Fox News Goes Full Racist With Claim That Michael Brown Was High On Drugs When Killed



Fox News smeared a dead unarmed African-American teen today by claiming that Michael Brown may have been high on drugs when he was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer.

Fox News’ Jim Pinkerton had a conspiracy theory about Ferguson that hit on all of the conservative myths and boogeymen. Pinkerton claimed Attorney General Eric Holder is against the Ferguson Police and was trying to cover-up evidence that would have helped the police. Pinkerton later claimed that Brown charged at the cops, and the media is covering it up because the media wants a riot and violence.

Pinkerton’s topper came near the end of the segment when he said, “Ask the Secret Service what would happen if an individual who was six foot four and two hundred and ninety pounds went charging anywhere near the direction of the president. I suspect they’d put a lot more than six bullets in him….There are eyewitness who say he was charging. The autopsies are inconclusive. Again, Eric Holder will call for a third autopsy, a fourth, a fifth, and a tenth until he gets the results that he wants….We’ll know more with a blood test. If he was high on some drug, angel dust or PCP or something then we’ll know. That’s entirely possible, entirely possible, you can take a lot more than six bullets and keep charging.”

Alan Colmes tried to be the non-racist voice of sanity, but this Fox News so the segment was destined to go to the racist dumpster. There is less than zero evidence that Michael Brown was on drugs. The evidence gathered from an autopsy done at the request of the Brown family supports the claim that the eighteen-year-old was trying to surrender when he was shot.

The facts contradict the wild and racist theory that Michael Brown was high on drugs and charged the police. Fox News did this very same type of victim smearing after George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Fox News, especially Sean Hannity, did their best to smear Martin as a gang banging, drug using thug, who deserved to be shot and killed.

On a deeper level, Fox News is using the killing of Michael Brown to spread more race based fear and hatred. It’s all about keeping the Fox News audience afraid and angry with the hope that they will take out that fear and anger on President Obama and Democrats. Fox News was practicing the vilest form of political division imaginable, and they had no qualms about smearing the memory of a dead teenage boy.

The lesson here is that there is no such thing as a low that Fox News can’t reach.

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  1. Actually, the county medical examiner’s office did say that Brown had marijuana in his system.

    However, they still haven’t released a full report. Also, we were told that a toxicology report would take weeks, yet we hear from the medical examiner right after the Brown Family’s press conference this morning that there was marijuana in his system?

    Heaven forbid that marijuana doesn’t cause aggressive behavior. Or that marijuana can stay in the system for weeks after the effects have worn off.

    There is still no excuse for this shooting.

  2. If he was blown out of his mind on drugs, it still didn’t give the cop a right to kill him. That duffus looking cop needs to be arrested.

  3. The liberal Washington Post was the first to leak this story, just so know. It was from a close source in the St Louis medical examiner’s office

  4. They said it was marijuana and anyway the examiner said it would take weeks for a full toxically report. Now tell me again how does that work?

  5. Yet another “expert” commentator on the News Corp payroll fills the void — created by the lack of evidence-based analysis and cogent, rational discussion — with highly speculative, inflammatory innuendo … demonstrating that his only real expertise is in MAKING CRAP UP.

  6. Of course, he was. The reason he was shot in a downward direction through the top of the head is that the officer was the Jolly Green Giant.

  7. It is no coincidence or no surprise that FOX and their hosts and pundits and guests WILL give this story a nasty racist/racial spin. Bend the facts, invent a lie make it sound like something their fans would love to hear….then say it on air. Aaaaargh. Get their pitch fork mob base to get riled up, fume and turn red in the face. That’s why they pay those guys that kind of money to do. And they sure do earn their provocateur’s paycheck.

  8. A full toxicological report will take time as certain cultures manifest only with “dish time”. However, testing for cannibis is not one of those. A simple urine or blood test would take only a few hours with most of that time spent waiting for the testing facility availability.

