John Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Will Cost Taxpayers $500/Hour In Attorney Fees


Taxpayers should be outraged. It was revealed today that John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama will cost the American people $500 an hour in attorney fees.

According to Frank Thorp of NBC News, the contract for the law firm that Boehner hired to represent the House in his lawsuit against President Obama will cost taxpayers $500/hour.

Thorp tweeted:

Democratic Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel ripped Boehner in a statement, “This outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars is yet another reminder of House Republicans’ misguided priorities. Only in John Boehner’s world does it make sense to pay lawyers $500 per hour to work on a partisan lawsuit while refusing to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 for hardworking Americans trying to feed their families.”

This is an absurd waste of money. House Republicans have been blocking an extension of unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed since January because they claim that it is too expensive, but the Speaker is spending more on one hour of legal representation that it would cost in many parts of the country to give an unemployed American their benefits back for a week.

The cost of Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama has been a closely guarded secret. House Republicans have repeatedly refused to say how much the lawsuit will cost in total, but it is estimated that it will add up to millions of dollars. People need to remember that this frivolous lawsuit represents everything that House Republicans stand for.

The lawsuit will be thrown out of court, but before it is, it will cost taxpayers millions of dollars that could have been used to create jobs, help veterans, or restore benefits to the unemployed. John Boehner is interested in doing what the American people want. His only purpose is to waste taxpayer money with gimmicks that he hopes will keep House Republicans in power.

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  1. When their bogus, frivolous lawsuit is thrown out House republicans should be forced to pay those legal fees out of their own pockets instead of John Q Public paying for it.

  2. I am still waiting… for Obama to go on the attack. We are angry. We have no public voice. We wait for Obama to give that voice.

    We wait.
    …we wait
    … … we wait

  3. Americans should be appalled that Republicans last session passed $1 trillion in tax breaks for corporations and the rich. Americans should be appalled that elected officials at all levels from city, state and nation are giving away over 50% of our tax revenues to corporations and the rich. Last year legislation was passed to increase tax free inheritance increase from $1 million to $5 million and reduce taxes on balance from 50% to 35%, resulting in death tax savings for 1200 people in the amount of $40 billion. San Francisco told the people they didn’t have $3 million to take care of the homeless but they gave away $55 million to Twitter. This is criminal and needs to be stopped at all levels.

  4. WELFARE for the 1%

    Where you at baggers? Oh I get it that’s good welfare because we can relate to those makers

  5. Not with my money, they’d better not.. I never asked for it in the first so they’d better get it from the Kochs or whoever they are stroking now. And I hope they remember to swallow.

  6. The TPGOPers should have to foot the bill for the full cost of this action as well as the costs of the prior Government shutdown and any future costs via shutdowns.
    All property of theirs should be confiscated until all debts owed are paid in full. Time to play hardball.

  7. Why should the taxpayers have to foot the bill for what 1 man decides is what the people want? He wants to sue let him pay for it. I see no reason for my tax $ to be spent on something I have no problem with.

  8. These mofos already owe $24billion for the shut down and serve office for the rich & the rich only and maybe he should ask some of his rich friends to pay the bills. and I am sick & tired of being sick & tired while muddling through this madness.PLEASE VOTE THIS GARBAGE OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT!

  9. The stupid FN games these bought off politicians play with America; they are more dangerous to our way of life than any external terrorist organization ;these traitors need to be stopped.

  10. Just what I was thinking John. also wonder why we the tax payers should be held responsible for a republican law suite, that we do not want. The rethugs were voted out on the last two elections, it should be republican’s who pay. Not the majority. Take it out of their pay which they do nothing for. Out of the republican money stash, anything except the tax payer……

  11. Wow! Mr. Boehner, created a JOB. Is this part of our austerity program???

    Where is the “Pay For” money coming from this time, the homeless? children programs?

    How well do you sleep at night?????

  12. I sleep very well thank you. After a hard day of doing nothing I like to relax with Johnny Walker black. Stay thirsty my friends

  13. He has protested it. I am not sure what else you expect. He has his hands full with doing the work that he was elected to do plus congress is on a break.

  14. “Only in John Boehner’s world does it make sense to pay lawyers $500 per hour to work on a partisan lawsuit while refusing to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 for hardworking Americans trying to feed their families.”

    Great article. The above sentence says it all when it comes to Republican priorities. When are the Republicans going to pay for stealing billions from average taxpayers while giving the rich even more money.


  15. This lawsuit is nothing more than a publicity stunt since congress cannot sue on behalf of the American people. They have to demonstrate harm TO THEMSELVES, not the public.

    This is high priced advertising paid for by the taxpayers and certain to be dropped after the November elections. It is also a vendetta,revenge.

    The irrational hatred of Obama has gotten so out of hand and yet the average TPub will claim that they are a part of the “fiscally responsible” party. WHAT??? The current crop of conservatives can in no way be considered “fiscally responsible.”

    Just because they cut off needed aid to the poor does not mean any money is actually being saved. They just spend it on other things. But if the national debt goes up or taxes are raised it will still Obama’s fault, according to them.

    I can guarantee that to the average “Joe” TPub will think $500 an hour is no big deal because they want to punish the President. Simple really.

