Human Rights Watchdog Demands End to America’s Racial Discrimination


It is beyond refute that the United States is a world leader, and exceptional, in several categories, although not in those that portray the richest nation in the world in a favorable light. Oh, it is true that America’s military is without peer, American corporations pay some of the lowest tax rates in the world, and the wealthy elite holding most of the nation’s wealth pay minimal taxes compared to most other countries. However, the United States also leads the world in the number of citizens incarcerated, number of guns in the population, number of gun-related homicides, lowest median income in the developed world, most decrepit infrastructure among industrialized nations, and myriad other categories that should humiliate Americans. One area the United States claims to be a leader in is its human rights record that gives it the purview to condemn other nations for human rights abuses (except, of course Israel). But that too, is a claim that is not borne out by the facts according to the findings of yet another United Nations human rights report released on Friday.

After a thorough examination of America’s pathetic record of disparate treatment of minorities, a United Nations watchdog reported what people of color, particularly African Americans, have known first hand and all too well for decades. “Racial and ethnic discrimination remains a serious and persistent problem in all areas of life from de facto school segregation, access to health care, and housing.” That was part of the conclusion of Noureddine Amir, vice chairman of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) reported during a news briefing in Geneva Switzerland. The U.N. racism watchdog called on the United States to halt the excessive police force used after a white Ferguson police officer murdered unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown. The overall gist of the report was that minorities, especially African Americans, are victims of racial disparities in the exceptional nation that regularly condemns human rights violations of other countries.

The United Nations was already examining America’s pathetic racial inequity before the Ferguson murder “shone a global spotlight on the state of race relations in America.” What most African Americans already know, and that many white people support, is that “The excessive use of force by law enforcement officials against racial and ethnic minorities is an ongoing issue of concern and particularly in light of the shooting of Michael Brown,” according to Amir, an expert on racism from Algeria.

A panel of 18 independent experts leveled some hard questions on a senior U.S. delegation about why there is persistent racial discrimination against African-Americans and other minorities; including within the nation’s allegedly ‘colorblind’ criminal justice system.

The American Ambassador, Keith Harper boasted, likely with a straight face, that America has made “great strides toward eliminating racial discrimination,” but admitted that “we have much left to do.” The panel reminded Harper that Michael Brown’s cold-blooded murder was “not an isolated event and illustrates a bigger problem in the United States, such as racial bias among law enforcement officials, the lack of proper implementation of rules and regulations governing the use of force, and the inadequacy of training of law enforcement officials.” The committee urged America to conduct investigations into what they accurately noted was the despicable “practice of racial profiling of racial or ethnic minorities by law enforcement officials, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Transportation Security Administration, border enforcement officials and local police.”

It was not lost on the U.N. committee that over the course of less than two weeks, four unarmed African Americans were shot dead by law enforcement officers including two that were face down on the ground. In fact, the committee also called for this exceptional nation to begin addressing deliberately erected “obstacles faced by minorities to exercise their right to vote effectively.” The 18-member panel noted the Republican obstacles to disenfranchise people of color “was due to restrictive voter identification laws, district gerrymandering, and state-level laws that disenfranchise people convicted of felonies.”

The committee also concluded that America had a human rights obligation to review the National Rifle Association (NRA) and American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) “Stand Your Ground” laws that allow white people to shoot unarmed African Americans under the guise of “self defense” in 22 states. The panel said America should examine and “remove far-reaching immunity and ensure strict adherence to principles of necessity and proportionality when deadly force is used for self-defense.”

The CERD committee heard testimony from the father of Jordan Davis, the unarmed African American teenager murdered in “Stand Your Ground”  Florida by a white man who did not approve of rap music. The man was convicted of discharging a firearm into a vehicle, but acquitted in the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed African American boy. Trayvon Martin, another unarmed African American teenager shot and killed by George Zimmerman, was represented by his mother who testified before the panel and urged them to call for America to put an end to wanton killing of unarmed African Americans with impunity.

