NBC Kicks David Gregory To The Curb and Tries To Gloss Over Meet The Press Disaster


NBC did their best to gloss over the disaster that was David Gregory on Meet The Press. It was telling that after almost six years of hosting, the best they could do was three clips lasting for thirty seconds.



As you may be aware, David Gregory’s final show as moderator of Meet the Press was last Sunday. Meet the Press makes a lot of history. And a great deal of it was with David at the helm since he started in December 2008.



Vice President Joe Biden made front-page news when he got ahead of the president in 2012 and embraced gay marriage.


I am absolutely comfortable.


And an important moment of the 2012 presidential primary, when David moderated a GOP debate live on a Sunday morning just two days before the New Hampshire primary. Then there was David’s landmark interview in Afghanistan, 2010 with General David Petraeus, after he took command of U.S. and NATO forces.

Before taking the Meet the Press chair, David had a stellar eight years covering presidential politics at the White House for NBC News, where he covered George W. Bush from the first primaries to 9/11, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 20 years with NBC News, David has done it all. The O.J. Simpson trial, Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. Today Show guest-hosted.


And how you doing?


And when the cameras weren’t rolling, dead-on imitations of everyone from the president of the United States to Tom Brokaw. Through all the years, David has been truly the traditions of this program and NBC News.


If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press.



On Thursday, David tweeted, “I leave NBC as I came, humbled and grateful. I love journalism,” he wrote, “and sitting as moderator of Meet the Press was the highest honor there is. I have great respect for my colleagues at NBC News and wish them all well. To the viewers, I say thank you.” As David leaves NBC News for his next adventure, I will miss him as a daily colleague. But I know he will always be a friend. We’ll be back with more right after this.

According to NBC, “a lot of history consists of three clips.” They spent more time reading David Gregory’s tweet then there was actual video of the former moderator doing anything noteworthy on Meet The Press. Even the tribute package to Gregory couldn’t hide what a failure his stint was leading Meet The Press. The “tribute” had all the feeling of telling him don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

NBC couldn’t whitewash the failure. They probably would have been better off not even trying. It is obvious that they are blaming David Gregory for all of the problems with the show, when the big issue the stale and stuffy nature of the Sunday morning shows.

NBC News didn’t do Gregory any favors by letting him twist in the wind after months of speculation that he was going to be fired. There isn’t a big enough video package in the world to hide the fact that NBC is happy to see David Gregory go.

The bottom line is that it was a new week, a new moderator, but the same uninspired Meet The Press.

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  1. So they dump one pro-GOP shill for another. Chuckie’s feeling is that it is not his responsibility to call out guests when they lie. If not his responsibility, who’s responsibility is it? I’ve finally stopped watching Morning Joe for the same reason.

  2. That video was amazing! So full of Gregory’s unforgettable soundbites, hard hitting questions and award winning journalistic achievements which would make Winchell, Cronkite and Brinkley tip their hats to such a icon of electronic journalism… NOT!

  3. I don’t buy any of that. You and I agree that Gregory’s tenure with Meet The Press was abysmal, so do many others whose politics are left of center. But that is just us.

    It’s arrogant and deluded to think that anyone in NBC management shares our opinion. I take Gregory at his word that he left of his own volition not out of respect for the man, but out of an understanding of the milieu that supports MTP each week and in which MTP exists.

    NBC / Comcast isn’t thinking about killing the show (unfortunately) because the Common Wisdom in national journalism broadcasting is that cranking out an hour of centrist/right crap each Sunday morning is standard practice even though its no longer necessary to fulfill FCC public interest requirements.

  4. This is like the 5th or 6th time I’ve posted this, but it bears repeating and I am capitalizing if it will get your attention:


  5. I’m sure David Gregory isn’t crying over losing the job…a 4 million dollar buy out will help him get over it. The show is going to be cancelled, hopefully sooner rather than later, because viewers don’t want to watch someone who thinks it’s not his job to call out the GOP on their lies.

  6. They should have showed the clip with him dancing with turdblossom. He was nothing more than a pole dancer for the American Taliban

  7. Now that’s someone I would really enjoy watching again. I think Keith Olbermann would be great as host of MTP, though I’m sure I’m in the minority. He certainly wouldn’t hesitate to call the GOP out on it’s lies!

  8. Barbara, I couldn’t agree with you more I loved Martin Bashir. I also loved Keith Oberman. This is when I watched the news most. I now mostly just read it because most journalist’s are pathetic.
    Although I occasionally tune in to Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. I do like them.

