Don’t Laugh But Rand Paul Thinks Democrats Are Afraid Of Him

Rand Paul Claims Democrats Are Afraid Of Him

Delusion can be added to the list of issues that plague Rand Paul after the Kentucky senator claimed that Democrats are afraid of him.


Here is what Paul said during a taped interview on Meet The Press, “I think that’s what scares the Democrats the most, is that in a general election, were I to run, there’s going to be a lot of independents and even some Democrats who say, ‘You know what? We are tired of war. We’re worried that Hillary Clinton will get us involved in another Middle Eastern war because she’s so gung ho.'”

The problem for Rand Paul is that the 2016 election isn’t going to be about foreign policy. 2016 is going to be about jobs and the economy. The other big issue that Paul has is that the establishment of his own party isn’t going to support his pseudo-isolationist talk. The Republican Party is still defending the Iraq war and arguing that Obama should be doing more in Iraq.

It is doubtful that the Republican Party will suddenly throw away their neo-con tendencies and rally behind Rand Paul. Sen. Paul’s rise is the byproduct of the fact that most of the top tier Republican candidates are under either investigation or indictment. Democrats would love to run against Rand Paul. Hillary Clinton, or whoever the Democratic nominee is will have a field day with Rand Paul’s record.

The old Democrats are afraid of me trick is something that Republicans pull out when they need to reassure the base that they aren’t too radical, but Sen. Paul represents nothing new or different from the Republican Party. He blamed “big government” for the violence in Ferguson. He talks a good game on the war on drugs US intervention, but those positions run counter to the majority opinion in his own party.

A Rand Paul nomination would cause many Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton. The more likely outcome for 2016 is that an establishment Republican will emerge that the party leadership will rally around. Democrats aren’t afraid of Rand Paul at all. They would love to take him on, but the Republican Party itself is unlikely to give Democrats the chance.

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  1. He has no chance to win a state Romney lost.

    He won’t get 45% of the women’s vote.

    He won’t get 27% of the Latino vote.

    Bring it on mofeaux

  2. Paul has the typical right wing false sense of self importance. He has NO idea of the contempt many people have for him and He believes his own bullshit…Romney is exactly the same. These guys never talk or even meet people other than their own cheerleaders and they have NO clue about what real people need and think.

  3. Poor Guy is just so needy. It seems that not more then two days go by and he is trying anything to get attention. He reminds me of a 3 yr old.

  4. Republicans and delusional thinking go hand-in-hand.

    Republicans and delusional thinking are like ice and tea.

    Republicans and delusional thinking are like peanut butter and jelly.

    Republicans and intelligent thinking are like oil and water.

  5. So, again, he pulls his examples from published works. Paul names both Fargo and Keene NH – both of which are named specifically in an Economist article from March of 2014. Does this guy ever do his own work? Afraid of him? Only if I publish something.

    “These programmes provide useful defensive equipment, such as body armour and helmets. But it is hard to see why Fargo, North Dakota—a city that averages fewer than two murders a year—needs an armoured personnel-carrier with a rotating turret. Keene, a small town in New Hampshire which had three homicides between 1999 and 2012, spent nearly $286,000 on an armoured personnel-carrier known as a BearCat.”

  6. Yea, right,
    Democrats are afraid of a little guy,
    who almost chocked on his hamburger
    when he was approached by a couple of
    teenaged DREAMers, and scurried away
    like a CockRoach runs when the light
    goes on.

  7. Dont forget there are people who will vote for the guy that says “Liberty”.

    And dont forget that guy saying “Liberty” means liberty for corporations. You do of course have the liberty to sue the corps when they pollute you.

    Good luck

  8. I don’t know that I’m afraid of Randy but that creature that lives on his head scares the Bejebus outta me.

  9. You know, as a Democrat… I’m not really all that afraid of Paul largely because the Right has nobody worth a damn to throw out there that is a reasonable human being.

    See, that what separates liberals and conservatives in this nation: Liberals actually care about this nation while conservatives care when it fits their ideals.

  10. Paul will never win the American Taliban Nomination and if he did it would destroy that party and here are my reasons.

    1. That clown car is made up of three parts. The religious kooks, the business class and the neo cons.

    2.The religious kooks. As Randbo like to remind us he is a libertarian and government has no right to dictate social or moral policy. You see where this would lead to.

    3.The business class: Business elites want low taxes and lax regulation, but they also want corporate welfare, countercyclical spending, and a strong interventionist Federal Reserve. Being a libertarian that goes against everything they believe in

    3.The Neo cons.Want an interventionist foreign policy, large defense budgets, and support mass surveillance and brutality towards terrorism suspects. Everything Paul is against,as of today.

    There is no way he could pull that coalition together and stay true to his belief’s.

    Then again Paul is a big fat liar so what do I know

  11. How about his problem that he can’t run for President and re-election as a Senator from KY at the same time and a Dem legislature isn’t going to bend the rules for him. Sorry Charlie, just spinning your hillbilly wheels here.

  12. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahhahahahahahhaHahHhHhHhHahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahah!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I just had to do that.

  13. Have never been afraid of ignorance and never will be. Facts trump ignorance, and the democrats have all the facts and history on their side. What is he smoking?

