Kevin Sorbo, Angry About What Atheists Believe, Wants to Know Why Atheists Are So Angry

Kevin_SorboTV’s Hercules, Kevin Sorbo, who stars in the apologist’s dream film, God Is Not Dead, wants to know why you atheists “get so angry at something you don’t believe in?”

I’m a Christian myself and had to play an atheist. I see the anger of these (atheist) guys on TV and it’s like ‘wow, how do you get so angry at something you don’t believe in?

Sorbo is saying if you don’t believe in something, you have no reason to be upset about it.

How well does this work in practice? It doesn’t even work for Kevin Sorbo.

For example, why is Kevin Sorbo so upset that people don’t believe? Why feel the need to make a movie in opposition to people who don’t believe God exists?

Not only, according to his own logic, does he have no reason to be upset, but his own Bible tells him to “turn the other cheek.” He ought to just take it in stride and move on.

And Sorbo is far from alone.

If you’re not supposed to get upset about things you don’t believe in, why are these so-called Christians so upset about people of other religious persuasions? About Pagans and Hindus and Muslims and others?

Why get so angry about something you don’t believe in?

Why be so upset that other people are using contraceptives? Why be so upset that other people are getting married? Why be so upset that other people are getting abortions?

Or, in a recent and extreme example, why be so upset, like Missouri’s GOP chief, that black people in Ferguson are registering to vote? I suppose, when you think about it, that it’s not all that different from when Allen West got upset that Muslim-Americans vote.

I mean, it’s not like they have a right to vote or anything.

It’s their vote, after all. If you’re not black, what business is it of yours? If you’re not Muslim, what business is it of yours?

Nobody is forcing you to revise your vote, just as nobody is forcing you to use contraceptives, marry a person of the same sex, or have an abortion. If you shouldn’t be upset about things you don’t believe in, and gay people believe in Jesus loves them anyway, why is Linda Harvey of Mission America telling gay Christians that they’re “thumbing their nose in the face of God”?

Shouldn’t she be dutifully quiet about it, as Sorbo insists atheists should be?

If it doesn’t matter that somebody believes something you don’t, why insist our children be taught your Bible in our public schools? Why insist the Ten Commandments be prominently displayed everywhere but take offense at displays of other religious beliefs?

If people shouldn’t be upset about something they don’t believe in, why is the so-called Religious Right so worked up about President Obama’s religion? Isn’t that his business, and his business alone?

But Fox News’ Todd Starnes feels the need to say Obama is not really a Christian.

The president has really pushed forward a secular-humanist agenda during his administration and it’s really puzzling: this man professes to be a follower of Jesus Christ and yet he allows his administration to attack his own faith, it just doesn’t make sense.

Never mind that Starnes calls himself a Christian but is of a political persuasion that attacks the poor that Jesus extolled, and defends the rich that Jesus condemned.

And even if what you say true, Mr. Starnes, why are you upset about it? Per Sorbo, you should just be quiet, like Harvey.

Yet we’ve got more Religious Right figures than you can shake a stick at claiming Obama is a Muslim, from Pat Robertson to Jim Garlow to Rick Wiles to Sandy Rios to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) and so on and so on.

If he is a Muslim, and you obviously are not, because it’s something you don’t believe in, then why are you so upset? And why isn’t Kevin Sorbo pointing fingers at these people too?

And the holidays are coming up all too soon so we’re all ready for a little imaginary war on Christmas action. Are you that insecure about your faith that you need reminders of it everywhere, and require all reminders that other people believe differently be expunged?

If everybody says “Marry Christmas” this holiday season, you can imagine you live in a world of white Christians, with a white Jesus and white Santa, like your grandparents did?

Sorbo complained,

It’s funny how they can get nativity scenes pulled down because they say it offends them but they’re offended by something they don’t believe in. What offends 90 percent of the country is that they take down nativity scenes but apparently the majority doesn’t have a voice in the country anymore so what are you going to do?

