Republican Reaction to Ferguson Shows They Cannot be Trusted to Govern America


Kevin Sorbo, not content to hate on atheists, has added blacks to his list by claiming that the protesters in Ferguson, MO, are “animals” and “losers.”

TV’s Hercules is starting to sound like Joe the Plumber, or Ted Nugent. And America, as you can see from the photo above, is starting to look like an American run by Ted Nugent.

Pictures, as they say, are worth a thousand words. In my thousand words then, I shall try to go deeper than this AP photo, or to at least provide some useful context.

“Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man. It’s an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are,” Sorbo wrote on Facebook, and that is certainly how the police sniper above seems to feel.

Sorbo’s Facebook post that has since been removed and replaced by an ” apology.”

The police have yet to apologize.

What Sorbo originally wrote was,

It is a tipping point to frustration built up over years of not trying, but blaming everyone else. The Man, for their failures. It’s always someone else’s fault when you give up.

That sounds like the House of Representatives to me. Sorbo has described John Boehner to a tee.

Sorbo said that the death of Mike Brown should serve as a “reminder to the African Americans that their president they voted in has only made things worse for them, not better.”

Their president. Not Sorbo’s.

And don’t get excited by his so-called apology. What he says is, “Yes. I am an idiot and do hold myself accountable for the way my post came off.”

Not what he felt, but how it came off. As apologies go, it’s not much of an apology. But then, what conservative apology is?

What Sorbo told TMZ is that he was, like politicians, “taken out of context”:

Like politicians always say, things are taken out of context,” he said. “Look, I’ve got plenty of friends from all races and all religions and all colors and all breeds. I’m hardly a racist.

Oh, I don’t know, I think the context was pretty clear. Much more telling was his previous claim that the protesters in Ferguson, MO, are “animals” and “losers.”

And for Sorbo, the media are “nothing more than agitators.”

The media promote chaos to boost their pathetic ratings. We should shut them all off and watch clips on the internet only when republished under fair use by a conservative media watchdog group.”

Oh boy. Sorbo is pumping in the Kool Aid via IV. He’s not even drinking it anymore. A conservative watch dog group. Really. Why bother when we have Fox News editing clips 24/7 to make Obama say things he never said.

We’ve already got Fox News’ expert assessment of Ferguson from a member of their Medical A-Team, Keith Ablow, who says Ferguson residents hate whites (heck, I’m white, and I’m beginning to hate me some whites too) and are psychologically suspect.

Sorbo’s suggestion is like suggesting we ask Joseph Goebbels to tell us about the Jews. Of course, that logic behind that no doubt sounds perfectly reasonable to conservatives, who love to ask the people responsible for America’s debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan to tell us how to solve the problems they created.

This is all disgusting.

Is it less disgusting than Ben Carson’s claim that it wasn’t the police who killed Mike Brown, but political correctness and the young man’s lack of a father figure? Carson, one of the GOP’s token blacks, wants the “agitators” and “criminals” in Ferguson punished, saying they need to “teach [their] children to respect authority.”

This is pretty much like Ted Nugent’s World Net Daily piece blaming liberalism for the death of Mike Brown, not conservative fueled racism, like his own. If President Obama is a sub-human mongrel to Nugent, what are the folks of Ferguson?

It’s a shame Kevin Sorbo again fails to see the extent to which Nugent’s column is an example of “blaming everyone else.”

Like Laura Ingraham, Carson praised Cliven Bundy and his gang of rebels. At that time, with a wealthy white man involved, it was important to “stand up against the government” and martial law was a sign of government oppression.

Carson also got with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax to compare the Ferguson protestors with Hamas. Crazy as it sounds to compare the people of Ferguson to Hamas, Carson told Malzberg that “political correctness is in the process of destroying this nation.”

So no, Kevin Sorbo is far from alone in demonizing the people of Ferguson, MO, who have lost not only some of their numbers to police bullets, but even their status as human beings. They have become not frustrated people dealing with rampant racism and oppression, but terrorists.

America’s conservatives have proved in the wake of the killing of Mike Brown that minorities will have no justice under Republican governance. They can expect to be controlled, however, and taught authority via tear gas and bullet.

Token blacks like the Quisling Ben Carson will cheer them on.

In Republican America, white folks are the real victims, particularly the fake-Christian variety, and every time conservative fueled hate results in another victim, Republicans know who to blame: liberals and the black victims themselves, who, we are told, are literally begging for the police to shoot them.

