Keeping Their Voters Stupid Keeps Republicans Elected

Over the past six years after every election, a relatively common question is why do so many Americans dependably vote against their own self-interests. Despite poor white people in southern red states barely surviving on slave wages, welfare, food stamps, and no adequate healthcare, they routinely vote for Republicans openly campaigning on driving their constituents deeper into poverty. It is true that opposition to Democrats as surrogates for an African American President is driven by racial animus, but even that fails to explain poor white voters electing abusive Republicans promising to eliminate programs that keep them alive and block Democratic attempts to lift them out of poverty.

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson understood how abusive Republicans could succeed, if only they kept the population unenlightened, or in street vernacular blind, dumb, and stupid. Jefferson said, “I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of power.”

That was in 1820, but even before that Jefferson wrote that “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree. Therefore, it is imperative that the nation see to it that a suitable education be provided for all its citizens.”
Jefferson was not the first man to identify the death knell of democracy, or “self-government,” was an uneducated populace. Republicans understand they could hardly garner any electoral support if the population was educated and informed, so they have went to extraordinary and, often, unconstitutional lengths to keep the populace ignorant by cutting education funding. Whether it is transferring public school funding to private, religious, or underperforming charter schools, or just slashing education funding, Republicans will employ any measure to keep Americans stupid so they will vote against their own self-interests.

On Thursday, another judge ruled that Republicans in Texas used an unconstitutional scam to starve public schools and produce another generation of ignorant Texans to vote for Republicans. The Texas ruling was a repudiation of gubernatorial candidate Gregg Abbot’s defense of slashing well over $5 billion from public schools using an unconstitutional property tax scam. However, the means of slashing public education funding is unimportant, but it is a growing trend among Republican-led states whose goal is simply to maintain a base of support among uneducated voters.

Last week a judge in North Carolina ruled that a Republican privatization scheme was unconstitutional because it defunded public schools by shifting public education funds to private and charter religious schools. The judge correctly stated that the Republican scheme was to “siphon money from the public schools in favor of private schools, fund non-public schools that discriminate on account of religion, and to shift “public taxpayer money to private religious schools that have no legal obligation to teach them anything.” Besides a dirty privatization scam, N.C. Republicans want to keep the next generation of voters blind, dumb, and stupid so they will support policies that keep them in distress.

Last year in Kansas a judge ruled that Governor Sam Brownback’s Draconian cuts to public education were unconstitutional; particularly because the lack of funding was due to using taxpayer dollars to fund unsustainable tax cuts for the rich. Brownback, like all Republicans, desperately needs an ignorant and uneducated citizenry who regularly fall for the insane notion that taking money from the people to enrich corporations and the wealthy is key to an economic Utopia. It is noteworthy that the storied “trickle down” theory has existed for about a generation, and the people that were denied a decent education then ignorantly support Brownback’s economic lunacy that has the state suffering three recent credit downgrades and flirting with bankruptcy in the very near future. It is even likely that people suffering the drastic social program cuts enacted by Republicans will vote for Brownback because they are too stupid to understand they are voting against their own survival.

Another Republican state, Louisiana, is fighting federal and state court lawsuits due to Governor Bobby Jindal’s unconstitutional scheme of stealing from public schools to fund private religious institutions. Jindal, like all Republicans, depends on uneducated voters to support policies against their own self-interests such as rejecting free Medicaid expansion funding, giving free rein to dirty energy industry to foul Louisiana’s air and water, and cut social programs ignorant and uneducated citizens require to survive.

The common theme in keeping their citizens ignorant and uninformed is pandering to voters’ irrational fears. It is why Republicans’ claim Democrats are subverting their religious freedom, taking god out of schools, coming for their guns, and imposing Marxism, Socialism, or communism on the people. If any American does not believe how ignorance borne of an uneducated populace drives opposition to policies that help Americans, take heed of the number of times Republican and teabagger voters bemoan President Obama’s Marxist or socialist policies revealing they have no idea what Marxist or socialist policies entail. If one wants to end a debate, or conversation with a conservative parroting Republican talking points, ask them when the government came for their guns, what Marxism or socialism is, how their religious liberty, was subverted, or how President Obama is shredding the Constitution; a document they have never read, much less understand at even a rudimentary level.

It is beyond refute that if the citizens of this country were informed and educated, Republicans would be hard-pressed to get elected as dog-catchers, much less legislators. The assault on public education goes beyond Republican-controlled states as evidenced by congressional Republicans regularly cutting education funding. They, Republicans, know that if the public were educated, they could not demean science as the work of the devil, or claim contraception is abortion, or push the Christian bible as true science. There is a reason so many morons in the conservative movement are certain that god created America, wrote the Constitution, established America’s borders, and installed Christianity as the state religion, and it is simply due to their inability to pick up a history book or the founding document to check Republican claims for veracity.

