Bernie Sanders Wants You To Join His Political Revolution To Take Back America

bernie sanders on the ed show

On MSNBC, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that he is testing the presidential campaign waters to see if ordinary Americans will join him in a revolution that take America back from the big money interests like the Koch brothers.


Sanders said,

Here’s the point on Citizens United. I believe passionately that if we do not overturn Citizens United this country is well on the way to becoming an oligarchic form of society where the billionaire class is going to control our political life. But you know what? It’s not just my view. That’s not just your view. That is what people across the political spectrum believe. Nobody that I know regardless of their political views thinks that American democracy has anything to do with billionaires like the Koch brothers being able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates who represent the rich and the powerful.

I think all of this country when we’re looking at an election coming up where sixty percent of the American people have given up and are not going to vote. What we need to do is remind the American people, you used the word dream. This country can be so much more than we are right now if we work together. If we are prepared to stand up to the big money interests, and when that happens, when that kind of discussion and excitement takes place, people are going to come out of the woodwork. And that is I think what has got to happen, and if we are going to be bring about change in America, that is exactly what must happen.


This is about seeing whether ordinary people are willing to stand up and fight and create a political revolution in the sense of what we have not seen for a very very long time.

Bernie Sanders would like to be elected president, but he seems to be equally as interested in speaking for people who have lost their voices as our politics has become dominated by the interests of billionaires and corporations. As an Independent, Sen. Sanders would have no chance. He wouldn’t be invited to the debates, and he would be denied ballot access in many states. If he runs as a Democrat, Sanders will fill the void left by the fact that no one wants to challenge Hillary Clinton.

The campaign that Bernie Sanders is considering is about empowering people and giving them a voice. The odds that Sen. Sanders could beat Clinton for the nomination are small, but he could provide a valuable service to his country by forcing a debate on issues like Citizens United, Wall Street, and income inequality.

A serious challenger would make Hillary Clinton a better 2016 candidate, and it could allow many Democratic voters feel like they had a choice in the nominating process. Somebody has to wake the country up, and begin the political revolution against the billionaires who are trying to buy the government.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is willing to lead the charge. He will soon find out how many Americans are willing to stand with him.

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  1. I’m not a Hillary fan – nor can she count on my vote, just because she’s Hillary.
    She’s out of touch. Though she’s accomplished a great deal on her own, she seems to side with the wealthy.
    She’s not owed the nomination, today, any more than she was owed it in ’08.

  2. In a heartbeat!! I’ve been a supporter for several years and cannot think of a better candidate. Hillary is not even in the same stratosphere!

  3. I have been on several teleconferences with Sen. Bernie Sanders and if I could wish him into the presidency in 2016 I would. If only it were that easy! I adore this man, he is a true treasure.

  4. One good thing going for Bernie is that the Reich-wing has already taken the sting out of calling someone a socialist by using it on Obama for the last 5 years.

    Now when they scream that Bernie is a socialist, nobody but the screamers will give a sh*t.

  5. RUN, Bernie, to light a fire under Hillary’s feet, and
    RUN, Bernie, to give us something to dream about and fight for, and
    RUN, Bernie, to speak to why we are so at risk for losing our country, and
    RUN, Bernie, to win our democracy back, and
    RUN, Bernie, to make a campaign worth fighting for, and most of all,
    RUN Bernie, because you won’t be running alone!

  6. Bernie has his sh*t together. He doesn’t let anyone talk down to him and he can make you believe that we are a great nation. He should have a chance to become president.

  7. I’d take a serious look at him. He’s a man who stands on principle. This is why he has been in the Senate for so long as an Independent. I think he should seriously consider running. If nothing more, he may move the country further to the real center. Unfortunately the brainwashed sheeple will continue to vote against their own interests and vote for the guys who will again have a secret backroom meeting to agree to block anything from getting done.

  8. I have my own reservations about Hillary, but if she gets the nomination, she most definitely will get my vote.

    I will not vote for a Republican either on purpose, or by omission.

