Conservative Says Obama Is a Racist Then Calls Him a “Spade”

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Racism in America has been exposed as of late in part because of the preponderance of unarmed African Americans being gunned down coupled with the overwhelming show of military force in response to peaceful protests in Ferguson Missouri. In fact, this country’s racism has garnered the attention, and condemnation from around the world including a humanitarian committee within the United Nations that noted the Republican attacks on people of color’s voting rights, de facto segregation in education, as well as the inordinate attention African Americans receive from the justice system. Conservatives, and primarily Republicans, have noticed their racist tendencies are attracting a bit too much attention and for the second time in a month are attempting to distract Americans with accusations that President Obama is a racist who hates and is waging a war on white people.

Last month it was Republican congressman Mo Brooks who claimed the President and Democrats launched a strategic, and devious, war on whites by saying white Americans hate everyone else. According to Brooks, “The way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. It’s part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things.” Obviously Brooks confuses equality with waging a war on white people, but his assertions were mild compared to right-wing extremist Mychal Massie who wrote yesterday that President Obama is a racist.

Massie said the President values “blacks more than he valued all citizens, hates white people,” and called him a “race-mongering infidel.” Massie also used a derogatory racial epithet by calling the President a “spade.”  Calling any African American a “spade,” regardless the context is a racial slur, and after Massie’s diatribe against President Obama as a racist who hates white people and values African Americans more than all citizens, the context is unmistakably racist. Throughout Massie’s tirade against the President, it is apparent that that besides claiming Obama hates white people, he attempted to make a connection between the President’s race and being un-American at least, and anti-America in particular.

According to the extremist Massie, everyone in America (read; white people) comprehends that the President is a racist, a Muslim, a socialist, and Leninist who ran for the Presidency solely to destroy America.  He said, “Now, except for those who are in a terminal state of denial based on an Erebusic (primordial darkness) ideology, and color of skin, there is no longer any doubt that Obama is a neo-Leninist Muslim sympathizer who is committed to transmogrifying America into something that will be unidentifiable to the America our Founding Fathers provided for vis-a-vis our Constitution.” Like most conservatives, Massie has no clue what “Leninism” means, but he does know accusing the African American President of destroying America through “neo-Leninism” incites anger among ignorant Republican supporters.

Massie even dusted off claim that the President is utilizing tactics he learned from Saul Alinsky’s communist handbook to decimate America and reminded white people that true American conservatives warned the nation that Obama was intent on using his skin color to divide America with class warfare. He said, “Those of us who were paying close attention understood that America didn’t need changing and that Obama’s idea of change was to create a socialist state. We understood and warned people pursuant to exactly what Obama stood for, and we warned he was a neo-Leninist with a proclivity for radical Islam who would use skin color and class warfare to divide America.”

Massie is so certain the President is openly racist toward white people, he said Obama “pulled the curtains back for all to see by sanctioning Eric Holder to administer justice based on color-coded enforcement. He no longer even pretends to govern within the constraints of the Constitution. Some may still try to say he isn’t openly racist, but it is time to call this spade a spade.” Then, Massie gave the reasons he is sure the President of the United States is “openly racist” and hates white people. He said “If Obama didn’t value blacks more than he valued all citizens, regardless of their skin color, he wouldn’t have sent an ‘armada’ of representatives to the funeral of a black hoodlum. If he weren’t a race-mongering infidel, he wouldn’t have said Trayvon Martin looked like the son he didn’t have. He openly despises whites. And he exhibits his contempt for whites at every opportunity.” Unsurprisingly, Massie, like Mo Brooks, did not, and could not, cite any instances of the President’s contempt for whites, but that is typical of conservative fearmongering and propaganda; proof is never required.

As noted here, it is the Republican Party and their conservative backers who are waging a war on, and hate, white people; not any more than African Americans, but they have taken every opportunity to strip what little assistance, decent jobs, and opportunity for growth from their predominately white supporters in the South. The President has fought for the betterment of all Americans regardless of color only to be thwarted at every turn by the party of “angry white men.”  It is worth noting that this President has been extraordinarily careful, too careful in some opinions, about even mentioning the racial disparity prevalent in this country, or the deliberate assault on people of color by Republican-led states and to a lesser extent the conservative Supreme Court.

Republicans and their conservative cohort can hardly deny they and their policies are openly racist, or cover over the fact that racism in this country is rampant, so they project their racial-animus on the President. Although using race was, and is still, an ongoing theme during the President’s two campaigns for the White House, it seemed curious that these claims that Obama is waging a war on whites, hates white people, and is a “racist infidel” are being spewed when the President is not seeking any office. However, it is glaringly apparent that conservatives, particularly extremist conservatives, are attempting to shift attention away from their blatant racism now that all but comatose people are aware that racism in America is a growing problem whether it is law enforcement murdering unarmed African Americans, Republicans restricting their voting rights, or Republicans using tried-and-true dog whistle appeals to the white supremacist base.