The sad truth is that Republicans could shoot Mike Brown, so in a collective sense, they did. They can’t shoot President Obama, though they’d like to, so they’ll settle for tearing America apart around him, suing him, impeaching him, and throwing him in prison where they have proven they think black men belong.

Republicans are outraged that in the wake of these egregious examples of racism that blacks in Ferguson are registering to vote, but the real impetus to vote comes not from liberals, but from the Republicans themselves, who have made the most compelling argument possible that they cannot be trusted to govern America.

29 Replies to “Republican Reaction to Ferguson Shows They Cannot be Trusted to Govern America”

  1. Republicans have shown themselves to be hate mongers and habitual liars who talk out both sides of their mouths. Not to be trusted with anything more than picking up dog poop in the backyard.

  2. the WHITE RACISTS ONLY party has shown once again why they will never be trusted! Hey Priebus , autopsy has shown again that you rebranding isn’t going so well because your party is still is (wait for it) RACIST AS HELL!

  3. As usual you are correct
    3rd stage:Dehumanization:”One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects, or diseases.”

  4. Apparently Sorbo, like Palin, is not getting the attention he so craves.

    “Clips on the internet only when republished under fair use by a conservative media watchdog group.”

    “Fair use”? Yep, so only conservatives have the only voice and shut down ANY opposition.

    I believe the same thing happened in Nazi Germany and in Russia under Communist rule and is now happening by the Muslim extremist.

    Poor Sorbo, poor Palin, they think they are relevant. And to some degree they are, if only to make people see to what lengths these people would go to rule us and our very thoughts.

  5. What does it say about Sorbo that he wants us all under the thrall of Fox News? He is content to be lied to on a daily basis?

    I think what Sorbo says is systemic of people who have far too much money and far too little gray matter where it counts

  6. It’s amazing how blatantly racist some people can be and they still look you straight in the eye and say they are not racist, and I think they really believe what they are saying. It just leaves me once again SMDH. Unbelievable.

  7. I am pleased to see the people of Ferguson
    registering to vote, I bet that makes the rethugs cringe. I just hope they do not try
    to stop them.

  8. Conservatives look at EVERY situation and issue in term of in line or against their ideology. That is their SOLE criteria. Double standards are thus welcome!

  9. What is it about religion that brings these people out of the wood work?

    You have Sorbo saying he is a Christian, yet calls blacks “animals” and wants only conservatives to rule the airwaves. You have sister Sarah being prayed over by some “minister” from Africa to protect her from witches. You have people like G. W. Bush telling the French president that Iraq is like Sodom and Gomorrah and saying he was “ordained by God” to be president. Ted Nugent? His brain is fried by drugs and booze. And we are suppose to listen to him?

    If this is religion, I want no part of it. As far as I am concerned this is bat caca crazy.

  10. I believe Sorbo believes that a brainwashed people are a kinder, gentler, easier-to-control people – for the one-percenters, a group he believes he’s a member of.

    The man is insane in the membrane.

  11. Sorbo is NO Christian. He’s the anti-Christian who subscribes to doing the exact opposite of what is expected of Christians. You can say he’s part of the Anti-Christ movement infesting this globe.

    But one thing’s for certain – being another RWer, Sorbo believes that religion is a tool to control people with and to have them do his bidding (since he fantasizes himself to be part of the one-percenters).

    RWers still long for the days of White man with a whip on a horse (the wealthy and well-connected today), and PoC (everyone not a member of the wealthy and well-connected of today) picking cotton in the fields in the hot blazing sun daring not to complain.

  12. Sorbos does have one thing right, though – the media on both sides has a tendency to fan the flames of divisiveness, and in so doing urges more and more donations to whichever party and whichever candidate the reader happens to buy into – relative to media spin. As a liberal, I truly would like to see our journalists never intentionally and maliciously take any person’s words out of context. We are under no obligation to participate in the conservative vitriol – especially when we are being baited. I am certain there is a better approach. As the smarter side, let’s take it.

  13. Justice Ginsburg: America Has A ‘Real Racial Problem’

    The Supreme Court was “once a leader in the world” in combating racial discrimination, according to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “What’s amazing,” she added, “is how things have changed.”

