Deep-Seated Racism At The Root Of Ferguson Police’s Handling Of The Mike Brown Shooting

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Protesters in the city of Ferguson, Missouri are voicing their disgust after the shooting death of an unarmed young black man as the ugly truth rises as the citizens demand justice for the victim.

A video just minutes before the shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson, showed a black man courtesy of the Ferguson Police Department shoving a smaller man in what appeared as a strong armed robbery, was not. According to a surveillance video, the video shows a black man, with the same features as the police video, apparently purchasing cigars. If the first video as stated by Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson is Brown, then question according to the interpretation would be in order…why was Brown a suspect?

Neither the store owner nor the employees called the police; hence the robbery never took place. According to the store owner’s attorney, Jay Kanzler

It’s not about them. They didn’t call the police, they didn’t ask the police to come and take the video.

There was no crime. A customer may have called the police, but the owner never filed any charges. In order for a crime to have happened, the victim needed to make a report. The shoving of the store owner, which is a misdemeanor battery, cannot be used against Brown if he were alive.

Still, there is confusion leading up to the shooting, and it was the statement made by Jackson who said, “The officer who shot and killed Michael Brown last weekend, confronted Brown after the teenager was identified as the main suspect in a convenience store robbery that occurred Saturday morning” Jackson recanted the story, because, the store owner never pressed charges and Jackson said that the confrontation occurred because Brown and a friend were walking in the street and “blocking traffic.” Jaywalking is an infraction: cited and ordered to pay a fine or a misdemeanor which means, the convicted can serve jail time.

Apparently Jackson had to change his story because the Hacktivist group Anonymous hacked the Ferguson Police Department communications and uploaded the audio: Full Version. After hearing the audio, there was a call placed to Ferguson Police, but once again, there were no charges filed.

Another question that arose from the shooting was why did Wilson have to shoot Brown? According to right-winged websites, Brown “bum rushed” Wilson, but according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, who flew to Missouri on Sunday at the family’s request to conduct the separate autopsy said:

The bullets did not appear to have been shot from very close range because no gunpowder was present on his body [at least one foot away but the distance could have been as far as 30 feet.]. However, that determination could change if it turns out that there is gunshot residue on Mr. Brown’s clothing, to which Dr. Baden did not have access.

The county’s autopsy was never released so the family had to get a private coroner to find these results. Baden said that there were no gunshot residue on Brown’s body, so the “bum rush” would not be possible. On the other hand, if there were residue on Brown’s clothes, then there is evidence of said markings. Brown’s clothing is in the hands of law enforcement and has not been released to the family for further examination.

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  1. And the people who are supporting and defending the lord high executioner is just as guilty of racism.

    Sure they will hem and haw with their DARVO BUT THEY ARE WHO THEY ARE.

    Jr. grand wizards

  2. Ferguson: A Wound on The Face of America. And brewing all across the USA.

    We’re lucky we have this President now.
    Send him your prayers and good thoughts…
    We need PBO to help heal this simmering hatred.

    Republicans in their bashing of this sitting President have Rabble-Roused so much more American evil prejudice!

  3. Djche, exactly right. This makes me sick, and I am totally also sick of these incidences where black men are killed, but yet “nobody knows” the real story; or, the story is was the black person who was wrong. Police changed their stories on this one, once again. Nothing is ever clear cut, and in this day and age of technology, I find it very hard to believe that somehow none of the past murders have been caught on video surveillance SOMEWHERE. Its crap, pure crap. And what about police officers shooting to injure instead of kill????

  4. Somebody murdered this man, or more than one person did, because he had 6 bullets in him..2 in the head. Whoever is responsible needs to be held accountable, cop or not. This is out of control.

  5. Yes, a crime must be reported to be a crime. So what if the video shows him stealing cigars and assaulting a man half his size ten minutes before the shooting? It’s completely irrelevant, right :)

  6. I know that tasers aren’t exactly a picnic, but were they an option? Nothing justifies two shots in the head in my opinion, but lethal force the only law enforcement option short of an execution?

  7. There can be no crime if there is no complainant! The store owner has said repeatedly he never called the police or said Mike Brown robbed him…not to mention the police have no report of a robbery! But I guess that’s just liberal slant.

  8. The People of Ferguson Have the Power To FIRE the ENTIRE Police Force

    Given the demographics of Ferguson, the people have the power to fire the entire city council, the mayor, the city manager, the chief of police, and to replace them with officers more capable who will fire the entire police force and replace them with individuals interested in serving and protecting the citizenry of Ferguson.

    This process can be accomplished entirely within a period of just over six months.
    Read More

  9. So there’s nothing wrong with black american criminals killing other black americans in Chicago yet when a white american kills a black american, its truly evil? I don’t see the difference and the dead people, I’m fairly certain they don’t see the difference either.

