From Tragedy To Hope: Leaders And Organizers In Ferguson Reach Out And Engage Residents

Photos by Justin Baragona
Photos by Justin Baragona


PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona has been in Ferguson since the tragic shooting of Mike Brown first occurred back on August 9th. On Wednesday, he made his way to the location where Brown was killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. While a memorial stands at the spot where Brown was shot, another amazing thing was taking place on Wednesday afternoon.

Organizations had set up tents for Ferguson residents to visit. Organizers, community leaders and volunteers were speaking with young people and reaching out to them. They were offering opportunities to the people who have felt extremely disaffected for years living in Ferguson and the St. Louis area. The tents provided chances to get involved with job training programs, volunteerism and voter registration. There was also a tent for wellness programs and health services.

Overall, it was an amazing scene. In the face of a horrific tragedy that threatened to tear a city apart, hope has arisen. The people of Ferguson are doing their best to affect positive change in their community.


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  1. Thank you, Politicusa!
    Coming here is always a peaceful respite from the crazy/insanity surrounding America.

  2. Authoritarianism all over Hate-Media: Don’t blame the Cop!

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    And here’s the eye witness testimony:
    And here’s the eye witness testimony:

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  3. Dude stop that is not testimony that is unsubstantiated unclean audio just because some rightwing nut job so call transcribed it. It’s not be verified or authenticated by an audio specialist or transcribed by a certified court reporter

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