  9. Fox nus suggest new remedy for drug use shoot the person 6 times a couple to the head; making up that he was on drugs does not justify shooting a person dead.

  10. When did factual become racist? Drug Tox came back positive. This guy was under the influence of a controlled substance, robbed a store and roughed up the clerk moments before his death. .. Pretty brazen. So now what. .. everyone thinks that the possibility of him trying to unarm a police officer and then getting shot for it is unreasonable? Get with it people. Racism is an old and tired excuse. But by all means, keep crying the proverbial wolf. Because it’s becoming more and more ineffective.

  11. Yes, it must be racist to suggest that perhaps Michael Brown was High on drugs when he attacked the Police Officer. It must also be racist to suggest that he had probably just committed a crime like robbing a convenience store before he attacked the police officer. Oh, wait a minute, he did just rob a convenience store and was marching down the middle of the street with a box of swisher sweets cigars in his arms that are popular with drug users who empty the cigars of tobacco and replace with marijuana to smoke. I can’t wait for the toxicology reports to come out that show this thug was high as a kite when he attacked the officer.

  12. It’s time someone puts an end to FOX News BS. They should be sued by the family and license should be provoked. This is nothing but a bunch of racist, idiots who if it wasn’t for FOX that would have no jobs. A total bunch of misfits putting a lot of BS out to another bunch of low-life that believe everything they say. It would be of everyone’s best entrance if God would open up the ground under them and suck them all into hell.

  13. Even in your twisted world if that was true he did not deserved to be executed. You ever heard of due process or is that only reserved for white people?

  14. A controlled substance that doesn’t cause aggressiveness and can stay in the system weeks after the effects have worn off!

    It’s not factual because the stupid idiots at Fox News don’t know anything about marijuana. And neither do you.

    Police come across people high on drugs or drunk all the time and are able to deal with them without shooting them to death. What’s Darren Wilson’s excuse?

  15. Marijuana doesn’t cause aggressiveness, Vince! And it can stay in your system weeks after the effects wear off.

    Also, according to the Dr. Baden, there were no signs of a struggle on Brown’s body.

    You and the rest of RWNJ are a bunch of morons. Even if Michael Brown was the biggest, baddest, meanest, and highest thug there ever was, the police can’t just shoot him without explanation.

    This is what separates the police from the criminals and protects the constitutional rights of all citizens.

  16. He was there. He saw the whole thing…NOT!

    This “Reefer Madness” idiot is the audience Fox News caters to. How pathetic!

  17. In my twisted world the term “executed” isn’t used to described what happened to Mike Brown. Funny how you’re quick to adopt such terminology as if you were there to witness the entire event. There is absolutely ZERO evidence thus far indicating that this was a blatant “execution.” There is however a surveillance video illustrating this young mans beastly behavior moments before his death. My scale of evidence thus far outweighs yours. Thank you kindly for being a clueless fool. I bet you were one of those trolls saying that he was shot in the back as well. My money says that the cop was in the right. Prove me wrong!

  18. He was shot 5 effing times and then was finish off with a shot to the top of the head. In my terminology YOU ARE A DUMBASS

  19. Yep, your world is pretty twisted.

    “My scale of evidence thus far outweighs yours.”

    WHO’s claiming to be the expert now?

    You definitely are a dumbass!

  20. Look, I’ll speak for myself here and say that yes, no one should be shot without explanation….no one! However, you’re putting together a puzzle without having all the pieces first. There is no evidence yet to suggest that Mike Brown was shot execution style. And you sure as heck can’t trust the “eyewitnesses” who swore up and down that he was shot in the back….huge fail there post autopsy. So between the lying witnesses and the surveillance video, nothing here suggests that officer Wilson was in the wrong…..unless of course if you’re one of those who is swayed by the accounts of biased eyewitnesses and unruly protestors with an alternate agenda other than the supposed “justice” that they’re seeking.

