Obama’s Return From Vacation Means More Executive Action Is Coming


President Obama is back from vacation, which means that whether Republicans like it or not more executive action is coming.

The Hill reported,

Obama’s two weeks on Martha’s Vineyard were plagued by dual crises, in Iraq and in Ferguson, Mo. But his break was also something of a blackout period for news about actions the White House is weighing on immigration reform and so-called corporate “inversions,” a business maneuver companies use to reduce their tax burdens.

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Obama will be in Washington for just one full week before departing on a trip to Estonia and Wales in early September to reassure NATO allies amid conflict with Russia.

Obama announced in June that he would take action on immigration “before the end of summer.”

The president came back to the White House during his vacation for updates on the situations in Ferguson, but also it has been widely assumed to start planning for more executive action. The president has no public events this week and will be in meetings.

With another potential government shutdown looming, Washington could be dominated by the fight over the length of the next continuing resolution. The only way that anything will get done between now and Election Day will be if the president can do it himself. Obama should announce executive action on immigration before the government funding dispute kicks into high gear. Congress is only scheduled to be in session for 12 days over the next two months. The odds of this Congress passing anything beyond a new CR are exactly zero.

The president could throw a wrench into the entire election with major executive action. Over the next few weeks, it looks like that action is coming, and the political ramifications could be huge.

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