Obama Speaks Carefully So That He Doesn’t Prejudice The Federal Ferguson Investigation


President Obama showed his commitment to seeing that justice is done in Ferguson by sending Attorney General Eric Holder to the scene and doing everything in his power not to prejudice the investigation during his White House remarks.


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After updating the country on the progress in Iraq, the president gave an update on the situation in Ferguson. The president announced that he is sending Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson. The president was asked about going to Ferguson, and he explained why he has to speak carefully.

The president said, “Obviously, we’ve seen events in which there is a big gulf between community perceptions and law enforcement perceptions around the country. This is not something new. It’s always tragic when it involves the death of someone so young. I have to be very careful about not prejudging these events before investigations are completed, because although these are issues of local jurisdiction, the DoJ works for me, and when they are conducting an investigation I’ve got make sure that I don’t look like I am putting my thumb on the scales one way or the other. So it’s hard for me to address a specific case beyond making sure that it’s conducted in a way that is transparent, where there’s accountability, where people can trust the process. Hoping that as a consequence of a fair and just process, you end up with a fair and just outcome.”

Because of the DoJ investigation, the president can’t publicly reveal his true feelings on the death of Michael Brown and the actions of the Ferguson Police. A fair and just process is one of the keys to restoring peace to Ferguson. A feeling of injustice is the driving force behind people taking to the streets. Stability and peace will return to the community when the residents believe that justice is being done.

The local authorities have demonstrated that they have an agenda. They are actively trying to smear Michael Brown in order to justify the actions of their police department. This is a case that has to be handled by the federal government because officials in Ferguson have proven that they can’t be trusted. President Obama will someday be free to speak his mind, but that time is not now.

Contrary to the claims of Fox News and some Republicans, the president isn’t working against the police in Ferguson. He is using federal resources to find the truth and make sure that justice is done. Sending Eric Holder to Ferguson is a big deal, and it is a sign that this president is committed to making sure that justice is done.

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