  21. He was shot in the top of his head. His height was 6 foot 4 Now unless the murderer is over 7 feet that would mean Brown was either Kneeling or falling down after being shot 5 f#cking times. Now I know you don’t believe in common sense or basic science being a bagger and all but it is what it is. That dog executed Brown

  22. Quoting me isn’t a strong stance for evidence in your favor. It just shows how dull and unprepared you are in your defense. And yes…he was shot 6 times… Not at all an unrealistic ballistic showing from a man who’s life was probably in danger, especially considering the fact that he has never discharged at another human being before, nonetheless a 6’2 behemoth maniac with a thirst for aggression. (Which was brilliantly illustrated in a surveillance video moments earlier.) Proof vs idiotic emotion… Guess who wins?

  23. Ugghhh… You and your poor attempt at ballistic science. Maniac charging at the officer, shot, shot….still coming towards officer…. “Stand down!”, man still charging, shot, shot, shot, shot…..all while slowly in timbeeeer mode…hence why some hits are a higher up.

  24. Who cares about the cigars you fool. The cop didn’t have to know about the cigars. Why does that even matter? Mike ” the maniac” Brown had a guilty conscience, all the reason more of why he would have been aggressive towards the officer. Actually, you fool of a troll, if the officer would have known about the robbery, it would have probably saved that young devils life….the cop would have expected some aggression and may have brace for it or even call for back up give the behemoths size. But instead, he was caught off guard by Browns aggressive behavior and went into life or death mode. End of story!

  25. “However, you’re putting together a puzzle without having all the pieces first.”

    Don’t project your ignorance on me. You’re the one who’s doing this.

    Or better yet, you refuse to use any of the pieces that don’t fit your image of Michael Brown as a big, bad, dangerous thug high on drugs.

    You have taken Ferguson PD Chief Jackson’s word for everything even though information this morning demonstrates that he was wrong.

    Maybe in your little mind believing that a police officer is capable of telling a lie is hard for you grasp. But it does happen!

    Once again, the police can’t just shoot anybody any ol’ way. Since we are all suppose to be protected by the Constitution, police are restricted in how and when they can use their weapon.

    And sorry, but with 6 shots, it should be no surprise to you that many would say Brown was executed. And given the fact that he was unarmed is even more horrific.

  26. ONLY in America would we have people going on the assumption that if someone shoots and kills you then YOU must have done something wrong.

  27. LOL,all of the fuk news mofo’s are high every day and that’s how they get their thrills & chills while talkin b.s. day after day after day.

  28. Listen, all you are doing is bringing your assumptions here and playing psychiatrist. It doesnt work. You are being intellectually dishonest and its getting boring

  29. What djcheron is saying is based on what Dr. Baden said at the press conference this morning.

    Sorry, but I think Dr. Baden’s opinion on this issue has more validity than yours.

  30. Yes, the good doctor has identified the entry/exit points of the bullets. And I’m glad, sorry, we’re all glad that your an expert in autopsy report interpretation. Let’s be realistic here. An execution style shooting would involve 2 maybe 3 precision shots to most preferably the back of the head or somewhere in that vicinity. This is a truth. However, Brown was shot several times in areas including the arm, chest and face/head….a clear indication of a target in motion and not one that was “executed.” The shot to the top of the head was most likely due to a falling victim as indicated in Dr. Baden’s report….hence why an additional autopsy is being preformed and probably another to follow until a “preferred” autopsy is presented.

  31. And all this time you have represented yourself as an expert

    Feck off Meeks, you are way too boring. You are everything you accuse others of being.

  32. LMFAO! So, ” Mike ” the maniac” Brown had a guilty conscience…”

    First, you are an expert in ballistics.

    Now, you possess psychic powers.

  33. “The facts contradict the wild and racist theory that Michael Brown was high on drugs and charged the police. ”

    What is “wild and racist” by claiming that Brown was possibly on drugs and charged the police? The “charging the police” accusation came from witnesses on the scene and an audio of a person stating just that immediately after the incident seems to confirm that fact.