Men like Mychal Massie, Mo Brooks, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News’ talking heads, although racist freaks-of-nature, are not outliers in the conservative movement; they just have no compunction saying out loud what their “angry white” base whispers in private. They know President Obama is not a racist, is not waging a war on whites, and does not value Black people over the rest of the population, but they do know well that nothing excites their racist base like screaming the African American in the Oval Office is out to get them whether it is coming for the precious guns, attacking their Christianity as a “Muslim sympathizer,” or attempting to destroy the Founding Fathers’ white America. Although Massie likely scored major points with the white supremacist crowd in the conservative movement claiming President Obama is “out to get them,” any American paying attention to recent events targeting people of color understand that calling the President a racist, accusing him of hating white people, or using a racial slur like “spade” is a distraction away from Republicans’ predilection toward racial bias and projection of their own hatred of African Americans that includes valuing white people over the rest of the population.



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  1. What working class Republicans need to understand is that it is not only racism, but class-ism. The Republican elite despise all poor people whether white or black. The poor whites are just being used via their racism to do the work of the elites. They are helping to take themselves down while they are led to believe that they are just giving the “others” what they deserve.

  2. “Spade” was a term that, mid- Twentieth Century, could be used inoffensively *inside New York City*. Everyone understood you didn’t use it west of the Hudson or north of the Yonkers city limit. I don’t think I’ve heard it at all in forty years.

    Other than that, the foregoing screed is pure barnyard racket: goebbel-goebbel-goebbel Koch-a-doodle-doo.

  3. There was a comment on DU this morning that the president is looking tired and not well, it made me think how much was thrown at this president, the Bush recession, ending the wars
    the unemployment and our multiple problems, then Citizens United. He has fixed most of the problems without complaint, he had to fight to get us health care and has had to fight every moment he has been in office. At the same time those who caused the problems in the first place have insulted, tried to stop him and even tried to ruin the country to ruin this young african american president who is more gracious than
    any of his detractors.
    Let us all say ‘ thank you Mr President, and
    we all support you and have always appreciated every thing you do’

  4. It is a wonder that he looks as well as he does , we’ve got haters all over this country,hating him for the simple fact he an African_American, doing his job that these lazy people who just sit back and collect paychecks, go on vacation for five weeks. leaving us all in limbo. What a sad day it is in this America I call home we are being made to look like fools all around the world because of GOPS incompetence.Blaming him for stuff he had absolutely nothing to with, now some in his own party turning against him as well. Hopefully he can come out of this unscathed and the republican party goes out the door. I want to thank you Mr. President for all you’ve done , May God keep you and may he bless you through this ordeal..

  5. Just this morning, I was in a grocery store and while waiting in line, the checker (a white woman) saw the newspaper’s beheading headline of the customer’s paper in front of me, and said she wished they would chop his head off. I was so mad, I almost walked out leaving my items on the belt. After leaving, it made me madder and madder, to the point I e-mailed their corporate offices, then I went back and told the manager, and informed her that I’d already called corporate. The manager looked like I’d just pole-axed her, when I said I was considering calling the Secret Service. We’ll see if corporate responds today. If not, I’m turning her in. I’ve had it with this bullshit.

  6. His mom died when he was young. He was raised by his grandparents who where white. You can tell from the few pictures, that he loved them very much. These people heads are exploding because he is a smart, kind and caring man. Who happens to be African American. Conservative America, your Racism is showing big time. Everytime you open you mouths it come spewing out.

  7. I didn’t know ‘spade’ was used in such a negative way. That seems kind of harsh for anyone to just attack a person because he is black.

    If anything, the President has done everything he could to fix what went wrong. He still has two years to do what he can. Still, the pure unadulterated hatred shown by those on the Right is just sickening. As an American myself, it sickens me to see people who just discredit this man because he is black and a Democrat.

    Whatever happened to the American way? We all had issues, but in the long run everyone got along. Where did it go oh so wrong??

  8. Joan I agree. The President is NOT looking well, he’s had more than enough on his plate. This is a job that should be 6 years one term.
    I hope he makes it through to 2016, and then he can rest and get his energy back.

  9. One day while I was printing a man came to the shop and my brothers dog was barking crazily as I walked to the front. As I walked I heard a voice bellow out ” I wanna’ know who in this shop owns that Caddy out front with the Obama sticker on it ’cause I wanna’ shoot that liberal coward and burn his car!!. I walked through the curtain and asked him if he was here to place an order or pick up one. He asked who the car belonged to and I told him to go get his gun because the car is mine and I’ll wait right here while you get it. He was dumbfounded for a second and then asked me why a white guy would vote for Obama. I told him that he wouldn’t understand and that it wasn’t any of his concern. He of coursed went off and I asked him to leave and he got even more angry so I said Hey Go Get your gun and shoot me! he left in a huff and I followed him to his Ford RANGER truck and asked him again if he was going to shoot me because I’ve got a busy day and I wanted to get it over with.