Actually, I don’t think if offends 90 percent of the country, since Gallup says only 77 percent of Americans are Christian and not every Christian says religion is important in their daily life. And fully 20 percent of Americans identify themselves as having no religious affiliation. I don’t know where Sorbo imagines he is going to find his 90 percent. It’s not going to be in 2014 America.

You can pretend you live in the days when your ideas of diversity meant white people from Germany, white people from Britain, white people from France, or maybe even white people from Italy. But you don’t live in those days.

You live in these days, and in this country, where the Constitution of the United States, that is the law of the land, was written to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority, the so-called “excesses of democracy” noted with alarm by the Constitution’s framers.

This is a diverse country with diverse beliefs. And the demographics of this country are changing, bringing more diversity.

Sorbo is complaining that the majority ought to have their way. He may want to be cautious in this approach, as it won’t be many years until Christian voices are no longer in the majority. When the country is 90 percent non-Christian, will he still be insisting that the majority get their way?

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  1. Sorbo doesnt seem to be aware of the constitution or the actions of the religious fundamentalists.

    If he is aware of them, he would understand whats going on.

  2. Atheists are so angry because those who call themselves Christian don’t follow what the Bible says and the fruits they produce are not of God. Why would anyone believe people who talk but don’t do? Whose examples don’t look like who God is. You want to change their minds? Change your un-Christian behaviors. Matt. 15:9 “But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”, 7:20 “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

  3. I don’t care what any of the so called christians believe, just quit knocking on my door every week and asking me to come to your church when I have made it plain I am not interested. Quit leaving literature on my front door. I am not interested! They can go to church five times a day, live the bible literally, I don’t care! Just leave me alone!

  4. Well, now this would require the bible thumpers to recognize their own hypocrisy, and we all KNOW that ain’t happenin’!

  5. I remember when Kevin was a fun actor, making his moves as a sub-character in Xena, Princess Warrior. What was so bad in his life to make him turn to being a Xtian axxhole?

  6. The fake christians in this county live in delusional worlds. The seem to believe that we with brains and souls do not see them for who they are. They are unhinged zealots who hide behind their bibles and spew hate and intolerance.

  7. First off Kevin I liked the Hercules series plenty of fun and attractive women. That being said Kevin it’s not we atheist that are angry for the sake of it. It is YOU Christians that get angry all the time when you are constantly given the FACTS and the REAL TRUTH and you continue to believe in some thing and some entity that cannot by the physical laws of the UNIVERSE even exist. You lose every debate and you use fear and HATRED to try to get your way. The time of religion is finally passing away and I hope I live long enough to see it destroyed utterly.

  8. I like your name it’s a great homage’ to the Hitchhikers Guide, Kevin has been a Bible head since his teens. He chose to go the fantasy route to cope with the hectic teen years instead of logic and pragmatism. In other words he took the easy non-thinking way out.

  9. this is precisely what he meant about angry. According to your comments ALL people of faith are ALL a certain way, right? Being a Christian makes me a Bible thumper who wants to convert you? The Bible says to “seek out your own salvation” – you do what is right for you and I shall do the same. Abbyjo, do you throw e a hissy when you get fliers about furniture store sales, from car dealerships, so forth? Or is it just the fact that it’s religious? Being a Christian doesn’t mean you are a saint. Being Christian does NOT absolve anyone from being a human being. The only thing I’d ask from the lot of you is respect. An extremist is an extremist regardless religion. That’s no better than those who say ALL muslim are terrorist. I don’t have any less respect for you for what you don’t believe, so why leave such ugly comments about those who do? I’m very fortunate the atheists I call my friends aren’t embittered towards religion like you lot.

  10. You seemingly fly right over the situation. If you are a regular run of the mill xtian, who has a problem with you?

    The problem(and you failed in reading comprehension) is the fundamentalists who would shove their religion down our throats. Try to force laws into place that make people live under religious rule.

    You are either being willfully obtuse, or may not know what the situation is.