A representative of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Jamil Dakwar, said the recommendations by the United Nations “highlighted the shortcomings on racial equality that we are seeing play out today on our streets, at our borders, and in the voting booth. When it comes to human rights, the United States must practice at home what it preaches abroad.” But is that not what a hypocritically “exceptional world leader” does as a matter of course? Regularly identify and condemn human rights violations while turning a blind eye to its own pathetic record on the human rights of its own citizens.

This most recent U.N. criticism follows on the heels of two other condemnations within two months for America’s mistreatment of its poor, and the violation of a basic human right to clean water and sanitation after Detroit officials cut off water to hundreds-of-thousands of its residents. The United Nations has done its due diligence in monitoring American compliance with a treaty it ratified along with 177 other nations, many of whom America condemns as human rights violators.

It is a sad, sad commentary when people of color have to depend on the United Nation’s human rights watchdog to call for their own government to address racial disparity that has existed since the nation’s founding. Conservative pundits claim there is no such thing as “white privilege” in America, but it is certain that men like Bill O’Reilly has never been stopped and frisked, pulled over while driving, or followed around by store employees because he is white. African Americans, Latinos, and other minorities regularly face perpetual subtle, and often blatant, discrimination that their own government is reluctant to address because claiming America has a race problem is the quickest way to be labeled a racist.

Thankfully, the United Nations disregards the unspoken American “race card” statute. Although Republicans will not support, or allow, a review of this exceptional world leaders’ racal disparity, at least the rest of the world acknowledges America is still a racist nation; a source of great pride for the “angry white men” in the Republican Party.

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  1. The Koch Brothers want to get rid of public schools with the aim of indoctrination and also getting rid of desegregating movement.

  2. America’s ”progress” in the area of racial equality is laughable. Indeed, what HAS happened is that racism has gone underground, is psychologically unconscious in many cases and where it is overt, it is deadly. The systemic racism in uneducated classes, in groups with power such as the police, and even lawmakers in deeply racially divided states. Oh yes, racism is alive and well and is tantamount to genocidal murder.

  3. Who is we, is the question, The racist are the ones that put fear and hate into the ones that are gullible, and have delusions from hate put on them by right wing medias, and FOX tabloids!! So it is a shame that we have the UN do our job to denounce US with the sickness of racism hate, and fear!!!……………… joe

  4. All to true. And the NRA and ALEC? How can we rein in the NRA and do away with ALEC when all the legislative power – even including the Supreme Court – was elected/appointed by racists for racists.

    We can’t force the state’s to end their restrictive voting laws or stop the gerrymandering that keeps racists in power. And it certainly won’t be done at the state level because they are the racists that legislated those laws in the first place, and we can’t remove them from office because their ignorant, racist base repeatedly votes them in.

    And things are getting even worse. Now the radical right is turning it’s ugly, narrow minded face on religion, hoping to restrict others in that area as well.

    It’s an extremely discouraging picture right now, and I’m not at all sure the electorate are going to vote to change anything.

  5. The United States is NOT A WORLD LEADER. Stop fooling yourselves. Just because you stole from every part of the world to now own military power doesn’t make the USA a leader! Your supremacist behavior is sickening. You can’t even show democracy n your own land but you would invade other nations to impose your faux Democracy only to kill millions of people and steal their resources. Clean up your house and stop MURDERING BLACK PEOPLE you backward, uncivilized assholes.

  6. The United States has had roughly 400 years to clean up its racism. If it were reverse and the dominate culture were the ones being affected, the issue would have been resolved 400 years ago.

    The only people I hear saying racism is over, ir racism doesn’t exist are the people not affected by if (white privilege), or nonbwhited who have made it, deny who they are and deny racism exist because they made it.

    I have always thought it hypothetical for the US to wag its fingers at the problems other countries have while burying its head in the sand regarding our own problems.

  7. Yeah, well, that’s what watchdogs are supposed to do when the party being watched is not doing what it should be doing.

    By the way, is English your first language??

