Conservatives Suggest Armed Rebellion If They Can’t Impeach President Obama


If one listens carefully to conservative devotees, especially those on the far right (the entirety of the movement), a perpetual refrain is their staunch belief in liberty, the U.S. Constitution, revolution-era America, the Founding Fathers, and religious freedom. What one never hears a Republican, teabagger, or their religious extremist brethren say they believe in, champion, or swear to defend is democracy. It might seem curious how one can be a so-called ardent defender of the Constitution and claim loyalty to America and yet despise what is really the basic foundation of this country, democracy, but when one considers why they hate the democratic process, it is painfully obvious they hate the Constitution and America.

It is irrefutable that since January 2009, Republicans revealed they hate democracy by meeting in secret and plotting to subvert any and every attempt by the newly-elected President to lift America out of the Republican-caused economic disaster or govern in any way. It is true their racial bias informed their obstructionism, but their goal was to teach the American people that if they did participate in the democratic process and elected the wrong candidate, Republicans would make them pay and bring governance to a halt; something they have continued unabated throughout President Obama’s tenure in the White House.

A great many conservatives have expressed their hatred of democracy by threatening a civil war, government overthrow, and armed rebellion against the federal government because they cannot comport the democratic process that elected an African American man as President. It is no exaggeration to reason that if they were able, Republicans and their teabagger cohort deeply desire to nullify the past two elections to erase the people’s choice for President from the historical record. Now, Republicans and teabaggers lust to remove the people’s choice for President through the impeachment process; anything to nullify the result of Americans participating in democracy that resulted in the Presidency of Barack Obama.

In 2012, a Virginia Republican Committee newsletter openly called for armed rebellion if President Obama was re-elected to a second term, and as obscene a display of disdain for democracy as that was, and it was obscene, another Republican stated last week that if Republicans failed to impeach and remove President Obama from office, conservative’s only recourse was preparing for armed rebellion. The Republican is former congressman Tom Tancredo who again called on House Republicans to impeach the President and warned that if “Republicans are afraid to challenge presumptuous dictatorial behavior, then the war is already lost and we should stock up our ammunition shelves and join a militia.”

There can be no mistaking Tancredo’s reiteration of rebellion against the government is solely because Americans elected an African American man as President. There is no reason to claim “the war is already lost” or that “we should stock up our ammunition shelves and join a militia” unless the only recourse to nullifying the people’s vote is violence against the government. That is the overriding mission of a very substantial number of “official” and unofficial state militias listed here and here, and they are not even the white supremacist anti-government extremist groups that exploded after President Obama was elected to his first term.

However, an overriding theme in the great majority of “official” state militias is their willingness to violently oppose U.S. government tyranny due to their belief it is imposing a “socialist” agenda and robbing them of their freedoms; a recurring theme of conservative militants yearning for a “second revolutionary war” and rebellion against the government with an African American President. There were no calls for violent rebellion against the government when George W. Bush was president and there have been no socialist policies put in place during Obama’s Presidency. Republicans and their conservative cabal just cannot tolerate the democratic process when the people elect the “wrong” leader, so decrying tyranny and socialism is a clarion call to prepare for war against the government as “legitimate Constitutional militias” Tom Tancredo claims are necessary if Republicans do not impeach President Obama.

To be fair, some of the official-type militias do tout their organization’s intent to assist citizens in time of disaster, but they are in the minority and still champion their militia as defense against “domestic enemies” in government. A sampling of a few “state militias” reveals that they are preparing for violence against government such as one California militia that states, “We have read the writing on the wall and said “Hell no!” “Hell no, I’m not giving up my country, not to the socialists, and not without a fight!” A Georgia militia claims, “As you all know times are getting worse, but we as patriots don’t have a choice but to stand and fight. It is up to us to defend what others won’t!!”