  10. And this, of course, is exactly why the repubes are so ‘outraged’ that voter registrations are being promoted. They’re terrified that the largely African-American Ferguson population will vote their sorry white asses out.

  11. Believe you are right Sugapea. Only once have I ever heard or seen a republican step forward and say this is wrong. This is where once, in his life McCain stepped up and stopped, a Women from slamming the then Presidential, candidate.
    Believe in my heart, that (IF) the republican party had stopped this kind of talk, the heat we now see could have been half at least. They however seemed to feed, this climate. They loved it when Palin started it all…..The republican party folds their hands in prayer, bow the head, and claim, “we didn’t start it” we are innocent?

  12. This young man( regardless of if he held up a store, which by the way is under question)had his hands in the air and was unarmed. He was KILLED by a COP who should answer for his unethical behavior.


    Keeping the peace in a moment of great unrest is clearly a job skill the local cops in Ferguson, Missouri, lack, but someone in the pro-cop community in or around Ferguson clearly has rather sophisticated wingnuttish propaganda skills. We know this in part because someone knew enough to spoon-fed this story to Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, who’s called the Stupidest Man on the Internet by everyone on the left even though he’s made his blog into a widely read conduit for questionable stories the “respectable” right-wing press doesn’t want to report but is all too happy to retransmit:
    Read More

  14. Thank you Fixed News sheep, for another idiotic excuse for this execution by a POLICE OFFICER. Yes, we all know this is the BS that your head feeders on the right are feeding your feeble little minds as to why no one should be upset over this execution by cop on an unarmed man. Now why is it that I do not believe for a minute that you would say the same, if that cop had been black and the victim white. One has nothing to do with the other, nor does it make this cop innocent idiot.

  15. I refuted your idiotic comment. People killing each other IS a tragedy, but has NO BEARING ON THIS CASE! Why is that so hard for you to get dim witted one?

  16. So, now we know that the police have been caught in another lie. If the store owner neither called the police or made a complaint against Mr. Brown, then there was neither a crime committed, nor was there any suspect to be on the lookout for, hence they lied when they said that his executioner backed up because he heard about the so called robbery and Brown’s description. How many lies does this cop and the police chief have to get caught telling, before it is clear that they know damn good and well that this is murder?

    I am also outraged that the cop is being given the option to tell his story at the Grand Jury hearing. Having worked in the legal field for years, that is NOT usually afforded to the suspect, which AGAIN shows preferential treatment of this man because he is a cop. This is highly unusual, and evidently they have no witnesses to back up his bogus story, and need him to sway the jury.

  17. Well what I am worried about is the make up of the Grand Jury. They will be drawn from voters in ST. Louis county which is overwhelmingly white. Even if they get people from Ferguson only 6% African Americans voted.

    So let the whitewashing and whitesplainen begin.

  18. If a white person, group, organization really want to anger African-Americans, tell them (1),racism is over or (2) tell them their is nothing racist about___(fill in the blank).
    If you are not the recipient of racism, how would you know racists acts, since your race is the one administering the racism against anothdt race?

    It’s a bit like saying the Titanic will not sink, then you see it sinking, and insisting it didn’t sink be cause you were not on board the ship. This is what angers African-Americans to no end.

    This country, meaning European Americans have got to stop this denial. Just because it’s not affecting you does not mean racism doesn’t exit. This only causes more pain and suffering towards those who are the victim.

  19. The main cause of this nations problems is unemployment and the loss of much of our day to day manufacturing to Communist China and etc.
    I am a man and like most men are compelled to work to provide for their family. Ferguson has an unemployment rate of 22% and as one black resident put it; “We have been de-industrialized and have gone down hill over the years. We can play petty political games until we all just end up killing each other. The Chinese will dance on our graves.
    We need to return OUR jobs to the USA from Communist China. “There are more than 400 WalMart Stores in China; how proud the shoppers at those stores must be to see 99% of the products made in THEIR country. Are you proud?”
    Our government needs to place tariffs on Chinese goods coming into this country so that their cost would equal what it would cost to make them here. Anything less is just a big waste of time.

  20. I see the reason for the hot pot boiling over in Ferguson. They’ve been maligned and covertly and overtly “dissed” and casually mistreated by officials, police, merchants, landlords, etc. in many ways.
    A sampling: Population of Ferguson-21,000
    Blacks make up 67%; Black representation on city council: 17%; Representation on Police force: 6%; Vehicle stops involving black motorist: 86%; City’s second largest sosurce of revenue: Fines and court fees. (Guess who the cash cow is?) SOURCE: NEWSWEEK, PACIFIC STANDARD.

