Loaded Gun Found In Kindergartner’s Backpack at Elementary School

Loaded gun found in kindergardener's backpack
Proving Republicans right once again that the U.S. doesn’t need any gun laws or to bother trying to enforce any sort of responsible gun ownership, a loaded gun was found in a kindergartner’s backpack at a Pittsburgh elementary School Monday morning.

It was the 3rd day of the school year.

Bob Allen from Pittsburgh’s local CBS channel KDKA reported that the boy brought the loaded .22 to Aliquippa Elementary School because he didn’t want anyone at his home to get hurt. “Sources tell KDKA’s Bob Allen that the boy said he brought the gun to school to get it out of his home, reportedly because he didn’t want anyone in his house to get hurt.”

KDKA reported that student notified a teacher, who then secured the gun and contacted the principal and then the local police were called to the scene. A note was sent home to parents.

The impact of the unregulated, wild-West gun culture upon our children has yet to be fully explored, but this is not a sign that it’s working. Why was this kindergartner able to gain access to a loaded weapon? Is this really acceptable parenting?

Luckily in this instance, no one was physically harmed, but a responsible adult needs to reach out to this terrorized young boy and address his fears over having a loaded weapon in his home.

A young boy took a loaded gun to school in order to protect his family. This is what we have come to.

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  1. I would be demanding that State Child welfare office be contacted. The kid must be going through some verbal, and or, physical abuse at home to WANT to remove the gun to prevent anyone from being hurt.

  2. Thanks for the link. I read the story at another site, but they didn’t specify what kind of weapon she shot him with. It was an Uzi. An Uzi!

    What moron, what parents would allow a 9yr old child anywhere near an Uzi, let alone shoot one? Another child at a gun show was also allowed to shoot one, with equally tragic results. With it being on full auto, it’s a miracle someone else wasn’t killed or wounded. WTF?

  3. Its Amerikka. No jobs. no problem. Healthcare? Go to the emergency room to hell that people rates will go up don’t you know the free market. But our baby jeebus rights to kill how dare you deny me that. Idiocracy at its finest

  4. We can act to get better gun laws! Join Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America
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  5. I, too, wonder how a five year old child got his hands on a gun and was able to take it to school and turn it over to school officials. SMH. I also can’t help but notice how smart this kid is. He knows something some gun owners don’t, and it’s how dangerous it is to have an unsecured gun in a home. I hope his parents pay attention to his concern and don’t try to hide the problems that may exist in their home–problems that have this child so worried that he thought the best place for the gun was NOT in his house.

  6. No child this age should have to worry like that. Sometimes I think children in the US are no better off than the kids in Iraq. Worrying about losing their parents to violence. Little guy is likely the smartest member in the family.

  7. Here’s some pics from the facebook page of Charles Vacca, the range instructor who was killed by a 9 year old with an UZI that we mentioned earlier.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hard to argue with him since he went out and proved it. H/T Balloon Juice

  8. …anybody who puts an UZI in a kids hands deserves what they get…the parents should be in court, and the kid in protective custody…

  9. The parents were irresponsible for letting the youngster have access to the firearm.

    The school or society was wrong for not promoting gun safety, through the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program.

    Being as Republican or Democrat has nothing to do with this story.

  10. You’re right it has nothing to do with rethuglicans or democrats it has everything to do with idiocy and the fear mongering that the gun industry through their whores the NRA has foisted on the American People

  11. OK .. now I know I may catch for this response, but it a question worth honestly asking. Is possible that there are “issues” at home? Maybe. But is it also possible the boy was afraid of the gun being in his home because he keeps hearing they are “dangerous” (which gain, of course they are … in untrained hands). With all the coverage of how “guns” hurt people, there is a lot of fear. But again, it is not guns that are the problem. There are knives and other items at his home too, yet he did not bring them so maybe violence in the home is not the problem ( there may have been belts and bats too – all of which are weapons). I fully support gun safety, teaching children they do not touch guns in the home, teaching them of the power of a gun and respect for the gun by showing them what they do (shooting a pumpkin is a great demonstration). Again, any true debate has to be done in respect. I respect others rights not to have a gun, just don’t demonize those ado do have them

  12. I dont think a Kindergartner can think through issues at home with taking a gun to school. Its possible, but they dont think that far ahead. More then likely he picked it up around the house and just went out with it. At that age do you train them not to touch(which pretty much means touch) or do you put your penis extenders away? Its like teaching a 9 year old to shoot Uzis.

    The only suspicion I can make here is the parents are very irresponsible. The kid was just being a kid. Lets not pretend 50% of the country is repsonsible with guns

  13. I am quite sure that instructor who gave a 9 year old a uzi a weapon developed for purely military reasons was trained. I would post the video but it is too gruesome even for me

  14. For the down vote please explain why giving a 9 year old a fully automatic weapon makes sense. Please I will love the explanation

  15. Maybe he didn’t bring mom’s veggie knife to school because he didn’t think it was as impressive as a gun.

  16. It seems some parent wanted his daughter to know the thrill of firing a machine gun. It’s a thrill chasing thing.

  17. And again, no charges were filed in the Burgers and Bullets crime. They called it an industrial accident. SMFH.

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