A Kentucky militia claims its purpose is “to salvage and defend our rights as guaranteed to us by our founding fathers,” because they are “disappointed in the current state of our great country because our personal freedoms and way of life are rapidly vanishing.” The list goes on and on, but one thing vacant from the various militia statements is how their personal freedoms and way of life have been abridged, or how socialism has been manifest as an imposition on their constitutional freedoms; because they have not. All the claims of loss of liberty, freedoms, and socialism are recurring themes of conservatives that began appearing within days of Barack Obama’s inauguration.

After five-and-a-half years, most Americans get it; conservatives are furious that the democratic process produced an African American President and that they are willing to use any means to nullify his election whether it is impeachment, a Republican House lawsuit, or joining a militia to fight a war against the legally elected federal government. That is one of the main differences between conservatives and liberals; accepting the results of democracy and going forward for the good of the nation and well-being of the people.

Despite George W. Bush’s administration blatantly lying to take the country to war, outing an active CIA field agent, and committing war crimes, there were no calls from the left to “stock up our ammunition shelves and join a militia,” or the Democrat Party calling for armed rebellion if Bush was re-elected. But then again liberals do not hate democracy like Republicans and it calls into question the various militias, Republican, and un-American malcontents’ devotion to America because if they hate democracy, then they truly hate the Founding Fathers’ Constitution as much as they do the people’s choice of President.



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  1. This are the same unhinged who actually believe there are more of them then us.In their sick world killing tens of thousands of innocent people is NOT IMPEACHABLE.

  2. No surprise here. They’ve been talking about a civil war for a long time. That’s why they’ve made it easier for the ammosexuals to get and stock up on weapons and ammo. They are getting themselves ready. The hatred is blatant and they are not afraid to show it.
    With what is happening now in Ferguson and with the country and the world paying attention to the unrest in this country, What could go wrong? This could only end with the downfall and the end of America as we know it. This is what the tearepublicans and conservatives want.

  3. Bundy’s armed militia
    aim their weapons at Federal Law men.
    Obama does nothing.

    Next time?
    I’m guessing Obama will cave again.
    …and again.
    … … and yet again.

    Impeach the gutless jerk,
    let Biden caretake,
    then look to Hillary to stand up to the gun tot’n camo draped cod piece embellished clowns who call themselves patriots.

  4. This goes far beyond protection by the 1St. Amendment of the Constitution. By the way all of you TPGOP should understand that the U.S. Constitution. That you all claim to love. Is the very document that the Founding fathers designed to lay out how our current Federal Government is designed. Thus any of your claims of loving the Constitution is BS.
    All of your threats of Government take over by force are covered by the (Patriot Act Sec.802 “Domestic Terrorist”.) Yes you TPGOPers have joined your Muslim brothers overseas as Terrorist against the USA. Congratulations you ALL are traitors to the USA. You have won a higher status of Terrorist behavior then all the rest.

  5. I’m suspicious that some of the recent violence in Ferguson (last night’s episodes of Molotov-cocktail throwing, shots fired, etc) which has been attributed partly to out-of-towners — is actually caused by some of these RWNJs intent on anarchy.

    Doesn’t matter that 99.44% of the “armed rebellion” people are white…if they are part of the violence in Ferguson they probably morph into a seemingly supportive bystander just by taking off their ski mask.

  6. I can tell you what’s really funny. If there’s an armed rebellion and a Republican is put into office, that Republican will at once understand how dangerous these gun freaks are. And he will be the one who disarms them.

    these gun nuts and people like Tom Tancredo want power, and they want the power to go out and kill. It’s not like they give a hoot about the Constitution because there is no socialism going on here. All they have is what the Republican masters tell them.

    but I think we need to face the fact that the armed revolution will not happen when people start facing the military. And no, the people in the military are not going to help the armed freaks. They know where their bread is buttered

  7. Ye olde “Second Amendment remedies” — a favorite weapon in the tea party arsenal of inflammatory rhetoric.

  8. You are just as crazy as the RWNJs. Even the idiots at the BLM knew better than to start a war with these gun-worshipping vigilantes and get a bunch of bystanders killed.

