Fox News Contributor Says Ferguson Residents Hate Whites And Are Psychologically Suspect

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In an article written for, Fox News contributor, and member of the network’s so-called Medical A-Team, Dr. Keith Ablow stated that the psychology of the residents of Ferguson is suspect because the population “presumes the moral depravity of whites.” He also seemed to go out of his way to justify the actions of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot 18-year-old Mike Brown at least six times on August 9th. The community of Ferguson has seen protests take place on a daily basis since the tragedy.

Ablow is just the latest member of Fox News to wade into the discussion surrounding the events in Ferguson and give the kind of racially superior view that only a white man sitting in comfort hundreds of miles away can give. Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have used their broadcasts to whitesplain to the black community on what they should do and how they should act. Ablow decided just to go ahead and call the angry citizens of Ferguson crazy racist people who just want to go out and destroy whitey.

Early in his article, Ablow makes sure we all know that Wilson is a stand-up guy.

We don’t know enough about Wilson to determine whether he harbors ill will toward blacks. He has no history of disciplinary action by the police department in Ferguson, and no one has come forward to claim that he accosted or harassed anyone in the past, ever.

The good doctor then opines about the psychological condition of the town. He says that police officers may have been on edge due to the underlying rage existing in Ferguson. With long-standing resentment towards white law enforcement occurring in Ferguson, Ablow feels that police officers in the town were likely on edge. Essentially, he is giving Wilson a pass regardless of what truly happened during the shooting of Brown. He’s already declared Wilson innocent of any true wrongdoing.

Ablow then goes ahead and says that the psychology of the residents of Ferguson, who have protested the shooting death of Brown is “suspect.” He feels that it shows that it is really the black people in the community who are the racist ones, not white police officers or the local government that keeps institutional racism against blacks in place in the community.

The psychology of those who rioted and committed other lawless acts in Ferguson is as suspect at this moment as the psychology of Darren Wilson, because their psychology presumes the moral depravity of whites – at least those in authority.

There seems to be an underlying willingness – in Ferguson, and, perhaps, around the country – to judge any questionable police use of force against a minority individual as indicating racial prejudice, when that may not be the case at all.

If a black officer had shot and killed Michael Brown, chances are there would be no protests at all. Perhaps there would be a civil suit. Perhaps there would be criminal charges against the officer involved. But there would be no unrest.

Finally, the Fox News psychiatrist plainly states that there is something wrong with the overall psyche of the community. Yes, there is, Dr. Ablow. It is the fact that they have been dealt another serving of out-and-out injustice and they are sick of it all. Take your couch-sitting analysis somewhere else!

Of course, this is the same man (sporting a nice beer gut) who said Michelle Obama shouldn’t talk about eating healthy food because she is fat. Rather than apologize for his insensitive and sexist remark, he doubled down on it. Considering Ablow is a man who called an unbelievably fit  50-year-old black woman overweight only because she doesn’t look like the Barbie clones Fox hires, I feel his ‘professional’ opinion is the one that’s suspect.



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  1. This is a classic case of ‘Reverse Psychiatry.’ When you can accept reality as fact, you change it, where your guilt can be soothe.

  2. Oh please you disgraced and insane quack, proceed to diagnose me then. I am a white middle aged woman raised by two great liberal parents, who taught me that I am no better or more privileged than people of color, and that despicable people who speak as you do are virulent racists. As a white person, I loath white people like you and all of your right wing cohorts, whose racism makes this an ugly country. What would the mental illness be, of people like you, who spew this racist crap day after day, and then play the poor little victim, when people rightfully point out what a disgusting racist you are?

  3. Before I knew anything else about this guy, I picked up a paperback suspense novel by him, about two psychiatrists: one, an apparently rational, but actually deranged, serial killer of women, and the other, the forensic psychiatrist who cracks the case. I think I know which one the author really identified with.

  4. Yeah they hate certain white people, like the cop that gunned down the defenseless young man. I guarantee if some white people came into their town to help them get justice, they wouldn’t hate them. Stupid fox news, it’s like their hoping there will be a race war. I’m sorry but this kind of stuff pisses me off.

  5. People on Fox (either side of the screen) are psychologically deficient and delusional.

    And that’s on a GOOD day!

