CNN Releases Audio Recording Of Michael Brown Shooting; At Least 10 Total Shots Fired

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Late Monday evening, CNN’s Don Lemon, still on the scene in Ferguson, provided breaking news regarding an alleged audio recording taken at the time 18-year-old unarmed Michael Brown was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Lemon explicitly pointed out that the recording had not been authenticated at the time he played it due to the fact that CNN did not record it. However, the man who recorded it, who wishes to remain anonymous, and his lawyer, Lopa Blumenthal, have both been interviewed by the FBI. The man lives in the area and was video chatting with another person.

Per forensic audio expert Paul Ginsberg, at least ten total shots were fired (Blumenthal says she counted eleven). Blumenthal states that her client only heard loud noises at the time and didn’t realize they were the gunshots that killed Brown until later. Apparently after checking back, he found that he was recording during that moment and captured the audio.

Below is video of Lemon playing the recording and interviewing Blumenthal, per CNN:



The audio recording seems to support much of what we’ve heard from eyewitness accounts in the aftermath of the shooting. Six shots are fired in rapid succession. After a pause, four more shots follow. While there are slight discrepancies in the eyewitness testimonies, for the most part they portray Wilson as shooting at Brown multiple times in succession, then executing him with a final flurry of shots that included two head shots.

The first succession of shots seems to be the point of time after the initial shot that was fired from within the vehicle during the struggle between Brown and Wilson. Per Dorian Johnson’s and others testimony, this would seem to be the period of time when Brown was trying to run away and then stopped by gunfire from Wilson. Eyewitnesses claim that Wilson fired on Brown as Brown ran and continued firing. The final shots after the pause would seem to be, per eyewitness accounts, where Brown gave himself up and Wilson eventually delivered a kill shot to the head.

If the audio is indeed authentic, this may be the most damning evidence yet against Wilson. The large number of shots fired is beyond excessive. The officer unloaded his magazine at an unarmed person who he had just reprimanded for jaywalking less than a minute earlier. After shooting a number of bullets at Brown, he stopped momentarily and pumped more lead into an 18-year-old with no weapon. One would assume that the last shot we hear on the audio recording is the one to the top of the head that killed Brown.


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  1. If this is true,it may just get people fired up, because the officer and the officials will be seen as the disgusting liars that they are.

  2. All I can say, or will say, is SICK, SICK. This cop should never be allowed to even own a gun again, let alone be a policeman. Notice the difference in words cop, and Policeman. One is someone you can be friends with and even admire, the other, well, there is no word for them that fits except the degrading word COP!!

  3. I don’t know if the last shot had to be the kill shot, given that footage we watched of the other police killing a man and continued to pump bullets into him after he was dead.

    There was absolutely no reason for this. Even if a kid is stopped for jaywalking and runs away, there is still no reason to pump all that led into him. The smartest thing a cop could do is let them go.

    This cop basically has no defense. He executed a young man

  4. Or the initial shots were warning shots to stop and then Brown charged the officer and he fired in self defense. The truth is only known by Wilson.

    It is ridiculous and quite suspect that this all white police force in charge of a majority low income black town does not equip all their police vehicles with dash cameras. And maybe we use a tazer on jaywalkers…what a concept!

  5. in your wildest dreams, after a cop shot a burst of at least six shots at you, are you going to turn around and charge the guy with the gun? Have you given this a moment’s worth of thought? If the young man was even close to the cop, he would have hit him with his first burst of bullets.

    think this through.

  6. The shooting happened behind the police vehicle so a dash cam would not have been of any use.

    Michael Brown did not rush the officer.

    Police don’t fire warning shots…..

    Darren Wilson came from the Jennings, MO PD that fired the entire force for racism and corruption.

  7. “Lemon explicitly pointed out that the recording had not been authenticated at the time he played it ”

    That’s pretty much all the evidence a RATIONAL person needs to disregard this audio in it’s entirety until and unless it’s authenticated.

  8. Well the FBI has it and any attorney with any sense would not release it unless their own experts looked at it. But of course that doesn’t matter to some people
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  9. Desperately hoping huh? Well the man lives in those apartments, and the FBI will have no problem time stamping that audio, since it is from the man’s computer, but keep desperately hoping, because this sure is not good for the killer cop. who came from a force in another city, who disbanded it’s entire force because of the rampant racism and problems and complaints against it.

  10. What I want to know is, with everyone now n days with smartphones and even flip-phones or Obama-phones with video recording ability, where are all the videos of this event from the witnesses?

    I just watched a video yesterday where there was at least 6 people shooting video with their Smartphones of 5 cops using excessive force to arrest some white guy. I saw 5 people in the video shooting video, I would assume there were even more outside the camera’s view.

