McConnell Campaign Crumbling As Mitch Dodges Questions At Watermelon Festival


Sen. Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign continues to crumble. McConnell found the environment at a watermelon festival too challenging, so he avoided reporter’s questions about his former campaign manager’s bribery scandal.

According to CNHI News Service,

The day after his campaign manager quit in the wake of an expanding Iowa campaign bribery investigation, Mitch McConnell was posing for photos, shaking hands and riding in the Watermelon Festival Parade here.
What he wasn’t doing was answering a reporter’s questions.

When the reporter approached McConnell aide Terry Carmack about 10 minutes prior to the parade and asked to interview the Republican U.S. Senator, Carmack said, “We’re on a very, very tight schedule.”

After conferring with McConnell, the two men walked away. But McConnell continued shaking hands with other parade participants and posed for a photo or so before walking back to the convertible that was to carry him through downtown Tompkinsville.

The stories of the military like precision of the Watermelon Festival Parade in Tompkinsville, KY are legendary in political circles. The truth is that McConnell was using a Watermelon festival to as an excuse to avoid a question about the bribery scandal that his former campaign manager, Jesse Benton, is in the caught in the middle of.

This is the second time that McConnell has avoided questions from the media. Last week, the incumbent Senator was caught on video literally running away from questions about the leaked audio of his secret speech to the Koch brothers.

Mitch McConnell doesn’t believe that he owes Kentucky voters an explanation. He is afraid to address the truth about his reelection campaign. Sen. McConnell continues to believe that he can run out the clock and win reelection in a squeaker over Alison Lundergan Grimes. Mitch McConnell is trying to hide until Election Day.

Sen. McConnell’s campaign is falling apart, but it will up to Lundergan Grimes to convince Kentucky voters that it time for Mitch McConnell to pack up his thirty-year circus of corruption and head home.

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27 Replies to “McConnell Campaign Crumbling As Mitch Dodges Questions At Watermelon Festival”

  1. I’m hopeful that Allison will win but sadly though there are enough dollar bills to purchase enough votes for Mr. Turtle.

  2. Kentuckian here. The worst part about Kentucky is that Mitch McConnell could run an ad tomorrow, looking right in the camera and plaintively say, “Look, Kentucky? F you. I don’t give a crap about your coal jobs or your health. I’m making millions off your backs and making y’all damn glad for the opportunity.” He’d still get 40% of the vote.

  3. Sam Youngman wrote a article in the Lexington Herald Leader over Labor Day that had Mitch up over Grimes 46% to 42%. Looking at the contributions from the state she has many more individual donors than he does. Of course he has the big dollar mega rich donors, but she has a lot of $5.00. They will come out for her….we’ll see! And then there’s this article about the senate in general.

  4. I live here and all he has to do is keep linking President Obama to Alison Lundergan Grimes. He speaks to their racist upbringing and their fear a “black” man is smarter than they are and Bingo 6 more years of McConnell! I am amazed more everyday I live in this hateful place.

  5. I live in Southern Illinois close to Kentucky and prior to Labor Day, McConnell ads were most of what I saw on local channels.

    I’ve started seeing some ads by Allison Grimes and she has some good strong ads against McConnell.

    She is hitting him hard on all the recent revelations about him and the people surrounding him. I am very curious to see what the polls say in a week or two, I think these ads could make a difference.

  6. I don’t see not answering questions as a sign that McConnell’s campaign is falling apart. What it says to me is he is hiding something, and whatever that something is he doesn’t want Kentuckians to know what it is.

    That tells me that there is more to his manager leaving than what meets the eye. I still expect Grimes to defeat McConnell. I say this because:1. I expect the Teahadist to do something really stupid that will anger voters. 2. Their money will dry up. The GOP are sending do much $$$$ to McConnell and other Senate and Gubernatorial races, this means they won’t have enough to spend on Congressional campaigns.

    Even the Koch Brothers have a limit on how much they can spend. 3. I’ve been out registering voters, and the young ones are more optimistic, especially the black ones. They will vote, along with Hispanics and females of child bearing age old enough to vote.

  7. That might just be the most quietly devastating ad of the campaign season so far. Its quiet, somber use of “My Old Kentucky Home” makes this Senate Majority PAC ad against McConnell—showing his long history of “pushing foreign trade deals that send Kentucky jobs to new homes far away”—both attention-getting and hard-hitting.


  8. I watched the You Tube, thanks DJ. It is reserved, but packs a punch for sure. I think its great. Let’s see what the next few polls say down the road, should be interesting..

  9. What is he doing riding in a parade, the congress should be in Washington debating the
    air strikes, Isis etc and in general doing the peoples work.Obama has sent letters to the congress every time he has authorized strikes and by now it is time for the congress to support him if that is possible.
    They could care less and he has been doing everything for the country entirely alone!

  10. Tompkinsville is a very small town that borders Tn. The people there are scary stupid. I can see them all voting for Mitch. I mean the festival is the biggest thing there every year, I have played with a couple bands there and it is a very poor town and backwoods people.

  11. What worries me is their is no conversation on this going on in any Ky News papers! I have tried to start one. But it’s like the people down there doesn’t even know he lost his Campaign Manager an what it is all about!!! I wanted to see what the people of KY thought about it. But it is hard to find a article about it an when you do find a article, there is NO follow up article or any bloggers there talking about it! What is wrong with that state? Do they not want to ask about corruption problems with their Senator an his campaign?

  12. Just keep reminding Kentuckians that the Turtle wants to do away with the new medical coverage that a half million voters now have, thanks to DEMOCRATS.

  13. Don’t forget us cranky old ladies who are lifelong Democrats, Maxie. We vote and we are pissed at what the GOP/Tea Party has done to issues we fought for back in the 60’s and 70’s. We are angry that our daughters and granddaughters are having to fight all over again for the same issues.

  14. This is the corrupt, thieving parasite that decided that 10 million Americans were lazy and didn’t deserve emergency financial relief while continuing to look for work in the economy that both parties have screwed up.

    Why is it easier to believe that 10 million Americans are being lazy than it is to believe that 400 Americans are greedy and corrupt?

  15. Actually, he couldn’t care less. If he could care less, the American people–jobless, veterans, those working for poverty wages–would have a fighting chance.

  16. Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the average Kentuckian. We have just enough poor & uneducated rural whites, nouveau riche “welfare queen” farmers ($ubsidies) and religious zealots to put the old buzzard back in office for another term.

  17. I just came from a ant McConnell rally at his main headquarters in Louisville. One TV news crew arrived, which is rather sad.

    I arrivedva few minutes late, so, I wont be on the news, but I took pics.

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