The Epic Stupidity of the Rich Who Run the GOP Gets Caught On Secret Tape

Sure, there are a lot of important policy gaffes caught on the Mitch McConnell bowing to the Kochs tape. But there’s also this. A woman named “Cheryl” asks Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to comment on the fact that we can’t engage in war anymore because of Obama. Seriously.

This level of complete ignorance about government is what runs the GOP, apparently, from the Koch donor summit on June 15th:

Transcript via The Undercurrent (my bold):

FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, I’m Cheryl (inaudible). I wanted to know, I, I just recently read that with changing rules of engaging in war, you cannot engage in war (inaudible) wasn’t meant for you. Can you comment on that?
MITCH MCCONNELL: I’m not sure I know –
SPEAKER: Well, before we could give more people help, and now, I, I mean, (inaudible) if we felt, um, that, uh, uh, we — if we felt that we were threatened in some way, and now we can’t engage in war unless we’re actually attacked, would you say?
FEMALE SPEAKER: You don’t know anything about that?
MITCH MCCONNELL: No, I don’t. You know, if we’re attacked, uh, certainly I don’t think there’s anything inappropriate (inaudible).
SPEAKER: Is there anything from the Obama Administration that states you can’t engage in war?
MITCH MCCONNELL: I think they choose not to do much of anything over there.
SPEAKER: (Inaudible) in Iraq now (inaudible).
MITCH MCCONNELL: Yeah, I’ll have to take a look at it. What I can tell you with regard to this Administration’s foreign policy is, can you think of a single place in the world where we’re in better shape now than we were when he took office? I mean, he took power in 2009, and, you know, (inaudible) American exceptionalism. And we really ought to talk to each other more frequently instead of (inaudible).
And so we’re, uh, in tough cases about everywhere in the world. As a result, citizens from all (inaudible) have more questions in foreign policy than (inaudible) because they don’t have to deal with senators and members of, uh, Congress. But uh, it, it isn’t enough, so (inaudible) try to pull through. Not to mention, it’s pretty hard to think of anything they didn’t mess up here at home. I don’t know if you all know (inaudible) all my life.

Even professional story teller Mitch McConnell struggled to find a thread of reality to cling to in this one. Um, we are actually “helping” people right now in other countries. War does not always “help people”. The Obama administration has never said that we will no longer be declaring war anywhere, ever. This is complete insanity.

The irony here is that while Republicans beat the drums for war at every possible occasion, they also wail to the press if the President does what other presidents have done in the past by taking some action without their approval. (There are war power precedents that should concern everyone, but that’s not what the Republicans are objecting to. They are objecting to a Democrat being elected and using those powers.)

The soul-crushing stupidity of this question only gets worse when you realize that this person, this Cheryl person, and people like her are running the country via the GOP. These are people who believe what Fox News tells them because it suits their agenda.

These people run the GOP, and they have not a frigging clue what they are talking about. They don’t seem to know anything about government or reality. These are not your wealthy educated elite. These are your libertarian greed monsters, sucking up Ayn Rand at night and tittering at fictional foreign policies. They’re so ignorant they can never be told how ignorant they are because the information is out of their grasp.

This is surreal level ignorant. It’s tin foil dollars on foreign policy. And it’s running the GOP.

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Correction: 8:30 PM There’s was corrected to there are in first paragraph.

14 Replies to “The Epic Stupidity of the Rich Who Run the GOP Gets Caught On Secret Tape”

  1. We have our work cut out for us. We need to clean house in the House as much as possible in November. I’m not sure how many seats the Democrats need to win to take control, but it has to be done.

    It’s one thing to be poor, uneducated, ignorant. But to be rich, educated, and ignorant us even worese!

    These are the same people who point their fingers at us and say they need to be in control because they know what’s best for us. Really?

  2. Maxie 2014: The Democrats need to pick up at least 20 seats to take control of the US House. However, to be safe, 30 or more would be better.
    Regarding the article: let’s be clear about something: the Cons (Conservatives) are not stupid. They’re Fascist psychopaths, but they’re not stupid. The other two lunatic wings of the party, the Teaidjits (Tea Partiers) and Firebaggers (Libertarians), are idiots. “Cheryl” appears or sounds like a Teaidjit.
    I think the reason that B*tch McTurtle had such a difficult time in answering her is that her stupidity even astounded the Senator.
    Do not make the mistake of thinking that the Cons are stupid. That’s a dangerous conclusion to reach. A Facebook friend of mine described the relationship between the Cons and the rest of the lunatics of the GOP thusly: “the Cons are the ‘organ grinders’ and the rest of them are the ‘monkeys'”. While that’s true, what he didn’t say was that the “monkeys” are no longer dancing to the tune….

  3. The sad thing is that even if this penetrates the GOP base what McConnell said they will still vote republican in November even though the GOPKoch suckers think they are fools. Faux/Rush and the others have really dumbed down people so much they’ll vote for the MFers who will destroy their lives and their children’s futures.

  4. You would think after Reagan they would have learned but no they made him into a saint. You would think after the utter destruction that bush the younger unleashed you would think they would have learned but no they blame the blah for Katrina. They will never learn till they get foreclosed on their tin shacks and then they will blame the Democrats and the others for their own ignorance

  5. “Incest” and habitual “inbreeding” practices among the “Elite” and their spawn plays a huge part in their diminished thought process. In my opinion. The only reason these people still “exist” and “survive” today is because of their “Money” and it’s “connections” to power.

  6. Republican voters are a brainwashed cult of people who don’t realize they’ve drank the poisoned koolaide. Every time they vote for Koch whore politician’s who don’t care one iota about them they hasten their demise.

  7. Summer is coming to an end now so it is time to get serious about the election.Have a house party and discuss the issues and encourage the ones sitting on the fence about voting and explain how much we will lose if we don’t show up in November.make sure they all have a ride to the polls, offer to take care of the children while they go vote.Help in any way you can .

  8. Cool! Since the Obama administration isn’t doing much of anything over there (with the military, amirite?) we can use the money on education, healthcare, and the VA. Woot!

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