It Took Fox News Less Than Hour To Blame Obama For ISIS Beheading Steven Sotloff


The news of the beheading of Steven Sotloff by ISIS just being reported as Fox News blamed President Obama for the murder of the American journalist.


Fox News’ KT McFarland said,

This president has stuck his head in the sand. We now have evidence that he has known about the the threat that is mounting coming, with the ability of ISIS to take large areas, be well funded, be well armed, and have this jihadist agenda of killing, murdering, raping, crucifying, beheading anybody who gets in their way. Americans, Christians, religious minorities, even other Muslims, and the president stuck his head in the sand, and now we’ve seen two Americans have lost their heads.


There’s a second part of this. It’s not just who is going to be dying in the Middle East when this group expands through the region. Who’s protecting the homeland? The president has said nothing in all these conversations about we’re going to secure the border. We’re going to get rid of political correctness and figure out who’s here. We’re going to find out what American passport holders are going into the Middle East, are fighting in Syria and Iraq, getting trained, and then coming back to America. We have heard nothing of that.

The news started to break at around 1:25 PM ET about the murder of Steven Sotloff, and by the 2 PM ET hour, Fox News was blaming President Obama. It an incredibly cynical and callous attempt to turn the murder of an American citizen into a partisan political attack.

Notice that McFarland didn’t limit herself to calling for all out war in the Middle East. She also went the full blown religious bigot route by calling for the targeting of all American-Muslims. What McFarland left out of her Obama bashing was a simple fact. ISIS has gained advanced American weapons that were left behind from George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq.

Would ISIS be in Iraq today if the Bush administration didn’t remove Saddam Hussein without a plan for the future? Fox News wants to blame President Obama for the instability in Iraq, but it was George W. Bush who created the regional destabilization that ISIS has been able to exploit.

ISIS is another byproduct of the Republican Party’s failed Middle Eastern adventures, but that is a piece of truth that Fox News will never tell their viewers.

74 Replies to “It Took Fox News Less Than Hour To Blame Obama For ISIS Beheading Steven Sotloff”

  1. On August 31 2013 Obama said in a speech we are ready for military action against Syria to go after threats, and asked congress for authorization. So what did the GOP/Tea terrorist Congress do? NOTHING!!! They would rather destroy our nation as punishment for electing Obama twice. The blame for the current situation in the Middle East lies squarely on the GOP/Tea terrorists, and all of the blood spilled by ISIL is on their hands. Here is a Fox News link to prove my point.

  2. This isn’t a game but they treat everything like a game. Fox News has the luxury of not knowing what the President knows; they don’t know what other countries know; they don’t know what the intelligence community knows.

    They can throw out garbage like this without any consequences, but the adults don’t have that luxury.

    Moreover, a man is dead. He died in a horrific and terrible way; his family will have to try and pick up the pieces from this.

    Fox could at least show a bit of respect by not reaching for the “blame Obama” angle so quickly.

    Then again, they don’t respect themselves (if they did, they wouldn’t find it so easy to lie like they do) so I shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by this.

  3. ~~NEWS FLASH~~


    Fox News announces ObamaCare is responsible for causing Joan Rivers coma…

    my own personal condolences to the family of a very funny lady…

  4. That was a no surprise. Aliens from outer space could invade earth and they would blame Obama. The Yellowstone park volcano could blow and cause a major castropic reaction and they would blame Obama. Everything wrong in the world is Obama’s fault according to the hatemonger,lying propagandists on the evil channel. I am so sick of how they have destroyed families and friends in this country with their venom. Brainwashing people to divide so the rich can make us their serfs.

  5. Nor do I doubt that they sabotage any rescue efforts that they hear of, just so they can do this. But when they are kept in the dark about it and the rescue succeeds, as with Bergdahl, then they accuse the President of exercising imperial powers.

  6. Take your lies and propaganda to the ISIS twitter feeds where your kindred spirits can see clearly your support for them.

  7. Faux News already had the story written and ready to go when it happened. They have blame screeds ready to go at the drop of a GOTP turd!

  8. Really? Another journalist is beheaded and this is all you sycophants care about? This is news? Not, another journalist was beheaded?

  9. Nick Berg, Daniel Pearl where was your outrage over that. Oh I forgot since it happened on your cod piece wearing dear leader that doesn’t count

  10. Hi. I’m both a Sith Lord and a high ranking officer of the Imperial forces. Cheney might love destroying planets in the name of profit just like a Sith but he is not in fact one of us. When we go to war we don’t send thousands of our own citizens to fight it. We send soulless clones, droids and even ourselves to fight it. Please don’t lump us in with vile hate mongers because our rancor’s are hungry and you are probably delicious. Thanks a bunch!
    Your friend- the Empire.