  16. I cant except to say I have read something about this. The suit will take a different tack and the harm thing will not come into play

  17. Just wait. Six months from now, the law firm will submit a bill for 10,000 hours of “legal services”.

    John Bonehead will pay the bill.

    The law firm will then donate a few million
    to the Rethuglycant party.

    Everyone WINS. Except the Taxpayers.

  18. $500 for a lawyer to peddle this horse puckey?

    Dude, if I had $500 to spend, I’d spend it on something that will help the economy, like buying a new video game or some food.

    Not for some half assed hare brained scheme that’s destined to fail.

  19. This lawsuit is NOT representative of the American people, but of the pseudo-representatives. They are the millionaires and should be using THEIR MONEY not ours. They don’t speak for me but for their own agenda — to give the USA a major shaft towards her demise!

  20. Absolutely! The American people did not bring this lawsuit, the tbag/thugs did. Let them pay for it out of their own pockets. They want a lawsuit, they pay for it, just like any other American would have to do. There must be a way to stop us from having to pay for their political hatred.


  21. Shiva:
    You seem to have a finger on much information.
    There are more of us then them. So, and I know this from experience. When a Congressman or Senator receives much mail on a certain subject, they do respond. They really fear the anger of voters. I also know that to get to Boneheads office is rather a tough thing to do. But we, all of us could make a big difference if we sent enough e-mails to his office, it might make a difference.
    Anyone have an easier way to get to bonheads office? then send and send more.

  22. Don’t think I am just blowing in the wind. My Daughter worked in Washington at a Congressman’s office for a number of years. Mail does work….

  23. We are letting these screwballs get away with way too much BS. They are trying to give their constituents the image that they are the government. No. We are the government and they are the employees elected to work for us. They don’t work for us. They are working for the wealthy. The majority in Congress on both sides was ruled exempt from the laws against insider trading. They can’t be arrested for doing it and with the help of Big Banks, Big Pharmas, Wall Street, and the big corporations known as “people”, CEOs and financial big wigs wrote the bill together that exempts them. When they wrote bills these big shots wanted passed it was always concerning something that would make a particular stock to up. This is according to an article by Whiteout Press dated March 13, 2012 which I’ll attach in a separate comment.
    We really need to demand that all of Congress stop playing with our tax dollars and use them only for we the people and for our nation’s infrastructure.

  24. If I remember right there was a cap on the amount that could be spent and when I read the article it hit me as very low. I believe that the cap was 350000. I suspect that it will go way higher through loopholes in the agreement.

  25. This my biggest complaint about the President, he doesn’t want to sully history by engaging these idiots . Now more than ever he needs to find his loud voice and take it to the streets every day.

  26. gsb, your comment may work with a lot of representatives. However, my two Democratic Senators from California, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both blocked my emails when I wrote to complain about Republican Senators taking bribes from the Koch Brothers. That really showed me that our Congress, or a lot of it considering the outward behavior of so many, is entirely disinterested in we the people. I now only write to Senator Bernie Sanders because he seems to be the most vocal concerning matters that concern us. I hope he will run for President. He has said that if he runs it will be on the Democratic ticket. His state has the highest ratings of any in many categories.
    If we could just get the Tea Party banned it would help considerably. We’re up against some really heartless creatures whose greed overwhelms our love for our planet. We need to band together and start the bickering they desire to keep going while they continue their overtaking of the government with the Oligarchy.

  27. ” we really need to demand all of Congress stop playing with our tax dollars and use them only for we the people and our nations infrastructure” A big AMEN to that Richard. I read the articles you posted, I find it rather telling none of the teabaggers names seem to be on the list? Was this by chance or something else?Listening to any one of them , we all know they are not honest. Lien Ryan and Romney certainly weren’t. Lien Ryan is still at it, as is the famous Gov of Wis.
    So what to do? still say tons of mail from many voters does the job…..FLOOD THE OFFFICES. We might just drown them..

  28. I too agree that Sanders may make a good Pres. I fear though that if he does launch a campaign, he will not gain enough support from the money people and then will split the Dem vote, making a way for another rethug teabagger to gain the White house, the Senate and the House of Rep.
    That, may be the end of all freedom when they install the theocratic from of Gov and wars they salivate over.

  29. I suggest we take the money from Boehner’s Alcohol and Cigarette Account to pay for these fees. Certainly there is enough there.

  30. Actually, if he wants to sue someone, HE should pay the legal fees by himself…PERIOD. Why should my tax dollars be forced to pay for HIS lawyers when no one pays for my lawyer but me?

  31. 1) House Republicans have already wasted 14 million taxpayer dollars on Benghazi investigations. 2) The Ranking Members of the House Ways & Means Comm. & Oversight released a letter from IRS Comm.documenting the signif- icant funds expended by the IRS in responding to Congressional inquiries to date, including $8 million in direct costs and an additional $6 million to $8 million to add capacity to information technology systems to process materials to investigator. 3)The government shutdown has taken at least $24 billion out of the United States economy, the financial ratings agency Standard & Poor’s said Wed.

    Could someone please tell me what Republicans consider conservative? They certainly are not when it comes to spending OUR money!

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