Rick Perry Takes a Break from Bullying Texans to Attack Obama

So the indicted Rick Perry, determined to turn his totalitarian tendencies toward the White House, spent some time in New Hampshire this weekend – his first since he got clobbered in 2012 – attacking the black man currently living in that house.

An expert in oh so many ways where foreign policy is concerned, Perry attacked Obama over Syria, Egypt, Libya, Israel, of course, Iraq, and even the Ukraine. Oh, and let’s not forget Mexico.

Perry told the Republican gathering that,

Anyone who thinks a porous border does not represent a tremendous opportunity for global terrorist groups to inflict harm on the American people is profoundly naïve.

National security starts at the border and we have enormous exposure because the border is not secured.

Let’s see…President George W. Bush, governor of Texas for six years, then President of the United States for eight – a combined total of fourteen years. He found time to declare June 10, 2000 to be “Jesus Day” and even to invade Iraq, a country which had done nothing to the United States. But he didn’t find time to fix the border.

Rick Perry, governor of Texas for the fourteen years following Bush. Found time to pray away the drought and pretend it worked. Even found time to buy a pair of glasses. Southern border still not fixed.

“I’m not waiting on Washington,” Perry said, telling Republicans what they want to hear. “If Washington will not take action to secure the border, Texas will.”

Texas just won’t pay for it.

Perry calls out National Guard. Militarizes border. And after all, isn’t he governor of Texas? The guy who wants the feds to stay out of his business? Until the bill comes due, that is.

I don’t know, but I’m not seeing these Republican governors putting their money where their mouth is. If the federal government should just back off – and according to them, where border security is concerned, it has – then why is our border with Mexico still insecure? Why should the federal government take care of this issue when Republicans don’t want it to take care of any other?

In point of fact, of course, it is Republicans in the House who have failed to deliver on border security but Perry can’t attack them. This is a classic case of the GOP, having sworn to deter Obama success at every turn, stymied attempts to secure our borders and then blamed it on Obama, as planned all along.

At which point an indicted Rick Perry – surely not part of the plan – takes to the campaign trail to distract folks from the charges pending against him by attacking Obama’s foreign policy.

Of course, if Obama does sign a few executive orders dealing with border security two things will happen. Republicans, including Perry, will accuse him of abusing his authority (strangely enough, what Perry is alleged to have done in Texas) and start shouting “Benghazi!”

And of course, being on the campaign trail despite not having said he is going to run (much depends on whether or not he is in prison instead) and being part of the party that destroyed the American economy and has done nothing since to created a single job, and which has stifled every attempt by Obama to restore our economy, Perry attacked Obama for the state of the economy:

When we think about where we find ourselves today, economically, with the millions of Americans that are being forced to go on food stamps. The millions of Americans that have just given up hope to even find a job, they’re not even counted anymore, because of the policies of this president.

Oh, are those the food stamps your party is doing everything in its power to eliminate, Mr. Perry? Those food stamps?

You know, where Boehner and company want to throw 300,000 children off food stamps? Where millionaire Republicans are trying to cut $20 billion in food stamps for the poor? You mean where Paul Ryan wants to cut 1.8 million people off from food stamps because they have a car? You mean where Republicans were forced to drop food stamp cuts from the Farm Bill only because they humiliatingly couldn’t pass their own legislation any other way? Those food stamps?

Would those be the same food stamps Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) blasted the use of by a “physically fit” couple in Virginia despite having collected 370,000 dollars in federal stimulus money for his Oklahoma plumbing company?

Those food stamps?

These would be the same food stamps, am I right, that Walmart and McDonalds employees are forced to subsist on because the company pays criminally low wages to its employees?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. THOSE food stamps.

And don’t even get me started on Republicans cutting unemployment benefits.

And you do know that the economy is improving, Mr. Perry? Right? Despite everything your party has done to derail America’s recovery from the Republican-caused recession in 2008. You DO know that?

And remember how Rand Paul says we’re afraid of him? Rick Perry thinks so too, telling the faithful that,

The Democrats are desperate, they’re taking every potential good Republican candidate and coming in with all kinds of distortions.

They tried to do it to Chris Christie in New Jersey. They tried to do it to Scott Walker in Wisconsin. But one place they made a big mistake is trying to do it in Texas.

Oh no! Don’t mess with Texas! Rick Perry will get you!

If you think you can do it from behind bars, come get some, Rick.

At least this time he remembered what state he was in.

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