Americans are not unintelligent, but a fair proportion of them are dirt stupid; it is the only reason a Republican ever gets elected. What Republicans are doing in the states to education is to maintain an ignorant, superstitious, and uninformed voting bloc as well as prepare the next generation to regularly vote against their own best interests. They will continue using any means to destroy public education because they know, as Founding Father Thomas Jefferson said, the only “true corrective of abuses of power is to see to it that a suitable education be provided for all its citizens.” It is a corrective that Republicans are waging a fierce battle against because their electoral survival depends on keeping their supporters uneducated, uninformed, and frankly, stupid from religion.


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  1. And let us not forget the deliberate cultivation of meanness, so that citizens will vote against their own interests, just so they can hurt “those people”. That is why right-wingers hate anti-bullying programs.

  2. I know we all like to roll our eyes at the ignorance we see in Republican voters, but in all honesty, it cuts both ways.

    I have been attending local festivities to register people to vote, and many Democrats are as much in the dark about what’s going on as Republican voters.

    The only way to become “enlighten” is to educate yourself. That takes time, and voters vote the way they do for a variety of reasons. Yesterday at an event when I asked a lady if she was registered to vote she said “no” and blew me off quicker than me seeing Dick Cheney in the nude!

    She was black, I’d say late 60’s early 70’s. She looked poor, but who am I to say?

  3. It’s not so much that republicon voters are stupid. These people want to feel included in what they perceive as the “popular” group kinda like a high school click. I mean why else would a woman on welfare with 4 kids from four different father’s vote republicon? From my observations, they feel like they actually know these people that they vote for. When in reality they wouldn’t give them the time of day if they passed by on a sidewalk. Rush Limbaugh learned early playing off of Ralph E. Epperson, John Birchers, Joseph Goebbels that its a lot easier to hate someone than it is to love. He basically made hate trendy and thousands join that bandwagon on a daily basis.

  4. The dumbing down of American has been an intended desire of the puppet masters, for a long time.

    The only inoculation against this trap is to stay well informed, by researching against all the information out there. Especially when you are told “it’s too good to be true” because it usually is!!!.

    I cannot believe how gullible people have become, that the new norm is, if you are intelligent you are an evil “elite”.

    This “nation of sheep” is not an accident of evolution, it is intended by the few to rule the many.

    Uninformed people are easy to fool all of the time!!!

  5. Keeping their voters poor and dependent on the government, angry and divided into groups, and either feeling like victims or feeling ashamed is how the democrats keep getting their votes. Fact.

  6. WE who now KNOW the TRUTH need to Inform the large numbers of “Brained Washed” from birth truly ignorant uneducated citizens and residents of the U.S.A. Exactly how they are being “DECEIVED” and by “WHO”. We should buy space and time on and in their “local” media outlets. Radio, newspapers, billboards, distribute leaflets, flyers etc.. Send low cost direct mailings out to the “Occupants” of the areas that are most effected by the “GREAT DECEPTION”. And explain to them in simple precise direct terms (draw pictures) how the Republican Party and their Corporate Elite 1% Masters and the “Con-Artist” (hate spewing) Religious Leaders are responsible for the “GREAT DECEPTION” that is keeping them and their families and friends down. The Truth will set them Free. IMO. Its worth the effort and expense. It should not take the uninformed long to catch on and spread the “TRUTH” themselves to others. Then they will turn on their DECEIVERS and seek JUSTICE. As it should be.

  7. “As people do better, they start voting like Republicans – unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing” Karl Rove

  8. Fact you are an idiot. Try just once looking up how the economy has fared under Democratic Administration. But you wont because YOU choose to remain ignorant. BTW how’s that living in a trailer working out for you

  9. How do you explain democrat Barrack Obama appointing Arne Duncan (an anti-public schools, pro-privatization “reformer”) as education secretary?

  10. Your comment is an exact reflection of how Republicans keep their voter stupid. You do realize that the Red states are far more dependent on government hand-outs than Blue states. Many of the Red states actually taken more government money than the contribute.

  11. Your comment is an exact reflection of how Republicans keep their voters stupid. You do realize that the Red states are far more dependent on government hand-outs than Blue states. Many of the Red states actually taken more government money than the contribute.

  12. In addition to being a fierce proponent of NCLB, which virtually all public school teachers oppose, he is also a graduate of the Broad Academy, which seeks to run schools like businesses (privatization). Maybe you should do some research before you make snarky challenges to strangers. Troll much?