  14. As for me, I’m bored by RP. Bored from seeing him pander to the audience he’s speaking to at a particular time and by him contorting himself into so many different forms on the same issue in an attempt to deceive enough voters into helping him reach his goal of being POTUS. He’s probably a competent ophthalmologist, but he sucks bad as a politician, real bad. He thinks Americans #1 concern is foreign policy and national security when it’s economics. If he thinks a majority of us will ignore his belief in trickle-down economics, his willingness to legislate American women’s vaginas/uterii, and his callous disregard for the poor, the sick, and the elderly, he’s nuts. This is the same guy who would block grant Medicaid, privatize Medicare, and raise the age requirement for Social Security. He’s also the guy who doesn’t have a plan to replace Obamacare, which he has stated he wants repealed. Imo, he’s a one trick political pony with an over-inflated sense of himself.

  15. So this is the other end of the spectrum of crazy commentators. The Blaze comment section is just as crazy.

    Anyways, Both democrats and Republicans are scared of Rand paul. And Rightfully so. Lots of his policies counteract the self-serving policies they have tried to make a status quo among both parties.

    While Rand Paul may not be elected president, Several interests on both sides are scared because the attention he receives will dictate how other politicians act/vote. Which, in the end, may matter more than winning an election.

  16. Yep we’re scared of ole Rand alright. But dont over estimate his influence, no one pays that much attention to him.

    Like his old man, he is all for corporate liberty

  17. Similar to a recent Comment I saw:
    “I was a Page for Jimmy Carter long ago. I asked Pres. Carter WHY he was a Democrat?
    He said, I know the Republicans Love America…but it is the Democrats who actually Love the American People”.

    Dems should show that to voters!

  18. Beware! Criticisms of the “Chosen Son” on some Public Forums triggers a Danger! signal and alerts LIB/Mole moderators that this story and it’s posters must be removed under any possible pretext.
    Libertarianism isn’t much for the “liberty” to be opposed to Libertarianism Theory..and really don’t like people pointing it out…

  19. Well….I for one think, that Mr. Paul and that weasel pelt he wears as a hair piece…believe that they are doing all right!!. Well, let Paul and hair prosthesis think that, eventually, it will dawn on him, like it did Mitt Womney, that they, as politicals, in the US, are NOT at all LIKED.

    Where do those clowns get the to run and campaign??? All of that money spent, for a job that pays…how much?

    Sign me,
    Tired of it all…………..

  20. Don’t laugh, but the American people think Rand Paul is a GOP joke TWERP liar. He is only important in his own mind.

  21. Dandy Randy thinks he is superior to others. He just another classless guy with a feral animal on his scalp. He likes to hear himself spout all the plagiarised nonsense he spews. My Grandsons hamster has better qualities then he does. Unbelievable how far money and lack of intelligence will get you. A so called professional who has to start his own Medical Board Certification Program is a true sham artist. He even thinks he is above the AMA. Does he ever concentrate on the job his people sent him there to do? I doubt it,he’s a tea bagger.

  22. This review is spot on. I would love for Rand Paul to run. He supported gov’t shut down, he opposed gender wage-gap, he supports off-shore tax-evading accounts, he supports de-unionizing the education system to put more White men in management positions. Plus, he is a plagiarizing flip flopper. He even flipped on his position about military intervention in Iraq. Rand isn’t someone new. He even endorsed GOP RINO Mitch McConnell over the Tea Potty favorite Matt Bevin. I would love for Rand to run in 2016.

  23. Which of Rand Paul’s views listed below “counteract the self-serving policies”? He supported gov’t shut down, he opposed gender wage-gap, he supports off-shore tax-evading accounts, he supports de-unionizing the education system to put more White men in management positions. Plus, he is a plagiarizing flip flopper. He even flipped on his position about military intervention in Iraq. Rand isn’t someone new. He even endorsed GOP RINO Mitch McConnell over the Tea Potty favorite Matt Bevin.

  24. Yes Curly we are all scared…but only by the evil little clown toys in your head. His arched eyebrows look sculpted and are one step away from the hand painted McDonald’s arches that adorned the forehead of many a strange but affable auntie a lot of us had as a child.

  25. This man showed no emotion while fixing those poor folks eyes. He is a hard person to figure out. Great thing that he did for that farmer who had severe cataracts removed but he has no ability to show genuine emotion. Scary!

  26. The big corporations would hate a Libertarian government. Less regulations that favor them over smaller competitors, less subsidies, less influence.

  27. That’s why I hope Randbo runs and wins the American Taliban nomination. It will destroy what’s left of that cesspool of idiots

  28. On the contrary, corporations would be king under libertarians. No taxes, no regulations, no accountability

  29. I don’t think so. When I read what they the libertarians would do with federal fiscal policy to me that would scare the bejesus out of me if I was a corporation

  30. Well Ron Paul was 100% all for getting rid of all regulations. If they polluted you, you could always sue them. If you got hurt on the job you could sue them. No taxes on them, all on the people

  31. Not sure Hillary should be afraid, but I do think Rand Paul is less hawkish on foreign affairs.

    I am sure the GOP will do everything they can to make sure he doesn’t win their nomination though…just for this reason alone.

    Even on spending cuts they won’t want him, because he is serious about them….unlike the rest of the GOP.

    The GOP loves big spending and using their guns.

  32. “put more White men in management positions”

    To be fair…are you guessing that this is his reason for de-unionizing…or did he say that was his reason?

    Even if he is wrong, I’ll bet it is not that simplistic.

    “even endorsed GOP RINO Mitch McConnell over the Tea Potty favorite Matt Bevin”

    should he have endorsed the tea-party guy?

    I think we should try to avoid attacks without real substance…and just assuming the wrong motives…..

    We don’t want to be like FOX news.

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