Iowa Poll Shows GOP is Desperate Enough to Give Mitt Romney Another Shot in 2016

mitt romney

The GOP isn’t over Mitt Romney. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll released on Wednesday indicates that 35% of likely Iowa Republican caucus voters would vote for the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential nominee in 2016. Fresh faces like Chris Christie (9%), Ted Cruz (5%) and Rand Paul (5%) didn’t come close. Mike Huckabee (another blast from the past) came in second at 9% and Romney’s 2012 runner-up, Rick Santorum, nabbed 9%. It seems that failed candidates from the GOP’s past are generating more enthusiasm than prospective candidates that are meant to be the party’s future and Mitt Romney, the man Republicans picked only as a last resort in an abysmal field of candidates, leads the pack.

Calls for a 2016 Romney candidacy are nothing new, but the aforementioned poll is bound to add fuel to the fire. Until recently, Romney categorically denied that he would run in 2016. Of late, however, Romney has been less definitive, remarking that “circumstances can change.” So what are these “circumstances?” Mainly the credibility of a competition increasingly marred by scandal and mediocrity. Texas Governor Rick Perry is under indictment on two felony charges, effectively slamming the brakes on an effort to repair his image following a disastrous 2012 campaign. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is under investigation for illegally coordinating with outside groups during his recall election. The dark cloud of Bridgegate hovers over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and will likely remain even if he is never directly linked to the traffic scandal. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has not indicated that he is running. Marco Rubio has failed to make an impression. Ted Cruz appeals only to the GOP  base. Rand Paul is slightly more promising, but it is uncertain whether some of his eccentric libertarian positions will fly in a Republican primary. Against this underwhelming backdrop, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem like such an unpalatable option.

Of course, it’s likely that Romney’s support will wither should he attempt a run. As Romney put it, “the unavailable is always the most attractive, right?” It’s difficult to believe the GOP’s far-right Tea Party base will truly warm to a Massachusetts moderate who established a template for Obamacare. He’s certainly not a Koch brothers-friendly candidate. It’s equally difficult to believe that the GOP establishment will give a failed investment like Romney another chance given his baggage. After all, how can Romney expand the GOP’s appeal to key demographics after his “binders full of women” and “self-deportation” blunders? Major donors are very likely asking these questions. In short, the GOP is probably not dumb enough to nominate Romney again despite early polling. Nevertheless, Republicans’ desire for Romney to run again, however temporary, underscores the very real problem of a gaping leadership void. Even when they come to their senses and remember why they never liked Mitt, this problem will still remain.

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  1. Of all the would-be’s,
    I am most enthusiastic for a Romney run.
    …and another Romney humiliation.

    So fitting for that privileged vulture capitalist.

  2. Forget Romney as a candidate.

    They’ll need him to “Bain” the operation. After 2016, the party will be on it’s last legs, and in need of either rebranding, or liquidation.

  3. I’ve been sayin’ it the WHOLE
    time, He’s runnin’!
    He & Ann & the Romney Klan.
    They’re not used to being told, NO!
    & mitt can’t understand…….

    He’s like the guy who has been rejected repeatedly by a girl he’s stalking and has convinced himself that if she could just see how good he is for her she’d love him. America might have to file for a restraining order.


  4. I don’t understand why any thinking person would think that Mitt Romney would make a good President. The man made millions buying companies forcing them to go bankrupt, after taking out huge loans from the banks to pay himself and his investors. Hundreds of American workers lost not only their jobs but also their retirement. He left the government to take care of these people. He hides his money in other countries so he does not have to pay taxes. If Mitt the twit where president, he’d be smiling for the cameras, while his son’s would be stealing everything that was not nailed down.

  5. …he was a lying anti-American Son of a Bitch then; he still is…binders of women, killing off the social safety net,{The Lyin’ fuckin’ Ryan Plan}and the “49% bitchin’ caught on video”…he claimed his sons were “serving thier country” by workin’ on his campaign…while calling for MORE military misadventures…and GUESS what??? HE HASN’T CHANGED ONE IOTA…but his campaign will claim he “saw the Light”…he’s the same “HOORAH FOR THE RICH AND FUCK THE POOR” asshole he’s always been; and this shows just how desperate the Teahadists are to field SOMEONE who hasn’t been involved in a {recent} scandal, not to mention not currently under investigation

  6. I am trying to collect all the negatives against Romney–binders, rejected, not proud (self deprecation). Hmmm–he is honest, hard working, successful, understands politics, family man, loves his country, etc., etc. The choice is not difficult–you will vote for Romney if you care anything about this country!

  7. The Pubs need someone with Big-Name-Recognition to go against HRC…they know they can’t run someone nobody knows.
    So Romney is the choice!

  8. The repub’s see Romney as a reincarnate of Nixon; he’s a crook, he’s passive-aggressive, his wife is a duplicate of “Plastic Pat”, plus, Romney, like Nixon, was caught saying his true feelings while being recorded.