  21. You hit the nail on the head with this article. When the Bush administration first sold us out to China I knew this day would come on this country. When our steel mills
    closed and we get our steel from China which is nowhere the grade our steel is was another sign. It is time for this to stop and put Americans back to work in factories and construction and our highways. Congress has dropped the ball mainly because they hate the President. I did not vote for Bush but I respected him as the President of this country but Obama is just hated for his color and that is the bottom line. This is having serious affects in every way of life in America. Ferguson is just the start.

  22. Not to the same point, but I just signed a petition for Vote it was to the networks to get them to stop having McCain on all the time, it lists everything that McCain has spoken on and how he has been 100% wrong each and every time, I hope everyone will go to it and sign on.

  23. This is sickening. Now the Klan wants to go to Ferguson and protect the white store owners…I wonder if Ferguson P.D. will tear gas, pepper bomb or rubber bullet them?

  24. You know what’s truly evil? When blacks kill, when whites kill, when Hispanics kill, when Native Americans kill, when Asians kill but the tools used to kill, the corporations make a profit…that corporation is: gun manufacture, auto manufacture, knife manufacture, axe manufacture…I find that disgusting

  25. The majority of rapes in this country go unreported, does that mean that no crime was committed? Just because the store owner didn’t report the crime doesn’t mean a crime wasn’t committed.

    If the vast majority of citizens want change in the racial makeup of the city government, they should vote. It really is that easy.

  26. That page has more paranoid and delusional elements on it per square inch than a majority of the sites across the internet. There are some crazier places, but, they’re hard to find.

    One rational comment on that page, quoting facts that contradict the ludicrous position expressed by the lunatic general, was met with a round of insults and denials that prove that rational discussion isn’t possible in that forum.

    That general will never be heard beyond the lunatics who gather in places such as that.

    As a veteran, I can say that it would have been an insult to have had to work in his command. By expressing these same opinions while both in uniform and in time of war, he would be guilty of sedition, as well as subject to court martial under the UCMJ for insubordination and dereliction of duty. In some situations, he might be rightfully considered for fraagging.

    People with his mindset are the primary reason why we have civilian control of the armed service

  27. Please vote.

    Let the justifiable anger of grieving parents motivate you.

    Analyze actions taken by elected officials and public servants. Ignore their words and decide for yourself whether their actions reveal racism. Then, let it motivate you.

    Regardless of where you live in the USA, please register and vote.

    This November, WE are the voices of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Renisha McBride, Amadou Diallo, and so many others!

    Please vote.

  28. Let’s put it in perspective. Cliven Bundy owes the USA over a million dollars because he’s greedy, lazy and doesn’t pay his bills. Yet when the cops show up at his door to collect what he owes, all the sudden it’s ok to face off with the law. Fox news and the like call it “patriotic”. Point your guns at the law and threatened to put their women in the front lines in case the law shoots back (cowards all). So that is ok?? Please! They should have opened fire on him and his so called “militias”. They certainly had just cause to do so, compared to Ferguson.

  29. @Allan, you must be related to Sarah Failin, then again you could be Sarah Failin in drag, being both both ignorant, stupid quacks. This is about a racist town where an unarmed black youth was executed by a racist police officer.

  30. A crime is committed when a person could show damage. They have to declare that they were damaged by the act. The robbery is not a robbery if there is no victim. So Wha, if you punched me and the police see it, was there a crime? Yes, if I complain and file a police report. Even if you throw a rock to my head and I’m lucid, I tell the police that I do not wish to file charges, there is no crime.

    The ONLY exceptions are: Murder, child abuse and domestic violence.

    Say that I find your wallet, take your credit card and go on a spending spree, who is the victim, you? No. The credit card company. I can’t be charged what doesn’t belong to you. Yes a crime was committed, but it’s the bank that is the victim and not you. So the bank has to file charges against me.

    The video shows a possible robbery. The victim is the store owner. Can I be arrested for robbery? Yes, I can be held up to 72 hours. If the victim does not file charges, then I am released and there was no robbery.

  31. Also, if a rape is not reported, then it is not a crime. That’s why there is this thing called statute of limitation. A rape victim has up to seven years to file charges. There are a few exceptions like: murder and embezzling public funds…oh and if you sign your name on a traffic ticket, you are on the clock until you see a judge

  32. Allen, Black Americans have been galvanizing for years to progressively change their communities – now, I admit we have a ways to go due to historically oppressive socio-economic disenfranchisement, but I digress. Fact is Black on Black crime has decreased each year since 2008, from 96% to 92%, while White on White crime is rising at a staggering rate, from 78% to 84% in the same time frame!! So, if I go by your logic, If given the opportunity, minorities should just wipe off any pill-popping, spray-tanned slathered, blue-eyed heathen that they see.. b/c after all, they’re just going to get mowed down in a movie theater, or gang-raped & stabbed at school, or kidnapped & tortured as a sex slave… you know, crimes White people are more liable to commit. Of course, this deflects from the true discourse that an unarmed human being was gunned down after being stopped for walking in the street.

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