Ku Klux Klan Heading To Ferguson To Escalate Their Long-Awaited Race War


In its most basic definition, war is a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation such as a civil war. War can also be a struggle to achieve a goal, and for nearly six years, a segment of the population has seriously committed to a achieving a goal they have lusted after for decades; a race war as part of a larger civil war. Likely, no group yearned for a race war more than white supremacists in the Ku Klux Klan, and even before the recent events in Ferguson Missouri, the group began recruiting new members for what they hope is their cherished war against African Americans.

Whether any American wants to admit it or not, the race war, although one-sided and relatively bloodless, has been ongoing since the election of Barack Obama as President. When a Ferguson police officer gunned down unarmed teenager Michael Brown in what was cold-blooded murder, it was a signal to white supremacists to escalate the “struggle” against African Americans into a conflict carried out by force of arms.

In June, according to a Barcroft Media report, the Ku Klux Klan announced they were beginning military combat training under the direction of United State’s military troops loyal to the Ku Klux Klan returning from combat in Afghanistan. The white supremacist group’s goal is to recruit new members and train them in armed combat, hand-to-hand combat, and survival skills to prepare them for the race war. The group is particularly anxious to recruit and train new members “to get our men and women ready the upcoming battle we’re about to take upon us;” the long-awaited race war. The racists look forward to the nation collapsing so Americans “can see the Klan take it back and make this nation the way it needs to be;” a white Aryan nation.

Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan announced they had started raising “money for a cop who shot a n*gger criminal.” On Monday, Klan members from three different states traveled to Missouri to hold a two-day fundraiser for the officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown on their way to Ferguson to “guard white businesses.” The Klan will hold the two-day “fundraiser” in Sullivan, Missouri, 60 miles from Ferguson, because of the police state in Ferguson and all the money will go “to the cop who did his job against the negro criminal.” The leader of the white supremacists, New Empire Knights Imperial Wizard Charles Murray, said the ‘fundraiser’ was “being attended by 3 different Klan fractions (SIC),” and leveled a warning to “anyone thinking of trying to get in the way; we have guns (and more).”

On the Klan’s website, they claim to be heading to Ferguson fully armed and ready for war because, “blacks are out of control. We can’t have blacks robbing and murdering innocent whites.” The only murder in Ferguson was when white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown dead for jaywalking. For all intents and purposes, it was Wilson who fired the first shot in the Klan’s long-awaited race war. The Ferguson police response to peaceful protestors with military war machines escalated the conflict to stop peaceful African Americans from exercising their constitutional rights as American citizens by tear-gassing and shooting them with rubber and wooden bullets in their own neighborhoods.

Republicans and conservatives have incited the Klan and their racist cohort across America to wage war on African Americans with their perpetual propaganda that because President Obama is African American, he is “illegal, not American, not one of us” and most recently waging a “war on white people.” They continued inciting rage among racists throughout the Republican presidential primary by claiming Obama was stealing from white people to give everything to “blaaah people.” It has been a nearly six-year propaganda campaign to incite violence against African Americans that law enforcement has bought into completely as evidenced by a spate of young unarmed Black men being murdered; more than one while lying face down on the ground. The race war is well under way and Republicans, conservative media outlets, and law enforcement is heavily involved. Don’t believe it?

Why was there a military response to peaceful unarmed African American protestors in Ferguson when law enforcement looked on with admiration as heavily-armed white men trained sniper and assault rifles on federal agents executing a federal court order? Why is there no outcry, media reports, or investigations and criminal prosecution against law enforcement for the recent killings of four unarmed young Black men? Because the conservative media has demonized African Americans, as surrogates for President Obama, and as drug-addled criminals worthy of cold-blooded murder at the hands of racists; most notoriously for the crimes of nothing more than walking with skittles or jaywalking.

There has been an ongoing race war, albeit without mass bloodletting yet, in this country for several years. Michael Brown is the latest victim of that war. What defines this as a one-sided war is that although African Americans are well aware they are being targeted by, and victims of, Republican and conservative propaganda and unwarranted murders,  they have not retaliated. It is a testament to their peaceful intentions in the face of angry white racists, law enforcement racial profiling, disparate sentencing, murdered unarmed African American youth, and Republicans disenfranchising them by restricting their right to vote.

What is telling is that law enforcement, at both the federal and state, are allowing KKK members free rein to travel across state lines with assault weapons in tow.  They also looked the other way when armed out-of-state militias flocked to confront federal agents in the Bundy standoff. It is a federal crime to transport weapons across state lines; particularly when the stated goal is to confront African Americans they claim are “out of control” and “murdering innocent whites;” something that has not happened.

At some point, the federal government is going to have to step in to stop what is shaping up to be a real war in the basic sense of the word; “a conflict carried on by force of arms.” What that entails first is abandoning the fear that calling racism for what it is, bigotry against people of color, may engender accusations of being a racist. When armed hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan  announces they are recruiting and training their members for the “upcoming battle we’re about to take upon us, and we’re going to start,” there is no misinterpreting that the white supremacists are escalating their long hoped-for race war; particularly when the Klan has the temerity to warn “anyone thinking of trying to get in the way, we have guns (and more).”