  11. The problem with Mr. Sorbos comments is that, if people protest against the demands of the “Christians” to think and act as they do, automatically makes the protestors atheists.

    Some are, some are. Some of us simply feel that the “Christians” have no business telling us how we should act, who we should marry, and how we plan our families.

    Do we not have the same rights as you do, Mr. Sorbo, to say what we think? And to fight for the right to protest what we feel are injustices?

    Because, believe me, we are not going to shut up and “go gentle into that good night”.

  12. It’s all about the behavior, not the belief, and, may I add/rant to “leave-me- alone” list?

    Quit coming to my classes and staring at me with that goonie, plastered-on, vacuous, Stepford wife stare!

    I’m workin’ up here! I get paid to do a job, so, you can quit with the passive-aggressive projection that some some-sky-god put me in front of you so you can to preform some miracle on me! (which usually means asking me for money for all kind of fake miracle products, white children who need a cupcakes and balloons before they die which will probably be some 50 yrs+ due to your circular Fruit-loops miracle…now if “Miracle the Horse was involved, that might be another thing! I digress).

    Please go away! No one in class needs the added distraction of your phony questions that are contrary for no reason, cult-like puppy dog eyes that project some kind of pity, and, that smirk hiding your vampire fangs used for “conversion therapy” on anyone you can corner.

    Go away! Leave…

  13. “According to your comments ALL people of faith are ALL a certain way, right?”

    “I’m very fortunate the atheists I call my friends aren’t embittered towards religion like you lot.”

    He complains about broadbrushing Christians, while broadbrushing atheists, and doesn’t for a second see the irony in his own comments.

  14. Of course, that means he also doesn’t understand why Christians are angry at people of other faiths – faiths he doesn’t believe in.


  15. Opps. I tried to correct a typo on a comment and my entire “rant” went away…the edit button does not work or, did I write something so heinous that my rant on “stop coming to my class trying to convert me” was discarded?

    Oh well, it was one of those personal request to those clinging to their fundamentalist behavior that has NOTHING to do with their belief. They are nothing;
    nothing but Stepford vampires who enter my space (classroom) looking for a way to convert me/and/or any and all they see. Such pest!

  16. Is it just me, or is there irony about someone getting upset over belief in God when he became famous playing a member of the Greek gods pantheon?

  17. Gee, I don’t know. Why would a person who reaches adulthood (or maybe even mid life) and comes to the conclusion he had been taught to believe a Myth was real NOT feel some anger about it?
    Like maybe he didn’t save or take out insurance or plan his career because he had been taught that “Jesus is coming soon” so “why bother?”. Why would anyone get angry about that?

  18. I guess he doesn’t get the idea that his religion isn’t everyone else’s religion and just why should everyone’s tax dollars be spent on his religious figures being displayed on taxpayer property at Christmas. Whew!

  19. Respect?
    R E S P E C T ?

    Christoanity has for 2000 years stromg-armed its way into the Western Mindset. The Enlightenment challenged that perversity with Science-backed Reason. So what does Christianity do? It doubles down on its sick delusions, arms itself with new weapons and deceptions, and slithers out of its swamp to hiss and spit at anything which dares to signify Enough!

    Be done with it, Christians.
    You are a foul pestilence on Western Civilization.

  20. I don’t get the whole thing about Nativity scenes and 10 Commandment signs in public venues.

    Every single Christian in the country could put up Nativity scenes on their front lawns, every private business owned by Christians, every single church, all of them could put Nativity scenes and crosses or crucifixes and 10 commandment signs in their windows and on their doors and on their own property, so that the American people could hardly turn around without being confronted by a sign that said, “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” and “Thou shalt not commit adultery” along with images of a crucified Jesus–but for some strange reason, local shopkeepers don’t seem to do much of that.

    Instead, they want the government to do their preaching for them. Why is that? Christian lawyers could have the 10 commandments all over their offices, in the window, on the wall–I wonder why they don’t, but instead spend their time complaining that they’re not in courtrooms.

