Bad News for GOP: Data Links High Congressional Disapproval With High Voter Turnout


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Gallup has super bad news for Republicans.  There is a link between high disapproval of congress and high voter turnout.  Republicans have done a great job not only creating record high disapproval levels, their obstructionism combined with wasting money and alienating rhetoric sustained those high levels of disapproval.  If you’re a Republican, you may be tempted to believe your mission was accomplished.  The only problem is high levels of congressional disapproval also means high voter turnout at election time.  We all know what that means in Republican land.

Ever since they took control of the House, Republicans made their priorities clear and none of them involves representing the will of the people.  The GOPT is beholden to the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Walmart and other corporate interests that pull Republican lawmaker’s strings with money that is both big and dark.


Republicans were on one huge reverse Robin Hood mission, determined to find new ways and means to satisfy the insatiable greed of the Kochs, the Waltons and anyone else you would find at an ALEC get together. In the name of pandering to their most extreme elements, Republicans obstructed and destroyed their way to the highest disapproval of congress ever some time ago.  They have managed to sustain that level of contempt for a congress that takes food out of the mouths of children to give bigger handouts to the Koch brothers.  Americans see through Republican denials of global warming in the name of giving the Koch brothers the freedom to poison our planet for profit.

The Supreme Court’s ideologically based rulings without doubt, contributed to the disapproval.  Since Citizens United, Republican pandering hit new heights to the point that they don’t even pretend to care what we want. The Court’s decisions reflected a belief that human beings merely have privileges conferred on them in a manner that reflects the civil rights of corporations i.e. a corporation’s religious freedom.

They said no to previously bipartisan laws and programs literally taking the food out of children’s mouths in the name of giving even more handouts to their corporate donors.

Only 13% of America approves of the Kindergarten congress that says no to everything President Obama says or does simply because he had the gall to get elected President of the United States while Black and while Democrat.  While insisting that corporations are people and human beings are not, Republican’s peddle fiction about a belief in individual freedom.  This is probably considered good news in the up is down and down is up logic of Tea Party enthusiasts like Louis Golmert, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.  After all these are the same people who believe that welshing on our debts is the best way to fix the economy and starving children will make them better citizens.

According to Gallup, the Republicans success in establishing record level disapproval of congress will backfire on them at election time because of the link between high disapproval ratings and high voter turnout.

According to Gallup‘s data, voter turnout exceed 40% during the last five midterm elections when Congress’s approval rating was low.  Turnout was below 40% when Americans were more satisfied with Congress.

Table by Gallup.

Gallup nexus between oongressional disapproval and high voter turnout


Another disturbing number lies in the near record low of 19% of registered voters who believe that most members of Congress deserve re-election.  That also suggests a high voter turnout at election time.  In other words, Republicans achieved the last thing they wanted when they obstructed popular policies, and thumbed their noses at everyone in America except those who lined GOPT pockets.  They angered voters enough for them to want change from an anti-American and anti-America congress to one that governs for the people.

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27 Replies to “Bad News for GOP: Data Links High Congressional Disapproval With High Voter Turnout”

  1. Say it isn’t so..The American public has had enough and are going to “fix” the congress.. One could always hope

  2. Remember remember the 4th of November
    the GOP treason & plot
    We see no reason
    Why this treason
    Should ever be forgot

  3. The village idiots sometimes get high on their own supply. Lets hope they finally OD on their so called conventional wisdom

  4. I’d like to believe this analysis, but it doesn’t make sense to me. I think a survey with the following question would be more instructive: “At this time, whom do you hate more – your Congressperson, or the President?” I believe that will sadly show how the votes will go, district by district.

  5. The vote this time needs to be epic. It needs to be talked about forever. I’m not willing to base my hopes on stats, this needs to be huge

  6. I wonder, but I think there may be a difference between the actions of Congress as a body and peoples feelings for their own congressman. Bu I certainly think your suggestion should be a second part of the 1st one

  7. Gerrymandered districts are still problematical. By their nature, the Republican would be elected or reelected. That means House will remain fully owned by the Dr. NOs unless new people moved into those Districts.

  8. There are a lot of people in those red states that love their new Health Care. So, I’m hoping that for once, they’ll vote for their own best interest by voting for the party that brought them Health Care and against the party who is threatening to take it from them.

  9. Unfortunately it takes an incredible amount of understanding to get these people to budge. Remember, the biggest recipient states of government assistance are vivid red. They are far from understanding which party understands the needs of the common man. This is mostly due to single issue voters or people still bitter that the South lost the war of the states, and people convinced that 90% of tax dollars go to people living on some form of welfare. Yes, Evan those people living on government assistance are devoted republicans. Simply amazing to me but true.