    I guess you don’t concern yourself with what a disaster it would be to go off half-cocked here. Perhaps the President does.

  9. Derrick, what you saw on TV and read about was only a tiny surface sliver of what was going on. While the Bundy bunch was strutting around, pointing their guns at the Feds, and plotting to put women and children on the front line in the event of attack, mixed in among their number were undercover lawmen taking notes and names.

    It will be quite awhile before the Feds can tie a big enough bow around this to ensure convictions of all those involved, but it will happen.

    All legal. No shots fired.

  10. It’s all fun and fantasy games for the RWNJs until the guns are aimed at them. Karma could come back and bite them in the ass if they continue to sanction the kind of police militarization seen in Ferguson and advocate for armed rebellion (because after all, it’s the blah’s). Whites are no longer the majority in many areas of this country. Not only do white people get to practice their second amendment rights, but so do others of different colors. But then again, brains don’t necessarily go with brawn (or perceived brawn in their case). They haven’t quite thought this through. 10 to 1 if they were successful in aggravating an armed rebellion, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al, would be booked on flights out of this country. Watching all of these crazies with their idiotic fantasies makes me realize I have never seen so many scared white men before. There is nothing brave about them.

  11. Derrick and all you Conservatives. You ask and worry about the “militarization of the Police” Well Derr-a-lict, THIS is why we need the police to have more weaponry! This and the FACT that the drug dealers have incredible fire power BECAUSE of the NRA and Conservatives!! In the attempt to arm the entire nation they have caused the violence and division in this nation! NOT OBAMA!! you Derrick and your ilk ARE the problem. I for one am glad to see our police forces armed well so they can protect REAL Americans from the crazy eyed Christian “patriotic” militia and little boys who want to play crusade games.

  12. I’m going to throw their words right back at them:

    If you don’t like what’s going on in America, move!

  13. Remember when Bush was President?
    We were told, we won, you lost,
    “Deal with it” “He’s your President too!”
    When they lose, the rules change.
    They can’t deal with it. They throw
    a hissy fit. No matter what Barack
    Obama does, it’s wrong, a crime even.
    IF he does his job, he is called everything but his name. He’s a Lawless, King, Monarch, Emperor, Imperial President, Tyrannical, Dictator.
    If he tries diplomacy, he is Weak,
    Feckless, Lawless, Apologetic, Leading
    from Behind……
    They can’t make up their minds, but
    they know he’s just WRONG!
    All the time!

  14. Let’s be clear on one thing. There are only two “official militias”. The first is the organized militia, better known as the National Guard. The second is the unorganized militia, consisting of all persons liable to be called into militia service. The unorganized militia can’t do anything until actually called into service by an authority with the legal power to do so. A bunch of yahoos running around the woods with their AK47s can call themselves the militia, but they have no legal standing to do so.

  15. I dearly hope you are right, Molly.
    If so, I humbly withdraw my comment’s sentiment
    and thank you for the enlightenment.


  16. It is obvious to Americans and the World that the Republican Party is chock-full of the Angry Haters and bigots. The loose few who are so feeble minded and drunk with self-pity and who are forever dissatisfied with how the government operates. I bet you those DON’T even vote! Yet, the are beneficiaries of every Government action there is. Whether it is safeguarding the environment, food, water, pharmaceuticals, air travel, roadways, military protection, Security (NSA), etc. These guys and gals don’t want that, they want to survive on their own in the wilderness with their rifles with no government. In other words these are retro-frontiersmen/women.

  17. Joseph.
    I do believe you misunderstood my sentiments.

    No matter.
    Many more opportunities to express them.

    Do know, however, that I detest these AmmoSexuals, the faux patriots, the Right Wing OllieNorthjohnWayne ButtHoles; and wish passionately that the Feds would go after them as Molly Malone (above) suggested.