  21. You are a foul pestilence on Western Civilization.

    Uhm…I’m a Christian and I don’t believe I’m a “foul pestilence on Western Civilization”. Not in the least. In fact, I subscribe to the “live and let live” life rule.

    You should try it sometime. It’s liberating. Really.

  22. That’s right, E.Joyce. There are plenty of faux Christian faiths in this country (think RW Baptists, the KKK, the Westboro Baptist Church members,etc), just as there are plenty of faux Muslims in the world (think Taliban and ISIS).

    The trick is not to be so gullible as to paint all religions in a bad light just because of a few bad apples.

    A few bad actors does not a religion make.

    Live and let live.

  23. Does this actor think TV is the real world? If people are not upset and do not care about religion they do not end up on TV. Just because you are an actor in TV and movies do not mistake them for the real world.

  24. ICH said, “The trick is not to be so gullible as to paint all religions in a bad light just because of a few bad apples.

    A few bad actors does not a religion make.”

    That might be a wee bit more palatable if it *was* just a “few” bad actors, and if this majority of Christians who supposedly *don’t* want their religion pushed on every one else would actually do a little internal policing and protesting those who *do* those things under the name of “Christianity.”

    So far, there’s a few smaller churches and only two decent-sized Christian groups taking a stand and speaking out against the “bad apples”—it’s rather hard not to broad-brush most Christians, when their silence indicates complicity.

  25. Derrick, I don’t know if you re-visited the thread from yesterday about conservatives but I did suss up and realize I miss-read your comment not knowing it was really sarcasm. Just wanted you to know. Live Long and prosper.

  26. All I know is that Noah put one of everything into a giant ship, with enough food and water for 40 days and 40 nights, and rode out the flood, then, he went to every continent on the planet and released them with no problems &/or consequences. I wonder, what if he let them go in the wrong place? I can only imagine what the rednecks would think of kangaroos in Alabama, or Michigan… Oh, and didn’t Columbus discover Amurica? What about Noah, was it all for naught?

  27. Sorbo seems not to get it is not ‘nativity scenes’ that raise hackles… it is nativity scene on public property to try and give the impression that this is some kind of Christian Theocracy instead of a secular nation.

    I don’t care if you want to believe the universe was created by a 1957 Chevy filled with purple cool-whip. But if you start trying to shove that dogma down my throat or into the law or try to limit me and my rights (or anyone else’s) THAT I have a very big problem with. And rightly so.

    You have the right to your dogma, so kindly keep it to yourself. What your homes and tax free churches aren’t enough for you, you need to try and co-opt public property as well?


    But if you are going to force your dogma atheists have every right to force their views as well.

  28. I want to know how the Chinese who kept detailed records at the time never heard of this global flood.

  29. All these so-called ‘Christians’ do is try and shove THEIR beliefs down everybody else’s throat, and will not stop !!!

  30. Sorry to hear that Sorbo went to the dark side of the force. I really liked him as Hercules. Oh well one less person to be a fan of. :0(

  31. I only get angry when religious people try to legislate that we all live under the rules of their imaginary friend.

  32. Oh, I think he “gets it” quite well. Its the same kind of disingenuous BS they always pull out when they’re making the attempt to appear all reasonable and non-dogmatic. Even though he’s in the middle of a movie that attempts to demonize an atheist professor. Third rate actor = third rate argument. *yawn* #epic fail

    OTOH, I actually would like to see the ’57 Chevy filled with purple Cool Whip. Yum.

  33. When indeed Religion is kindled into enthusiasm, its force like that of other passions, is increased by the sympathy of a multitude. But enthusiasm is only a temporary state of religion, and while it lasts will hardly be seen with pleasure at the helm of Government. Besides as religion in its coolest state, is not infallible, it may become a motive to oppression as well as a restraint from injustice. Place three individuals in a situation wherein the interest of each depends on the voice of the others, and give to two of them an interest opposed to the rights of the third? Will the latter be secure?

    — James Madison, On The Vices Of The Political System Of The United States, 1787.