    Screw this audio, didn’t even bother listening, and find the witnesses and ask why didn’t you record an unarmed man being shot, if that actually happened…

  11. Carlton, I think you should know that George W. Bush started giving out the cell phones. Former Gov. Ronald Reagan is the one who started the program with landline phones.

    When there are many people on a city street, there are many people who can videotape something happening. When something happens on a residential street, there is generally no one out in the street filming. The problem here for you is, you have to think past your nose

  12. When you are such a friggen idiot, that yoy use the term “Obamaphone”, when it was your boy Bush who started that program, and anyone with a clue knows by now that was just another Fox lie, then you cease to be anyone intelligent enough to listen to. I guarantee you idiot, that no one videoing that other case had their video cam on their phone going when the entire event started, or do you have yours going 24/7? Really you fools are sounding more desperate by the minute, as your killer cop buddy looks more and more guilty of murder.

  13. I’m appalled at the conduct of the Ferguson PD and Prosecutor McCulloch. The sequence of events following this cop’s murder of a teenage boy makes it clearly recognizable that: (1) the FPD immediately went into “Blue Code” of protecting one of their own – hiding Wilson’s identity while his social media was scrubbed and getting him out of the state; (2) the FPD engaged in a conspiracy to tamper w/evidence & obstruct justice in order to prevent prosecution of Wilson for murder; (3) Prosecutor McCulloch is aiding & abetting Wilson & the FPD by convening a Grand Jury thereby abdicating his role as an advocate for justice and the victim. In all my years working in the legal community, I would have never thought that so many would conspire to clear someone of murder, but here we have seen it.

  14. Holy **&%& ragged on for typing Obama phone… sheesh. Reagan-phone/Bush-phone/whatever-phone! (*&%& most call it an Obama phone so shut up. I hated Bush, didn’t vote for him, voted for Obama but that doesn’t matter here. Do I have a phone video ready? No not at all. But are there people with their Smartphone in their hands nearly 24/7 (minus while sleeping)? YES and don’t even try to say people don’t have their phones out almost all the time texting or face-booking, I see it everywhere when out shopping or even driving.

    Also just because it’s a residential street/area doesn’t mean people wouldn’t be outside. Also if I saw red/blue flashing lights from inside my house, I would definitely look outside my window to see what’s up and if I had a Smartphone, yes I would be on that video button!

    The fact is we will NOT know what really happened….

  15. LOL, it was day time. You dont notice flashing lights unless you look. Do try to not compare a city street with a small residential one

  16. This execution is not just about race. It is about a police state that allows cops to ignore the Constitution to such a degree that they think (and so far have been correct) that they can murder in public, and get away with it.

    When the public objects, they are made targets, ignored by the media (until violence erupts) and military equipment deployed. Even if by some miracle, hidden by God so far, proves that the cop was justified in executing young Mr. Brown, the militarization of hick cops has been spotlighted for a brief flicker and some folks are starting to wake up.

  17. This is disturbing and not just because of the execution of a boy just out of highschool. Cops are supposed to be more careful with their guns. Did this cop even care tjat his bullets might hit bystanders? This concern is why cops are trained not to shoot at someo.e running away. They ppse no threat, but the bullets fired high and wide and the ones that strike the running man may hurt bystanders. The only way this guy could let off so many rounds at someone who did not pose an immediate threat is by ignoring his training from the academy. A good cop doesnt use a gun as the first resort but as the last bc your bullets dont care if an innocent child is 20 yards behind the person you are for whatever reason, shooting at, doesnt matter if youre the best shot in the world your bullet isnt going to stop and ignore physics so that it only hits a black target you shouldnt be firing at anyway.

  18. I wonder where they got the ideal that the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper to wipe your ass with?

  19. I can’t tell how many shots there were, but where did the idea that only 6 shots were fired come from? Not from the cops, they really haven’t leaked any evidence. Here’s the timeline. 1.) Tussle at car, cop is hit in face, Brown goes for gun, one shot fired inside vehicle, Brown and Johnson run. 2.) Officer calls for assistance and gets out of vehicle. 3.) Officer calls halt, suspect keeps running, officer fires 3 shots. 4.) Suspect Brown stops, turns, arms raised, taunts cop. Starts running towards cop, 3 shots fired hitting arms. 5.) Brown keeps running towards officer, head down in a linebacker type position. Officer fires 3 times, one of which is fatal shot. Brown falls 3 feet in front of officer. Conclusion: Clean Kill.

  20. Conclusion you are a idiot. The six shots were pulled out of Mike Browns body. There was no call for assistance. If the executioner was hit in the face why no pictures of it to prove his case. Plus you weren’t there so you don’t know WTF you are talking about

    America: just admit that you still don’t want your Black citizens to live in any state other than terror, subservience and inferiority, under pain of death. I can handle American racism, but I can’t handle American denial.