  18. There’s another ‘F’ word for far right totalitarians who hate democracy. Hint: 85 million dead worldwide, 407,000 U.S. military dead in the struggle against them in WWII.

  19. The only conclusion that can be drawn from these Right Wing anarchist racists is that they are too dumb to understand that the Civil War ended 149 years ago and THEY LOST.

  20. True, the problem is even if they have control of something..they CAN’T COPE!

    They have no ideas, they do not work to fix things, they take voting rights away and womens’ rights, and they think they are accomplished.

    They’re expertise is in lying, cheating, and making people suffer.

  21. The brain initiative and Obama Care are the great deceptions and two of the worst deceptions perpetrated on the citizens of the United States of America. State and Local law enforcement are implanting innocent citizens with a biochip. According to “A Note on Uberveillance” by MG & Katina Michael, it’s “like big brother on the inside looking out.” “Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence” by Springer page 9 states, “law enforcement would have us believe that we can only be safe as long as they know where we are at all times, what we’re doing and what we are ‘thinking'”. It is such an invasion of privacy. They use the active denial system to make you think you are hearing voices – it has technology like the audio spotlight. Next they use Psyops like stalking, drugs, kidnapping, whatever they can to either 1) put you in a “crisis stabilization ward” or 2) a prison. It is a plan for law enforcement to confiscate all guns so they can torture you without fear for the…

  22. After reading all the comments I am sooo glad there are a few that think, and can decide without being told what to think and how.
    Further more I’ll bet there isn’t one member of this Kentucky Militia that has even one member of his or her family that really did, fight the fight our founding fathers had. These People,(and I hesitate to call them people) care nothing, they are plain and simply racists. Angry as hell a half black man sits in the White House. These same people? are more then likely civil war buffs, who believe they should have won—Sorry folks you lost so sit down and shut the —-up!!By the way, I am a 12 generation American who did have members of her family fight with the founding fathers. More then one and they, lost everything they owned…..because of this. Even the pewter in eating utensils and drinking goblets.. they used for bullets.
    It really gets me when I hear this kind of talk…from these traitors…..I have no other word for them….

  23. Oh, dear, dear person, have you seen a doctor lately? Or have you been to see an exorcist? You are in dire need of help from one, or the other.

  24. you are absolutely correct but i think obama will only use this to open a door to put martial law in affect and then remove weapons from the american people so they are only giving him what he wants .

  25. Silly article. Nutbags are elevated to a height they do not come close to having. Give it a rest. You sound as bad as the TP and Repub loons you’re attacking.

  26. If you think Cliven Bundy was a victim of “government overreach” but Mike Brown “got what he deserved”; you are a redneck.

  27. you filthy digusting conservative and radical rightwingers are garbage. pure garbage. go ahead, start your armed rebellion and the US Armed Forces would annihilate every single one of you traitorous bastards. this is getting dangerous. these rightwingers pose a very serious threat to this nation. we have been ignoring these people and the threat they pose for too long. they have become emboldedned. we must stop this insanity!

  28. these people are still fighting the civil war. they cannot get over the fact that the south was wrong, dead wrong to build their fortunes off the backs of slave labor. despicable!!! yet some cannot get over this fact…. even all these years later.

  29. What the Hell is wrong with you? Oh, that’s right, conspiracy theories. Thought control, mind reading, audio input voices, take your stinking guns…what, no Agenda 21 fright?

    I disagree with other commenters; no psychiatric or medical intervention can help you, save possibly a lobotomy. But then it sounds like you’ve already went through that procedure. Maybe the “crisis stabilization ward” is your only option, because your brain is definitely in crisis.

