Mitch McConnell Puts His Foot In His Mouth By Calling The Founding Fathers Radicals


It is no surprise that conservatives hate government, or that their primary funding mechanism the Koch brothers want it gone. Republicans regularly demonize and attack the federal government because it plays an essential role in helping all Americans, and especially because there are regulations in place to protect the people from wealthy predators whose sole purpose in life is taking everything from the people with impunity. The idea of putting an end to America’s government is something only Grover Norquist, not an elected official or candidate for political office, has openly promoted in the past, but after revelations from a Koch billionaire summit in June, it appears the Republican Party is openly touting their intent to hasten Norquist’s goal of “drowning the government.”

The Koch brothers hate the idea of a government period, and since they own the conservative movement, Republicans intend to help them achieve their goal of ending it. The Kochs and the GOP want government gone, in part, because it helps provide retirement security, poverty reduction, education, a clean environment, workplace safety, affordable housing, crime control, infrastructure, access to healthcare, and adequate nutrition, and particularly because government regulations protect Americans from wealthy predators. It is not enough that this so-called “exceptional” nation ranks toward the bottom of many categories in the world according to a recent 2014 study, Republicans promised the Koch brothers that if they win control of the Senate, they will put an end to the government and transform what is becoming a second-rate nation into a third world country like Afghanistan.

Yesterday it was revealed that Mitch McConnell assured the Koch brothers that Republicans exist to serve the interests of the billionaire oil magnates, but he also promised that a Republican Senate would fulfill the Kochs’ greatest desire; America with no federal government. McConnell thanked the Koch brothers’ Supreme Court puppets for giving the Kochs a means to fight against the “party of government;” he was not talking solely about Democrats. McConnell asserted that belief in, and support for, the government is “an act of true radicalism,” something that makes the Founding Fathers and the great majority of Americans “true radicals.” McConnell claimed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Federal Elections Commission (FEC) are waging a “full-tilt assault” on conservatives who want the federal government abolished once and for all. Don’t believe it?

In McConnell’s promise to the Koch’s billionaire network in June, he assured the wealthy libertarians that “In the House and Senate, we own the budget. What does that mean? That means that we will be pushing back against this bureaucracy so that no money can be spent to do this or to do that. We’re going to go after them on healthcare, on financial services, on the Environmental Protection Agency, across the board. All across the federal government, we’re going to go after it.” When McConnell said Republicans were going to go after it, all across the federal government, he meant more than environmental, banking, and campaign regulations; he meant every and anything the federal government entails.

It is worth reiterating that on Sunday when Paul Ryan complained that a Republican-controlled House could not put an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act without a Republican Senate, he clearly was in league with McConnell’s claim that Republicans will go after “all of it.” Over the past three years many Republicans called for ending the minimum wage, taxation, pensions, child labor laws, unemployment insurance, overtime pay, workplace safety regulations, food stamps, assistance for seniors, and education, or in McConnell’s words, “all of it.”

McConnell duly complied with the “eliminate everything” mindset and complained bitterly to the Koch billionaire network that Senate Democrats wanted to debate and hold votes on “things like raising the minimum wage, extending unemployment benefits, and helping reduce student loan rates.” He attacked Democrats for believing in all the wrong things, like the federal government existing for the general welfare of the people he said is “an act of true radicalism.”

McConnell and several other Republicans are openly promoting ending the government one way or the other; either by “going after all of it” by defunding it, or shutting it down if President Obama fails to assist them in ending it. It is the Koch brothers storied “vision” of America where anything goes to increase the assets of the rich including no minimum wage, no workplace protections, no child labor laws, no environmental protections, and no form of government to protect the people. It is the purest form of libertarianism where the concept of roads, schools, police and fire protection, hospitals, clean water, and any domestic services are for those with the means to buy and profit from them; the people be damned.

The Koch agenda is clear and Republicans will go to extraordinary lengths to see their masters’ vision reaches fruition including putting an end to any and all government that might impede unrestricted profits for the rich, or protect the middle class or poor from vultures like the Kochs. That means stealing every American’s pension or retirement plan including putting an end to Social Security; the Koch brothers are already funding the State Policy Network and ALEC to steal Americans’ pensions at the state level as well as keep wages low and block workplace safety regulations; anything to increase profits for the rich at the expense of the people’s general welfare.

The reason Republicans appear to be void of ideas and lack an agenda to govern is because they never intended to govern except to eliminate the government that McConnell claims is true radicalism. If the past three years has failed to convince Americans that Republicans’ raison d’être is taking everything from the people, including their government, the Republicans’ full commitment to the Koch brothers vision of America is all the proof they need.


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  1. Unfortunately, it would appear that too many people don’t have a clue, and don’t even seem to care about what is going on, they just run around like lemmings doing all the things they’ve always done and voting for the party their parents and grandparents voted for.

    I hate to say it, but in my every day life, I know many people who just either don’t care, or can’t be bothered if something is not directly affecting them in their lives. They don’t seem to realize that the things that are happening on the right will effect them, they see it as affecting the “others” whom the right has so effectively demonized.

