John McCain Loses His Mind By Calling On Obama To Do “Stupid Stuff” In The Middle East


On Fox News Sunday, Sen. John McCain criticized President Obama for refusing to do stupid stuff in the Middle East. McCain said, “No more don’t do stupid stuff.” In other words, McCain claimed that the US can defeat ISIS by doing stupid things.


Sen. McCain said,

The president has got to come forward with a cohesive, comprehensive strategy, not only in Iraq, but also in Ukraine also in other parts of the world. This is an administration which the kindest word I can use is feckless where they have not outlined a role that the United States of America has to play, and that’s a leadership role.

No more leading from behind. No more don’t do stupid stuff. No more tell Vladmir that I’m going to be more flexible if I’m reelected , when I’m reelected. The United States, the president has to understand that America must lead, and when America hasn’t a lot of bad things happen in the world. This is not like the earthquake in San Francisco. All of this could have been avoided like leaving a residual force in Iraq, and obviously the challenges now are much greater than it would have been when the president made the decision not to leave a residual force in Iraq among other things.

What McCain was directly advocating was for President Obama to do stupid stuff in the Middle East. Specifically, he wants to see troops on the ground in Iraq. Sen. McCain retold the same lie from two weeks ago when he blamed Obama for Bush’s decision not to leave troops in Iraq. George W. Bush signed the Status Of Forces agreement that paved the way for combat troops leaving Iraq. A residual force was not left behind because the Iraqi government refused to give US troops immunity from local prosecution.

The Iraqi government and the Iraqi people wanted the Americans out, so they demanded a deal breaker condition in the SOF agreement. Without local immunity, US troops could be legally arrested and imprisoned in Iraq. Any president would have to be insane, or John McCain, to agree to those conditions.

Sen. McCain was claiming that the way to defeat terrorists is to do stupid things, like sending American troops into a ground war that ISIS is trying to bait the US into. McCain rejected Obama’s direct targeting of terrorists. Instead he want to provide the terrorists with American targets on the ground by sending troops back to Iraq.

McCain’s comments on Fox News Sunday were an example of the mainstream media’s “foreign policy expert” in action. John McCain is trying to rattle the country into another Middle East war, and the media are going along with him because they think that he is good television. John McCain is reckless warmonger who won’t be satisfied until American troops are back to bleeding and dying on Iraqi soil.

John McCain is the mainstream foreign policy voice of the Republican Party, which why it is ridiculous to think that these people will ever nominate someone like Rand Paul in 2016. If Rand Paul wants the nomination, he is going to have become a lot more like John McCain, because do stupid stuff is foreign policy platform of the Republican Party.

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  1. A residual force in Iraq would have meant nothing. This proves McShame should not be on the Armed forces committee
    ISL exists because the moron running Iraq refused to include their religious political party into the government as equals. And a residual force would not have been able to stop it without another huge influx of American troops.

    Just what McLame wants. Send that old wannabe bagger off to lead the military from the front lines

  2. Stupid Old Man! Needs to STFU and retire already. So sick of his bitterness over being rejected by the majority of Americans.

  3. People like John McCain are playing right into the hands of the groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. I’m fairly sure that Osama Bin Laden was the one that said they would draw us out around the world until they caused us to be so spread out that we couldn’t do anything and that that would break us both militarily and financially.

    These terrorist groups know they can’t take us on head-to-head so they use fools like McCain and the other warmongers to get us to do what they want us to do.

    I hope the American public has had enough of war to stop listening to these idiots. Of course, I know the right-wing will never have enough intelligence to do otherwise, but I think we progressives are larger in number if we use our vote.

    If we vote in large enough numbers, we may just get the attention of some of these political cowards that call themselves our leaders, and they may actually start standing up for common-sense and the American ideal.

  4. Maybe McInsane should take the Presidents advise for a change about don’t do stupid stuff like taking selfies with ISIL

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  5. What a damn blowhard. I mean, why make the same mistake twice?

    Last time our country had troops on the ground in Iraq, it was a total mess. Why repeat history?

  6. John McCain is the perfect example of someone doing stupid stuff. John McCain actually picked Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. What else is there to say about this mans judgement? In my opinion. Can we actually “trust” him any longer?

  7. Translate every McCain appearance on TV –
    to I lost the election and I just hate the pres and I will stamp my feet so there!

  8. Isn’t he in the midst of a slow brain bleed, like the running mate that he unleashed on the civilized world in 2008?

  9. See this is why people are fed up the ALEC bought media. Why don’t one of these talking heads bring up a simple fact like that and then pivot to why should people trust your judgment when it was you that gave the nation that STD, the grifter from Wasilla

  10. Pay no attention to John McSane,he’s been SOS (stuck on stupid) since he chose ScArah
    PayMe as a VP & I often wonder where would we be?

  11. You cant make this shit up
    Sen. John McCain blasts Obama’s foreign policy on Fox News, contrasts it with California earthquake

    “The president has to understand that America must lead and, when American hasn’t, a lot of bad things happen,” McCain told host Chris Matthews.

    “This is not like the earthquake in San Francisco,” he said. “All of this could have been avoided, like leaving a residual behind force in Iraq. And obviously the challenge is now much greater than it would have been.”

    So now earthquakes are Obamas fault. Head hits desk

  12. What a bitter cranky sore loser –still. Shut up, McCain, and crawl into one of your numerous homes.

    Hang in there and take care, everyone.

    All the best,


    Warren G. Richards
    Advocate, Socio-political Writer

  13. I think he means the up/down votes. If you notice not one has been accepted on any of the articles today. I Agree=0 No way=0.

  14. A residual American force in Iraq would have become targets for every faction in Iraq (except perhaps the Kurds). As pointed out, the conditions the Iraqis demanded for a SOF agreement would have been impossible for any American president to sign, and to leave troops in Iraq without a SOF would have been equivalent to an act of war against the very government we set up. McCain needs to find a nice retirement hobby that doesn’t involve being in government.

  15. I hope that was sarcasm, dude… because I remember what happened pretty well. We were not liberators. In fact, we kind of made things worst.

  16. According to iCasualties, the total number of allied service members killed in Afghanistan is now 3468

    So McInsane how much more do we have to pay the butchers bill to satisfy your bloodlust?

  17. would someone please show me the part of the U.S. Constitution that says we need to police the world and solve every international conflict.

  18. PF checked McCain’s claim that Pres. Obama didn’t want to leave a residual force in Iraq and it’s no surprise that PF ruled he’s lying.

    Any American who buys the BS that only the president is supposed to decide what military action to take is very ignorant. The powerless act they put on on TV is to cover for their cowardice. They’re lying through their teeth. The Constitution grants them many more powers to make military decisions than it does any president. They only get away with telling this lie because too many Americans don’t know how the federal government operates. Iran sent tanks into Iraq today to counter ISIS. McCain should have been with them since he’s itching for war.

  19. Come on! We’re better than this! Headline is a little silly. Taking an advantage of an obvious play on words by McCain. Substance of article validly criticizes McCain but headline is misleading and juvenile. Still love this paper, but I don’t want us to be silly or misleading like Fox News!

  20. I feel it is important to say that I’m so glad for my first vote for POTUS. I can’t imagine how badly our country would be if there had been or still was a President John McCain. We surely have dodged a bullet by leaving the old man in the senate. Too bad he does not retire.

  21. Why doesn’t little Johnny McCain, just stay in Arizona and help those good folks out there? From what I have seen in that state….well you can tell the republicans are running it. People there…are starting to say….”Wait a minute, all of those promises by the rightwing…are they going to happen in our life time???”.

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