Conservative Says Obama Is a Racist Then Calls Him a “Spade”

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Racism in America has been exposed as of late in part because of the preponderance of unarmed African Americans being gunned down coupled with the overwhelming show of military force in response to peaceful protests in Ferguson Missouri. In fact, this country’s racism has garnered the attention, and condemnation from around the world including a humanitarian committee within the United Nations that noted the Republican attacks on people of color’s voting rights, de facto segregation in education, as well as the inordinate attention African Americans receive from the justice system. Conservatives, and primarily Republicans, have noticed their racist tendencies are attracting a bit too much attention and for the second time in a month are attempting to distract Americans with accusations that President Obama is a racist who hates and is waging a war on white people.

Last month it was Republican congressman Mo Brooks who claimed the President and Democrats launched a strategic, and devious, war on whites by saying white Americans hate everyone else. According to Brooks, “The way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. It’s part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things.” Obviously Brooks confuses equality with waging a war on white people, but his assertions were mild compared to right-wing extremist Mychal Massie who wrote yesterday that President Obama is a racist.

Massie said the President values “blacks more than he valued all citizens, hates white people,” and called him a “race-mongering infidel.” Massie also used a derogatory racial epithet by calling the President a “spade.”  Calling any African American a “spade,” regardless the context is a racial slur, and after Massie’s diatribe against President Obama as a racist who hates white people and values African Americans more than all citizens, the context is unmistakably racist. Throughout Massie’s tirade against the President, it is apparent that that besides claiming Obama hates white people, he attempted to make a connection between the President’s race and being un-American at least, and anti-America in particular.

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According to the extremist Massie, everyone in America (read; white people) comprehends that the President is a racist, a Muslim, a socialist, and Leninist who ran for the Presidency solely to destroy America.  He said, “Now, except for those who are in a terminal state of denial based on an Erebusic (primordial darkness) ideology, and color of skin, there is no longer any doubt that Obama is a neo-Leninist Muslim sympathizer who is committed to transmogrifying America into something that will be unidentifiable to the America our Founding Fathers provided for vis-a-vis our Constitution.” Like most conservatives, Massie has no clue what “Leninism” means, but he does know accusing the African American President of destroying America through “neo-Leninism” incites anger among ignorant Republican supporters.

Massie even dusted off claim that the President is utilizing tactics he learned from Saul Alinsky’s communist handbook to decimate America and reminded white people that true American conservatives warned the nation that Obama was intent on using his skin color to divide America with class warfare. He said, “Those of us who were paying close attention understood that America didn’t need changing and that Obama’s idea of change was to create a socialist state. We understood and warned people pursuant to exactly what Obama stood for, and we warned he was a neo-Leninist with a proclivity for radical Islam who would use skin color and class warfare to divide America.”

Massie is so certain the President is openly racist toward white people, he said Obama “pulled the curtains back for all to see by sanctioning Eric Holder to administer justice based on color-coded enforcement. He no longer even pretends to govern within the constraints of the Constitution. Some may still try to say he isn’t openly racist, but it is time to call this spade a spade.” Then, Massie gave the reasons he is sure the President of the United States is “openly racist” and hates white people. He said “If Obama didn’t value blacks more than he valued all citizens, regardless of their skin color, he wouldn’t have sent an ‘armada’ of representatives to the funeral of a black hoodlum. If he weren’t a race-mongering infidel, he wouldn’t have said Trayvon Martin looked like the son he didn’t have. He openly despises whites. And he exhibits his contempt for whites at every opportunity.” Unsurprisingly, Massie, like Mo Brooks, did not, and could not, cite any instances of the President’s contempt for whites, but that is typical of conservative fearmongering and propaganda; proof is never required.

As noted here, it is the Republican Party and their conservative backers who are waging a war on, and hate, white people; not any more than African Americans, but they have taken every opportunity to strip what little assistance, decent jobs, and opportunity for growth from their predominately white supporters in the South. The President has fought for the betterment of all Americans regardless of color only to be thwarted at every turn by the party of “angry white men.”  It is worth noting that this President has been extraordinarily careful, too careful in some opinions, about even mentioning the racial disparity prevalent in this country, or the deliberate assault on people of color by Republican-led states and to a lesser extent the conservative Supreme Court.

Republicans and their conservative cohort can hardly deny they and their policies are openly racist, or cover over the fact that racism in this country is rampant, so they project their racial-animus on the President. Although using race was, and is still, an ongoing theme during the President’s two campaigns for the White House, it seemed curious that these claims that Obama is waging a war on whites, hates white people, and is a “racist infidel” are being spewed when the President is not seeking any office. However, it is glaringly apparent that conservatives, particularly extremist conservatives, are attempting to shift attention away from their blatant racism now that all but comatose people are aware that racism in America is a growing problem whether it is law enforcement murdering unarmed African Americans, Republicans restricting their voting rights, or Republicans using tried-and-true dog whistle appeals to the white supremacist base.

Men like Mychal Massie, Mo Brooks, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News’ talking heads, although racist freaks-of-nature, are not outliers in the conservative movement; they just have no compunction saying out loud what their “angry white” base whispers in private. They know President Obama is not a racist, is not waging a war on whites, and does not value Black people over the rest of the population, but they do know well that nothing excites their racist base like screaming the African American in the Oval Office is out to get them whether it is coming for the precious guns, attacking their Christianity as a “Muslim sympathizer,” or attempting to destroy the Founding Fathers’ white America. Although Massie likely scored major points with the white supremacist crowd in the conservative movement claiming President Obama is “out to get them,” any American paying attention to recent events targeting people of color understand that calling the President a racist, accusing him of hating white people, or using a racial slur like “spade” is a distraction away from Republicans’ predilection toward racial bias and projection of their own hatred of African Americans that includes valuing white people over the rest of the population.



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