    I’m afraid that by the time many of these folks wake up to reality, there will be so much damage done to our country that it will take a generation to repair. I do all I can to inform people, but my words most often fall on deaf ears, but I will keep trying.

  2. That is the whole purpose of the incitement of hatred and sedition that we have seen. It has created a pool of voters that will not only back programs that will destroy themselves, their families, and their country just to punish these “others”, but who will willingly serve as Freikorps,Brown Shirts, and even Einsatzgruppen if elections don’t work. No, such people are not the majority, just as they were not during the Weimar Republic. They don’t have to be, and most of the pieces are already in place.

  3. You are dead on except for one thing…”voting for the party their parents and grandparents voted for..”. If that was true “the South” would be a solid Democratic block. I remember an interview with a farmer in Texas after Regan was elected in ’80. His exact words were “my daddy would roll over in his grave if he knew I voted for a Republican”. After the Voting Rights Act blacks joined the party that represented the interest of working people…the Democrats. Republicans used the fact that the Democrats were representing the interest of blacks to turn southerners into Republicans. Over the course of a decade the entire South flipped from Democrat to Republican. And, as you can see from Fox News, The Tea Party, The Birther Movement, and The (I’m scared to death of minorities) Gun Lobby it is still working for them. As we can see from the religious conflicts that are currently raging (as they always have) intolerance, fear and hatred are extremely useful when motivating gullible …

  4. well, “gosh darn, Mitch!” just, “gosh darn”…

    imagine the ‘Founding Fathers’ as radicals! oh, wait! they were. they took the second biggest swipe at monarchy. the first being ‘regicide’. can he say, “Charles I?” next thing up for Mitch & the Koch’s? a “Rump” Congress to abolish democracy!

    oh, George Santayana! where are you when we need you?

  5. Yet working and middle class white voters actually believe McConnell and the GOP are looking after their best interest, when they are not.
    Divdide and conquer. Let middle and working class whites belive that their way of living is being destroyed by black and brown people. Never mind that stagnant wages is what is lowering their lifestyles.

    That fault lies with the greedy, amoral white men, who want the whole pie and give everybody else crums, not people of color

  6. The coup is in the works. The overthrow of Iran will seem like a playground scrum.

    Behold! The Ayatolas Koch!

    I am sick…

  7. Mitch McConnell is right but, of course, for the wrong reason. The Founder were radical in the sense that they founded the first Government based on the will of the People, rather than the will of the “Divinely appointed Monarch” and without sanction from any Church or religion. This was indeed “radical thinking” and is the FIRST thing that will go if the Dominionists have their way and take over the Government

  8. Mitch and his blood sucking cronies, complaint about the government, yet you do not see them quit and go home, do you?
    No, they would have to go and actually get a job! heaven forbid that!
    No, because they are worthless sources of human waste that have not even educated themselves in the most fundamentals of democracy, probably have not even read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are there because they can talk at both sides of their mouths and say nothing of consequence, while getting on the way of progress.
    Sound like they have visions of their own feudal estates in the future. Start dismanteling the government by sending those pseudo representatives home.

  9. The point is that the Founding Fathers were not revolutionaries. What they wanted was to have the rights of English men and not treated otherwise. The crown would not do so they Independence was the only way.What they wished to have and did, after time, receive was the rights of American citizens not the rights of Englishmen. They were Conservatives …sorry, boys…them there a facts not your nocturnal dreams.

  10. But isn’t the root word of conservatives is to conserve? That would mean the old order. Don’t they teach you anything being homeschooled?

  11. If the founding father’s were radicals then count me as one, we the radicals are fighting the new or the hidden rich 1% that came to this country from England to try and keep the monarch’s control in place. The Republicans want a one party system or a 2 party system with a ruler that can veto anything at will and have a supreme court that rubber stamps it. What we need in this country is term limits of 2 terms for each branch of government and a Supreme Court that is elected non partisan and then no one could be in office over 12 years, yes we need someone conterminous to government so let the house and senate be elected 1/3 at a time, 1/3 of house every 2 years, president every 4 years and 1/3 senate every 6 years and the Supreme Court and Federal Court judges every 8 years one third of each court every 2 years. This is not a perfect plan but a start, no corp funds allowed unless put in pool and all elections paid out of the pool.

  12. Sorry, but you’re your own worst enemy. The founders were most definitely and assuredly liberals, the Tories were conservatives and were loyal to the crown. It’s ironic that you folks are part of the right wing, it should be called the wrong wing; as ignorant as the day is long.

  13. One thing about the American Taliban they will not answer when presented with facts. They are COWARDS.

  14. Thomas Jefferson wrote “in the future, when doubt arises over the meaning of these words (Constitution & Bill of Rights) think back to the time it was written and the meaning of that time and that is what should stand.” Our Constitution states The People are the government and it is the right and duty of The People to get rid of bad government. These elected officials can and should be fired/removed from office by The People. The Web is great for info but its all talk no action. People need to band together and take action. Besides these officials cant be too bright, without government they are out of a job. Not to mention, isnt what McConnell pushing for considered treason?