  6. For those who feel that we should not pay attention to what these Fox bigots better wake up propaganda works and they are winning. Wake up the liberal left needs to speak up and loudly remember Germany taught there people to hate those other people too. Wake up and stand with the people who want this country to be what our fore fathers fought for. VOTE and help your neighbors and friends to vote.
    Expose the hate when ever possible Speak up it’s the only way we win.

  7. Oooohhh, I can’t stand this dick-with-ears-looking moron! What kind of Dr. diagnoses people from afar and judges their mental state according to their political leanings? A complete sell-out, that’s what kind. That whole network makes me SICK.

  8. Who do we write to to complain about what appears to me to be a blatant case of malpractice? Has the good doctor actually been to Ferguson? How many residents of Ferguson has he examined?

  9. After his stupid remarks about the First Lady, he doesn’t need to say another word about any subject. That’s because all that comes out is terminal stupidity. Apparently, it’s lost on him that many white folks AGREE with the good people of Ferguson about Michael Brown’s senseless, unjust murder. He and his ilk are unable to hide their blatant anti-black racism, which will never allow him to admit when black folks have valid complaints about racist behavior from law enforcement officers.

  10. Sigmund Freud documented the phenomena of PROJECTION quite some time ago and Conservatives and Fox “News” prove it true again every day.

  11. As long as there are Aryans and skinheads appearing on Fox News that appeal to the racist neo confederate white power POS, they’ll be around

  12. He only said one thing that was correct. “We [faux news] don’t know enough…” But that apparently make no difference. He proceeds to “diagnose” the entire town.

    Does Faux have anybody on the ground in Ferguson? Not that it would matter any, the only interviews that would occur are those interviewing the KKK that supposedly went there to protect those poor white folks from those rampaging blacks (sarcasm, in case anyone missed it).

  13. You know, I am a progressive but that was one of the most ignorant statement I have seen. If anything he discredits Doctors all over the world with comments like that. Not all “Skinheads” are the same and most are not racist at all. Google it

  14. Doctor??? This guy is not a doctor, unless he got his degree in a county fair by winning a horseshoe throwing contest.

  15. Ablow doesn’t like research. While he’s demonizing the residents of Ferguson, one would like to think that he knows that although 163 people have been arrested, only 7 of them are residents of Ferguson. If the Japanese press knows this, one would suppose that Ablow and other misguided Americans would know it, too. Ah, but the 163 arrested is what resonates with them.They couldn’t care less that only 7 actually live in Ferguson.

    The Japan Times.”Of 163 arrests since Missouri shooting, only seven people are natives of Ferguson.”

    “Unrest since Michael Brown’s death has resulted in 163 arrests in the Ferguson area, where protesters have gathered nightly, and although the majority of those arrested are Missourians just seven live in the St. Louis suburb where the shooting occurred, authorities said Thursday.”

  16. Every time one of these lunatics on FAKE NOOZ opens his/her mouth whatever comes out is more suspect than anything a normal American can say. These scourges of our society lie with every breath. Dump Fox!


  17. So here we have a psychiatrist diagnosing all the people of a city without examining or even talking to a single resident of the city. His medical license (if he has one) should be removed so he does not commit any more medical malpractice.

  18. Ablow is yet another so-called “expert” commentator on the News Corp payroll who has repeatedly demonstrated that his primary expertise is in MAKING CRAP UP.

    Of course, an actual professional psychoanalyst might suggest that Keith is projecting.

  19. I just wonder: How is this guy a doctor? Where are his credentials? Remember, this is same guy that basically bad mouthed Michelle Obama because she was ‘fat’ while this quack sports a beer gut.

    Yeah… I get the feeling he’s about as much of a doctor as I am.

  20. Dustin, back in the mid 70’s I was known as Dr.Bong. I have a logo and labels from then. But I was a Dr. in jest only and oddly enough Mr. Ablow is a Dr. in jest as well.

  21. The less said about what Fox News says, the better. Stories like this just give them notoriety and validation that they do not deserve. Even if shock is the result of this publicity, it is still publicity.

    Ignore them and they will go away, save among the malignant ferrets who voluntarily bring them into their heads.

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