    The GOP is very addled-brain and myopic; they can only recognize certain pre-set patterns and trigger words due to their senility. Their ideal candidate has to resembles one on their long lost, cherished stereo-type leader; that’s all they have left…Cruz is their McCarthy guy, Jeb is a do-over of his daddy, etc.

    And, with that said, my premise is the exact reason Rand Paul will not be nominated. Paul is defying their stereo-type branding; he’s no “W” and he’ll go down just like daddy Paul, too!

    BTW–if you have not seen “Nixon on Nixon” you must! It’s an HBO special. It is a must to watch, hear and absorb.

  9. Its just sad, just 6 months ago, had lots of choices. All of them have fallen. Romney nothing but a last ditch shot. Just sad for GOP. Corruption is now their trademark. Indictments await.

  10. They certainly are in a conundrum. I mean Mittens turned Liberal in the debates, meaning he was lying. That qualifys him for the gop presidency

  11. I don’t think that the word “Desperate” is
    the best choice.

    I think “Suicidal, Stupid and Insane” is a
    much better description.

    Then again, given the intelligence of the Voters, anything is possible.

  12. Romney’s Bain capital (who he still gets money from) is up to it’s neck in the Burger King deal, he has not changed his ways, I wonder how many millions he has made from the US taxpayers since his last run for pres.

  13. Many thanks, djchefron for a terrific citation. I’ll be bookmarking it for pass-alongs. Regards: Derrick.

  14. Oh goody. You might get marijuana, but your wife will get no contraception, no equal pay, and your daughters will be in chastity belts.

  15. Romney has proven to be a man of highest character. He would be the next Reagan that our country desperately needs but the handout dems and the extreme right continue to fight against him along w the media. I pray to God that he is given a chance to bring back some sanity and accountability to our great nation

  16. As honest as McConnell, and Christie, and Scott Walker, and..and..?? lol!! Romney honest? Those tax returns would show how honest he was, but he wouldn’t show them!

  17. And another pres wannabee Marco Rubio had a healthcare plan for Florida (the alternative to the medicaid expansion) it really did well, in fact 30 people are said to have enrolled, they are now looking to expand the program to include pets (seriously)in the meantime the Rubio family are enrolled in the ACA.

    Virginia proud – you are joking!!!!!

  18. Anyone that would vote “Republican”, enjoy being patronized and have lots and lots of money because the policies put in place by the GOP guarantee they will KEEP their money. If they don’t have lots and lots of money, then they must know by now they are being played. One way to know when you are being played is the List of Accomplishments. Notice how the media never mentions any accomplishments acquired by the GOP for the past six years. Yet, the media insist the GOP is going to take the Senate and maintain the House. My question to the media is: “based on what?”

  19. But.. but.. queen anne of the uwe people hasn’t gotten what she is “owed.” We the people OWE them the White House dontcha know. I bet she berates and belittles him at home and is goading him to run again.. you know anne gets what anne wants.
    As for me, I was thinking.. go ahead.. make my day!

  20. Reagan was the greatest traitor this country has ever seen. Romney destroyed jobs and lives. He hid his income in his church and over seas. He lied about everything he said.

    On top of that, He has to let Ann drive him around on a Jetski because he is so out of touch with people he cant even drive one

  21. You jokers that can’t find any slime on Romney just keep throwing out bs like the great Harry Reid who said he heard it from a friend that Romney didn’t pay any taxes. Romney committed the great sin of being successful while republican. He needs to be a dem to have the media and other whiners accept his success. Maybe he should just switch parties sleep w some interns start using the race card and he’d be one he’ll of a fine dem

  22. LOL! Too rich!

    Reid and Romney are both Mormons. Reid knew Romney was hiding his money in his church. Maybe you should leave Fox News, you are way behind.

    Romney is a job killer and does not care about you.

  23. Please please please nominate Cruz for the GOTea candidate.. If the Republicans are THAT out of touch, they will deserve what they get.

    JUST RUN REGARDLESS>. PLEASE, no nomination needed. He is going to have them all so polarized and trying to out Cruz Cruz, that it’s like a delight to even think about. It will make the loony-bin of 2012 GOTea candidates look like almost normal people.

    Could of picked the more than able Huntsman.. but Nooooooo ….They thought they were going to raid Wall-street with the more than able (to raid Wall-street) Romney…. GOTea hasn’t been very smart nor practical nor responsible for the American people of late

  24. Romney was and is the best candidate–imagine how much good he could have done for the United States in the past 2 years, not just for our country but for the world! I realize it is an uphill battle, people may make Romney “an offender for a word,” they may overlook his character, skills, talent and policy…but many of us (nearly half the nation) voted for him last time, and many can see even more clearly now.

  25. Yes, remember when Romney said he would not let any events happen in the ME unless he said they could?

    Constant war. Thats the good that tax shirker would have given you

  26. Sounds like desperate times have really called for desperate measures in the GOP. To bring back Romney after the loss he took in 2012 tells me that they’re out of legitimate options for President because everyone else has either said ‘no’ or is in some sort of legal trouble.

    If they want to trot out the previous ‘Biggest Loser’ again in 2016 against Clinton, go ahead. I get the feeling that it’ll be an epic mismatch akin to Bazooka vs. Fly.