  13. So what is exactly wrong with NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND? Now some teachers oppose it because of the penalties for failure. And hey dummy the Broad foundation is a foundation for school reform in their view. There are no graduates of some so called Broad Academy. In the future before you call me a troll just think about this. DONT WRITE CHECKS YOUR ASS CANT CASH

  14. Isn’t it hard to believe how uneducated and ignorant a huge amount of voters are??? Just the kind of voters some politicians want. Easy to scare with crazy bullshit Repubs like to spew.

  15. Actually, Arne Duncan is NO friend of public schools DJ. He is a fierce proponent of underperforming charters, and DOES indeed hold to the philosophy public schools should be in the business model. The problem with NCLB was its dependence on test scores with no resources for schools and demanding statistically impossible 100% mastery of all students in eight years. It made a lot of money for corporations creating standardized testing. Bush let John Boehner devise it. It was a means of closing public schools in favor of charters.

    As a three decade-long educator, and staunch supporter of President Obama, his second mistake was appointing Duncan who is in the same camp as Michelle Rhea. You know, the one pushing privatization and closing public schools in poor urban areas. Barack’s first mistake was repeating Bush’s Faith Based Initiatives. For the record DJ, “I keeps it real.” RM

  16. I have been helping to register voters, and the number of people who have never registered to vote and have no interest in voting is astounding. I’m especially taken aback by black voters who grew up under segregation who have never registered to vote and are even hostile at times at the thought of voting.

    Their ancestors must be spinning in their graves. So many of their ancestors died for the opportunity to vote and get an education, and they are throwing it aside.

  17. I totally agree that Republican political success relies on the uninformed voter remaining so. However, that is only the half of it. The other strategy they use to advantage is alignment with core voter allegiances that are not “fact-based” but anchored by attitudes, be they about race, religion or personal identity, that are almost never changeable via factual discussion. Thus, once connected by such attitudes, Republicans’ and such voters’ bonds are difficult to break. Democrats need to take heed of this and find ways into alignment with their political values and attitudes.

  18. a common question is why do so many Americans dependably vote against their own self-interests
    And does anyone have enough insight to see what the question implies?
    I’ve seen this asked countless times and it comes across as Dems thinking that many working-class Americans are just completely incapable of figuring out what’s in their own interest and that some people are just so gosh-darn stoopid that they need to be protected from themselves.

    Gee, with all that condescension and infantilization going on, how could any voter possibly remain unconvinced?

    *Self-interests* are being defined far too narrowly and voting priorities and visions for American society are far from being the same.
    But, what do I know anyway? I’m just one of those “uneducated, uninformed, and frankly, stupid from religion” current Pub supporters who hasn’t figured out that Democrats know more about what’s best for me than I do.

    Want to pat my head?

  19. This is one of the shallowest and hateful posts I’ve seen on the Internet. Nothing in this article comes even close the the whole truth on any of the issues the anonymous RMUSE mentions. As a Conservative who thinks and has a pretty good grasp of American History, I can assure all readers that with a little research on the Internet, every single conservative policy assertion is either completely wrong or so biased as to make the article worthless.

  20. Really ? Please tell us what conservative policies have benefited the American people. You wont answer

  21. Well? Going to straighten us out or are you going to pull a limbaugh and either tel us a half truth or lie ?

  22. what republican policies have benefitted the American people over the last 40 years?

    At the moment, nationally, the Republicans aren’t in power. They face an obstructionist Senate and Chief Executive, so limiting the damage done by the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda is a major positive. (Positives are in the eye of the beholder :-D)

    But let’s see…
    Gingrich worked with Clinton to forge budget deals that gave us a short term balance/surplus. I’ll credit both Clinton and Gingrich for that.
    Ending the Cold War – Reagan.
    Opening relations with China – Nixon.
    Beyond your timeframe but…
    Interstate Highway System – Eisenhower.
    And some people think not being a slave is pretty important.

    Need more? I’ll google that for you.

  23. Your Comments just validated this entire
    Article, I’d like to thank you for proving
    this already known fact that Republicans
    are very uneducated and Dumber that most
    barnyard animals, Please keep up the good
    work, People like you make our job easier.
    Thank you so much, Jimmy B.

  24. “They face an obstructionist Senate and Chief Executive, ”

    Now that is hilarious!

    Not being a slave? Like all the laws being passed by the house to make the 1% your masters? Oh Charlie, if that is all you have you need to run and hide in the closet

  25. “They face an obstructionist Senate and Chief Executive, ” Now that is hilarious!
    Lol…I couldn’t resist.

