Thanks To John Boehner and Sarah Palin Democrats Are Crushing Republicans In Fundraising

palin-boehnerThanks to John Boehner’s lawsuit and Sarah Palin beating of the impeachment drums, Democrats had their July in history and are crushing Republicans in 2014 fundraising.

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee reported that they had their best July in history. The DSCC has raised $103.5 million more than Senate Republicans. This is a $27 million advantage over the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The Democrats have more money and zero debt.

In a statement, DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil said, “The Koch Brothers are spending millions on Republican candidates like Tom Cotton, Thom Tillis, Joni Ernst and others who would go to Washington so they can privatize Social Security, gut Medicare, and limit access to common forms of birth control. But with less than 80 days to go, Democratic candidates are fighting back thanks to the hard work and generosity of grassroots supports all across the country. We’re running smarter, better campaigns with better candidates and are in position to hold the majority.”

It is clear that the Democrats have the better candidates. The superior Democratic organization is why the race for the majority in the Senate is so close. Democrats are campaigning on an uneven playing field this year. The map is tilted towards the GOP, but Republicans have not been able to get a firm grip on the 2014 election.

John Boehner’s lawsuit and the demand for Obama impeachment are two of the main reasons why money has been flowing in for Democrats. Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama motivated Democrats who otherwise might have dozed off until 2016 to get involved. The Republicans calls for impeachment are serving to remind Democrats of what is at stake in 2014. As Mike Huckabee said on a radio show in Iowa, President Obama can be impeached if Republicans have a majority in the Senate.

Republicans woke Democrats up. It is great that so many people are donating to help keep the Senate majority, but the real test comes in November when Democrats must go to the polls and vote.

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  1. So when I go to my FB political groups I’m going to tell the people who comment on these two by telling them to STFU….to let them keep on talking. Every time they open their mouths, Democratic candidates are on the receiving end.

  2. I know I’ve got the day marked on my calendar. I live in Tennessee, where I doubt ANY chance of a Democratic win, but damned if I’m going to sit back and not do what I can to change things!

  3. Some folks think that Sarah Palin is a useless, brainless TWIT.

    That’s NOT True at all.

    Sarah Palin is the BEST Reason to Vote for
    the Democratic party in the last 100 Years.

    You Go, Gurl! Keep up the GOOD Work!

    Yew Betcha!

  4. Actually, it is my understanding that it takes a 2/3rd majority to convict a president on an impeachment. And that would take around 66 GOP votes. No one thinks that is likely to happen this fall, even if the GOP takes the senate.

  5. I am curious what the Democrats are doing with the money. I sure hope they’re going to mount hard hitting advertising campaigns. But just “getting” the money doesn’t get voters to the polls in November, and that’s our biggest problem.

    The debacle in 2010 was largely the problem of the Democratic non-voting in off-presidential year elections. I think we figured we did the job in 2008, but we needed to keep voting.

  6. Money doesn’t win elections.
    Votes do.

    Will the Democrats-inclined show up at the polls in sufficient numbers to out-vote the Talbangelicals? To out-vote the racists? the bubbas? the bozos and dolts?

    We’ll see…
    …but I am pessimistic.

  7. Impeachment does not automatically mean removal from office.

    The House can “Impeach” with a simple majority however removal from office requires a 2/3rds majority in the Senate.

    Bill Clinton was impeached by the house but acquitted by the Senate therefore remained President of the United States.

  8. Yep, John McCain and Mitt Romney are living proof that money doesn’t win elections.

    Take care of your own house before you go criticizing ours?

  9. I have to say that I am more optimistic, I think the Republicans have awakened a sleeping giant. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. I guess we’ll see in November.

  10. And pessimism is so helpful?

    Please name any political movement that had any success due to being pessimistic?

    Even the GOP had optimism for decades. It’s only been since 2008, that the party has lost its spirit.

    And even if you fail, you try again. But, ultimately, you have to believe change is possible. If you don’t, then what’s the point!

    If that means I have a constipated mind to the likes of you; I really don’t care. I take it as a compliment! Optimism is necessary for progress to happen.

  11. Big deal!! Just because those that are politically interested or have the means to donate are beating the GOP/Teabirchers at fundraising counts for nothing if they can’t get those Denocrats that aren’t to the voting booth in the fall!

  12. The twit is making her mark, alright!! Just not in the way she intended to, so I say let her keep on talking and digging an increasingly bigger hole for herself.

  13. Democrats always crush Republican fundraising. That fact consistently blows the lid of the canard saying billionaires hang out with Republicans.

  14. I think the right has jumped the shark at this point. The images from Ferguson and the venomus racism posted on the comment boards may shake the conscience of decent people. They are finally seeing the republican base for what they are…

    The outcome of the elections this year may not be what people expect.

  15. “Republicans have not been able to get a firm grip on the 2014 elections”

    That’s because they f*****d up when they attacked brown and black people, single white women, veterans, gays, womens reproductive rights…….

    They can even take advantage of what’s happening in Ferguson. Instead of whining about Sharpton and Jackson starting a voter registration drive, start one to register new members if the GOP. They can’t even do that, they are such f**k ups!

    Palin and Cruz are only thing of themselves, not what’s best for their party. I want the GOP to keep screwing everything up. They are actually helping the Dems to register more people.

    So, let keep talking, and they will talk their way out of controlling the House.

  16. The fundraising is great, but I hope it is used for a massive “get out and vote” campaign, as well as informative ads as to what proper ID’s are needed in the states with voter suppression laws. If these laws are in place, people will have to comply and get the proper ID’s. They cannot assume that these laws will be overturned before the elections.
    All the money in the world won’t help if folks don’t go and VOTE.

  17. I hope you are right. Too many times during midterms, Democrats stay home and suffer as a result. I’m hoping we independents get out and vote as well, because I think most of us know which of the parties has our best interests at heart.

  18. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on that point. The Democratic Party beats the Republican Party in fundraising because of the multitude of donors to the Democrats as compared to the smaller, but richer donations to the Republicans.

  19. You are all voting for the same central banks and corporations while you yell “Obama did this”, “Bush did this”.

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