  10. Racism is a blight on this country. The racist who spew their hatred and bigotry in vile shameless ways are the dregs of society. Their disgusting ways are indicative of a sick warped mind. And 99% of them claim to be Jesus lovers and
    Christian. Hypocrites is certainly what they are. What’s their problem?

  11. Good for you. Google – Is it against the law to threaten the president of the U.S.

    I don’t know how this man has been able to remain a gentleman with all of the lies and hate. They attack his kids, his wife and even his dog! We don’t deserve such a good person to be our President (don’t mean us–mean baggers). And I don’t care what these racists SOB’s say — They ARE racists and it is humiliating to know that the rest of the world knows it. By the way, most of the world is non-white.

  12. I am not an expert, but I feel that maybe President Obama has been able to handle so gracefully and with dignity all the racism thrown at him, maybe is because he grew up in a time when interracial children were not commonplace. I am sure with a single white mom, and white grandparents who raised him, he was exposed to the same cruelty we see today, and he has managed to rise above it due to that. But, nobody should be treated like he has been treated. I am very heartbroken every time I hear something like this.

  13. Joseph, standing up to that jerk and his response only proves what a coward he is.

    They are bullies, and when they come across someone who doesn’t back down, their tails are between their legs and they whimper on home…cowards that they are.

    Good for you, and glad you are safe!

  14. To the main point of this article I am so sorry that our President can’t even take a day off much less an uninterrupted vacation. I can’t think of anyone who deserves a rest more. I may not be able to do much but I can send more encouragement and thanks to him.

    I think we can thank the supreme court for lifting the veil hate filled racists were hiding behind. It seems they think their actions are A OK now that the laws have changed. They must think we can’t change them back.

    Please do not think your vote doesn’t count. For myself I have learned to pay more attention to local and state elections than I was before. VOTE and take someone with you. Thanks

  15. Yeah, he can’t take a vacation without people bitching him out for taking a vacation. Remember, he’s human. He needs his down time as well. I understand that everything that pertains to the job comes with him, but he needs his rest just as much as anyone else.

    I will disagree with you about the Supreme Court lifting the veil and letting the hate flow. These people have always had hate on their side… they just kept it well hidden from the rest of the world while Bush did everything in his power to make us a total laughingstock. The moment Obama won the 2008 election, the hate broke free and the cockroaches that carry it like the disease that it is managed to get in and infest the nation.

    So the next time you see someone who is being a hatemonger, ask them why. Why be this way? Why hate on the President who is trying his best to fix the myriad of problems that were there before he started? Why can’t you respect a fellow American who made it because he can..

  16. Anonymous down voter on my prior post, since you are not brave enough to post a comment to refute it, you must be a 100% racist yourself. A coward.

  17. Furthermore, its so easy to down vote when you are anonymous isn’t it? I’d like to see you in an intellectual debate, but you probably hide behind your white sheet anyways.

  18. Oh yeah, this is going to get them the African American vote. I hope the AA’s turn out in droves and help kick these racist bums out of office so we never have to see them or hear from them again.

  19. I totally agree. In fact, I was thinking myself that the President looks haggard and his hair has gone from salt and pepper to totally gray in a very short time.

    But how could we be surprised? Not only does he have to battle slurs, lies and mindless obstructionism at every turn, the decisions he must make are enough to turn any thinking, compassionate person’s hair gray.

    Sometimes I get SO angry and fed up I just about go ballistic. I hope I can make it through the rest of his term without losing it and doing something crazy.

  20. Hooray for you! I feel exactly the same way. I think you handled it better than I would have.

  21. Perhaps their problem is that they forget that Jesus was no blue-eyed blond-haired handsome man. Jesus was a dark-skinned middle-eastern man (as an Arab), and about five feet tall. They also forget that the white race is the minority race in the entire world.

  22. Congress has taken the lead by refusing to support President Obama in 2008 – thus confirming their racism, hate …

    At the time I sent a letter to Boehner and McConnell about the importance of their taking the lead in the House and Senate to STOP this unbecoming behavior … but Boehner announced that it wasn’t up to him to tell the “representatives” what to say.

    With greedy “leaders” such as these, what chance is there that we have a true, representatives Congress? NONE AT ALL!

    Wish we could impeach them, cut off their salaries and benefits which they steal from the taxpayers for not working … as well as the lobbyists benefits for granting their “wishes.” America needs to get back on track and be America … or we will be destroyed forever!

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