House Republicans Self-Destruct and Set The Stage For Another Government Shutdown


Another government shutdown is brewing as House Republicans are ready to go back on a previous agreement to fund the government. If House Republicans continue to self-destruct, the result could erase the Republican House majority.

The National Journal reported that House Republicans are setting up another conflict:

Unexpected drama is emerging over a bill that Congress must pass to keep the federal government funded beyond the Oct. 1 start of its new fiscal year, and it could throw a wrench into what is intended to be only a brief return to Washington for lawmakers next month amid their reelection campaigns.

This fight isn’t about the necessity of doing such a continuing budget resolution to avoid another government shutdown, or even how much spending it should contain.

Rather, this battle is over how long such a temporary spending bill should last—and it is being fueled by uncertainty over whether Democrats will maintain control of the Senate after the Nov. 4 elections.

Some House Republicans—hopeful their party will take over the Senate majority—are now privately hedging on whether they should go along in September with passage of a continuing resolution that would expire in December, rather than some later date in 2015. If pushed into next year, the GOP then might control both chambers and Democrats would have less leverage in passing a new budget bill.

“This could lead into a real standoff,” said one senior House GOP leadership aide, adding that Democrats are unlikely to go along with extending the CR into next year, and a new Congress.

The House is only scheduled to be in session for ten days in September and two days in October. This means that John Boehner’s dysfunctional circus of delusional tea partiers will only have ten days to pass a continuing resolution that the Senate will agree to before the end of next month. If Republicans insist on passing something that will carry into 2015, there will be another government shutdown.

The reason why Democrats want a shorter funding extension is because it will give them another opportunity to fund the government into next year. If this occurs, even if Republicans win the Senate, their first chance to demand more spending cuts wouldn’t happen until Fall 2015. With the 2016 presidential election around the corner, Senate Republicans would have precious little time to get anything done.

It is important to remember that Speaker Boehner had been expressing confidence in the passage of a short-term CR for months. House Republican leadership has wanted to avoid a showdown so that their members can be back to running for reelection. A government shutdown would keep Republicans in Washington and off the campaign trail. A shutdown lasting as long as the one last year would virtually wipe out the last month of the 2014 campaign.

Republicans are putting themselves in a lose/lose position. If they agree to the short-term CR, Democrats will set the funding for the federal government well into 2015. If they decide to fight, a government shutdown could destroy their majority.

Politically, this is good news for Democrats. Boehner and his tea party House have painted themselves into a corner, but this time their insistence on conflict could cost them their jobs.

28 Replies to “House Republicans Self-Destruct and Set The Stage For Another Government Shutdown”

  1. They had better get on with the problems we are coping with, isn’t it time for them to wok on a resolution on ISIS and approve whatever the pres needs to do. They are off on vacation but the pres has not had one day of vacation that he has not worked.

    Still, they have sort of been there for about 100 plus days for this year, must not tax them too much.
    When does the new super duper Bengahzi committee do it’s thing?

  2. I don’t think anybody would be surprised if they did shut down the government again. this republican congress are their own worst enemy.

  3. You can’t fix stupid. I’m sure Cruz gave them his blessings. SOTH Pelosi looks better and better everyday.

  4. GOP: Anything to destroy this sitting President is weakening all of America!

    So filled with Hatred they can’t think straight!
    How could one-half our fellow-Americans be so viciously destructive? I don’t understand them at all.

  5. ..and to think many senate races are neck and neck..after all the GOPT has done to harm our country. (At least we are being told many of the races are neck and neck)

  6. In a way I hope they do shut the government. Maybe that will be the wake up call to get out the vote. Hopefully we can show these G.O.P. morons the door in both houses.

  7. I wonder if the people who vote for the gop will thank them for what will happen to them after the gop takes over?

    Will they say thanks for giving the rich and corporations bigger tax breaks and the ability ton hide more profits?

  8. They cant think that far ahead. The only thing their pointy heads can think about is we get to impeach the Kenyan and we will put the white back in the white house

  9. No Shiva, the unhappy ones will say it is all Obama’s fault. They won’t know enough that it is the doings of the GOP..that is how stupid they are. As long as it is not the black man in the white house, they are happy.

