Grimes Hits Mitch McConnell for Promising to Hurt Kentuckians to Benefit Millionaires


Mitch McConnell (R-KY) couldn’t have picked a worst time to be caught on tape bowing down to the Kochs.

He was finally starting to make headway against his Democratic opponent courtesy of the endless Koch money throwing dirty bombs. McConnell’s campaign is all about misleading Kentuckians until November.

Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) spox Charly Norton released a statement attacking McConnell over his promise to hurt Kentuckians:

“Shockingly, Mitch McConnell will do and say anything it takes to secure his grip on personal power, including promising to hurt Kentuckians to benefit billionaires. Kentuckians who are struggling with unemployment, low wages and the soaring costs of higher education are the furthest thing from McConnell’s mind. For the past 30 years, Kentuckians have questioned Mitch McConnell’s priorities, and now we have the hard evidence that his allegiances lie with his millionaire and billionaire donors at the expense of hardworking Kentuckians.”

Those who read anything outside of the Breitbart/Fox bubble already knew this. And that’s why right wing media goes to such lengths to compel their followers into paranoia about the “outside”. Yes, everyone is out to get you. Yes, the media are all liars. Yes, trickle down is coming. Yes, Mitch McConnell will get right on that coal problem as soon as you give him what he wants. Yes, Republicans care about jobs, just look at how John Boehner is enriching himself by letting companies desert the U.S.

Furthermore, the PR outlets for Republicans have already sold these “ideas” that benefit millionaires to their followers, so chances are a red state constituency isn’t going to be too upset. They might even be cheering Mitch for this tape, even those who used Kynect (Obamacare!) and/or are on Medicaid and Medicare, because they don’t understand what McConnell is really saying.

The challenge for the Grimes campaign is how do they educate Kentuckians about the facts before November? Political differences aside, Democratic Governor Beshear has shown the way on this matter. It’s time to embrace Kentucky Kynect. It’s time to push on jobs. It’s time to stop going negative in response to McConnell, because this is McConnell’s only comfort zone.

McConnell can’t do hope and change, even though he claims to be the change agent. He’s only been in office for 30 years. LOL, Mitch.

It’s time to stop allowing McConnell and the right to set the agenda. Red state Democrats often think they can win the middle by doing this, but hard core Republicans are not going to leave the cult no matter what the facts are. They are not even likely to hear the facts. And negativity depresses turnout, which benefits Republicans.

It’s time to model the Obama campaign, with a dedicated team to push back on the lies, letting the candidate stay above the fray. Let the candidate talk to the people about hope and jobs, but also about healthcare. Kentuckians already have healthcare through Kynect. Mitch McConnell wants to take that away. He’s going to take that away. This is very powerful because it hits people right in the gut of their hierarchy of needs.

Grimes already talks positive on jobs and change, but she also gets caught dipping down to meet McConnell after he’s been particularly nasty. It’s admirable that she’s no shrinking violet, but negativity never wins the middle or the Democrats and she must inspire them to get out the vote. She has the brains, determination and charisma to beat McConnell at his own game, but she could bury him for good on her own turf. It’s time to pack away Republican lite and go populist, conservative Democrat who’s just running because she cares about folks (Grimes’ first ad captured this perfectly). In the meantime, the Democratic Party will probably try to hit hard core Democratic areas with McConnell’s agenda to harm President Obama.

Until November, McConnell will play like he cares about jobs and has a coal fix in his back pocket that his party hasn’t ever been able to implement even with their deregulation frenzy under Bush. Bait for the deliberately misinformed masses. Phony promises covering a Koch agenda. Now that he got caught on tape making those very promises to the Koch brothers, it’s up to the Grimes campaign to translate that tape for Kentuckians.

Maybe former President Bill Clinton should assist. Nobody does it better.

11 Replies to “Grimes Hits Mitch McConnell for Promising to Hurt Kentuckians to Benefit Millionaires”

  1. Allison Grimes could probably spend the rest of her life beating this into the people of Kentucky. I hope they listen. if the state doesn’t convince them that Mitch McConnell is no good, then I don’t think anything ever will.

    McConnell is the perfect picture of an old statesman whose time has come and gone. And now he just feels a role as a representative for someone else

  2. I’m not a Kentuckian, but I would advise Kentuckians to vote for Grimes. Just so that we don’t have to look at his face anymore. She is much more appealing to look at, in other words she is PRETTY! Get my drift? ;) So, retire the ugly (in many ways), and get the beauty (hopefully in many ways). Just saying……..

  3. Grimes is to run an ad supporting The AHA. Unfortunately, it’s only to appear on the website of the Democratic Party.

    Not everybody has web access. Hopefully, she will make an ad embracing the AHA that everybody can see.She needs to hit McConnell hard about this. Kentucky residents love their KYNECT/AHA/obamacare.

  4. Keep drumming into Kentuckian’s heads that the ‘Turtle’ wants to do away with the new healthcare coverage that a HALF MILLION people now have. And after he removes their newfound medical coverage, he has NO ALTERNATIVE. And don’t forget his statement that ‘Jobs are not his business’.

  5. Shiva, the trouble is, this news will not make it to his supporters. And the ones that it does, they’ll say the story is made up by the liberal media. It’s the bubble they live in….no facts can get in. They’re brain washed. Once that fox/Koch/RW seed is planted it just grows into a paranoid, angry, anti Federal government mob that hates everyone that doesn’t look and pray just like them.
    Funny, when Mitch visits Kentucky, he will barely shake hands with anyone before he bolts….he probably turns the corner and uses sanitizer…. Ehew…. I don’t want to touch those people!

  6. Sadly you are right that this will never be reported on the dim wit Fox network, however IF the local media runs with this story, hopefully it will reach many moderates who are on the fence about who to vote for. As Lawrence said last night on his show, with as close as this race is for an incumbent Senator who has been in the Senate this long, and who has such low approval ratings in his own state, this atrocity could be enough to get those fence sitters over to Alison’s side, because they clearly are not that happy with McConnell already before this revelation.

  7. …bringing jobs to Kentucky is NOT his job??? Then Kentuckians need someone who figures it IS her job…the treasonous turtle has {as far as I can follow} NEVER addressed his opponent by name; he figures the only way he can win is to run against OBAMA…if I had any money, I’d contribute to Ms.Grimes campaign…

  8. All the jobs lost on Mitch’s watch. More taxes for you and me, my fellow American.. Vote him out..
    Senator McConnell has been on record voting against several measures to help women; and voting against increasing the minimum wage “over and over again, while he became a multimillionaire in public office.

    Senator McConnell was the reason for all the Textiles companies leaving America, for cheaper wages, no regulations, no OSHA, no Labor Board, no insurance, no local, or state taxes., because remember most of the countries, we now trade with are a Communist State. 

    Old Mitch was the Head Representative to get “NAFTA” North America Free Trade Agreement passed. Just listen to NPR, when the vote went in.. Back room deals were made, that have cost Americans jobs, and further more, livelihoods. Vote him out..

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