They also have the express support of Republicans and conservative media who have done the heavy lifting of assisting the Klan’s recruitment efforts by demonizing African Americans. African Americans, by the way, who have sat peaceably and waited for their government to step in and end the race war before it escalates into what white supremacists lust; a full scale war to create what Adolf Hitler wanted, an Aryan nation.

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53 Replies to “Ku Klux Klan Heading To Ferguson To Escalate Their Long-Awaited Race War”

  1. Yes and under their white concealing cloth of COWARDS they will be wearing NRA shirts and caps. NRA+TEA+KKK=GOP!

  2. I’m going to call bullshit on this one.

    The other chapters of the Klan are claiming never to have heard of this Johnson dude, or his fundraising appeal.

    And as far as Klan members going to Ferguson, to protect white businesses, it would be the kiss of financial death for a business in a majority black town. If residents heard you had called in the Klan to protect your business, your customers would stop coming, and find another place to do business.

  3. The only part of this piece I take issue with is “since the election of Barack Obama”. That was equal to “pegging two” on the cribbage board and certainly brought out more white participation but most of this predates that event.

  4. Its all talk, these small penised pansies are KKKowards. Capt Ron can arrest these douchebags hiding in sheets the minute they set their dainty feet in Ferguson. I live to see the day a black cop cuffing a pansyass in a sheet. That would be the best photo to post all over fox news and gunnut websites. Is it legal to transport their guns over state line into MO? REMEMBER, THE BIGGER THE GUN, SMALLER THE PENIS

  5. The question is will the police arrest or protect their 1st amendment rights? We know they don’t respect the residents Constitutional rights.

  6. How thoughtful of those fellas!
    We all know how very hard the
    #Ferguson PD & Highway Patrol
    have been working. It’s been
    really tough on them. They could
    use a break! So, give them some
    time off (it should only take 1
    night!)and let the KKK ‘Police’
    the streets.
    (this should make for some GREAT TV)

  7. In order to have a war, their has to be a cause worth fighting for. Black people are not going to fight cowards ruining white sheets because they feel superior ti black people. It all depends on how you define “superior.”

    Anyway, this who the FPD should be using their military geer on.

  8. I would love to see some of the domestic terrorist gunned down in the street. Rather they like it or not, there are still a lot more of us that actually are not unhinged by anger.

  9. It’s not a federal crime to transport weapons across state lines.

    A provision of the federal law known as the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, or FOPA, protects those who are transporting firearms for lawful purposes from local restrictions which would otherwise prohibit passage.

    Under FOPA, notwithstanding any state or local law, a person is entitled to transport a firearm from any place where he or she may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he or she may lawfully possess and carry it, if the firearm is unloaded and locked out of reach. In vehicles without a trunk, the unloaded firearm must be in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console. Ammunition that is either locked out of reach in the trunk or in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console is also covered.

  10. As someone not actually born in the US, I do not understand why these people are afraid to show their faces, why do they wear those silly nightdresses, they should wait a couple of months before they dress like ghosts at halloween.

  11. But readily accessible if you feel like becoming an irresponsible gun owner?

    BTW, taking them into Mexico isnt to bright either

  12. Oh bring it wussies with your faces hidden, since we have the National Guard on the ground. I would have to wonder if our white militarized police would use the same tactics on these white armed THUGS, as they have used on the protestors, or would they don their own sheets and join them?

  13. These bully boys are cowards who cannot do anything face to face or by themselves. it is always in a crowd of jokers.These guys know that what they do is evil so they try to keep their respectability while behaving like guttersnipes.What is necessary is a bottle of gasoline and a few matches to reveal all.

  14. All these Klaners and other racist idiots makes it hard to look away and see the best of America. These Racist a-holes who want a race war are the sloppingly drunk fools who would run at the sight of two Black Panthers walking through their neighborhood.
    They embarrass America. The world sees all of this.

  15. You know I noticed that FOX news celebrities: Hannity, O’Reilly and th4e FOX and Friends hosts, and a few others have not shown up in person in Ferguson. Other cable station celebrity show hosts have shown up in person on the streets in Ferguson. I wonder why? Hmmmm. You think Hannity would stand being roughed up and pelted with angry words? No he would not be able to cope. Only sitting at his desk in a studio he can feel brave enough to disparage that community. That goes for O’Reilly too. Maybe they will come with their Klan brother who are faking a walk by in Ferguson. Ha!

  16. The article is inflammatory. Does the KKK realize it will be out numbered and maybe out gunned ? Do they realize what a highly visible (and awesome) target a white sheet is ?

  17. Ah yes, but they aren’t going to wear their sheets into Ferguson. That would earn them immediate arrest & besides, they’re too CS to show who they are when they are outnumbered. They’ll just mingle with the protestors & start their mayhem, giving all the blame to the Protestors.

    Either way – with sheets, or without, they are repugnant cowardly criminals who must be stamped out.