  10. I think the GOP is deliberately putting us through hell, so by the time President Obama’s term ends, they will say..SEE, HE WAS A BAD PRESIDENT..NOW LOOK AT OUR COUNTRY.

    What a bunch of evil people.

  11. They’re willing to take incremental gains unfortunately. They will get killed in 2016 and they feel like if they get 2 years to continue wrecking the economy then maybe, just maybe they can gain the majority in 2016. Meanwhile the clock ticks for this dying party badly in need of redefining their platform. They just don’t get the fact that most of us don’t make millions a year. WE NEED TO VOTE mid term and get others like us to do the same.

  12. They are so intent on destroying President Obama that they fail to realize they will loose the midterms in November.

    And lets not forget the Presidential elections. This is what happens when a weak leader, Boehner, allows the crazies to run the asylum because he’s more concerned about keeping his job, as oppose to doing what’s right for “we the people.”

  13. When you have a media who take their cues from one side, this is what you get.. For example: their first stun (default debt ceiling); cost $17 BILLION + Downgrade US credit rating from AAA to AA– Second: Repub. S/D
    $25 BILLION + a hit to the GDP + a slow in UNEMPLOYMENT #
    And do anyone remember how the lap dogs was reporting it? It was like a sporting event. Who would give in first? Who look weak? Is the Dems. going to stick together? Who taking a photo-op? Oh let not forget, Who can say the most obnoxious sh@# about the Pres. or how would this make the Pres. look?

    The good journalists are out their on the ground, talking to real experts or where the facts are. GOTV 2014

  14. That is exactly what they are trying to do and with the irresponsible corporate media not calling them out on it, they may just get away with it. The best the media has put out, with the exception of MSNBC, is false equivalence BS. Then you have Faux News putting out flat out lies as the GOP propaganda machine.

  15. Mitch McConnell stated that they wanted to keep incompetent Tea Party candidates from winning in elections this year because they caused them seats in 2014.

    McConnell wasn’t thinking about the Tea Party politicians already in D.C. They are going to cause them to loose control of the House, and him from being Majority Leader.

  16. I think most of you are misreading this.

    GOP wants to fund until after a new Congress begins, let’s say to March 2015.

    Dems want to fund it only to December.

    If the Dems don’t agree to go to March, they become the bad guys if the government shuts down.

    The GOP campaigns on how they wanted to create a higher level of certainty and avoid another messy funding battle while the Dems deliberately want to create one in December because they are afraid of losing in November. And because of that they allowed the government to shut down.

    The Dems don’t have a solid arguement to take to the American people on why they let it happen. The Dems will be accused of not wnating to compromise, etc.

    This is a loser for the Dems not the GOP.

  17. Sugapea, you’ve nailed it with your comment. I know some of these devout GOP voters and they have been totally brainwashed. Verifiable and irrefutable facts absolutely do not matter to them. I have tried until I turned blue in the face to calmly reason with them, but it was to no avail. They just double down on stupid. I think that, at least with some of them, it may be their pride that keeps them in lock step with the GOP–no matter what the Kochs (through the GOP) are trying to do to all of us. Here is a very interesting and poignant article that may shed some light on what may be the driving factor behind the insanity that we’re witnessing from working class right wing voters. It was posted during last year’s GOP-created debt ceiling crisis.

  18. No, I think you are the one who’s misreading the article.

    The Democrats want the shorter time frame so they can set the budget for 2015 after the current deal would end in December. This forces the GOP into a corner right in the middle of the 2016 campaign and with little time to make a move: Either accept the deal the Democrats have made or basically keep showing their true colors and continue to basically screw the poor and middle class harder then a dirt cheap Vietnamese hooker.

    It’s all about gamesmanship. Something the GOP have pretty much failed at.

  19. If people want more bad management and failure in our government, they should vote Republican. If they want sound fiscal policy, good management, and better governance, vote Democratic.

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