  34. Atheists are probably angry with fundamentalist Christians like Sorbo for the same reason, I, a mainstream Christian, am pissed at them–they will not leave other people the hell alone. They say they believe in democracy and small government, but they’re liars. They want to punish and discriminate against all who don’t believe what they believe. Hell, they’d probably put me on the rack, if they had one, because I disagree with them on a host of issues–the primary one being the way they’ve bastardized Christianity. What they believe is as far from what Christ taught as the earth is from Alpha Centauri.

  35. The difference is Mr. Harraldsson, is that that Mr. Sorbo and other Christians are angry or offended by things that they believe exist. He believes atheist exist and has seen them exist and heard their angry rants against God and and Christians. Athiest claim that God does not exist, therefore they do not believe in him so why are they offended by something that does not exist?? All your other examples are also cases of people being offended by things that they believe EXIST therefore, your theory is null and void. Have a blessed day sir.

  36. Why can we not respect each others beliefs and religions. Why do we have to make each other take figures of their religions down instead of appreciating what it stands for. (ex) Atheists not liking to see the cut outs of the soldier kneeling by the cross or the Nativity displayed at Christmas. Muslims who do not like Santas Secret shop in the schools etc. I can go on and on. All of us should start to respect one another and what we stand or don’t stand for. We are all Human Beings with a lot of differences. The world is becoming crazy, nuts with this one wants to take over that one and Islam against Christians. As long as we are not being forced into anything just let everyone enjoy what or what not it is they believe in or do not believe in.

  37. “You lose every debate and you use fear and HATRED to try to get your way.”

    Not only do they use Fear and Hatred upon losing a debate, they become Grammar Police. Christians will try discredit you on your ability to master the English language as person with PhD in English.
    1)You not from United States.
    2)You not American Citizen.
    3)Did you finish school?
    4)Etc, Etc

    Be a women, an another tactic often used is calling is debate loser will call Slut, Tramp, Whore, other sexist derogatory words etc.

  38. “Atheists not liking to see the cut outs of the soldier kneeling by the cross or the Nativity displayed at Christmas.”

    Wrong. The first part is complete bullshit. The second part is xmas scenes on government property and no other religions allowed.

    “Muslims who do not like Santas Secret shop in the schools etc”

    Children who are not christian are forced to take part in christian events. Why is xmas in the school system? Is the school system ready to celebrate Hindu holidays? No. Not at all.

    You dont seem to understand this is being forced on people. Religion is fine in your yard, in your home or in your churches. You dont seem to understand that there shouldnt be religious stuff on government property, especially when no other religions are allowed or wanted.

  39. There are no rants against God and and Christians. There are rants about God and and Christians being forced on people such as on government property.

    Its apparent you have no idea what the issues are.

  40. Poor Kevin Sorbo,

    He is crying Christian Persecution.

    When Christian Criticize other religions and atheism, it freedom of speech.

    When Christian is criticize, it is religious persecution. Christian Persecution.

  41. First let’s define athiest “a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.” What Kevin Sorbo is saying is how can you be offended if you don’t believe something’s exists. I don’t believe Yoda existed. I still enjoy Star Wars. And there are many people who identify with a religion of “Jedi”.

    As a Christian, I believe in God and the eternal salvation given by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I understand that athiest think I am nuts. OK that’s fine. The reason we nut jobs get upset is because athiest only attack the Christian faith. I neve see news about the picketing of a Mosque or a Buddha statue. Just our Bible, Cross, or Ten Commandments. If you are truely athiest then you would be “offended” by this. I guess you would be offended by Greek mythology as well. Yet, we still study about Zeus in Literature classrooms across the country.

    Turn the other cheek? Yes we do. We turn the other cheek as the few athiest strike the objects …

  42. Well, the seventeen “down votes” under my reasonable post just underscores what Sorbo is complaining about. Honestly, I expected more tolerance on a liberal site because tolerance is the bedrock of liberalism. But based on the seventeen down-votes, I guess that rule doesn’t apply to people who dare claim to be Christian and who believe the very reasonable life’s rule that people should “live and let live”.