  11. Obviously it has NOTHING TO DO with either of the Bush wars in Iraq. We need to send more weapons and cash to the Middle East, stat!

  12. Lookee here first Rand Paul called out Hillary for being a hawk” The Wall Street Journal, referring to the militant group sweeping through Syria and northern Iraq that is also known as ISIS. “We are lucky Mrs. Clinton didn’t get her way and the Obama administration did not bring about regime change in Syria. That new regime might well be ISIS.”
    Then we have this:Rand Paul Goes Full War Hawk, Says That, Unlike Obama, He Would “Destroy ISIS Militarily”

    The stupid just hurts with this charlatan

  13. God, I don’t even blame the dog that quickly when I fart.

    The problem is that they want to keep their simple minded base afraid because fear really does control people. You hear that a man gets beheaded by psychopathic Muslims and then the President gets blamed for not stopping this even though he’s doing everything in his power to not put us back into that area where this mess started in the first place.

  14. This is a very complex situation with many players involved in the mix. It is easy to sit back and criticize when you don’t have to make any tough decisions. The right thing for Republicans to do is rally behind the President and be part of the solution. Their behavior is not helpful, and their hatred for President Obama is downright unhinged. I personally feel more comfortable having President Obama at the helm trying to solve this problem than any Republican.

  15. I’m starting a rumor that the masterminds behind ISIS are none other than Karl Rove and Rupert Murdoch. Pass it on.

    Think about it. Who benefits the most from the rise of ISIS? Fox New and the Republicans. Heck, this could be the biggest political false flag operation in history.

  16. Fox News is nothing but a fool’s paradise who has no idea about truth, morals and decency. Their staff are a bunch of misfits, who, if it wasn’t for Fox would not even be in the media profession. There will come a day when they will be held accountable for everything comes out of their filthy lying mouths. And they will finally know what hell is. I can’t wait for those headlines. What a day of redemption that will be for America.

  17. It’s not just fox noise. Richard Engel needs to STFU.If I hear one more GD Time that the media does not know what Obama is doing I am going to scream.

  18. Yeah, they don’t seem to get that they don’t know what the President is doing because the President isn’t about to tell them shit.

  19. Not true. Bush asked for authorization for all military action.

    Obama never has. He said he did not need to. He claimed to have the authority then when several congressmen and senators (including Feinstien ) made public statements that they did not agree, he had his staff do a vote count.

    While he was figuring out how to deal with the fact that he had promised to act if the “red line” was crossed and did not actually have support for it, the Ruskies saved his bacon.

    Yes, fox really misrepresented his valor, leadership and efficacy didn’t they?

  20. He did have the authority. Under the laws signed by your hero. Do you notice Issa never said a word? If he was doing anything wrong Issa would have been crazy over it.

    Russia never saved anything. Biden gave them the idea and they ran with it. They were hooked. Obama got every drop of gas out of Syria

    You are misrepresenting your self as someone intelligent. Your fox news doesnt tell you the whole story and they make a fool of you.

    Bugger off, you are a dime a dozen

  21. She’s right. If the U.S. had obliterated every location in Syria and Iraq that served as a base for ISIL, then most of their fighting force would likely be dead … as well as any hostages held prisoner by them.

    So the beheading would not have taken place, as Mr. Sotloff would already have been killed … by the U.S. military.

  22. As a service member, this is a failure of both Bush and the current regime. It started with the false pretenses of the WMD debacle. Then the further constricting ROE for my brothers and sisters in combating these psycho muslim extremists. If both administrations had allowed us to go in and lay waste to these terrorists instead of interrogating them, getting nothing out of them, then releasing them back to run amok we wouldn’t be here. Bush got us into it but once youre neck deep in the sh!t pile you gotta dig yourself out the right way. As far as congress doing nothing, its beyond patisan lines. GOP, Dem, theyre all evil and in it for themselves. they don’t care about you or anyone else. Don’t let them fool you. They care about their own power and pocket books. They cut our numbers, our benefits, the benifits of those who came before, tie our hands with useless ROE, cut our funding to get propper equipment… Blame Bush, Blame Obama, they’re all the same…

  23. Clearly FOX and its disgraceful band of Pundits and provocateurs are playing into the Jihadist, terrorist, and murderous barbaric ISIS hands. The disgraceful anti-Obama criticizing 24/7 over anything having to do with how he is and WILL deal with those bastards clearly shows how they are disgustingly anti-America. Notice how they also applaud anything PUTIN does! How pathetic is that? Those jerks should be ashamed at themselves.