    Getting Republicans out of power is the most important thing for now.

    I would love to have someone like Bernie Sanders as President, but I am voting straight Democrat as I always have, it is the only hope we have for this country.

  9. I’ve been tooting your horn to any who will listen. I won’t stop now. If you run, you’ve got my vote. We could do with a little social democracy today.

  10. I’m an Independent and will not vote for any Republican no longer a fan of Hillary Clinton,I left the Democratic party. I’d vote for you. I am heartbroken over the politics over the last 14yrs. and have completely lost all faith in our politicians.

  11. I like Bernie Sanders and agree with much that he has to say. But he has to also address another huge albatross of a special interest around the neck of America and that is the state of Israel. If he cannot move to divorce Israel from our foreign policy and our tax dollars, then he can’t be taken seriously about wanting to take back America from special interests.

  12. If everyone in congress was like Bernie, lobbyists would be a thing of the past and we would have federally funded elections. I am with brother Bernie.

  13. Just remember. When you vote against Dems you are giving a vote to the repubs. Any women who vote repub are traitors to their gender. It is obvious you do not know Hillary Clinton at all. Start with the Watergate Hearings of the 1970s and go forward from there. She will make a great first woman president!!!

  14. I would vote for Bernie Sanders and would love to see him run for President. Bernie is a hard working, honest gentleman and I wish we had more like him in congress. He truly works for Americans and is not afraid to speak up and his heart is really for helping the poor, the elderly, women, children and middle-class Americans. We have your back Bernie!!!

  15. What about Hillary and Bernie on the same ticket? Get a woman’s view and a liberal view. We definitely need more of both.

  16. Bernie, America needs you to run. You bring up all the topics that need to be brought up and you support them with facts. You are what a politician is suppose to be:For the people, By the people.America needs to have it’s concerns represented.

  17. I will vote and support Bernie. He has the guts to speak out against the injustice the right wing has inflicted us with.

  18. Well said, LF. That is exactly right. I think he would get more of the vote than most Indies but I don’t believe he can win. Losing the Senate, in Nov, could make that irrelevant, however.

  19. While my heart is with Bernie, my head says not this time.

    This election is toooooo critical to add a candidate to split the vote. We saw what happened with Nader.

    And if you think Congress is going to work with a Socialist – think again. He might as well be black.

    We must focus on winning the congress so that a Democratic president can get something – anything – done. If that means we have to hold our noses that what it means. We must win the smaller races or governor, state legislatures, school boards and county councils. We must fight the kochroaches in the hills and valleys of the country.

  20. Then a no vote is a vote for the American Taliban. Pray tell what have they done for POC? SMDH at the ignorance of people

  21. I don’t know if you read this, Mr. Sanders, but my question to you is “how can I join this movement?”

  22. I am for Bernie. We are doomed if we don’t elect a President that is fully for the people. Bernie needs to run for President as a Democrat and he will get my vote and 100% support. We also need to keep the Senate blue.

  23. In case some of you missed it, I’ve read in several places that if he runs, Bernie will run as a Democrat – not an independant. I will gladly change parties from Republican to Democrat to help make sure Bernie wins the primary and then the Presidency. Go Bernie!!!

  24. Luckily we can split the ticket here in Michigan. I vote for several different candidates. There are a few good Republicons and a few good Democrats the rest are just high priced hookers.

  25. Senator Sanders,
    Please run. We have had 30 years of Congressional mismanagement. Over 75% of our people are experiencing debilitating debt. The Republicans point to the High National debt yet that debt is a result of the low pay and low employment of the American People. 40 Plus Percent of the taxes paid are being paid to pay the Interest on the “National Debt”. We must deal with the core problem of raising the wages and providing jobs with livable wages. Congress screwed the American people when they changed the bankruptcy laws so that the common worker can no long file for bankruptcy. Low Cost Affordable Housing is almost imposable to find in our major cites. States have used and encouraged the housing bubble so that they could use the inflationary artificial trend to increase property taxes to fund state programs. We need you please run.

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