  34. I have no idea why you even bother about listening to “Bleeks”, He has watched FOX News to the point where his brains cells have already started to die. You can’t argue with the devil and win.

  35. Chasing after him implies that Brown was running away. If so, where are the bullet wounds to Brown’s back? You certainly don’t let the facts get in the way of your conspiracy theory.

  36. You’re right. But defending yourself from someone attempting to take your gun away from you and using it against you is a reason.

  37. You do remember he turned and thats when he started getting shot right?

    You cant talk facts when you know nothing about the case

  38. You’re right Shiva. Brown turned and charged Officer Wilson to attack him and attempt to take away his gun. That is when he shot Brown.

  39. From 35 feet away? Sorry, you lose.
    From 35 feet away and the cop KNEW the guy was going to take his gun?>

    You are hilarious!

  40. Account says that Brown was charging the officer and was 2-3 feet away from the officer when he finally went down. That is not 35 feet away. What innocent teenager takes five bullets and keeps charging a police officer until taken down at the last second by a sixth shot.

  41. Reynardine oh got me ROFLMAO (I appreciate breaking the negative for a minute & I am still ROFLMAO..goodnight.

  42. If it WAS actually self defense, then yes. However, it looks like it may not have been. Did you see the tweets from the one guy that was tweeting as it happened? He said that the shooting began BEFORE Brown turned around. If so, that is not self defense. Note: the fact that there were no gun shots in his back doesn’t disprove this, the cop could have missed. At that distance and with him running, that isn’t out of the question. Additionally, the woman that videotaped the incident said that Brown was shot from behind and hit in the arm. I just can’t see how this is defensible. Especially since Brown was unarmed.

  43. Here is the thing, it really isn’t in dispute that Wilson tried to pull Brown into the car. It also isn’t in dispute that Brown was 35 feet away when the shooting started. You state that Brown was charging the officer when the shooting started. Ok, how did Brown get so far away? Logically, he must have run. So then what happened? Did Brown suddenly change his mind, turn around, and charge the officer? Or, as is more likely, did the shooting start and Brown turn around in response to the shooting? Seems like the second scenario is more logical, if he ran quickly enough to get that far away then it doesn’t make sense for him to stop running for any other reason.

  44. The autopsy concluded there was no gunpowder residue on the body of Brown indicating non of the shots was fired from close range. Witness reports also say that when Brown did turn from running away, he had his hands up. How does that fit with accusations he was charging the officer. The only account I’ve heard so far of the officer being charged was from the officer himself and second had from his chief.

  45. Let’s see how fast fox report that the young man didn’t robbed the store and the police only shown part of the video. He didn’t have enough money to pay for all the cigars he wanted but paid for some and it shown on the whole tape. The store owner didn’t called the police nor did any other employees but it was a customer. I am thinking that the owner and this young man had a code between them where they carried on as some store owners do and it seem like it is something else when it is not. You can tell from the tape the owner doesn’t look upset but brush it off. The police chief can leak info on the kid but he can’t seem to find his way of getting the policeman in front of the media and face the music. Wonder is it because he knows he will lie just like he did and get caught it too. If he wasn’t guilty he would have shown his face the same day and gave his side of the story and not went into hiding just like GZ did.

  46. Faux News has never hesitated to lie and conceal facts when it makes a good story that fits their political agenda and says what their viewers want to hear.

  47. As much as I hate FOX News, some a-hole in the Ferguson authority circus release that he had marijuana in his system. Other than the fact that this is not relevant, it explains the cigar theft. Fox is the bane of American civilization. You can’t have two realities and separate truths in one country. They represent the hypocritical mob of self righteous jerks.

