood. And the racial animosity he faces daily completely ignores his “half-whiteness.”

    The concern over Affirmative Action by some whites is interesting. It hasn’t result in the widespread “reverse discrimination” they feared, but they are still angry.

    They are all bent out of shape when a non-white student is able to take advantage of Affirmative Action and get into an ivory league school despite being academically gifted. However, when a white imbecile like George W. Bush waltzes into the same school based on legacy, they are silent.

    America has never been a meritocracy despite your naive belief otherwise. We are striving towards it, but we are not there. Affirmative Action is designed to address this. And despite the fact that whites have given up so little because of it, people like you are still scared.

  43. One more thing..

    Your belief that if the politicians would just stop being obsessed with race, everything would be okay is naive. Racism is institutional. The politicians are only a reflection of the society they operate in. Especially when that society is a democracy.

  44. Nope, central Florida. However I will say the grocery store where I shop did wear Seahawks jerseys during the Superbowl, so I guess they can’t all be a bunch of jerks.

  45. I think the old adage “Busy hands are happy hands” applies here. When folks are idle because they cant find jobs to feed themselves and make a descent wage to live on, tension is high and the “blame game” begins. This causes a higher incidence of racism, because people just naturally focus on it being the fault of “the OTHER guy”. Happy and content people are not thinking about blaming and shaming others, they are thinking about building and sharing experiences. Don’t “blame and shame, build and share”.

  46. A well-written article. I must add that Congress’ obstruction of everything this President proposes has brought a lot out in the open. They should not be allowed to get away with the racist tactics they have been “pulling” since January 20, 2008 when they made their decision to do nothing to help President Obama. IMHO, these obstructionists and all who propose/d to steal their salary for doing nothing, should be arrested, brought up on charges of treason and sedition and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

    They should be barred from holding any and all public offices in the United States of America!

    Elected representatives need to live on the salary of the office they hold, not to cave in to lobbyists where they could collect $$$. This is disloyal to the Constitution and to their constituents as well as, stealing from the American people!

  47. It certainly is. This village I live in, in NY…big time racists. I put my Obama for President sign out anyways, screw them.

  48. Pfffft, you couldn’t be more wrong. I grew up in Florida. And I’m not talking about beaches and shiny cities, but podunk, middle of nowhere, bassackwards, redneck heaven. We had a total of two black students in the entire school. I moved to Illinois in ’98 and was shocked, SHOCKED, by the intensity and depth of the blatant racism here. It’s not just whites hating either, it’s EVERYONE. If you’re not {insert race/nationality} then you are openly despised by people more than willing to say {insert racist words} in all social situations.

    Is there racism in the south? You betcha! Is the north the shining beacon of humanity I thought it was? Hells no! A-holes live all over the globe.

  49. ICH Thanks. I’m not sure if I’m brave, but my mindset was I will NOT be intimated. I just moved here recently, most residents have been born here, raised, and still here. Small minds. Nobody bothers me, I don’t bother anyone else. But I will not be silenced in my beliefs!

  50. ICH Thanks. I’m not sure if I’m brave, but my mindset was I will NOT be intimated. I just moved here recently, most residents have been born here, raised, and still here. Small minds. Nobody bothers me, I don’t bother anyone else. But I will not be silenced in my beliefs! BTW, I am a woman and I am white. So the old, white racists in this town can go pound salt!

  51. Really? You lost all credibility when you cited one of the most racist and biased blogs.

    Guess what? Nobody alive built this country.

    But old English whites did create this country. Nobody can contest that. Whites also had help from other races, and nobody cant contest that either. The super rich had black and Irish slaves and it certainly helped to speed up the development of the country. Asians were used as cheap labor for railways. I’m sure whites could have done this without help and some of the early American elites would not have gotten so rich. Free plantation and labor and quick and cheap railroad development doesn’t make a country.

  52. Mass European immigration of the late 19th century pushed many black businessmen out. Certain white ethnic groups “muscled-in” on food distribution, catering, taxi-cab, transportation, entertainment, hospital work, etc. They formed ethnic networks that froze blacks out. Actually, in the South both agrarian blacks and whites were poor.

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