New Study Reveals That Republican Policies Have Pushed Millions Of Americans Into Hunger


A travesty is 
a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something, and although not synonymous with a tragedy that means an unfortunate or disastrous occurrence, both words are apropos to the economic situation millions of Americans find themselves in. The travesty is that as the richest nation in the world, most of the nation’s wealth is held by a tiny percentage of wealthy elitists, and tragically, an inordinate percentage of the population is hungry for lack of income. Republicans claim people struggling in poverty are lazy and lack family values, or that cutting wages, eliminating overtime pay, and eliminating social programs coupled with more tax cuts for the rich and corporations will lift the poor out of poverty.

It has been over five years since Republicans crashed the economy and put millions upon millions of Americans out of work and into poverty, and throughout the recovery Republicans drastically cut domestic programs, purposely kept wages stagnant, and maintained tax cuts and special privileges for the people they serve; the rich and corporations. According to their economic ideology, then, with the stock market at record highs, corporate profits through the roof, and unemployment continuing to fall, there should be very few Americans suffering from food insecurity and outright hunger. However, according to a shocking study released by the relief charity Feeding America on Monday, the number of Americans struggling to feed their families is the same as during the height of the Great Recession.

Feeding America’s study, Hunger in America 2014, was a four year endeavor and the “most comprehensive study of hunger in the U.S. ever conducted.” The study focused on families served by Feeding America and did not include poor people who use food programs apart from its network. The study covered 60,000 people with a median income of $9,175 annually, which is less than half the federal poverty level for a family of three according to Census Bureau data for 2013. The charity serves over 15.5 million households of which about half receive minimal amounts of food stamps that last on average less than two weeks. Republicans just cut food stamps by about $800 million a year that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said reduced benefits for 850,000 poor households nationwide. Republicans complained the food stamp cuts were not harsh enough because their predilection is keeping the poor hungry to make room for tax cuts for the rich, purportedly to lift more Americans out of poverty.

When the Great Recession struck, the percentage of Americans suffering food insecurity (hunger) spiked to 14.6% from 11% as the recession started shedding jobs, and although the economy is recovering, the number has stayed the same regardless more Americans are back to work. In fact, in a recent report from the Economic Policy Institute, wages fell during the recession and the recovery for workers struggling in the bottom 70% of the wage distribution, despite increases in productivity.

According to the general consensus, when unemployment falls food insecurity typically falls with it, but according to the USDA, rising food costs and general inflation coupled with stagnant poverty wages are offsetting any benefits of lower unemployment. The USDA also reported that in 2013 at least 49 million Americans lack consistent access to sufficient food, and suggest that millions more Americans experience hunger who do not use food assistance services.

Some of the statistics the study revealed are that Feeding America provides supplemental food for 46.5 million people, over 12 million households eat unhealthy food because they cannot afford better-quality groceries, 66% of households are forced to choose between buying food and paying for medicine, and that 69% of families are forced to pay for utilities or pay for food; but not both. Now, before Republicans claim people going hungry are lazy moochers, lack religion, or the will to work, the majority of recipients work, are senior citizens, or children. They are also predominately white 43%. African Americans make up 26% and Latinos 20%; 10% of food recipient adults are students.

Now, if the recession were still in full swing, it would make sense that the number of Americans going hungry is staying the same, but that is not the case. Although the recovery is not nearly as robust as it could be, unemployment is falling and yet while working Americans can hardly feed their families, the stock market, corporations, and the wealthy elite have taken the lion’s share of the recovery due in great part to Republicans protecting their donors’ ability to spirit away their obscene profits. Add to that, Republicans spending no small amount of time obstructing a minimum wage increase, passing legislation to kill overtime pay, blocked unemployment benefit extensions, and doing the Koch brothers’ bidding by cutting pensions; all in an effort to keep millions of Americans struggling to choose to provide food or shelter for their families.

Feeding America spokesman, Ross Fraser, said “This report clearly makes a case for the importance of federal nutrition programs. They are the first line of defense for someone who lives at risk of hunger.” It is a line of defense Republicans cannot cut enough as they obstruct President Obama and Democrats attempt to alleviate the hunger crisis because their primary focus has been phony scandals, investigations, lawsuits, and lengthy vacations at taxpayers’ expense.

It is a travesty, a farce, that America is the richest nation on Earth, because in the richest nation on Earth nearly 50 million citizens would not be hungry. It is true there is bountiful wealth in America, but it is concentrated in the top 1% of income earners and Republicans are Hell-bent and duty-bound to keep it that way. Reports like Feeding America’s, or the U.N.s putting America’s children living in dire poverty in the second spot among developed nations, will never faze Republicans to abandon their devotion to increasing corporate or the wealthy elites riches and help hungry Americans.