  48. IF the officer is telling the truth then I see how the thing MIGHT have played out. Just experimentily consider this POSSIBILITY. A young man for whatever reason whether it be a brain tumor, or drugs or whatever (things that can and DO happen without question) Is totally not himself anymore and all the sudden is transformered into this 300 llb aggressive, fearless, and dangerous scarey young man acting in a way he normally NEVER would. That would explain the huge difference between what the convienience store video clearly shows (assuming it is him) and the way his family and friends describe him as being just a gentle and funny young man…would it not explain that part IF that turns out to be the case? Secondly IF that is what happened then the officers statements and some of what witnesses think they saw might make good sense also. Shot once in scuffle Brown left, came back arms OUT charging! Terrified cop fires until Brown stops…with THIS result…Let’s WAIT and see, I say.

  49. 6 Shots the last being a kill shot in the top of his head. Talking to people sometimes reminds me of the wife catching the husband in bed with another women and he jumps up and say it wasn’t me. Who you going to believe me or your lying eyes!! SMDH

  50. Typical Faux News rhetoric. As usual, F.N. has stooped so low that they must climb a ladder to look a worm in the eye!

  51. So you introduce a bunch of asinine things then say lets wait?
    You would have made sense had your entire premise just been, lets wait.

  52. Also IF it does turn out that something medical or whatever changed this young man from the gentle, funny guy some say he always has been, into the fearless, aggressive person shown on that survailence video, then even the “downward” final kill shot to the head makes sense too. I mean just visualize such a person enraged at being already shot once, changes his mind about fleeing and turns and advances with malace in mind. He says “don’t shoot I have my hands up” but keeps coming “please don’t shoot” but he keeps coming and then when he feels close enough bows down and charges with arms still raised, except NOW they are extended OUT in front of his 300 pound hulk charging in attack. where is that kill shot to the head going to hit? Right! The top of his head making it appear to be “downward” in relation to his head. I can’t know this so anymore than so many others know this officer “executed” an innocent gentle young man! I just think people should WAIT before they ly…

  53. The pictures are seen across the world, civilized countries are horrified and our enemies are enjoying them.

    What was that about ‘liberty and justice for all’
    evidently not if you are black!

  54. Gee….”High on drugs and charging that cops”. Never mind the cop, no matter the circumstances, had the upper hand. Tazer, mace, a vehicle and his body equipped with a “Radio” and of course his vehicle.

    But no….the racist say the cop had every right to kill the bastar^, because he was supposedly high!! Well, then why was this kid on his knee’s with his hands up and then shot? 6 times? That cop is a typical, racist, hate filled cop. Way to many people saw that and said the same thing to varying degrees, which lead me to believe they are telling the truth.

    The cop will walk….and nothing will change, until one day, there will be retribution against the whites and with justification. To bad we have such a sick society today.

  55. Aww just lynch the guy! Get a mob and lynch him …We don’t need an investigation! It’s SO obvious! He a cop, he’s white and the guy he killed is black. And besides that so what if the cop is telling the truth …he’s a white COP and white cops deserve whatever bad they get …ALL of em! All of em are the same….every stinking one of em! Hey let’s make signs! “NO INVESTIGATION! NO TRIAL! HANG HIM NOW! JUSTICE NOW!”

  56. Where was Mike Brown due process? Oh wait he doesn’t deserve any. 6 shots the last one the kill shot on top of his head. But hey we all know Officer Friendly always tells the truth

  57. If I had to guess, I’d guess it’s unlikely that that people here that already have their mind made up know anything else but what they have heard on the media and what people are saying. Who here personally knows the victim, the officer, or the couple of people that say they saw it happen? Man if that’s all it takes for someone to judge like they are God Himself then I hope none of you are ever on a jury concerning me or anyone I care about! True enough as Americans we ALL have so much to be ashamed of, whether we are white or black or polka dotted…. so whatever we do let’s not any of us individually do anything to change THAT!

  58. These are two witnesses to the shooting.

    It is in their language. Truck means cop car.

    #1 How’d he get from there to there?
    #2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck
    #2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him
    #2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus – the police had his gun drawn already on him –
    #1. Oh, the police got his gun
    #2 The police kept dumpin on him, and I’m thinking the police kept missing –
    These are two witnesses to the shooting.