  24. OBAMA has head in sand??? BULLSHIT!!! Faux snoozes has had their collective head shoved up their own collective asses for decades!!! This I call “Anal Ostrich Syndrome”…

  25. Point One – Bush asked for “authorization” to deal with issues that did not exist and about which he blatantly lied to Congress. He asked for auth. to deal with WMDs he KNEW did not exist. He asked for auth. to bring the people behind 9/11 to justice even though he KNEW Iraq wasn’t involved. He even violated his own resolution, which said that he was authorized to use all necessary force to deal with direct threats to the U.S. Since Iraq wasn’t a threat to the U.S. and Bush KNEW that Iraq was not a threat to the U.S., he had no legal justification to invade, to depose Saddam, or to kill over 100,000 civilians along with the 5,000 brave Americans he murdered.

    Point Two – President Obama said we would attack Syria IF Syria did not give up its WMDs. Syria DID give up its WMDs after Putin blinked and told Assad that he wouldn’t help if we attacked. So he got the job done without putting ONE U.S. life in danger. Mission Accomplished for REAL.

  26. It took the President a while to learn not to wait for a Congress whose top priority was causing the United States economy to collapse so they could blame it on the black guy.

    Only a fool sits back and waits for a penguin to fly when he has wings of his own.

  27. Waiting for this Congress to actually ACT is like waiting for a penguin to fly, or for the Cubs to win a World Series. You look at them and you think it’s theoretically possible, but when you gain enough experience you learn that it’s never going to happen.

  28. Not to mention that, unlike Stormtroopers, when Cheney goes out hunting he actually HITS something!


  29. All this mayhem just further proves how many years maybe even decades it will take the US to recover from the Bush/Cheney debacle years. In 2030 the US president(hopefully a progressive)will be dealing with consequences from the disaster GW presidency. Just brings home how important our votes are.

  30. I don’t understand why you liberals are now mad at Fox News about blaming Obama for beheadings. What happened 2 weeks ago and yesterday was a clear act of war. Instead of coming up with a strategy Obama fist bumped Alonzo Mourning after hitting a birdie on the front 9
    Even liberals themselves are wondering why Obama head is in the sand he had made us as a Nation weak every leader in the world are looking at us now and they are not afraid of what they see and it’s sad and there’s only 1 person to blame for it and that is the President. You liberals are mad that Foxnews is blaming Obama yet none of your sons or daughters are being held captive by these animals I bet your blame game would change then wouldn’t it? How many bodies is it going to take for our president to take action 2-3 thousand another 9/11 attack or worse?? Then let’s see your reactions to Obama then when he comes to the podium after that and says he has no strategy…idiots…

  31. How was it a act of war? When Americans get killed everyday all over the world is that an act of war? BTW where was your outrage when Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl was treated the same way? What’s that? Who were they? Thought so you are another Reich wing idiot stuck on stupid

  32. I could of sworn that we killed all those savages that killed Pearl & Berg after that happen. As a matter of fact I believe we did went in and exterminated those vermin who did that and before you call me a right wing idiot stuck on stupid I have friends and family who were either killed or are permently disabled from being over Afghanistan to protect stuck on stupid idiots like you from terrorists. And FYI clown. I’m a democrat

  33. Freckle seems to be the only one here who has it figured out. Instead of constantly pointing the finger back and forth, lets put our differences aside and come up with a solution. The whole point is to meet in the middle, but no one, FROM EITHER party is ever willing to do so, regardless of what Fox or MSNBC tells it’s viewers. It’s time for some real change in Washington.

  34. You believe? Al-Qaeda took over the kidnapping of journalist Daniel Pearl on orders of one of Osama bin Laden’s closest lieutenants, who is still free and reportedly leading anti-U.S. militants on the Afghanistan Pakistan border, according to a study.

    The last referenced to Nick Berg was in 2004, after that nothing. So again STFU because what you believe and what is reality does not compute. BTW who gives a rats ass if you call yourself a Democrat and its a capital D so again you are full of shit

  35. Yeah right. 1st no one in Afghanistan or Iraq was protecting Americans from anything. They were protecting profits for hi tech corporations.

    Lastly, you have no idea if any of those people were killed. Period

  36. Explain how. It’s hard for your side, yet refrain from using right wing talking points, (probably debunked anyways), platitudes and the like. Use facts, cite when appropriate, etc. We’ll be waiting.