  30. My worry is that should the RWNJs decide to try the revolution idea for real… and they get beaten down, the s*#t hits the fan and we end up with a crackdown that makes the post-9/11 pants-nugenting look like a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Too, we have the KKK and other groups like that trying to recruit disaffected ex-mil into their ranks. Part of what made the Bundy Circus what it was, was that they had had time to scout the approaches and hold the high ground so BLM and other federals would have had to advance under heavy fire in addition to worrying about recreating a Ruby Ridge/Waco situation with innocents. The defenses weren’t exactly just thrown together by 4 guys drinking beer and jerking off to Rush Limbaugh

  31. You write; “…since January 2009, Republicans revealed they hate democracy by meeting in secret and plotting to subvert any and every attempt by the newly-elected President to lift America out of the Republican-caused economic disaster.” True, and it was racism that fueled them (see Ferguson, MO). If the nation’s first black president succeeded, their faith in white supremacy would go up in smoke. So he needed to fail, as Rush Limpballs said.

  32. When? In case you haven’t noticed he’s in his second term. He’s running out of time to enact his Nefarious Plan of Martial Law and Disarmament with each day that passes.

  33. One can link to all kinds of warped websites and see what people are posting. Conservative bytes, liberty outpost, tea party economist, liberty alliance, eagle rising just to name a few. There is always a post about how many guns and bullets they have purchased and can’t wait to have the chance to go out and shoot citizens they don’t like.

  34. Yes, there are terrorists here in the US and it’s the teabagger/republicans…they want nothing more than to destroy America.

  35. Armed rebellion? Sure…go ahead with that plan and see how it works out. Are rightwingers really that goofy and mentally challenged, or what? Like they have a lock on an armed insurrection and wouldn’t get their sick arses kicked, from one side of the country to the other. Them and their little make believe militia’s.

    So….since the country isn’t working and there is nothing left for anyone on the bottom of the society. Go ahead and touch off that stick of dynamite and see who will back you, on an empty belly…etc. lol

  36. Derrick, you are correct I did miss read your comment I didn’t see at first it was sarcasm. I read todays comment of yours on Bryan Fischer and realized we think it some similar ways. Sorry about my attack but I get severely vexed at the agenda of the Reich Wing. Live Long and Prosper.

  37. I wrote and recorded this song 10 days after the first election of Barack Obama in 2008 before the bigots came out of the walls like roaches, before all the obstruction. Listen to the lyrics, it’s like prophesy. I believed in Obama back then, even more now. If you want this bullshit to stop like what happened to Michael Brown and Trayvon then stand up for them and Obama now. I’m sorry to say The Black Community has not stepped up for Obama causing more and more of this kinda shit to happen. As soon as Republiclan’s sensed complacency by The Black Community they started this attack on African Americans. STOP IT NOW OR YOUR KID MAY BE THE NEXT TO DIE PERIOD. You have the power stop it. Don’t just protest yet another innocent kids death but go to the root cause, the total disrespect for The First African American President Barack Obama. This is all about ROOTS~

  38. people seem to forget the militia movement is nothing new or unique to Obama. they were also prevalent during the Clinton administration with some nutjobs in Montana going so far as to declare their ranch an independent sovereign nation and threaten to shoot down any aircraft, even commercial ones, that dares use their airspace.

    this all led to the second largest terrorist attack in us history: the Oklahoma city federal building bombing. the rhetoric is eerily the same, overreach by the federal gov’t that most of don’t see.

    if they DO decide to start something, I predict it will end badly for them. remember the “million truckers” who converged on Washington last summer, all 30 of them?

    the constitution and democracy are inextricacbly intertwined. you can’t “defend” the constitution by overthrowing a freely elected president.
    our unprecedented prosperity came about partly because we were a stable place that largely followed its own laws. the war they want would destroy…

  39. I, for one, am expecting to see one of these “militias” actually mount an offensive against authorities and am hoping to see a rapid, take-no-prisoners, shooting gallery response by the authorities. Annihilate them, blow them away, no forgiveness for their treason, take away their right to life and liberty by killing all these misguided and stupid fools. No arrest, trial, jail time to further foment their hatred and anger. Rabid dogs, the lot of them.