  26. “Every single conservative policy assertion is either wrong or biased.”

    Really? So conservatives DON’T want abortion outlawed? So they DON’T oppose a minimum wage increase? So they DON’T oppose birth control? So they DON’T deny science and global warming? So they DON’T want to privatize social security and medicare?

  27. The spreading of fear in whatever form is another conservative tactic they have mastered which has kept them in power. The use of fear and the dumbing down of America are the two greatest weapons of American conservatism.

  28. Well chuck there’s no hidden meaning to the question. Most married couples have a 2 income house from the middle class down. Plus they have children. They get stuck in the daily drudge of having to keep up with the Jones’. Most of their time is devoted to making money and running kids all over the country. Which would leave little the for research and reflection. They depend on ten second sound bites, that’s why they work. Demagoguery works because they now they can say anything in the media and it will eventually stick. We are all slaves to corporation’s. CEO pay has increased 256% over the past 20 years while average incomes have grown 1.6 percent. That’s the republicon laws over the last 20 years. They wrote them from 94 to 2006 and signed off by Clinton and Bush. I’ve seen your post a million times because you all regurgitate the same bullshit over and over again.

  29. One major reason the Republican inner circle has been so successful in seducing most of the white religious leaders and ministers: the USCCB throughout the US and in the South, the SBC, the Methodist Assembly.

    These religious leaders hear the Republican inner circle profess religious themes, and then pronounce them from the pulpit. Who is gong to argue with “the word of god?”

    When I was a youngster growing up in Alabama, it was the unholy alliance between the bootleggers and the ministers that kept the state dry, with the result that “illegal” alcohol was reasonable for a massive number of deaths, mostly due to driving, but also due to bad alcohol.

    The Republican inner circle saw this, and learned fro it: keep the religious on your side, and you can’t lose.

    I’ll get attacked unmercifully for this posting by right wing “evangelical Christians” (an oxymoron, in my opinion) for pointing out this fact.

    Bring it on dummies.

  30. Why else do the rethugs want for profit education? Of course they know for profit Ed would eliminate just the people out they want. Why else charter schools? Home schooling? If you can’t read and write, can’t reason,or think sooner or latter you can’t vote and the sooner this happens, the sooner you work for what the Master says.

  31. I don’t believe this person does know that Red States take more then the blue. He more then likely listens to fox news and believes every word. Can’t think, can’t reason can’t discern. Just like the rethugs want.

  32. There are those, who say one must educate one’s self, in order to know and understand all of the issues they are voting on. Well….that is a very true statement. In all fairness though…trying to understand all of the issues and trying to decide which are true issues and which are outright lies, let alone if that candidate is elected, will keep his promises. In the mean time, trying to understand the smoke and mirror issues, would leave even the Einstein’s of the world delusional and confused. Then there are those who say, to vote the bum out or not vote for him again. To that end, the damage has already been done.

    It’s becoming pretty jaded out there…way to much money up top. I mean why would someone spend 40 million campaigning for a job that pays, 100 grand a year????

  33. This is well stated: hate is trendy. So many times I hear people discrediting a smart discerning public figure and they have no idea whatsoever what the merits of the argument are either side. It is just that they parrot whatever the person next to them is saying. Ignorance can be power and hate is so cheap that you can easily give it away. Sadly I can think of reactionary religious congregations that function exactly this way.

  34. The most powerful tool used by
    Republicans to keep their voters in abject ignorance is the fundamentalist evangelical brand of Christianity. Their message is very simple, it is as follows: Democrats are ungodly; God hates Democrats; if you vote for a Democrat you are offending God and you will go to Hell. Simple–but effective, especially when high-profile religious personalities, libertarian big bucks, and the state-level machinations of ALEC all join the brainwashing effort.

  35. They use reverse psychology. They brainwash them with false information,instill fear,tell them they are the most informed and smarter than we think. Biggest joke going. They are so ill informed my pet is actually smarter than they are. They never have an answer but they are right,right out of stupid people r us.

  36. Carefully study the real republican agenda. If you truly want this for yourself and your children/family, then you are really not paying attention & are blind to your future – oligarchy is already here.
    Take some serious time to research the Koch’s & Ted Cruz on the internet, should terrify the crap out of you.

  37. The Republicans cause the poverty and make people dependent on help from SOMEWHERE, while making sure that private charities are too small to help more than a small fraction of those who need it, and trying to make sure there will be no help, or as little help as they can manage to allow, from government. Democrats fight to make sure help is available to relieve poverty in the short run, and give the poor (and the soon to be poor middle class) power to get out, or stay out, of poverty. So when poor people who are at least smart enough to know what causes poverty vote for Democrats, Republicans accuse Democrats of creating the poverty in order to get the votes.

