NRA Reacts To Nine Year Old With Uzi Shooting Her Instructor: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun


Every day the headlines contain a few stories about gun related deaths.  Occasionally the stories about gun related murders are punctuated with the unusual, like the story about a man who was acquitted after he murdered a man who was drunk and ran over the first man and his children.  More frequently, we are seeing stories involving children with guns.  In some cases, the death was intentional, at least as intentional as it can be understood by a child.  Other cases involve children, in some cases toddlers, killing someone by accident.

On Wednesday, the focus was on the story about a 9-year-old girl who was learning how to use an Uzi.  She shot and killed her shooting instructor by accident. What child really needs to learn how to use an uzi?

Reacting to a story @NRA Women tweeted,

Even Joe Scarborough lapsed into temporary sanity to recognize that there has to be some limit when it comes to the NRA wish of handing out guns to children as if they were candy.  It’s truly a bizarre moment when I quote Scarborough with a straight face. More typically, I want to follow up with a punchline or at least throw something at the television set.  But like I said, this was a momentary lapse into sanity for ole Joe.

“A man is dead and they’ve ruined a little girl’s life,” Scarborough passionately stated. “I say this as a father of an eleven year old girl. Who would put an uzi in the hands of a nine-year-old girl? What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with this culture?…What right is advanced by doing that?”

The NRA headed by Wayne Lapierre with Ted Nugent on its board of directors doesn’t see a problem with giving 9 year olds Uzis or giving domestic abusers as many guns and bullets as they want.  They are on record saying they believe in forcing children to shoot their way to the next grade.  We already know that Lapierre’s real job is to promote gun sales in the name of pleasing his only real constituency: the gun manufacturers.  It’s also taking what’s good for gun manufacturers is good for the NRA to unimaginable levels of the macabre and the absurd and to the detriment of responsible gun owners who are members of the NRA.

The notion of training a nine year old to use an automatic weapon or a machine gun is crazy to most people, but not the NRA.  Life isn’t complete unless you are surrounded by the whole spectrum of guns.  And hey, let’s not make such a big deal about this story.  Kids just wanna have fun and there is no fun unless it includes a warm and fuzzy uzi.

The NRA has its followers believing their every freedom is threatened unless a nine year old can have fun accidentally shooting their Uzi instructor.  Yet it begs the question, even if we accept that life is incomplete without a gun to share it with, how does a child learn to live with a moment of “fun” that took someone’s life?

It isn’t like the NRA or its followers will care and it isn’t like lawmakers who are afraid of the NRA will dare to contemplate the question.  Someone has to take the first step to reign the NRA in and someone has to take the first step to pass reasonable gun laws.  No one is talking about taking everyone’s gun away. But seriously, does freedom really mean giving a nine year old an Uzi?

h/t Media Matters

Image: Screen Shot from Video by Fox 10

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