Mitch McConnell Promises a Massive Government Shutdown If Republicans Win The Senate

Mitch McConnell is already making plans for after Republicans take over the Senate, and his top priority is to get Obama to give him what he wants or he will shutdown the government.

McConnell was upfront with Politico about his plans,

Mitch McConnell has a game plan to confront President Barack Obama with a stark choice next year: Accept bills reining in the administration’s policies, or veto them and risk a government shutdown.

In an extensive interview, the typically reserved McConnell laid out his clearest thinking yet of how he would lead the Senate if Republicans gain control of the chamber. The emerging strategy: Attach riders to spending bills that would limit Obama policies on everything from the environment to health care, consider using an arcane budget tactic to circumvent Democratic filibusters and force the president to “move to the center” if he wants to get any new legislation through Congress.

Republicans tried to play this game with President Obama last year, and it nearly destroyed their party. McConnell is clinging to the idea that the president will cave, but Obama has no reason to give Republicans anything. He will be closing in on the end of his term by the time Republicans would take over the Senate in January 2015.

A prolonged government shutdown in 2015 or 2016 would be a disaster for the Republican Party. Obama will not be blamed for a government shutdown. Republicans will take the heat, and the damage would intense if they pursued this tactic in the middle of a presidential campaign.

A shutdown would also help likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton because it would hand her the argument for why she must be elected president, and Democrats need to take over Congress.

It takes a great deal of hubris for McConnell to be planning how he is going to shutdown Obama for the next two years, while he is the middle of a reelection campaign that he could easily lose.

McConnell is completely clueless. He continues to obsess over President Obama while ignoring the voters in Kentucky. Mitch McConnell demonstrated why Republicans should not be given control of the Senate, and why he deserves to lose his seat this November.

The easiest way to solve all of these problems is for Kentucky voters to retire Mitch McConnell.

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  1. They would shutdown government, brag about it, then…blame Obama for it! Yep, just the way they did last year. Nothing new in the GOP’s strategy…

  2. Do it and you will bury the fucking GOP for ever. I’m sick and tired of the blackmail bullshit of the current Republicans.

  3. First McConnell needs to win, which is thankfully uncertain right now. Then he needs to realize the whole of the U.S. is not Kentucky, again thankfully. He’s assuming he would be majority leader which is not a given unless backdoor deals have already been made. He’s still gambling that basing his campaign on Obama is a winner. Poor little turtle.

  4. Ms. Grimes should make a tape of this quote, and do a robo call. Also, a tv ad, playing the loop over and over, asking Kentuckians, is this what they want their vote to go for.

  5. For Republicans, compromise is a one way street, you either come over to their side, if not; they will do nothing, or shut down the government.

  6. McConnell is gonna get pounded today…..

    “But the details are sure to draw scrutiny as Grimes and McConnell face off at the Kentucky Farm Bureau forum on Wednesday.”

    Read more:
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    “That day, however, he did find time to appear on conservative commentator Sean Hannity’s talk show to criticize President Obama and Senate Democrats on issues ranging from passage of the Keystone XL oil pipeline to government spending.

    On June 23 of that year, McConnell was absent from a hearing on “Eliminating Waste in the Farm Bill,” where agricultural industry and administration representatives took questions from senators about a bill that routinely draws criticism from conservatives, who see the price tag as too large and its government subsidies mismanaged.”

  7. I always enjoy your stories, Jason, but I think you need a proofreader. I’m available for the job…cheap. Since I live in a third world country, Mississippi, you can get a better deal from a literate, poverty-stricken Southern liberal than most anywhere else in the country.

  8. If this report truly represents what McConnell is thinking and you believe he’ll do what he is saying, this should give you the motivation to vote.

  9. This is why it’s important that EVERY STATE elects a D to the Senate in November. WHOEVER has the most seats controls the game for the country, not just the state they represent.

  10. I doubt this will happen because I doubt the GOP will win the Senate. They’ll be lucky if they hold the House.

  11. Kind of like isil, al quida, and the dominionst in our country or any religion that demands you do and believe what they say or you die, Or you are going to hell. As if they have a say??

  12. There’s nothing more I’d love to see than Mitch McConnell getting defeated this November. However, I just can’t see that happening given the mindset of so many Kentuckians. I have relatives who now have insurance via Obamacare / Kynect who intend to go vote for McConnell. It makes ZERO sense. I have argued with them until I’m out of breath and it does no good. Rural whites are scared to death of Obama. He’s been portrayed as the boogeyman here. There was recently an over the phone “town meeting” from McConnell. You could ask questions, but obviously, they only let you talk to him if you were going to kiss his ass. All of them I heard sounded very elderly and they were asking profoundly stupid questions, all about Obama. One old lady told Mitch she wanted him to go back to Washington so he could make sure Obama didn’t get elected to a third term. She was serious! LMAO!

  13. I live in a small town in Southern Illinois that is close to Kentucky so I have to see some of his campaign commercials when I watch local channels. I will say one thing about Mitch, he is a very accomplished liar.

  14. Well, to prevent this threat from happening, we must vote. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want this jerkass going through with his promise to basically blackmail the President to do what they want or risk yet another shutdown.