Republicans cannot claim there is a lack of resources to help feed 50 million hungry citizens because they consistently block efforts to stop handing billions of dollars to corporations, the oil industry, or religious organizations through subsidies and tax breaks. What is stunning is that the people suffering from poor wages, lack of food, inadequate housing, and healthcare are predominately in Republican-controlled states who consistently send Republicans to Congress and statehouses to keep them poor, unhealthy, and hungry That is not a travesty or a tragedy; it is stupidity borne of racism toward President Obama.

Most Americans are shocked and angered when human beings deliberately abuse animals by withholding food, and yet the idea that 50 million of their fellow citizens, including working Americans, Veterans, senior citizens, the disabled, and children going hungry is acceptable. Why? Because Republicans have convinced them that only lazy people, minorities, and godless people lacking family values are going hungry and it obviously warms their hearts to see their children, parents, and neighbors going hungry. Why else would they continue voting for Republicans who openly campaign on keeping wages at poverty level, cutting food assistance, and cutting pensions to enrich corporations and the rich just to keep tens-of-millions of Americans struggling to eat.

The real tragedy of America, and there are far too many, is that a large segment of the population are just as heartless, cold-blooded, and celebrate human beings going hungry as Republicans just so the rich can get richer.


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  1. The GOP has done a good job of “Divide and conquer” the poor and minorities.
    The White poor folks want to believe that they are better off keeping the Black and Brown people “in their place”.
    But the US and the world has changed and the demographics, making it difficult for the poor to find jobs. Some of the contracts for cleaning and doing janitorial duties, driving the buses have gone to foreign companies, that chose to hire their compatriots at lesser wages, and that diminished the job availability to local workers. In my part of the world, the Airport parking & cleaning contract has gone to a middle eastern company, so guess who is working there?
    When the city budget was reduces, the cuts all went to youth and senior services.
    Yet we continue to build and support sport venues to create welfare for the athletes and rich owners.

  2. Being,the poor Teathugs are oppressed too, they love & vote for the oppressors even though self preservation is the law of nature and one should love thyself but I look beyond their faults and see their needs because they all need to seek a mental health specialist & they are 98% racist and would rather be oppressed.

  3. Yes and there are TPGOP members running for office right now that have supported even harsher policies on social programs. Their philosophy seems to be get out and better yourself with a job. The problem is the TPGOPers are the ones that have driven jobs out of this country and they know there are no jobs that pay a living wage.
    I find it amazing how the TPGOP members love to push the “I got mine, screw you”. They do this while screaming hate against the Federal Government. While they claim love for the Document that actually created this Federal Government, The Constitution. No matter how much the TPGOPers hate to hear the truth. The current Federal Government is designed based upon the Constitution.
    What the Founding Fathers did not envision was a political party that would refuse to GOVERN and do nothing but obstruct! The same TPGOPers are cause of what they are complaining about a dysfunctional Federal Government.

  4. A hungry man is a angry man. The execution of Mike Brown may have set off the protest but the powder keg is poverty and lack of resources. You are being warned America

  5. The people who predominately vote for the GOP, watch Fox, listen to right wing talk radio, and visit conservative blogs are white.

    We need to quit saying “American people” because it’s not accurate. Yet, many of these people, though they are in poverty, will still vote for the GOP, while looking down their noses at other poor people.

  6. Did you know that it is perfectly legal for your elected official to give away our tax moneys to corporations and the rich, over 50% of tax revenue in many local, state, and federal governments, no matter how many people are going hungry or homeless. And did you know if you vote Republican in the local, state, or national election 2014 they will take away your hard earned Social Security and Medicare and give to the banks, like they did your 401K’s? We need to make this illegal, we need to vote for people that support all the People not the Corporations. More emergency food assistance going to working Americans, study finds. Vote Democrat at least recognize the problem. ALEC info:

  7. The unpatriotic millionaires and billionaires earned their money from the extreme tax breaks given by the Reagan and Bush Administration that stole trillions from 99% of Americans. Time for a Patriotic Millionaires Tax, A Reparation Tax. Tax the 13 million millionaires and 492 billionaires 5% of gross earnings and along with removing the cap on Social Security of $117,000 making the wealthy pay their fair share 6.5% of their income like the rest of us do into Social Security. There would be plenty of money to expand Social Security to entitle every person that turns 18 to have a check for $2,000 a month and the rich would still retain 90% of their money. Time for a Millionaires Reparation Tax. Either give a little now or watch how the American people will make you go back to the 70’s and pay 95% in taxes. Even with this minor tax remember the RICH ARE STILL RICH!