    It is in their language. Truck means cop car.

    #1 How’d he get from there to there?
    #2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck
    #2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him
    #2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus …

  59. If only that was the case…I’m certain the outcome would be different if he was 6’4 and a different pigment color. Don’t you think?

    Before you accuse me of “playing the race card”. Last week here in Texas, cops were called to break up a fight at the local hs gym. The guy in question was 6’6 and 295 lbs white male (former SMU offensive lineman) and proceeded fighting the first officer he encountered. Backup arrived and no shots were fired with the exception of their tasers. Officer was admitted to hospital for bruises to his face and ribs. Guess what?? Man is out on bail as of this morning only charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

    Now explain to me you don’t think there’s 2 set of laws for whites and people of color…..really??

  60. Thats a huge load of BS doug. You cam,e here, unloaded a bunch of senarios that indicated your mind was made up, and then kept saying lets wait.

    You are full of it

  61. Bleeks, the video was not Mr. Brown, no residue on his clothes so distance is obvious, position of firearm and where bullets entered the body, all show a different case scenario that doesn’t fit the one that supports your racist and kill black people thinking. We will see how this case wins out, and the police chief’s lies are falling apart and exposing a klan inspired underbelly.

  62. What we do know, Brown was not shot in the back. While he does not appear to have had a criminal record, he can be seen on tape bringing his considerable 6’4″, 300lb size to bear against a much smaller statured store owner.
    We also know the cop of six years just six months ago received a special commendation for excellence in the line of duty, has no disciplinary actions on file.
    As to conflicting witness reports, I would find it very hard to believe an African American witness would lie about the slant that Michael Brown was charging the cop who acted to protect himself.

  63. I see the Faux NotNews dickheads are out in full force today…These idiots need to start reading the BBC news or something that reports the REAL news.

  64. Now you´re saying that God sucks? The right wing crazies are going to be coming after you amigo for blaspheming the second most important focus of their religion – the one which runs a distant second to their true God, the almighty dollar. You´d better not say anything negative about free markets or Trickle Down Economics or the Kristian Jihadists will hunt you down in the Street – you know, like they did with Mike Brown for being black, another blasphemous and unconstitutional act in their white eyes.

  65. There are numerous witnesses that said the officer was chasing brown and shooting at him and when they reported on the bullet wounds to brown’s body they said one of the bullets could have came from the back.

    Shooting an unarmed teen at least 6 times is crazy and I hope this officer gets what coming to him.

    Fox news is filled with a bunch of racists anyway and I already knew what they were going to do.

    They hate the protestors but they loved the protestors at the Cliven Bundy Ranch. It was great then to have armed militias pointing their guns at the police.

  66. the cops have the clothes , gun , casings and car . they know how far away cop was .
    They have produced ZERO evidence.

    release the incident report if whta you say is true ,

    Witnesses say 35 feet , but they are black and you don’t believe black people just the murdering cop

  67. Everyone should wait until all the facts come out and then make a well based decision and not on fact less gossip.
    MSNBC is the real faux news. How many times have they got caught doctoring and editing raw news footage to suit their needs and agenda?

  68. 46%!!! So basically half of the gibberish on MSNBC faux news is lies and tall tales. I knew it…..

  69. Damn I see you were homeschooled 60% for faux. Now I maybe I am slow in math but I do believe 60 is more than 46. And the funny thing is your mind is so warped you think we get our news from MSNBC. Silly Rabbit

  70. Picture perfect,the gubment is afraid of the Bundy Taliban,where was the force then? and he still owes the gubment $1mil plus while his animals are still grazing on the grass..if ya white,it’s allright,if ya black,get back and why didn’t they display their mass weapons of destruction & tanks then as they do now?

  71. In fact I watch all the major new stations. When I get tired of the one sided rhetoric I turn the channel.In some ways it almost comical.
    They all have their own agendas and beliefs. But to say Fox news is worse than MSNBC or CNN in promoting their particular views is stretching it a bit.
    Silly Rabbit….