  8. If America is so racist, then why are all of these people of color willing to risk death crossing a desert to get here? Half of those countries in the u.n. have horrid policies not only against people of color, but also have an actual “war on Women” where they are mutilated when they are just girls. America certainly isn’t perfect but people of color prove every day that the real dream of America is still true by escaping poverty and becoming successful. Unfortunately, the democrat party and the race racket insist on picking the scab. Instead of inspiring people to succeed, they use jealousy to drive a huge wedge between white and black, men and women, Christian versus Jew.

  9. Army vet, I respectfully disagree with you. The Democratic party is not putting a wedge between white/black, etc., we welcome everyone; black, white, foreign, gay, poor, frail, ill….

    The GOP has become unhinged since a black man was elected President. They have shown consistent disrespect for not only President Obama, but the people who have voted for him. It is what it is, and the GOP has thrived on racism during the past 6 years; and punishing the poor, sick, elderly, foreign, gay, etc…

    The world sees it, and it has not been precipitated by the Democratic Party.

  10. Army Vet, another indication it is the GOP fueling hatred within our own voter suppression tactics. They have tried to suppress the votes in primarily nonwhite areas of the country.

    That is not a Democratic stunt, that is the GOP..that is WHO they are.

  11. The”Robert’s five”legalized racism, repealed pre approval(Voters Rights), eliminated race based college admissions, and majority opinion denies racism exists.
    Thus emboldening the GOP to enact ALEC written voter suppression with impunity.

  12. Yeah I don’t buy this argument that if your against Barack Obama you must be a racist. It is a lazy argument. The right has consistently been against all of his policies before he was even on the scene. Is it really too much tp ask for a photo Id? You need a photo id for so many things in our society, but not voting? Id’s should be free to get and from what I am aware are in those states that have voter id laws they are. It is not even really aimed at blacks but on people who vote more then once.

  13. >The United States also .. (has the) … lowest median income in the developed world

    Uh, no not exactly. Actually, the US is at number 4, behind only Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland.

    It seems that rmuse may have no idea what median income is. He’s probably trying to make some kind of point about income inequality. Which is different from median income at all.

    Also, rmuse called Brown’s death a “murder”. With all due respect, I don’t believe it was proven to be so. No, I’m not happy a human being is dead, but there’s probably still a lot we don’t know yet.

  14. Actually if you pulled your head out of your ass most of President Obamas policies were republican ideas in the past. So yes, you are racist if you supported a policy and then since blah is in your White house you oppose it

  15. Yes. Sorry for the ugly word salad.

    The sentence should read:”The watchdog AGENCY WHICH WAS CREATED BY THE UN IS NOW PURSUING THE US”.

    Thanks for the sharp elbow.

  16. Really?? Did you even watch the last republicon convention? It was 99.5% attendees. Christians killed Jews way before the Democratic party, as matter of fact , they killed everyone that different and non christian. Obviously you are not a woman because you would know that you make less money and the republicon party thinks the state has dominion over your uterus. People immigrate for several reasons and they come from all over the world not just Mexico. As a matter of fact a good percentage of people that cross the Arizona desert end up dead. If you want to be ignorant that’s your prerogative. Don’t be trying to debate with faulty presumptions.

  17. policies like RomneyCare, if you shrieked about death panels and gubment intervention in health, then yes, you are a racist

  18. At least someone out there has the balls to call out this nation for what amounts to a massive black eye in terms of dealing with people of different races.

  19. Army vet,

    The people that vote more than once!

    Do you have any proof at all that people are voting more than once? If so, let’s see it.

    There is no voter fraud. Republicans just use “voter fraud” as a way of suppressing the votes of people who would not vote for them. And you’re buying right into it, which is just what Republicans were counting on!

  20. Astorix, even though you have 3 thumbs down on your comment, you are correct. The Koch Brothers bought a new school board in Wake County, North Carolina, and managed through them to segregate a school system that was working perfectly well, the students and parents loved it and the teachers did a terrific job. When the segregation took place, the entire student body and their parents and many in the community held peaceful protests and as a result the Koch Brothers’ bought directors were fired and the main school was once again integrated. The problem is with our politicians, not the people. The example set by politicians who are bought by the Kochs has created some extremely ugly situations in this country. If you want them to end, go with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for President. He’ll be running as a Democrat. He’s already exposed much of what the Koch Brothers have been up to and is out to bring them down and correct the situations.