  37. Shiva

    I that comment you made was disgraceful and ignorant regardless of what you think we were fighting for men and women from are armed forces gave there lives following 9-11 maybe you remember that little incident we had in NY. I guess you people want to see that happen again instead of nipping the problem in the bud now.. We all have opionons and arguments but we all should be coming together as a nation

  38. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I know being homeschooled you didn’t learn from history but when we invaded Iraq because bush was a idiot there was no ISIS or al quadea in Iraq. So stop with your noun verb and 911 bullshit. The only connection is the stupidity of you people who don’t think, don’t know history and get your so called facts from the dumbest people who has always been wrong on the Middle East.

  39. You are really quite hilarious. What I said had little to do with the troops and far more to do with the people that took us to war. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. No matter how you twist it, that wont change. No one was fighting for our rights. Our rights and freedom were NEVER in question. No terrorist can take those away from us.

    Certainly troops gave their lives. Quite needlessly. all for corporations like Halliburton. Not to save American lives

    As far as you saying I want it to happen again, you are just showing your extreme lack of understanding and education.

  40. That’s about 59 minutes longer than it took for MSNBC and liberals everywhere to blame George Bush!

  41. Who invaded Iraq on lies? Who installed Maliki? Who created the conditions for ISIS to be formed. See it only took me 30 seconds to find who is to blame for this clusterfuck. Now if you want to worship the cod piece wearing numbskull then the line for idiots are to the right

  42. You keep bringing Iraq up. Not in any of my post have I mentioned that why do you keep bringing up Iraq

    I said I lost a friend and have family members who are disabled because of Afghanistan invasion following the 9/11 terror attacks.

    I’m certainly out numbers and my home school education is showing. How dumb of me to not stick up for my President.
    being a Democrat I should only think one way insted of being open minded. My apologies. And i capitalized my D. J/O

  43. Thats fair. And I assume you think Afghanistan was for our freedoms? Neither Iraq or Afghanistan were for our freedoms. They again, were never at risk

    When I graduated in 1968 I lost 15 friends from my graduating class in Vietnam within 2 years. But I was smart enough to know they did not fight for my freedoms.

  44. Ah yes it was like the Marine bombings in Lebanon, the embassy attacks in Africa, the USS Cole. the 13 embassy attacks under Bush, Benghazi and I know I am leaving out countless others. What you failed to realize is you want to go in guns a blazin in a situation you know nothing about only what fox told you. You don’t know who we are suppose to be fighting, the ramifications of bombing Sunnis in a predominately Sunni world, do you bomb ISIS in Syria meaning you would be on the side of Assad and you have the nerve to come on here and say the President has no strategy? I guess your strategic genius comes from you screen name. SNIPERVI? This aint no Call of duty video game.

  45. 2 buildings and 3000+ people died on 9/11. Any of us could of been in those buildings our friends our families that attack was done by terrorists right now we are dealing with a possibility of this happening again. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see it again. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone and I apologize if came off like i was but I don’t want to see that type of devastation in my city again.

  46. Again what you failed to realize we had warnings and the bush administration failed to act on them and I am being kind.

  47. You can say the same thing about the Clinton administration also I don’t want to continue arguing with you pal. Let’s just agree to disagree. My name sniperv1 is a handle I use in memory of a close friend of mine who was a Army Ranger sniper who was killed in Afghanistan which is a reason I’m so passionate about this issue. I wish you luck
    Good night and god speed .

  48. While the war in Iraq and the stationing of troops in the region could have been handled far better by the Bush administration, we failed to stick with what was a mistake and finish what we started. Although people saw Obama as a hero for getting our troops out of Iraq we left a weak country susceptible to threats like ISIS. I’m not blaming Obama for the war in Iraq, but he could have made the tougher decision to leave troops in Iraq to ensure that something like this couldn’t happen instead of pulling all of the troops out to make people happy for the time being. And how has his foreign policy worked out? By apologizing to every country we fought Obama has made us look weak enough to the point that groups like ISIS feel like they can get away with cutting Americans’ heads off because they know Obama isn’t tough enough to really do anything about it because they know they can push him around like Russia’s done time and time again. They wouldn’t have tried to pull this shit with B…

  49. What part of Iraq did not want to sign a SOFA agreement you people don’t understand? Do you even know what a Status of Forces Agreement means? Please spare us your ignorance

  50. Thats complete bullshit. ISIS is in Iraq for two reasons. Because Makai refused to include Sunnis in the government, and to set up their version of sharia law across the middle east.
    The government of Iraq in part brought this on themselves.

    Dont blame Obama for your lack of knowledge

    As far as the Obama apologized to every country, you simply prove the above sentence

  51. Without a Status of Forces agreement in effect, U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq would be subject to Sharia Law if they ever ran into legal trouble over there. Surely, you don’t support that?

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