  72. Nobody here is under any obligation to agree with you idiot.

    Your posting here. Isn’t that enough? I feel so bad for that so few here actually agree with you…NOT!

  73. FOX News never has, doesn’t and never will place any value at all on Black life.

    If drug use deserved public execution, Rush Limbaugh would have been dead years ago.

  74. I watched the Fox News video. I don’t see how they are the ones being racist since it was the Washington Post who first made the connection that Brown tested positive for marijuana and suggested he could have been under the influence of this particular drug when he died. How is being under the influence of drugs related to race in any way? How is robbing a store before being killed by a cop in any way race related?
    What is at stake here is the character of Michael Brown at the time of his death. It is unfortunate that he got shot and killed and I trust the officer who did this has regrets about using such force. But is it possible that a person under the influence of drugs, who just committed a robbery, might have been in a state of mind that might play into the seemingly over-the-top use of force by the police officer? If Brown had just simply obeyed the request to move out of the street he would be alive. Why disobey a cop if you have done nothing wrong? How is this racist in any w…

  75. Sources that wont give their names, could have been, the store owner has said their was no robbery. Why don’t you pointy heads sprinkle some crack on him and say see he deserves to be executed

  76. This is nonsense.
    Why would the store owner report to the police department via a phone call that he had just been robbed and then provide them with the video surveillance evidence of it?

    People are dumb enough to believe reports that are admittedly unsubstantiated because it doesn’t fit into the picture they want to come out of this tragedy. Then they insult others for having thoughtful reflections about this incidence. Even the poor store owner gets an execution wish from the race hate-stirrers.

  77. WTF!!Let me reread this again:Why would the store owner report to the police department via a phone call that he had just been robbed and then provide them with the video surveillance evidence of it?

    Do you speak English? First the store owner never reported a robbery. The surveillance tapes allegedly showing Michael Brown robbing a Ferguson market. Friday, for the first time, the owners are speaking out through an attorney about the surveillance video.

    The owner of the store dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911, saying a customer inside the store made the call. They also say St. Louis County issues the warrants for the hard drive of surveillance video Friday.

    Damn before you speak you do need to know WTF you are speaking about

  78. Uhh, maybe you are full of a bias that Officer white friendly could do know wrong even though the 6 shot was a kill shot to the top of the head of Mike Brown via execution. But I get it

  79. By the way, this is a quote from the link you provided:

    “The comparisons are interesting, but be cautious about using them to draw broad conclusions. WE USE OUR NEWS JUDGMENT TO PICK THE FACTS WE’RE GOING TO CHECK, so we certainly don’t fact-check everything. And we don’t fact-check the five network groups evenly.” – Oops. Not exactly an accurate source to quote after all.

    I guess the “well-read” and greatly informed DJ doesn’t fact check his own sources as well as he claims. But then again, we can’t really say this because the Chefron has deemed that the rest of us can’t possibly be as well read as he. After all, its not fundamental to us.

  80. Well we do know one thing, for all the idiocy you have posted we do know which news sites you prefer because everything you have posted is outright bullshit and we know who specialize in that

  81. Chefron,

    I stand corrected – the store owner didn’t make contact with the police. Thank you for that excellent and accurate article from FOX NEWS.

    Yet this very outstanding FOX NEWS article you cite does not suggest what you wrote earlier – that “THE STORE OWNER HAS SAID THEIR (I think you mean to say “there”) WAS NO ROBBERY.”

    (Why don’t you sprinkle some crack on your fundamental writing skills and see if it improves them a little.)

    Sadly it remains the case that Michael Brown, acting like a thug near the end of his life, still robbed the store in question and man-handled a person half his size who protested his thievery when he left.

    Brown was a thief and druggie that had a run in with the law – which somehow deemed him enough of a threat to unleash 6 bullets into him.