  8. Republican extremism may be backfiring on them. I know many people who have been lifelong Republicans but they are becoming very disillusioned with the party.

    I also know many evangelicals and they will always be a hardcore base for the Republican party. Ironic that they support what I call the anti-Christ party and they are supposed to be “Christians”.

    I am sincerely hoping that starting in 2014 the people are going to speak with a loud voice (vote) and let the right-wing extremists know that they are on the way out.

    The Republican extremists want a version of America that would not be America at all, it would be more like Somalia or some other lawless place where fear rules the day. They have got to go.

  9. Of course they are.

    Do you know that many in Louisianians actually blame Obama for the terrible response to Hurricane Katrina back in 2005?

  10. The Republican Party and their corporate “masters” the extremely evil, very cruel, always deceiving, totally vicious (exactly like “Satan” and the “Antichrist” (himself or herself) are depicted as being in the “Holy Bible”) “elite” 1% plans for enslaving (by paying salve wages to their workers) and eradicating by starvation (by giving no food assistance) and diseases (by giving no medical benefits or health care assistance) the peasant class populations (the 99% you and me and our pets included) in this country (U.S.A.) and the rest of the planet are in full swing. They can now afford to actually clone anyone they want and then brain wash, program and train any of their future slaves and technicians required to “serve” them from birth. Human slave breeding farms are their goal. Screw the wild savages (us) they want home grown and “trained” slave stock yards. That will be the Republicans and their masters ideas and plans for “their” perfect world. In my opinion.

  11. I tweeted this headline to John Boehner, with link attached. Not that he will care, but at least he knows that WE know.

  12. Right on Maxi ! i have inlaws here in Texas that get all their information from their evangelical pastor. Nuff said.

  13. If more working class people would know this is the actual truth and vote for their best interest, we wouldn’t have to put up with republicans.

  14. Says who? Nobody I know of blames Obama for anything Katrina related and I’m a longtime resident of NOLA with a pulse on what goes on here. Most just upset about lack of good paying jobs, high costs of all insurances and living with pay stagnant.

  15. Let the entire world know that the goal of the elite 1% and their bought and paid for minions is to eradicate the current human population on this planet. And then “breed” and train from birth their own brand of humans to serve them “exactly” like they want. They will then be like the “gods” they think they are. In my opinion.

  16. I agree 1000%, DJ. It is a class war, one that is going to take every one of us to fight. Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Red, Purple, Plaid, we are all affected by the power and influence of money in our government. We need to stand with our neighbors until these wrongs are righted. It’ll be a long war but one I know we can win.

  17. Dear lord have ANY of you taken an economics course, or a history of economics. Have ANY of you actually LOOKED at the amount of bills the House have sent to that lame brain Reid’s desk? You call those who vote GOP as uneducated and looking down their nose at poor, but in MY experience it is you LIBERALS that look down your nose at anyone who DARE disagree with your policies and beliefs. You think LIBERAL policies are so great, take a loooonnnggg look at Detroit, which was one of the richest cities in America when Democrats took control and held it ever since. Liberal policies made that place into a cess pool and are making America into one as well.

    Get off your uneducated high horses and actually crack open a book and stop listening to MSNBC for your talking points.

  18. the career politicians both Republican and Democrat have created the inequality we suffer from, every one of them have increased their income through insider trading (where they are NOT prosecuted, but any one else will be)….check it out for yourself, they are all out to screw the ‘average person’ white or black but to do that they sow seeds of distrust and racial prejudice….it’s all a smoke screen to keep us busy while they build their wealth

  19. Yes, we have seen the bills. And everyone one of them is against you. They will all cost you and lower the taxes on the rich.

    You are the idiot here. Detroit is a republican problem. Remember dont blame Bush? Now bugger off

  20. BTW have you taken an economics course? The biggest job migration in this coutnry went out of Detroit to go to China and Mexico. THATS what did Detroit in. A City that depended heavily on car production and lost all that production.

    Get off your uneducated high horse and actually crack open a book and stop listening to FOX SMELLS for your talking points.

  21. Everybody commenting on here griping about the Republicans. What about the Democrats? I don’t see them making an actual effort to improve anything in this country. I their just as guilty.

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