  15. McConnell is a very slick Washington player. We want him out. I am voting for not just myself but for the future of a nation that needs an honest break.Snakes no matter how nice you treat them, they still bite you.

  16. I’m a retired high school U.S. history teacher, Ywe, and you’re wrong. There were two primary groups living in America when the Revolutionary War began–Tories and Rebels. Tories were supporters of the British Crown government, i.e., George III; Rebels were those who wanted to fight to break away from England and Geo.III. The rebels were led by Geo. Washington. The conservatives in 18th C. America were the Tories because they wanted to continue living in America under the rule of the British government. Had it not been for Washington and the other rebels, along with assistance from the Spanish and French governments, there would be no United States of America today. It was because of their courage and willingness to take on the world’s most powerful army in the 18th C. against all odds that led to the creation of the USA. If it had been left to the Tories, America would have remained a British protectorate for many years before winning independence, like Australia and Canada.

  17. I don’t doubt that this COULD be true on some levels. As a liberal Democrat with an education and an open mind, I’ve noticed how much the media on both sides of the fence twists the words and actions of politicians toward a particular premise – usually something sensational enough to inspire both votes and campaign donations. I think the Republican journalists are worse about it, but then I’m a Democrat. While I don’t doubt that this premise is true to some extent, I have to wonder how much of this mountain is embellished from how big a molehill. I’d like to see OUR side present information sans the rage inspiring fluff. I’d like the same from the Republican journalists, but I doubt that I could persuade them in that direction.

    So, the Kochs, et al. want to enslave Americans via a government overthrow. Is that the core truth, or the obvious outcome of their unrealistic propositions? Or is it an exciting mountain created from their out of touch political perspectives? I want t…

  18. My plan to eliminate the government;
    1. Have every Republican Congressman put their money where their mouth is and quit their government jobs. We could start and end right there. Let them leave. They don’t have to live here. They are free to go to places where there is no government and enjoy their Utopian society. Then the rest of us can get back to making America great again. We can start by lifting up our own. Taking care of each other, feed the hungry, house the homeless, health care for all, equal rights, equal pay, clean water and air, real conservation for all animals and plants, and that’s just for starters.
    2. Refer to rule 1, lather, rinse, repeat.

  19. @Joy, I agree, both sides are guilty of exaggerating the truth. I would love to see a consensus of the voting public that sees what’s good for America, as opposed to just “the other side is wrong”. I can’t believe reading the comments here how many are taking this story as a serious piece of journalism. Everybody does know these people write anything to get published, right? The Koch Brothers want to do away with government?? Really?? Who’s believing that crap? They are the republican party?? Wow. I hope people realize MUCH more money from billionaires (George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, et al) is donated to the democratic party. Do you think they’re putting people in place to help you? Quit letting people tell you what to think. And no I’m not a republican, I think both major parties are 2 sides of the same coin. Everyone just wants to get elected, then re-elected. Not worried about doing what’s best for the country.

  20. Most of the money going to the republic party comes from large donations. From the 1% and the upper class. Not much money from the middle and lower class. There are more millionaires and billionaires then the ones you mentioned(soros, buffett etc)
    Most of the money going to the Democratic party is low donation people. The middle and lower class. Some millionaires of course, but noit even close to what the republican party gets from the 1%.
    Check out the tapes just released of Mitch McConnell admitting the Kock brothers are driving force behind the republican party. Mitch, as well as several other republican representatives at a Koch retreat speaking to the entire group and fawning over the koch like a man who just wet his pants. The Mitch also admits he will do his best to starve the government of money per the koch brothers plan. Which is exactly what they are doing by demanding full tax cuts for the 1% and corporations. This is all in Mitch’s own words. The intent is to get rid of all banking and manufacturing regulations, and to get rid of all your benefits like overtime pay. Look up ALEC and educate yourself.

    Yes you are a republican. You are incapable of reading things and researching for yourself.

  21. It won’t let me reply, so I’ll add here. Yes, of course the koch bros. are a driving force of the rebs. That was never in dispute. As a small business owner, I’m acutely aware of all the regulations that are strangling my growth. That’s without the full implications of obamacare in effect. Our corp tax rate is among the highest in the world. Your speaking from a laborer perspective and not from a owner, leadership perspective. I’m sure you’ve seen Burger King left the country because of the high corp taxes. As far as donations, I can find you just as many dem super pacs as reb. The wet your pants remark, look at any video of obama on a fundraiser tour.

  22. LOL, yes you are a republican alright

    And a brain washed one at that.

    Very few corporations pay high taxes. I doubt you do. And the speil about Obamacare is hlarious. And even if you find dem super pacs, the money vcomes from the common people, not the wealthy. Go to Opensecrets and prove it to yourself.

    Burger king didnt just leave for taxes. Most of their Burger King stores are in Canada to start with. In any case, if slackers like GE paid their taxes, the tax rate wouldnt be so high.

    You lied about being a republican, you are lying about being a business owner.

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