    Oh well. I live and learn.

  43. Turn the other cheek? Yes we do. We turn the other cheek as the few athiest strike the objects and symbols of our Faith over and over. But, I bet you celebrate Christmas! (Your welcome for your presents.. It symbolizes the wise men giving gifts to new born savior.).

    The reason we get upset is because athiest never rant about Buddha or Allah, Just my Lord and Savior. But, wait you do not believe he does exist? But the other two get a green light. It’s a double standard

    We are expected to be tolerant. I tolerate all people. I may not agree but my Lord says I must love them all so I do. But what upsets is is that you cannot reciprocate the tolerance. We allow Islamic women to wear head gear to school. But, Bibles must be left at home, along with Guns and Knives. We can’t pray in our schools but we must tolerate all of the other behaviors and beliefs that contradict ours.

    We don’t support abortion or gay marriage because it’s against our morals. The same morals that our for…

  44. The arguements are not against xtians, its against the fundamentalists who want the symbols of your religion on government property. And at the same time do not want anyone elses symbols there

    Why should you pray in school? If others religions contradicts yours, why are you against them? Why on earth would a xtian take knives and guns to school? What is up with head scarves and bibles? Do you equate them to be the same? Seriously?

    Buddha or Allah are not trying top put their religion on government property and shoving it in every ones faces. Why cant you leave your religion in the church and in your homes like everyone else?.

  45. That might be a wee bit more palatable if it *was* just a “few” bad actors, and if this majority of Christians who supposedly *don’t* want their religion pushed on every one else would actually do a little internal policing and protesting those who *do* those things under the name of “Christianity.”

    Why are you convinced that this majority doesn’t police and protest those small pockets of faux-Christians? Because you don’t hear it on the evening news?

    Those faux-Christians in the groups as listed in my previous post, get the most air-time because it serves the political agenda of the 1% in this country – the very same people who “donate” to them and who own all media in this country. Please don’t be fooled. They are not Christians in any sense.

    Matthew 7:15: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits.

  46. ICH, do you understand the issue is about the fundamentalists and putting religion in schools and government buildings? Sorbo is making a huge mountain out of nothing.

  47. @ Shiva,

    Perhaps I should have qualified my post by stating first and foremost that I vehemently disagree with Sorbo. Aside from the fact that he’s a prejudiced fake-Christian, he’s also a Republican who believes in the RW version of Christianity – which is innately anti-Christian.

    That said, I reacted to some posts here that are incredibly negative toward Christians. I felt that they didn’t distinguish between the good Christians and the fake ones who make us look bad, and sought to argue that there is.

    I guess I wanted those who are disgusted by all Christians because of the actions of those fake-Christians to understand there are glaring differences between the two, and to please not paint with such a broad brush. That’s all. I meant no disrespect.

  48. A little over the top there Derrick. There are many Christians who don’t attempt to force their beliefs on others. The same with most other religions. The problem is dealing with extremists of ANY walk of life. Many extremists use religion to push their agenda in order to recruit unwitting fools to their cause, when in reality, religion has nothing to do with it. Take this ISIL group for example.

  49. If you aren’t trying to convert people, you’re not following your god’s commands. That’s part of the problem with your religion. But then, conservatives/fundies don’t listen to anything ELSE Jesus said, so why start with that one?

  50. It was the Age of Reason, the time in which free thinking people got crazy ideas like maybe they can create a secular government and rule themselves. The Age of Enlightenment was the religious backlash against such silly notions. Sorry for the brief history lesson but this shit sticks in my craw.

  51. Muslims and Jews do not have the power in this country that Christians do. That’s #1. and Buddhists and Hindus don’t try to shove their bullshit down my throat (do Hara Krishnas still hang out at airports? I can’t afford to fly so I wouldn’t know). Oh, and most of your myths were stolen from other religions, including that whole dying son, back in 3 days shit. Your prentense at persacution is as visible as the rest.