  10. I am going “to make my priority clear and none of them involves employing liars, crooks, cheats, bigots, the greedy, hypocrites, robbers, the arrogant, the prideful, narcissist, or fear mongers who allow themselves to become whores for their corporate pimps at the expense of we the people.

    Of course voter turnout will be high. I’ve been saying this for months now. And to insure voter turnout will be high for Democrats, I have bern assisting to register people to vote.

    My husband and I have been donating across the country to Gubernatorial, Senate, and Congressional Democratic campaigns across the country to ensure we win.

    I want as many Republican Teahadist as possible on the unemployment line. I will also phone bank on election day and have been out canvassing to let people know how important it is that they vote and register to do so.

  11. I wish i believed this to be true. It would really be bucking a trend for midterm gains for a President in power. It would also buck the trend of democrats coming out to vote for a cycle other than the Presidency. America should be motivated and it is not impossible to retake the house, gerry mandering aside. It will take people getting off their laurels.

    Are you motivated America?

  12. Here is another fact that the beltway pundits, who need to keep people believing that the CONS will retake the Senate, will never talk about concerning this election. Many CON Governors who were elected in 2010 are despised in their states, along with their legislatures, and that in itself will have many people out to vote in November, which will also help the Dems.

    I live in Missouri in the KC area, and Brownback is so despised in red Kansas, that he is already running back to back campaign Ads on local channels here because of his desperation. Sen. Roberts has an approval rating in the 30’s, and if not for a spoiler Independent running in that race, his loss would be assured in that red state also. If this is going on in a state as red as Kansas, think about a blue state like Michigan, where their CON Governor is also very unpopular, which should also help Mr. Peters in their Senate race.

  13. Thats true, but no party has ever pledged to take away their government assistance. Replicans are promising the destruction of the ACA/Obamacare.

  14. Horse feathers.A 39 percent decrease in Congressional approval (50% down to 21%) is associates with only a 1.4% increase in voter turn out (39.5% to 40.9%)

  15. I hope some of you will give at least one person who has no transportation a ride to the polls on election day.

    This may increase voter turn out if many people do. Pass it on.

  16. Do it every year. I always pick up my lazy ass cousins and take them to their polling place. Sometimes I have to trick them like lets go to the liquor store I’m buying but they get there

  17. …please do yourself a favor and check out Lyin’ Ryans plans to privatize ALL social safety net programs…while sending even more to his corporate masters…
    …if he wants to impose austerity on anybody, impose it on bloated corporations and billionaires who dodge most taxes…

  18. There are two young and exciting progressives running for congress in my home state of Maine. Shenna Bellows and Emily Cain would be a breath of fresh air for the Democratic party nationally. I am working my tail off to try and convince those thirty percent of registered Maine Democrats who blindly vote for Susan Collins every six years to stop it. Susan Collins is not a warrior for the everyday working class family she claims to be. If you could possibly spare some money to support two candidates Shenna Bellows and Emily Cain are worth it as progressives go.

  19. Are you mad enough to remove TEA-Republican puppets from office yet? Your vote is your voice – speak up or shut up!

  20. It is the younger group I worry about. I know I was a little more interested in politica even when I was too young to vote, but on into my 20’s 30’s and even 40’s I had friends that had leanings, but didn’t keep up with anything like what the GOP has been doing for the last 30, and particularly the last 6 years. College was worse as you had young Dems. and young Reps. but everyone mostly wanted to study, play music, smoke pot and party, they had no political motivation then.We really need that younger group to do some net research, and read both sides and see which one is lying to them, if not, this country is doomed to be a Theocratic Oligarchy.

  21. You fools…..
    Do You not know…there are over 319 Congressional Bills on (D) Harry Reid’s desk that He refuses to allow a Vote on? THAT is the problem Folks. But of course You’re Left leaning media will not show this fact as it is corrupt to the core. You People amaze Me how idiotic You are.

  22. The pure unadulterated truth is that these pollsters typically highlight conservatively positive pollings. The author States, ‘Republicans achieved the last thing they wanted when they obstructed popular policies, and thumbed their noses at everyone in America except those who lined GOPT pockets. They angered voters enough for them to want change from an anti-American and anti-America congress to one that governs for the people.’

    Most of the supporting post from those conservatives consistently opposed to Obama validate this observation. Where once the liberal voice was a whisper at the seashore, now the redundancy from the same far right sources is all but predictable. The same tired debunked opinions stated by the same sources in ever shrinking numbers.

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