PA Gov. Corbett Knows What the Ladies Really Want: Help with Dinner Prep. Liquor.


A sinking Pennsylvania Republican governor relies on stereotypes to save himself from his opponent, Democrat Tom Wolf.

Ladies, you might be all caught up in that Republican policy war on women, but Governor Corbett knows what you really want. It’s not equal pay or any of that nonsense. What you ladies need is liquor availability at the grocery story, so you can speed up dinner prep!

All hail Governor Condescension (h/t Dan McQuade writing in Philly Mag):

Democratic Fresh Start PAC revived this July 23 TV appearance of the embattled Republican governor on the Sam Lesante show.

The gold:

“I think a lot of people want to be able to walk into a grocery store, particularly, a lot of the women, want to go and buy a bottle of wine for dinner, go down, buy a 6 pack or two 6 packs, buy dinner and go home rather than what I described as 3 stops in Pennsylvania.”

Governor Corbett knows binders full of women want to be able to buy a 6 pack and then go right home to prep dinner because he knows women. And all they care about is dinner prep.

Never mind that list of misogyny put together by the mean old folks at Planned Parenthood, who do their part every day to help bring affordable healthcare to women and prevent abortions with affordable access to contraception.

Planned Parenthood’s PA PAC is going to do a “Top 10 reasons why Pennsylvania women can’t afford four more years of Corbett”. Starting with reason number ten, as reported by Nick Field at Politics PA:

“Corbett attracted national attention with his offensive and ignorant comments about a state bill that would force doctors to perform a mandatory ultrasound on women seeking an abortion, and describe what they see to the woman even if she doesn’t want to see or hear it,” they wrote. “His advice to the women who would be subjected to this politically motivated process designed to shame and demean them: ‘I don’t know how you make anybody watch, okay? Because you just have to close your eyes…'”.

Accompanying graphic from PP:


See, ladies? If you just close your eyes during your unnecessary and painful ultrasound, you will love Gov Corbett for making dinner prep so much easier by giving you quicker access to a 6 pack for your man. De-regulate those state-run liquor stores so the private industry can make some cash, while regulating women’s bodies to keep the men happy. Doesn’t this say I LOVE THE LADIES! to you?

Binders full of women think it does. Just ask Governor Corbett, but close your eyes first because this might hurt.

h/t Planned Parenthood PA @PPAdvocatesPA

24 Replies to “PA Gov. Corbett Knows What the Ladies Really Want: Help with Dinner Prep. Liquor.”

  1. They’ve been trying to eliminate the state liquor stores in Pa.for awhile because of the inconvenience to everyone and the monopoly it appears to create. Just before we moved out of the state they were allowing certain grocery stores to sell it in limited quantities. Ohio did in their state stores and the earth didn’t stop revolving. But fact is…Corbett is an asshat…

  2. This abject ass-cuddler may be an abject idiot but what’s more disturbing is the abject idiots who voted his empty-head into office.

  3. He is speaking from experience. His wife has to chug two six packs and a bottle of wine before she´ll allow him near her!

  4. I swear these people have lost their damn minds. I just don’t know what to say about them anymore. They are the most tone deaf idiots on the planet and I cannot believe the lot of them ever got elected in the freaking first place. It astounds me.

  5. You are taking the quote out of context. He did not in any way suggest all women cook dinner, even though, surprise! Lots of women do. He was talking about convenience, this is a ridiculous and childish attack trying to help out empty suit tax dodging Wolf.

    Corbett 2014!

  6. Then tell us wise one what has Corbett done to benefit the citizens of Pennsylvania that are not named Koch

  7. Your as much a moron as Corbett. Name one good thing he has done? Ooh, wait, he pals around with pedophiles and doesn’t report them. Just like he wants women to have practice medicine without a license and force women to have unnecessary, not to mention costly, ultrasounds that are not needed.

    Sweet Jesus, please bring sanity, and commonsense back to this country. It’s needed.

  8. Hey Dan,

    Corbett signed into law mandating women seeking an abortion have a medically unnecessary ultra-sound, against her will and her doctor’s advice.

    Talk about BIG government!

  9. Turn off Fox and research Tom Wolf.
    Unlike Corbett’s attack ads, Mr. Wolf never dodged taxes or threatened to raise taxes.
    Corbett has nearly destroyed PA.
    Oh, and please research Corbett/Sandusky Coverup.
    Then decide if you’ll still vote for him.

  10. Dan, your comments about Wolf once again show that you are a gullible fool who blindly believes all of the fictitious propaganda pumped out by the desperate Corbett campaign. Do some actual research and stop parroting the Corbett lies.

  11. I remember when Gov Corbett first took office; he gutted education and training programs for adult learners among other things.

    Now he wants to champion an inconvenience some women face when wanting to buy booze to go with or top off dinner?

    Is that the winning strategy Mr. Corbett? Keep the hard-working folks of Pennsylvania stupid and drunk?

    November can’t get here fast enough to vote this turkey out!

  12. all you really need to know about Corbett happened before he was governor.

    while attorney general, he prosecuted high ranking democrats for corruption, promising he’d get to the gop later. guess what, he ran for governor before that happened.

    prosecuting corruption is a good idea. selectively prosecuting the other side while ignoring what your own side is doing is reprehensible. and this was just a dress reheaersal for the disaster his governorship has been.

    dan, I will gladly cancel out your vote in November.

  13. He’s very unpopular here in Pa. The problem was that most of the western part of our state is rural, uneducated Republican voting people which is why our Representatives and Senators have a Republican majority (remember the voter ID law?). I doubt though that he’ll win reelection. I believe voter turnout here will be relatively high which would mean his goose is cooked.

  14. You believe those Corbett ads huh? Well, if you are from Pa., my vote against will cancel your vote for this idiot.

  15. I think women know when they’re being patronized. And I am really sick of men telling us what we think and feel.

  16. State stores bring in close to a billion in revenue yearly. In a state that is closing public schools with the financial problems here — it’s financial suicide to give away all that money — to put money in the hands of the big box stores that are not even paying taxes in PA.

    To make up for it, the state will have to tax more items. Here’s Rendells list of what NEW to tax…

    PA currently is tied with Vermont (if you eliminate NO TAX states) as one with the least number of items being taxed as you can see scrolling down to the chart with the most green area.

    Give away a profit center like that and the only winner will be Corbett when he gets out of office and gets paid back for shifting a profit center to WalMart, Rite-Aid and the other stores who will end up selling booze here in PA.

    Do not give away a huge revenue stream like the state stores. If you can’t figure out in 7 days when to buy a few bottles, you probably are no…

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