  9. Give the chair to Will McAvoy. The show has become fictional, so why not? Get Sorkin to write the script, too.

  10. Time to bring in Tim Russert’s son Luke Russert…not only for sentimental reasons, but also that he’s good.

  11. I agree. Nothing can save the show so they should put Luke at the helm, and perhaps it takes him down as well.

    A fitting end to a nepotistic nit.

  12. David Gregory’s uneven stewardship simply added to the usual biased, divisive party politics of the day…MTP is no longer a bastion of even handed confrontation with a dash of adrenalin. So much for old school journalism.

  13. It really won’t matter WHO NBC puts in the MTP chair if they continue to stack the guest list with the same ole male conservatives and industry hacks!

    I would vote for Alex Witt over Chuck Todd but unless the producers gave her a better balance of guests the viewership numbers are not going to change!

  14. How about Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry? She is currently a Professor of Political Science at Tulane and has taught at Princeton and the University of Chicago.

    She has her own show on MSNBC on the week-ends. I’ve seen her a number of times on Rachael Maddow’s show as a stand-in for Ms Maddow. And I like her.

    Then there is Chris Hayes. Want to call out the bankers? He really likes to follow the money. He can sometimes be a little boring, but boy can he follow a dollar.

    NBC has so many other qualified people, with personalities, already working for them. It was idiotic of them to choose Chuck Todd.

    I quit watching when Tim Russert died and after watch Gregory a couple of times. Chuck Todd will be no different.

  15. SO what do you think Senator Mcshame bla bla bla bla; can’t argue with that ; for another side to the story lets ask Senator Ms. Lindsey; bla bla bla bla; well that seals it. looking forward to next week when our guests will Mcshame Ms lindsey and a governor to give us some insight ; the governor of the great state of Texas; see you next week maybe.

  16. he’s a horse faced buck tooth right wing jackass..in other words, he’ll be another one of the girls on Fox Noose real soon..

  17. I had to quit watching this show when he refused to challenge falsehoods made by right wing pundits. I could not stomach it any more. Russert was a pro, and Gregory was a shill.

  18. Z54..I like MSNBC but you are so right and poor little Debbie better wake up before it’s too late because Toddlin Todd ain’t the one.

  19. I don’t know guys. MSNBC itself is lame. They sensor themselves. Andrea Mitchell will have the same problem. In her hosting, one of the guests pointed out that the Saudi’s can’t be let off the hook for ISIS, since they have been funding them. This is similar to Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. Andrea had to make this sort of “sound”. As a response, taken to mean, “Good point but shut up.”. Why can’t we talk about that fact?

  20. Andrea Mitchell is only the host this week. Chuck Todd will be the host from now on.

    But I can bet a million dollars that your point is absolutely correct. There are so many things that they will not talk about. And by the way, I mean CNN and Fox news as well. there is so much they don’t want us to know

  21. I miss both Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann. Both were excellent newscasters and commentators. MSNBC is short on memory that it was Keith who brought in Melissa Harris-Perry and Rachel Maddow.

    Until MSNBC brings back both Bashir and Olbermann, I refuse to watch MSNBC!

  22. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Fareed Zakaria (excuse my spelling if I am wrong). Give him a try on CNN Sunday mornings 7:00 AM with a repeat of the program at 10:00 AM. If you are looking a news program that has both World view and what is going on in America, watch this program. Intelligent and thought provoking.

  23. The problem with MTP is not the anchor ~ it is the tired old format. Another old format show of NBC that failed was the To Night Show with Jay Leno. Jay Leno was a great comedian and kind man. The Late Night format died with Johnny Carson ~ copying his style just never worked for any of the unfortunate hosts who followed him. Jimmy Fallon is an example of what you do to save a long time show. I loved and missed JC until Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show. The world of television has evolved and networks must evolve. MTP is going to have the same mess if they do not find new TALENT with a new format as well as a good anchor. David’s replacement is too similar to him to change the ratings. I loved Tim Russet but he, like Johnny Carson is gone and can not be replaced.Please,please find someone who has talent and an original format. I am 64 and set my alarm to wake up and watch Jimmy Fallon – please make MTP worth not sleeping in on Sunday morning.

  24. One of my saddest days was when NBC/MSNBC gave Keith Olbermann his walking papers. Ever since then I knew there were GOP linked
    producers at NBC. Don’t get me started on the Today Show with Matt Lauer!!

  25. I couldn’t agree more. I had to quit watching it, just got tired of seeing how far up Cris Christies’, Donald Trump’s, Rick Perry’s butts he could stick his nose. It’s one thing to be a Republican but watching the way he acts with one on the show tends to make one think he left his wife for all Republican men. He certainly doesn’t call any of them out when they blatenly lie on the show. Maybe he is trying to get a job on Fox & Friends next to Steve Douchy.

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