    Ginsburg, who was one of America’s top civil rights attorneys before President Carter appointed her to the federal bench in 1980, spoke at length with the National Law Journal‘s Marcia Coyle in an interview that was published Friday. In that interview, she lays out just how much the Court’s outlook on race has changed since she was arguing women’s equality cases before it in the 1970s.
    Read More

  14. Sorbo must have reasoned that his audience would include religious blacks, and he didn’t want his box office receipts to suffer because blacks boycotted his movie. But situational ethics makes Jesus puke. He knows when an apology is sincere, and Sorbo’s wasn’t.

  15. Everything you say may be right but we have tried the better approach with conservatives/teabaggers and look where we are at. Our rights have been taken away. Our wages are falling etc etc

    The Reich does not take any prisoners. They will lie and lie till even sane people start believing it. This is the both sides doing it argument which isn’t true but if we are to save ourselves, rights and Country then we better be prepared to play by their rules.

    I know people say the meek shall inherit the Earth, well we don’t have that long to wait for that to happen because by the time they are finish, their will be no Earth to inherit

  16. “As a liberal, I truly would like to see our journalists never intentionally and maliciously take any person’s words out of context.”

    That wasn’t the case here, at all. Sorbo’s words were reported verbatim. So your “both sides do it” frame doesn’t work here.

  17. I believe we’ve seen elements of the fourth and fifth as well: so far, not so much from the federal government as from extragovernmental and local sources. For crap’s sake, vote!!!

  18. there is no way I would trust my country again to RATpubliKKKans ! All they do is LIE and CHEAT the American People . I Believed “W”Bush when we invaded Iraq a second time because he said Hussein was responcible for 9/11 . Then I found out we invaded Iraq because they wanted to steal their oil and minerals and make BILLIONS more for Halliburton stockholders . A lot of bleeding heart fellow Dems get mad at me when I refer to the GOP as “RATpubliKKKans” But I don´t care anymore because that best describes them and their LYING and CHEATING ! They blame the state of our economy on the poor and un-employed saying they are lazy but it´s been their B.S. theory´s about Trickle down econ. and tax breaks for the rich and 2 wars that they started that´s what´s breaking America and their hate ! They say they are Christian but their ways are anything but . They are LIARS and CHEATERS and to me THEY ARE RATpubliKKKans !

  19. I’m currently reading “Christian Nation”, that speculative novel about the stealth activities of the dominionist evangelical movement in the post-millennial decade leading up to the 2008 election, and what would have been our nation’s future had the McCain/Palin campaign been successful.

    I’m about one-third through “Christian Nation”, and already some real-world events are echoing the scary fantasy world described in the book.

    I wish average Americans weren’t so clueless about American politics and some of the right-wing/theocratic subterranean machinations going on these past few years (disclaimer: I myself was pretty clueless for a good part of my adulthood, including the Reagan years).

  20. Republican Reaction to Ferguson Shows They Cannot be Trusted to Govern America

    That’s about to be put to the test.
    Grand Jury in Michael Brown Killing: 3 Blacks, 9 Whites

    The grand jury that is hearing evidence in the Michael Brown shooting death has one black man and two black women on the panel, and six white men and three white women.
    The Post-Dispatch reported Wednesday that the grand jury had three black people, but the gender information is new. The gender information was supplied by Paul Fox, director of judicial administration for St. Louis County Circuit Court.

  21. Can’t understand how women, poor, gay, black, Christian, smart or young, can even think about voting for a Repub. Don’t they understand that the Repubs do NOT care about them! They are tearing this country apart.

  22. His loose mouth and stupid comments are the #1 reason neither I, nor many other Black Americans, will ever cast a vote for Carson should he ever win the nomination for POTUS. It would be interesting seeing him win the nomination and having the GOPTP discover that he picks up less than 5% of the black vote. Maybe then the b*stards will stop pushing the lie that most of us voted for Pres. Obama because he’s black. Maybe then they’ll understand that we’re less likely to vote for a pol on the basis of race than many of them are. Maybe then they’ll stop embarrassing themselves, clean up their act, stop demonizing everyone who disagrees with them and make up their minds to move forward into the future with the rest of us. I wouldn’t vote for one of today’s GOPTPers if I were paid $1 Million dollars in cash at the voting booth because I will never I sell my country down the river by supporting their disastrous, soul-crushing policies/ideas.

  23. And this government is worried about ISIS in Iraq. They need to be worried about the enemy within,the extreme right of the republican party.

  24. Black Americans I hope come out and vote in record percentages come November because that is their best weapon to fight back against entrenched racism.

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