  52. You want respect? Then you must understand, respect mus be earned, not demanded. When you demand respect, it’s admitting you know you don’t deserve it, but want the perks that go with respect anyway.

    Personally, I don’t care if theists respect me or not. I don’t even care what their beliefs are. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. What they don’t have a right to is their own facts.

    Nor does anyone have a right to force their beliefs on anyone else by enacting them into laws for everyone or be peer pressure, ostracism, or threats like “you’re going to hell!” If you have facts and rational reasoning to convince people, use them. Doing anything else is admitting you have no real reasons other than you want to tell everyone else to do what you claim to do.

  53. Sorbonne is just another Hollywood has been who probably wants a political career and is looking for the right wingers to totally embrace him. Maybe Santorum can hire him for a Biblical Movie where he has long hair and wears a lion cloth.

  54. This is a very angry editorial. :)

    Frankly, Sorbo has a point about atheists getting angry about what other people believe in and the writer has a point about the threat of theocracy, in any of its forms. The problem is, Sorbo took no such position in support of a theocracy or even moving in the direction of legislating in support of religious beliefs, particularly Christian beliefs. So the question is begged:

    What is the writer so angry about?

  55. I’m an atheist and I don’t agree with this article. There have been 50 movies insulting Christians out of Hollywood, and you don’t hear a peep from the Christian community, yet atheists throw tissy fits when a tiny Christian studio raises the money to put out ONE movie that insults atheists. Where is all the Christian outrage over the movies American Beauty, Shawshank Redemption, Carrie, Primal Fear, Doubt, Life of Brian, Jesus Christ Superstar, and The Last Temptation of Christ? Oh, the Christians decided to be big boys and live with Hollywood insulting them for the past 20 years? Then perhaps atheists could grow up and let Christian studios create Christian movies, where the atheists are no longer such saints and the Christians the villains. And for those complaining about hypocrisy, it’s better to teach your kids not to steal and then discover your kids are stealing than to simply teach your brats to do what they please and pat yourself on the back that they aren’t hypocrites.

  56. You think those movies insult christians? No kidding? Thats hilarious!

    Seriously, you need to see about some anziety meds

  57. You will. 40% of American adults under age 35 no longer believe in God, and that number shoots up for the teen population. That’s why bike thefts are up and 1 in 5 American boys has been diagnosed with ADHD.

  58. The shrieking of religious monkey’s is intolerable to anyone with a functioning brain. The babble of the religious is worse than a baby crying.

  59. I’m guessing you want the retarded to be able to make movies for themselves too.
    No one is catering for the mentally crippled and ignorant religious how sad.

  60. Your comment is false. The original statement Sorbo made is correct. I am a fundamentalist Christian and I laugh at the false beliefs of Hindoos and Buddhists and Mooslims and the rest. I feel bad for them and want them to be saved. But if a Muslim tells me I am going to Hell for being a Christian, I do not get angry.
    A true atheist has no grounds for anger at the idea of Hell or God because to him its a myth. Do I get angry at a clown telling me I will burn in a pit of cotton candy if I dont trust in him? No. The fact that atheists react with such anger at Christians is proof the Bible is true. The Bible convicts their hearts. Read Romans 1.

    Even the Chinese Communists admitted it is Christianity that created the prosperity of western civilization and capitalism.

  61. There is no anger, and for you to believe in a god and not think others can believe in a god is just hilarious. Everyone who has a god thinks their god is the true god. Your god has about a 1 in 200 chance of being the real one. Not that a god exists in any case. The rest of the religions laugh at you while you laugh at them. And we laugh at all of you.

    The anger stems from people like you trying to make everyone live under their laws. Not at your god or your religion. Well, I mean real christians cause fundamentalists are not real christians. Sorbo is simply a simple minded person like your self that feels guilty and cant see past your own religion.

    The chinese admitted nothing. Is this the kind of crap you are taught?

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