  18. I can’t say a word to the wise. Because if you were really wise you wouldn’t be a Klu Kluxer. The police in Ferguson, will not be able to protect these cowards. They rely on police protection when they have their clown parades. Those knuckleheads going there will be like throwing gasoline on the fire.

  19. Transporting weapons for a “lawful” purpose is not a violation; such as hunting. But there’s nothing lawful about vigilantism. It’s why the Bundy militias from out of state should have, and could have been arrested for transporting weapons to commit sedition, interfere with federal agents etc. even before they arrived; simply because they announced why they were going.

    Why aren’t any of these gun maniacs and racist assholes working like the rest of us? They can’t hold a full time job if they’re rushing off to Ferguson, Bundy, or the border to play army men for extended periods.

  20. As soon as a large crowd of black people and other people surround them the cowards will scatter like the cockroaches they are when they are exposed.

    KKK are pussies who are scared dicks.

  21. There are many more of us than them. The feds should stand down and let the KKK go and the supermajority who have no time for this shit will overwhelm them and finally put the American Civil War to rest. It is time to for us to finally pass this turd.

  22. This is so amazing to me it is totally ridiculous. We are all Americans. If you want to be careful, watch out for Muslims and the Shirah Law they proport as necessary due to their religion. They have instigated and succeeded in so many countries, America may soon find itself faced with their pathetic beliefs. Let’s learn to get along with eachother, excluding radicals, and be ready to stand together in fighting a new regime.

  23. I would be far more careful watching out for christian fundamentalists. Far more dangerous then muslims in this country. They have their own sharia law

  24. They don’t have to bring their best sheets.

    I’d be most pleased to supply them with affordable waterproof plastic ones. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  25. The KKK is a joke. What you have are a group of people who have low self esteem. In order to feel good about themslves they project how they feel about themselves onto black people.
    A group is always more terrifying than a single person. I bet many of them work with non whites, but don’t dare say out loud what they would say within the group. There’s power in numbers. Alone, they are weak.

  26. Stupid is that stupid does. The KKK would be out gunned by at least a 1,000 to 1. Better have the local police chief call the National Guard for some body bags and a map to the nearest Confederate grave yard. In lighter news. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin who preached she would never allow Obama Care into Oklahoma. Applied to the federal Government for Obama care for the states poor.

  27. The justifying force behind the kaykaykay is that the founding fathers were white supremacists (educated and polite society of course). It is hard to deconstruct all of this in argument. The founding fathers were economic pragmatists. The Klan take it to a more fundamental level– they forget the economic crap. They simply reduce it to hatred. But they still relate to the founding fathers. To many it looks and sounds like justification. Our history is inescapable. It keeps reinfecting our society. Hatred is a powerful rallying force. It also likes to walk around incognito.

  28. There is a big element of truth in what you have written. It is amazing what comes out of the mouths of staunch church going right wingers. Constitutionally protected free speech provides a ready cover for bigotry. And many religious leaders are fanning the flames. Or remaining totally silent on social justice issues. But don’t get me started.

  29. What these morons fail to realize, among many things, is that they will eventually encounter an armed militia of blacks ready to protect themselves against the white supremist Nazis. Black can buy weapons and ammo too.

  30. I love the pass this turd imagery. It should go on demonstrators’ signs and bumper stickers. But who would demonstrate?

  31. Great, just what is needed…more fighting. The rioting is not making any sense, it is not helping anything at all, but either is more antagonists.

  32. It might happen all over but it is institutionalized in the South.

    The Red States want to wage war on minorities, women, the poor and Seniors, let ’em … in their own country. Just leave the rest of us alone.

    Of course, since the Blue States give more to the Federal gov’t than they get in return and and Red States get more than they give, financing their wonderland of hate might be difficult but that’s not our problem

  33. When your going to war you don’t usually announce it, you use the art of surprise, unless you’re looking for protection. In the very near future they will have a lot of hating to do, since the country will no longer be majority white. Their so worried about Latino’s coming here, when the major threat may be the number of people they welcome, who’s countries we’ve pissed off, like India and Pakistan. We’ve used drones hunting terrorist in both places with collateral damage.

  34. listen. im a white guy. I am so sick and tired of these white supremists and racists and the hate obsessed in this great nation. bring on the kkk. we will never stop hate unless we confront it head on and stomp it out unmercifully!

  35. I am cutting an pasting a part of the article from above:
    —The white supremacist group’s goal is to recruit new members and train them in armed combat, hand-to-hand combat, and survival skills to prepare them for the race war. The group is particularly anxious to recruit and train new members “to get our men and women ready the upcoming battle we’re about to take upon us;” the long-awaited race war. The racists look forward to the nation collapsing so Americans “can see the Klan take it back and make this nation the way it needs to be;” a white Aryan nation.—–

    They sound like the ISIS Jihadist who are rampaging across Syria and Iraq in their un-godly Holy war or genocide in order to create their Caliphate. The Ku-Kluxers here in this country are looking to do something similar, create their Aryan nation. WTF…..This is disgusting and shameful! Do they think that they are capable of that? Do they think that the “others…

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