Missouri GOP Chief Thinks Helping Ferguson Residents Register To Vote Is ‘Disgusting’



On Tuesday, the Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party, Matt Wills, spoke with Breitbart regarding reports that voter registration booths had been set up in Ferguson. Apparently, civil rights activists, led by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have used the protests in Ferguson over the death of Mike Brown to convince local residents to register to vote. This doesn’t sit well with Wills and the state’s GOP. When contacted by Breitbart to give an opinion on this, Wills said the following:

“If that’s not fanning the political flames, I don’t know what is. I think it’s not only disgusting but completely inappropriate.”

Nope. Nothing racist about that at all.

One of the main complaints from black Ferguson residents in the aftermath of Brown’s shooting is that they feel shutout of the political process and major decisions affecting them. Despite African-Americans making up 67% of the town’s population, the mayor is white, six out of seven members of the school board are white (the other one is Hispanic) and nearly every other elected official in the town is white. The school system’s superintendent, a black man, was summarily suspended without explanation by the school board. He later resigned. The police department has only 3 black officers out of a force of 53.

Sharpton told the black people of Ferguson that if they want to affect change, they need to get to the polls and votes. He loudly condemned the 12 percent voter turnout by black residents during his speech at a rally Sunday. If they want more African-Americans in positions of political power they need to register to vote and get involved. Sharpton put his money where his mouth is and, along with others, set up the voter registration booths in and around the major protest areas.  Basically, if young black people are going to come out and demonstrate, then they should also be given the tools to affect real change.

However, Wills, obviously speaking on behalf of many Republicans, not only in Missouri but this country, feel that this is awful and “disgusting.” I am shocked I didn’t see him quoted as calling Jackson and Sharpton ‘race hustlers.’ In his mind, civil rights activists shouldn’t use an event that is largely happening due to the long-standing racial and political issues affecting a specific area to raise awareness with the people who are most affected. They need to be solemn and respectful and not try to incite young black people to take any action towards their future. In other words, do what white Republicans want them to do — nothing.

Also, per Wills, he doesn’t think the Mike Brown tragedy has anything to do with race, and he wishes people would stop bringing it up.

“This is not just a tragedy for the African American community this is a tragedy for the Missouri community as well as the community of what we call America. Injecting race into this conversation and into this tragedy, not only is not helpful, but it doesn’t help a continued conversation of justice and peace.”

Ummm, OK. Sure. Race has nothing to do with what happened in Ferguson. Also, Wills doesn’t think it’s helpful to discuss race when talking about this awful tragedy. However, he also thinks it is “completely inappropriate” for black people to get registered to vote at this time in Ferguson.


20 Replies to “Missouri GOP Chief Thinks Helping Ferguson Residents Register To Vote Is ‘Disgusting’”

  1. Cant walk in the streets. Get pulled over for driving while black. Cant exercise your 1st amendment rights and you cant vote. But cant we all just get along

  2. HMMM I say HMMM I can only imagine why it is disgusting. Could it be there is enough of them to remove a GOP mayor of some kind?

  3. If the GOP thinks that registering to vote has no place in Ferguson, then you can be sure it is the right thing to do! Getting registered is only the first thing, though. Next comes voting and then assisting neighbors to get to the polls, too!

  4. Wills is one disgusting human being of the Republican persuasion. He finds it disgusting that the citizens of Ferguson are urged to sign up and register to vote? !! What’s wrong with that, and where is he coming from! But it is okay for Republicans like him to gerrymander and suppress Black votes? That’s okay with him! This is why Black citizens in this country are so fed up with the White racist fools who deny them their rights at every turn, and from time to time explode in rage. Same as how the Blacks in South Africa rebelled, rioted, demonstrated until they were rid of the oppressors down there. The American oppressors in the Republican Party will burn in hell one day for this way of treating blacks in America. And without a doubt they call themselves Christians. God will be applying justice in Heaven and they will be in for an all- mighty shock.

  5. Poor Wills, they’ve worked so hard to keep the minorities from voting, and here comes some ‘democratic’ people telling them that their votes would actually count.

    None of the voter registrars tell the person to vote for one party or another. It is telling that the GOP is complaining about people signing up to participate in choosing their government.

  6. When socio-economically struggling ethnic minorities are encouraged to register to vote, then clearly it is a sign that “the end of times” is fast approaching.

  7. Don’t Miss” Cliven Bundy vs. Ferguson’s: A Tale of Two Protests!

    I asked some CON’s why they don’t see this Bundy/MO similarity…one said, “Bundy was all about Land, we’re running out of land”.

    The Right is so materialistic, so into money…so lacking heart!

    Oh…one comment I recently read:

    “I was a Page for President Jimmy Carter and oneday asked him why he was a Democrat?

    President Carter said, Because I know that Republicans Love America…
    But Democrats actually Love the American People”

  8. Wow, Living in CA where we have evolved. Seeing backward-middle-America-Style is a Shock!

    We absolutely must save these RED STATES!

  9. Well of course this teabag does, because when minorities vote, they lose, so how dare the Dems try to give these people a voice in a community that they are 67% of. According to the jack boots, they need to keep those boots of the white politicians on the necks of the blacks. They just can’t help themselves in screaming their overt racism on a daily basis, and then pointing their fingers at us and calling us race baiters when we point it out. There is a solution for that morons. KEEP YOUR IGNORANT, RACIST MOUTHS SHUT!

  10. But it’s ok for his friends, the KKK to take advantage of this and travel to Sullivsn Missouri, a small, white community, to recruit. You know that what they are doing, yet the Chef says nothing.

    Instead of complaining about Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson using the malcontent to register voters to vote next November, he should mimic them and try to register them as Reoublican voters instead if whining about it.

    Their bigotry is so pronounced in the party, they don’t recognise a chance to reach out to black voters.

    Instead, they act like a 2 year old who had his lollipop taken from him!

    This neglect of trying to register black and brown people will have them reeling in November. They have truly lost any chance of keeping the House, let alone win in the Senate.

  11. The best tribute the people of Ferguson can give Michael Brown is to register and then vote these racists out of office.

  12. Ellen Emerson-Bates: Thank you for your suggested tribute to Michael Brown by the people of Ferguson — “Register and then vote these racists out of office!”

  13. But shooting an unarmed black teen is not disgusting, huh?

    Republicans such as Joe Wilson didn’t mind fundraising on his “You lie” outburst despite apologizing about it… Now THAT was disgusting!

    They don’t mind spreading falsehood and conduct smear campaigns based on fabrications…THAT is disgusting!

  14. Rodney King, 1992. Your argument is invalid. California is not the “enlightened” state you think it is.

    And no, I don’t live in Middle America.

  15. You’re really incompetent at debating. A 22 year old arrest and trial is all you can come up with? Pathetic. But predictable.

  16. @thomas P-51. At least the blacks in SA did something about it. As a Canadian, I’ve always wondered why AAs are so complacent when it comes to exercising their Constitutional rights. So many AAs died for the right to vote and for other freedoms for AAs yet the present day AAs choose to sit on their collective asses then complain.
    Thanks to them R’thugs/Teabaggies have gerrymandered so many districts, it will take decades to right that wrong.
    67% of the population in Ferguson is AA? yet whites control all levels of Government and the Police Force, whose fault is that?
    I get so upset when tragedies like this occur, schools in AA neighbourhoods close, budgets are cut affecting AAs etc., then hearing AAs whine when it’s their fault it’s happening due to lack of interest in the political process.
    WAKE UP AAs, only you can affect the changes that are needed.

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