  27. I want to see him refuse…again…to release his tax returns. No way that’ll fly a second time. Run, Nitmit,run!

  28. I think he might get elected this time. Happened with Reagan. And we’ll have similar results only with more of a war hawk.

  29. Everything he and his wife said and did the last time proves he is not capable of being president. The people who tried to help him get elected had the campaign credit cards cancelled before they could book their trips home.! The remaining money likely went into Mitt’s overseas accounts, out of sight. He said “Limit Anne’s exposure, so people don;t get tired of her” So, obviously, he KNOWS Queen Anne very well. Too late, we got sick and tired of her royal attitude. Stick with the dancing horses, Anne.

  30. I still think it will be Rubio, he can run on the alternative to Obama’s medicaid expansion
    it is just soooo impressive.

  31. Mitt Romney has no business being POTUS. Sory, but he doesn’t. He has no desire to actually GOVERN; he wants the job because it’s the pinnacle, the highest job in the land.

    It’s a notch on his belt, that is all.

    He does not care about the majority of the people in this country. His statements have proven that time and time again.

    But go ahead and nominate him GOP. Go right ahead. Let that be the final nail in your coffin.

  32. Have you seen that the alternative has signed on just 30 people? And a number of them have already left.

    Rubio signed his family on through the ACA which tells me the alternative was for blind people.

  33. How can Romney be the “chosen” Teddy Cruz believes HE is the “chosen” So which “chosen is the real chosen”? Think the rethugs have a problem. Palin also thought she was, “chosen” Perhaps they all are listening to the wrong God!

  34. “Mitt Romney has no business being POTUS. Sory, but he doesn’t. He has no desire to actually GOVERN; he wants the job because it’s the pinnacle, the highest job in the land. It’s a notch on his belt, that is all. He does not care about the majority of the people in this country”

    And Obama HAS business being POTUS? You could insert BO’s name in your post and it would apply to him.

  35. Almost all of those Romney voters, voted against the black guy. I know republicans that would have voted for any Dumbo the Elephant, anything but the black man. So your figures, like all GOP figures ” don’t add up “, and never will. Americans don’t like Romney, he held down a classmate and cut off his hair and laughed about it, and then pretended to not remember it. That is a sociopathic tendency, as in a sociopathic tendency to not pay federal income taxes, and not release his federal income tax forms like everyone else, he must be special, more special than everyone else, or different enough to be dangerous, which is sociopathic. No thanks, Americans will reject Romney again and again and again, he is not one of us.

  36. …let’s talk about pseudoChristians…these hypocrites have rejected ALL the teachings of Jesus Christ; and depend solely upon cherrypicked verses from the Old Testament {the JEWISH laws, traditions,and early history} the letters of Paul, and Revelations spoonfed to them by {SURPRIZE!!!} politically motivated “preachers”.
    …do you REALLY wanna see if you are a REAL Christian??? Here’s a simple test:Write down ALL your political beliefs…I’m not gonna peek; be honest…Next get one of those little green New Testaments…READ the Gospels of Jesus Christ…if you find a verse for or against your beliefs, write it down…
    IF YOU ARE HONEST…you will find that the political beliefs of the rich are INCOMPATIBLE with Christianity…{“You cannot serve both God and Mammon”}…if you are NOT honest, quit calling yourself a Christian…you ain’t…

  37. TEA-types have Rafael Eduardo Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christi, Rick Perry and Mike Huckaby, all running distant wanna-be’s to Mitt Romney. Remember Romney placed loser against a black president who severely trounced him. TEA-Republicans have no clear shot in 2016 and fail grossly when Hillary or Warren throw their name into contention. Remember the words of the “Occupy Wall Street” group – The “concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people and the concentration of power in stricter, less compassionate hands,” still holds true today more than ever!

  38. You keep throwing around that he was successful. Successful at what? Making himself rich? Has that trickled down to you or anyone else outside his family? You do realize that as governor he was 47th out of the 50 states in job creation. That is not success. And as for Reagan? Oh, puhleeze. How many times were your taxes raised while he was in office? And your taxes now are lower than they’ve ever been.

  39. Mitt Romney has POTUS fever. His dad had it. It’s in his blood. And unfortunately the American voter has the shortest retention span of recent events known to man. The 47% tape, Lies about Jeep, “Corporations are People, my friend” will be ditched and buried in new rhetorical gibberish. The GOP only wants somebody in the White House to prevent any possible move away from Supply-Side/Trickle Down. Romney wants even more. They have no qualms about lying. In fact they can’t tell the truth about anything. Romney is the establishment’s man. And the Tea Party is proving more and more disastrous. Yup. He’ll be the nominee and favorite to win. What can Hillary do?

  40. Let us not forget about that racketeering
    lawsuit against Romney!

    When he was running for pres I don’t think it came out that his dad was born in Mexico due to the fact that they were running away from the law so they could practice their polygamy.

  41. I’m reminded of the “You don’t have Nixon to kick around any more” quote after California’s governor’s Dad beat him. If only that were true.

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