Top Democrat Tries to Stop Burger King From Fleeing the Country to Avoid Taxes

Burger King is on the run. Perhaps they got a look at Mitt Romney’s ability to avoid paying taxes and they wanted to get themselves some of that patriotic action.

Upon news that Burger King is fleeing the country to merge with Canadian Tim Hortons, Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) called on Congress to pass that inversion legislation (Stop Corporate Inversions Act of 2014) already:

“The reported deal with Burger King, an American company, highlights the need for Congress to act with urgency to keep companies in the U.S. rather than moving abroad. We need to seriously examine the reasons behind this reported deal and take steps in the immediate future to prevent further erosion of the U.S. tax base.”

By “inversions”, Democrats basically mean corporations that flee the country to avoid paying taxes. They say this is an increasing problem, and reality agrees as U.S. companies are renouncing their citizenship and going overseas in order to avoid paying taxes to cover their fair share of usage of all things public. Since 2013, 19 companies got the idea to cut and run while still taking advantage of things our tax dollars pay for. Where did they ever get that idea?

Since 1983, 76 companies have done this. Democrats demonstrated the spike since 2004-2005, with 47 inversions in the last decade:


This is how Republicans show their patriotism — aiding and abetting corporations fleeing the country in order to avoid paying taxes, leaving the little people struggling to pay their mortgage to subsidize the corporate profits of Burger Kings. After all, the non partisan Joint Committee on Taxation determined that the legislation proposed would save the taxpayers almost $20 billion dollars over ten years.

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  1. The answer is really simple but it will take all of us. Stop patronizing the businesses that would do this. Walgreens got the message

  2. On a different thread, I suggested shooting a video highlighting what republicans did on their five week booze cruise. It would be a potent political image and message, contrasting proposals like this, with their lazy indifference to such self-serving tax inversions. While Bernie and Democrats are busy trying to limit rapacious business practices that actually drive up the costs of running a business, they are busy at book signings, conservative circle jerks, and campaign photo ops.

  3. On the Canadian side, Canadians are not too happy with one of their institutions being bought by an American company.

  4. We need to boycott Burger King & stop patronizing period and that will give them a reason to flee. I guarantee I will never buy anything from these greedy corporate leechers again.

  5. Stop spending money we don’t have, using it to support foreign nations, runaway social expenditures, presidential vacations, militarisation and arming of every government agency, excessive spy programs spying on every citizen in american, subsidizing every illegal alien who stumbles across any border etc. and then expect corporations to pay more in taxes to pay for it.

  6. Timmy
    The congress has taken more vacation time this year then Obama has taken on 5 years.
    No one is subsidizing “every illegal alien ”
    Most corporations pay less taxes then you do. Do you care? No, you are a corporate toady.

    Grow up tim

  7. Looks like Burger King just lost the United States as a customer. You don’t care about your American customers, then go somewhere else and do it now. Burger King will now be a corporate entity and who cares what they’re selling.

    InandOut Burgers are so much better than Burger King. SF has alot of Burger Kings – that will end now.


  8. I never eat Burger King. And for sure never will now! I find it so offensive that these companies are leaving their home country, not helping pave our roads, pay for public education, fund federal programs such as our military/VA, federal parks, lands, and monuments, EPA, the list goes on! HOW UN-AMERICAN, We need a list of these companies to share…everyone should know who doesn’t support us!
    Just like I do not buy KOCH products!

  9. Millenials according to a BK extensive and thorough national study are avoiding BK slop like the plague. Younger Americans are eating much healthier. Chains like Chipoolte and Panera bread are thriving at the expense of the old fast food mega-chains. Loving it!

  10. Who told you we have no money to spend? The US is literally busting out at the seams with cash. Nobody said they want corporations to pay “more taxes” just to pay the taxes already on the books as mandated by congress. President Obama offered the house to abolish the billions of hidden tax subsidies in place of a lower US corporate tax rate(28-25%). House GOP balked!

  11. not helping pave our roads, pay for public education, fund federal programs such as our military/VA, federal parks, lands, and monuments, EPA, the list goes on

    Burger King will still be paying U.S. taxes on profits earned within the US. A tax inversion merely allows them to pay the Canadian tax rate on profits generated OUTSIDE the U.S.
    So the only thing that won’t happen is profits from BK’s Canadian operations won’t be taxed at U.S. corporate tax rates.

    The basic U.S. corporate tax rate is about 35% , while Canada’s (depending on the province) is around 26%.
    Canada has an extremely business-friendly tax structure.
    It would be helpful if the U.S. had the same.

  12. I’ve already commented to the BK on a petition that if they go through with this they have lost my, my family’s, my friends business as we will no longer go to BK — ever!

  13. I will not eat there ever, I don’t go there very often but this seals the deal for me, if they want to be Canadian let them make their money from Canadians, not Americans.

  14. Exactly. That was my first thought. Let’s do to Burger King what we did to Walgreens. My family was all set to never shop at Walgreens until they reversed their plans. Now we will not be going to Burger King unless they do the same. We need a link to email them.

  15. Tim, you really need a new news source. W was on vacation a total of 2 years (days wise) and all the most recent presidents have taken off more than PBO. Wake up. You are letting your hate for my president cloud reality. I truly feel sorry for folks like you.

  16. Charlie, corps like Burger King are traitors and so all folks who think they are doing nothing wrong. If you reap the benefits of our country you need to pay your share. That is the cost of living here. Wake up.

  17. I Never see anyone at my local Burger King. I have always assumed that it is a money laundering operation for a drug cartel. How else could it stay in business?? There is no way it takes in enough money in a day to pay the employees, let alone rent, taxes, etc.

  18. in terms of size, Burger King is much smaller than McDonald’s. In fact it is much smaller than Wendy’s and taco smell

  19. Reply to DownriverDem at 9:12 am

    Wake up.
    So now it’s “wrong” to vote with your feet?
    Maybe New York should put up a wall to keep in all those “traitors” who are moving to other states because they don’t impose the same type of tax burdens.
    States compete for wealth transfers like never before and news flash: countries do it too! Capital is going to move where it is treated best.
    BK didn’t create the complex U.S. corporate tax system but they have every right to react to it in a way they believe is best for their investors and workers – the ones who bear the largest burden of BK corporate taxes.

    That whole action/consequence relationship really isn’t hard to figure out.

  20. Honestly, I can do nothing but laugh at heads exploding on this BK deal that’s yet to be approved by the Canadian Govmnt. The speed you’re drinking the MSM koolaid — WOW. Hope it’s sugar free!

    To see Bernie Sanders comment drop in the tidbit ref about cheap labor but then muddy it that it didn’t have anything to do with that. Yea – Canada is the new China. LOL. Their minimum wage is higher than US.

    So I gather all those screaming have along with boycotting BK have given up their iPhones, iPads, Nike gear, majority of clothing by name brand designers and everyday brands, GE everything from appliances to cereals as it’s GE & other biggies that own the foods too. The list far to long to post.

    Why would I say that – because these are all the companies that outsource to China, etc – have the offshore accounts in Cayman etc or paid $0 in taxes as GE and others did.

    So you’ve boycotted all those: Apple, Nike, GE etc.? Didn’t think so. In fact the silence is deafening

  21. I so agree.
    I’ll miss Burger King (GREAT coffee) but I will not spend another penny there until/if they decide to do the right thing here.
    My “paper” vote may not mean much anymore, but I CAN “vote with my feet” and pocketbook.
    If enough of us clump together, just possibly, they may “hear” us.

  22. So what about burger shack in terms of its size and all ..people are kept saying about Mcdonald and burger king

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