    If someone is poisoning my food, and someone else is helping me get the antidote to the poison, which person would I vote for? The one with the antidote, not the one doing the poisoning! Likewise, the GOP poisons the economy for working people, and the Democrats work to give people the antidotes: money now, education later…

  38. Are you serious?
    Then explain why democrats loterally got Obsma re-rlected by delivering busloads of the poorest black voters to the polls…who wanted “obsma money” and “obsma phones.”
    Reliance on ignorsnt voters?? Take the PLANK put of your own eyes, Dems, before you tweeze the dplinter from republicans.

    And what, pray-trll, has Onama actually improved for those bus-delivered voters from the black community? Answer: MORE unemployment than ANY other segment of the populace.

    You sheeple truly amaze me…

  39. You should work on your spelling. Its Obama, and its President Obama, like it or not.

    The rest of your gibberish I will not even dignify with a response.

  40. there’s no hidden meaning to the question. –> I never said there was. The arrogance in the question is quite overt.
    But don’t let me stop you. You go right ahead and keep asking why Americans “vote against their own self-interest”.
    Ask the family man who doesn’t prioritize his own bank account when he casts a vote…. ask the elderly woman who just can’t seem to trade off her religious beliefs when deciding who she believes would serve the country best…ask the young Marine who only cares about having confidence in his next CinC. Are they all voting against their own self-interest….or might they just be voting against yours?

    Your post seems to refer to *low-info* voters -who certainly exist- but which is another matter entirely, and income inequality…which isn’t a major issue or concern for millions of Americans. Some of us don’t worry about how many fish other people have and would simply like to be given more opportunities to catch our own.

  41. You sir prove the whole point of the article. Your English grammar and spelling are atrocious. Ever heard of spell check? Maybe an education is what you lack. Nes’pas?

  42. Using the race card not going to cut it my friends. Did you ever step back to think that the president just sucks? Everything gets involved with turns to crap because you voted for a person with no experience. Hope and change was a lie and deep down you know it.

  43. Trying to keep people stupid by using funding to decrease the price of private schools which time and time again have proven their better teaching methods… it’s not about dumbing down public schools its about funding private schools. Which unfortunately tend to use religion as a form of moral upbringing and then use an often superior learning system. I remember when I transferred from private into public school. I had just passed the second grade and when I went to public school they had to evaluate me cause I was dividing and multiplying with negatives and they we’re only staying to subtract using 3 digit numbers,

  44. You do realize you literally just described something than verified yourself as being exactly what you described them as with poison on your tongue right?
    You must be the most intelligent and informed of all, because they are all idiots…

  45. We’re is we are I think you wanted to use were.
    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

    Albert Einstein

  46. It’s real simple. People that feel threatened REACT using primitive brain responses. Keep someone constantly in a state of FEAR and you can prevent them from using any of the higher brain functions like LOGIC.

    “The Black people are going to Get You”.
    “The Gay people want to get your Children”.
    “Those illegals are full of Disease”.
    “The President wants to Steal your Gunz”.
    “All Muslims are Terrorists”.

    All of those statements are LIES, but the poor, uneducated folks in the Red states have been brainwashed into believing that they are all True.

  47. We have to come together, and build our great nation up again. Obviously without a congress. Hope is still alive, the American dream is still a possibility.

  48. At the moment, nationally, the Republicans aren’t in power.

    True – and that’s a good thing. That said, what about Republicans being in power for twelve years, of which six under a Republican president (Bush)? Take those twelve years and explain to us what they’ve done to benefit the American people – not just corporations.

    Clinton and Gingrich for that.
    And Gingrich is thankful you bought into his bull. But it’s not the truth. Raising taxes on the top income earners, did, and Newt was against it – as were ALL Republicans. Look to CA today after taxes were raised – a $38B deficit now $350M surplus – in four years!

    Ending the Cold War – Reagan.
    Reagan did NOTHING to end the Cold War. Actually, Russia did – when they imploded economically. Wars cost a lot of money, and Russia ran out of it.

    Opening relations with China – Nixon.

    One of Nixon’s biggest mistakes. However, he did create the EPA. He g…

  49. I use swype to text do it sometimes makes simple problems like that.
    So thanks for proving how pretentious you are, without providing even the slightest hint of a actual rebuttal.

  50. I use swype to text do it sometimes makes simple problems like that.
    How the f*ck can someone rebut that?

  51. The idea that the GOP trusts in the stupidity of it’s average voter is of course, a conceited left-wing trope. What’s true is that the Democrats trust that it can keep it’s constituents misinformed.

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