  21. You are still an idiot because everything you typed is wrong. Don’t get mad at me because your brain cells ran down your uncles leg

  22. Minor things may be wrong, but that’s still the gist of what happened. The 2nd cop arrived about a minute after the last shot was fired. As for the other evidence, the grand jury gets to see it before you do. Sorry that you don’t believe in the American rule of law, but I’m sure you could find a 3rd world country that practices Sharia that will accept you.

  23. Yeah its right here in America with you fake as Christians and your biblical viewpoint. Then tell me this genius the first shot was at 12:03 the executioner didn’t call it in till 12:40. Now I know you baggers are homeschooled but try explaining that? BTW you are still an idiot

  24. There are videos all over youtube taken by neighbors that show Browns body on the ground and a slew of cops everywhere, but not one shows Brown with no cops in sight. Why would that be? It’s because other cops were on site immedeately. You’re just grasping at straws because the story laid out by Team Crump is falling apart. How many times do you have to get scammed by Al Sharpton before you realize that he’s just out for himself?

  25. Of course there are no cops there except the executioner at the time of the killing. What does Sharpton have to do with anything?

    No other cops were called until after the execution.

  26. You still haven’t answered my question idiot and WTF does Sharpton have to do with why they left Brown on the ground for 4 hours like he was some trophy kill. I don’t even know why I am trying to talk with your racist ass. Al Sharpton. The white mans boogy man. I’m surprised you didn’t throw Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan in there as well. BTW your sheets are ready for the dryer

  27. Runs toward cop with head down while under fire? What a freaking idiot you are! People like you are dangerous. It is people like you who allowed regimes like the Nazi’s to come to power. I hope you don’t breed.

  28. Tracy 500 coming over to troll the TRUTH on politicususa! Poor thing, once infected by the racist disease the runs deep in the veins, there’s no cure!

  29. Obamaphones?? You mean, Reaganphones, right?

    The Lifeline Program was implemented by your hero, Ronnie Reagan. Didn’t Faux News Channel or one of those loud blowhards on AM radio mention that factual detail?

    Maybe it’s time you stop turning to them for news and facts.

  30. Republican Logic: Started by Ronnie Ray-gun for landlines and expanded to cell phones by Dubya so it’s totally Obama’s fault.

  31. I know this will cause much anger with the right wing and gun nuts, but here goes:

    I see this as a portend of things to come as a result of the restrictions being lifted on the purchase and open carrying of guns. When guns were not as ubiquitous, a police officer with a night stick was sufficient force to subdue a perpetrator. Today with far too many guns in circulation and gun violence killing more people than traffic collisions, police need keep ahead of the curve to prevent collateral damage and protect themselves. I can only see this worsening as the militarization of police continue to proliferate.

    But that does not excuse the excessive and deadly force used today not only in this case but in other cases and jurisdictions as well.

  32. A police squeezing off Ten shots at a person running away from him, who is unarmed and posing no threat, in a residential neighborhood (homes with people in them nearby)is at best RECKLESS! That policeman WANTED TO KILL that boy. Period. Sounds to me like a ONE SIDED firefight, no return shots, just bullets flying downrange at a target.
    Question: Why haven’t we heard Cop Wilson’s words (version) of what happened? Wouldn’t that clear up the scenario for some? Was the kid running away? Did he stop and turn in the policeman’s direction? Did he charge (bum rush the cop from 25 feet away? !!!)Did thd kid say: Stop shooting? What made the cop continue to shoot? Basic questions. We shall find out at the trial, for sure.

  33. I don’t need to hear his words. Where are the pics of this swollen face? You would think after how they defame Mike Brown to bolster their case something would have came out

  34. djchefron: Yeah, that too. Show us the pictures of that swollen face or the alleged and dbunked “broken eye socket” that the perpetrators of false information over at FOX had gleefully brought forward—only to be proven a LIE! The only swollen face pictures we might see are those taken after a Hollywood make-up artist applies some movie style “wounds”. (((snark)) ;)

  35. I fear that there will never be a trial. They haven’t even filled out a incident report, let alone indited him. I also think that black people have reached the end of the road with the way police treat them. I am just surprised it hasn’t happened yet. They are waiting to see what the public and media say so they can shape their story around it.

  36. BREAKING: Michael Brown Audio Aired By CNN Authenticated
    Video messaging service Glide has confirmed to the Washington Post the exact time and date the audio recording with gunshot sounds on it was made. CNN played the audio recording earlier this week, but could not independently authenticate it.

    Please don’t let them get away with their lies.

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