  40. Bring it on, jerkwads. I’d love to see these overweight Rambo wanna-bes being pursued by the 101st Airborne. They’re all talk but when the triggers start getting pulled, they’ll be whining for their mommies.

  41. They think the results of the 2008 election would be nullified, and the warmonger McCain would be President, with Hello Quitty a heartbeat away.

  42. I can believe that the Ferguson MO tragedy may be a conspiracy instigated by the extreme right. It has been clear that they have conspired and are actively conspiring to instigate insurrection. All they needed was the perfect location where dissatisfaction and desperation is so great that with the right massaging of circumstances, bullets will fly and civil war will ensue.

    Just look at the RW websites. They are creating conditions to force President Obama to intercede so that they can point and say “You see?” There are hundreds of sites with headlines similar to this “Pentagon Document proving President Obama’s plan to use US military against US citizens, declare martial law, establish dictatorship!”.

  43. ~
    They are the most despicable people. They tell everyone to sit down and shut up, praise the Lord and pass the bucks. Women deserve to be raped because of the way they dress, or smile, or for having provocative eyes. Children must scrub school floors and toilets in order to pay for their lunch. People do not deserve affordable healthcare. They love the troops but are comfortable reneging on promises and depriving their families of assistance. They blame all poor people for being poor. They are comfortable letting children go hungry, sick, and homeless. Pregnant victims of rape or incest, or women whom are in mortal danger, must not terminate a pregnancy. Women must not take the “morning after pill” under any circumstance. They are comfortable with bullying women’s health clinics to close down, leaving women without vital health services (mammograms, Pap tests, birth control…) They are despicable!

  44. Limited-government my ass! They want to starve, not just of food, but of liberty and life, anyone who will not conform to their brand of “Christianity” and randian philosophical views. How could one possibly be a Christian and a disciple of Ayn Rand? Many of them probably do not know who Ayn Rand was, but because they listen to the likes of Paul Ryan and Rick Perry, they have fallen into goose step, not necessarily because they are “Christian”, but because the philosophy is in line with their indoctrination and innate selfishness.

    They brainwash their children to be bigoted, intolerant, segregationist haters. They believe they are “entitled” and that “Those others? Fuq ’em!”

  45. Limited-government? That was their first reason for their existence! But ultimately they want to starve, not just of food, but of liberty and life, anyone who will not conform to their brand of “Christianity” and randian philosophical views. How could one possibly be a Christian and a disciple of Ayn Rand? Many of them probably do not know who Ayn Rand was, but because they listen to the likes of Paul Ryan and Rick Perry, they have fallen into goose step, not necessarily because they are “Christian”, but because the philosophy is in line with their indoctrination and innate selfishness.

  46. all I say to gop nutters and tea party losers is yawn, like the last time they were going to overthrow the government and we saw what happended, the gop and tp will piss there pants when military is facing them with mchine guns and tanks

  47. the tea party gop should be considered terrorists, and the tea party gop is losers and cowards, like i said when the military starts pointing the machine guns and tanks the tp gop will piss there pants and run like cockroaches o yes tea party stands for toilet paper for my rear end

  48. im not worried about the tea party nutters and gop threatening revolt, why cuz i know the military will wipe tp and gop out

  49. I’ve been saying basically the same thing on several sites that I read. When reality hits these ‘Bundy’ folks there will be some sad singing & slow walking.

  50. When their loony candidates win elections, you can excuse them for mistaking themselves for a majority.

    It doesn’t matter if they’re outnumbered when the opposition is staying home on election day.

  51. That’s why YOU are in NO way involved in the decision making process. No morons needed thank you.

  52. They want to start a civil war this will then open the door for ISIS Republicans are FUCKING idiots.

  53. Come on Tancredo, man up. Get your gun nuts to push for legalizing dueling. I think you are all a bunch of cowards who WOULD RUN LIKE SCARED RABBETS IF SOMEONE WAS TO SHOOT AT YOU LEGALLY.

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