  21. The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act are 50 years old now and look at us. It was one thing to see racism before the laws passed, but what’s our excuse now? The election of President Obama brought out the most outrageous expressions of hateful racism: watermelon and fried chicken jokes, Super Fly jokes, a traveling caravan with a posed lynching of a mannequin with an Obama mask. It was ugly. Billboards were put up with the most flaming racist agendas. The right wing freaks gave public voice to the ugliest of racism and America tolerated it. That is who we are. That is who we have become by allowing the nasty, unpatriotic tea baggers to freely express and act upon their most base behaviors. We ought to be better than this. I’m ashamed of my country.

  22. There is no such thing as “reverse racism”. The definition of racism is not a white person hating those of color. Racism is anyone, of any color, hating others of a different color simply because they are different.

    A white man hating a black man simply because he’s black? Racism.

    A latino man hating a white man simply because he’s white? Still racism.

  23. Great link. While I don’t wish any human to be mowed down by our cops, it is beyond disgusting that he was drunk, belligerent, violent, and threatening, WITH AN ACTUAL GUN, and they calmly talk him down…..then let him go!

  24. Came across this article and when you practice racism and you are disenfranchised the end result can be ugly

    Why Are Americans Joining ISIS? Ask A Republican.

    This quote should wake people up
    The Islamic State and other jihadist movements are using the events outside St. Louis as propaganda against the West. One argument they’ve been making for years is that racism and discrimination are rampant in some parts of the West, and they’re hoping the Ferguson riots could help recruit black Americans. “In Islam there is no racism, and we think black people will wake up and follow the example of Malcolm X and others who understood that this way is the only way to justice,” said Abu Mansour, who lives in Germany and is also a follower of the Islamic State.

  25. Since the Republicans (using Tbaggers) have been in power in the states, congress and the Supreme Court, they have systematically torn apart the Civil Rights Act. They should have been denouncing these people, but sided with them by being silent. They liked somebody else carrying out these policies. Are all Republicans racists? Probably not, but if it fits their agenda, they say nothing. As for Voter Fraud? See below:

    Between 2000 and 2010, there were:
    649 million votes cast in general elections
    47,000 UFO sightings
    441 Americans killed by lightning
    13 credible cases of in-person voter impersonation

  26. Not only is racism alive and well, the United States is a culturally bankrupt nation where people are categorized merely on the basis of skin color. Within every such category are a myriad of differing cultures, the majority of which are neither recognized nor valued. In other words, you don’t have to be a black person to be subjected to intolerance and disrespect.

  27. @ Army vet. Bull!! 3/5th of the world are people of color. Your implications, just because you are a veteran is laughable. Try Lt. Commodore, so I can speak to like an officer should. Like we always say, dumb is as dumb speak. This same b*s line to people of color about pulling up themselves by the boot straps and one can be anything they want to be , is just that.. B*S!!. One must have white boots in the first place. Hell, the POTUS can’t get any respect as Commander and Chief more less being our “elected” president. Got pizza makers, car dealer felons as congressmen that can stop any progress he proposes and the rest of the republicans thugs following in suit. Yes, I love my country but this “white privilege thing” is going to destroy it. Believe it or not, being of color, can travel in all the counties of color and don’t have to worry about color. Can’t drive on the average roadway in America without worrying about “DRIVING WHILE BLACK”. Save the b*s for the b*sers as us ve…

  28. You’re kidding me right? No voter fraud? Google it. Seriously right now. Go on google and look it up. The problem with you people is you insist things are racist when they aren’t. That things don’t exist when they do. And frankly I was against the Obama policies when Bush was instituting them. Why do all of you suddenly support those policies when a Democrat is instituting them but were so against them when a Republican was doing it?

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