    Most sensible people are asking,”What exactly was Michael Brown doing to get himself shot up like that by a cop in good standing?” Yet according to race-batters
    if we ask such a question w…

  82. “But you can’t make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can’t last.”
    ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

  83. DJchefron (my fellow commenter), actually my comments have been blocked twice now.

    Dear Moderator,
    – What is about my posts that you find so threatening? You apparently allow other participants to use foul language and insults, yet when I express my views and defend them you censure me.
    Liberals tout that they are the ones who support free speech yet it is the liberals who censure others with differing opinions.
    As a reminder to journalistic integrity, here are two definitions of meaning of the word CENSORSHIP:
    1)Counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy
    2)Deleting parts of publications, correspondence or theatrical performances

    I trust you are not censoring me for any of these reasons? Or could it be that PoliticusUSA is indeed demonstrating “Real Liberal Politics” in action.

    Be confident in your position and allow others like me to make statements that may challenge your views. Be brave by posting the comment I have …

  84. I along with others decide what gets published. You had one comment block when you attacked the author. That is a no no. So stop it with your whoa is me bullshit

  85. Rush Limbaugh…. you got it twisted. See, this is how easily the media manipulates people. They threw out marijuana and you morons took the left turn they told you to and now you’re not even talking about the real subject.

    Michael Brown defied a police office. Michael Brown attacked a police officer. The officer used his weapon and dropped him dead. End of story. Anyone who isn’t aware that physically attacking a cop will result in death… well, deserves to die. Justice was served. Hope other young thugs learn a lesson out of this. Score one for the good guys!

  86. Really? You were there? You seen it happen? DO tell

    Since you know all about it will you be testifying at the cops trial?

  87. The facts are that young black males are arrested in much larger numbers, as a percentage of their population, than young white males. But this is where the media (and the low information voters stop). That sounds bad doesn’t it – more blacks arrested….that’s raaaaaaacist! but wait a minute…
    These same uneducated people may know this without the benefit of understanding that young black males commit crimes far out of proportion to their percentage of the population than do young white males.

  88. Well when you are the prey and targeted of course the numbers are out of balance. That’s where it stops with you baggers

  89. I blame all right-wing news media for fueling this hate of black people. Fox shouldn’t even be allowed to call itself “news.” Don’t forget Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, on and on. They are totally unAmerican.

  90. Cops always say: he was resisting arrest, went for my gun (actually saw a cop on video saying the gun excuse, but you could see on his own car video that nobody was near his gun); was on drugs. Cops need to be reined in, they are getting way too violent and taking the law into their own hands.

  91. How low can Fixed news go. Well there is no to low for the hate media and Fixed news is trying to go lower than Rushbo and Breitbart who’s at the lowest in radio, but it’s TV and the low info viewers fit Right into their programming. Despicable people at Fixed News and the hate machine, just keep on propagandizing everything with twisted non-logic made up demonizing.

  92. I do not care for FOX, but how is saying he had drugs in his system racist?
    Yes, the autopsy report said he had pot in his system.
    One thing is clear, however, according to the autopsy Brown wasn’t shot in the back while fleeing, as Dorian Johnson claimed. This idiot should be charged with lying to the police and charged with inciting riots and looting.
    Just another case of a police officer being attacked and defending himself and these racist idiots want to riot and loot. Just another chance to get something for free. The governor should have issued orders to shoot on site any rioters. I bet there would not have been any then.

  93. What autopsy report said he had pot in his system ? As far we know the official report has not been release yet. Now since WE do know every leak that benefits the executioner has turned out, how should I put this, BULLSHIT how is this leak any different. Now if you have a link to the OFFICIAL report please post it

  94. the death of this young man is another reminder that white cops have a license to kill black boys and men. if black cops killed white boys at the same rate this country will react very differently. as a matter of fact is there any record anywhere where a black cop shot a white kid? no and the black cop knows better. I am old enough to remember when a black cop couldn’t arrest a white person but had to call a white cop to do it. America the world is watching. what is missing is Bull Connors and George Wallace

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