    Voting for Democrats will make sure that this threat dies in the same place it was made: Inside of a man whose actions are very, very petty.

  15. Perhaps we should send McConnell thank you cards for helping to ensure the White House remain in Democratic hands. That’s what’s going to happen if the Republicans gain control, because that’s what will happen.

    On the other hand, the fact that the Republicans tried this before and it failed proves that the GOP are out of new ideas. Yet, people will vote for them. That’s very sad.

  16. Sure you will Mitch, because we all know that if you did, that 2016 will be a virtual bloodbath for your party. Your party has a whole lot of Senate seats to defend then, and in case you don’t realize it, that is a Presidential year, when all of those minorities will be running to the polls, and also us women.

    Of course no one has ever accused you morons of being a forward thinking party, and you seem to disregard your own party’s autopsy, which said that Americans voted against your party because they are too extreme. Mitch,you really are beginning to sound as mentally challenged as your old friend McCain.

  17. I just noticed how badly worded my post was. What I was trying to say is the Democrats should send thank you cards to McConnell. If he does become Majority Leader, which I doubt, and he shuts down the government, he is ensuring the keys to the White House remain in Democratic hands.

    He and the GOP have no new ideas, just bad old ideas.

  18. Same old insanity being applied … How can anyone keep doing things the same old way after losing time after time and expect the results to be different from before … Losers you will be…

  19. Great article and thanks for posting the link. Now why was I not surprised to see in the comments, the typical moronic right wing responses that these facts and statistics straight from the IRS, that in their deluded and totally insane world, it is all liberal lies to make the teabags look bad? They just keep proving that there is no cure for willful stupidity and ignorance.

  20. He is pandering for tea party votes, this man has no values typical republican loser.
    We all need to help people get to the poles in November #@SayNoToGOP

  21. If being anti – Obama “nearly destroyed the Republican party” then why are they on the cusp of controlling both houses of Congress?

  22. If it happens its because low info voters such as yourself would rather destroy the country and yourselves just because you hate the blah. BTW what republican policies have helped the average American over the past 40 years/

  23. IF,IF,IF. IF I wasn’t poor I would be rich…IF is a big word..
    Now when Ky.votes your arse out you will be saying IF,IF and IF..IF I woulda won.Vote this turtle out!!!!

  24. I’m not so inclined to take his threat too lightly. If the GOP is rewarded with the Senate after all of the damage they’ve done to this country i.e., obstruction of the president’s jobs bills and other middle class and poor-friendly legislation; the partial government shutdown last year; nearly causing our country to default on our national debt; over 50 attempt to repeal the ACA, etc., we are going to be in some deep shit. I think that the Koch brothers are counting on voter suppression and low voter turnout to help them take over the Senate. The president will then be cornered by Boehner and McConnell and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Koch brothers actually gave them the green light to cause us to default. Because by doing so, they would be able to crash our economy and go after the social safety on our way to feudalism. The right wing-controlled media with then help the right wing blame the black guy in the White house, and I fear that people will fall for it again.

  25. ” force the president to “move to the center””

    If he does that, it will be moving to the center from the right. Republicans like McConnell don’t realize how far to the right that they have already pushed the country. Rightwing policies have done enough damage already. Retire this bitter old man!

  26. Mr Turtlehead is pretending as if he isn’t sitting on a bubble with the people of Kentucky. Allison Grimes has his number and the growing hatred for McConnell isn’t being abated by anything from the McConnell camp. He can still be a blowhard, but just like the blustering of suing the president and talks of impeachment, it’s little more than red meat for the rabid faithful.

  27. If he does not:

    Cut millons off Affordable Health Care
    Cut millons off Food Stamps
    Cut millons off Unemployment
    Stop Black and Brown people from voting
    Allow big oil to continue to pollute

    These freaks will shut the government down.

    Thanks GOP!!!!!!!

  28. Another old senile, extremely wealthy, white republican senator throwing a mean spirited, racist tantrum against the black, educated, uppity, Democrat President of the United States of America. The GOP, not needed, not wanted, not relevant.

  29. damn, that child is dense. he already found out that the electorate blames THEM for the shutdowns as it is – and now they think they can blame a lame-duck president if they control both houses..huh???

  30. The People of The United States MUST vote out every politician who thinks that holding our Government hostage will be helpful.
    Let’s get rid of these idiots.

  31. Many republicans are running against the president – like he’s on the ballot – and they think that’s productive. If it is, why don’t Democrats – particularly candidates for the Senate – run against “that nutcase in Kentucky”? I’m in a safely Democratic state but I’ll be making that case to any locals I hear are voting for republicans: be careful of allowing that nutcase in Kentucky to be majority leader. Then they’ll shut down the government again and we all know how nice that went.

  32. All the more reason to vote in 2014. We can’t let the turtle and his party win. If we do, nothing will get done until we finally vote them out.

  33. Which country are you living in? There will be no shutdown unless Obama wants it. Please stop race baiting. It lowers the value of debate.

  34. Really? Obama cant shut down the government. Only The House Can.

    Which country are you in? BTW, did you listen to the Mitch McConnell secret tapes from the Koch meeting? He sold you and the government

  35. The country isn’t right, the government is. The government hasn’t reflected the needs and beliefs of the people for quite some time.

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