Fox News’ Sean Hannity Treats Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Like He’s An Expert On ISIS

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On Tuesday night’s episode of Hannity, host Sean Hannity welcomed Duck Dynasty star and renowned homophobe Phil Robertson on the set to discuss the recent developments in the Middle East surrounding the radical Islamist group ISIS. Hannity treated Robertson as if he is a legitimate religious and/or foreign policy expert whose opinions about issues regarding extremism in other areas of the world should be taken seriously. Let me frame that another way. A mainstream news network allowed the host of a prime-time show to bring on a person who is famous for having a long beard and making duck calls to have a serious discussion about the rise of a dangerous terrorist group halfway around the world and the political, sociological and military ramifications surrounding the situation.

As one would guess, the interview was an unmitigated disaster. It was nothing more than a propagandist segment full of biblical readings, with the born-again Robertson, who has absolutely no credentials to speak about Middle East politics or religion, being treated as a well-rounded authority whose perspective should be sought. In one eight-minute long segment, Fox News somehow found the bottom that many thought it had reached many, many, many times before.

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of Fox News:



Now, the worst part of the interview, and the one that will get the most coverage, is where Robertson said that we either need to convert all Muslims to Christianity or kill them. While one could argue that he meant only radical Islamists, such as the ones in ISIS who recently beheaded another American journalist, it was apparent through the discussion that he was really lumping all Muslims in the Middle East together. He spoke about how they are all killing each other in countries like Egypt and Iraq even though we (Americans) aren’t there. His worldview is that all non-Christians need to find Jesus Christ or eventually be killed. He used a quote from his trusty Bible (he uses the Declaration of Independence as a bookmark) to justify death to non-believers.

Hannity attempted to give Robertson a chance to back away from his ‘convert or kill’ credo, but Robertson stood firm. He claimed that he would love to “have a Bible study with all of them and show them the error of their ways and point them to Jesus Christ,” but that he’d be willing to personally have a gunfight with them if it came to that. Sure, Phil. You’ll be right there on the front line with Hannity ready to die for the cause. You always have to love this type of faux-tough chickenhawk blathering from the wingnut crowd.

The interview concluded with Hannity pimping Robertson’s latest book. Hannity and Robertson used the book as a way to talk about how Christians in America are totally being victimized and treated as second-class citizens. All in all, a huge plate of malarkey served up for the Fox News audience to gobble up.

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  1. Oh the irony. One religious fanatic talking about other religious fanatics. What’s next? Honey boo-boo explaining economic policy

  2. Phil I got news for you…Christians in America ARE second class citizens because they have proven themselves to be nothing more than second or NO class humans whatsoever.

  3. Phil Robertson is about as down home spun good ol’ boy as Ted Nugent is the president of the Obama fan club. He and his special kind of white trash family put away their Armani suits and grew their beards with the exact intention of profiting from appearing homey. He is nothing more than yet another wealthy doucher milking the stupid for every cent they so willingly line his pocket with. There is nothing patriotic, Christian, or decent about him and his family’s exploitation of the unwashed conservatives who are too uneducated to know any better.
    Hannity? He is and always will be nothing short of a liar, sensationalist, and completely unAmerican fascist slime. Can you picture him in an SS officer’s uniform? Without even trying.

  4. There really is no difference between right wing christian extremists, and ISIL, or any other “religious” extremists. In either case their religion speaks exclusively against their extremism.

  5. Bill F the southern part of our country has never risen and Fox News has not only flatlined the progress but has lowered any expectations.

  6. Just because you read about it in the papers and watch it on the news doesn’t make you an ‘expert’ on the situation.

    It makes you an ‘Armchair Expert’, which is a fancy way of saying ‘I want to speak my piece about what I think and you should all listen to me, dammit!’

    Sorry. I don’t take advice from a guy whose beard looks like it could hold a lifetime supply of Cheetos in it and the fact that he makes duck calls for a living.

  7. FOX Hannity and the rest of the dysfunctional Hosts and pundits in that cesspool treat their extremists, Right wing fanatics with awe and respect, while treating the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES with utter contempt and disrespect! How are we to categorize that place? They are certainly not mainstream. Extreme? Yes! Weird? Yes. Outlandish? Yes
    Trash talking jerks? Yes, yes and yes.
    I notice that it is that way with all the political “Shows” and their hosts and guests. Other programming? Not so off the wall.

  8. So who is he going to have in tonight Yosemite Sam the explain our military options?? And the scary thing is there`s people who actually believe the crap that Fox puts out.

  9. Sad thing is Phil Robertson understands the situation better than our president who has no clue or strategy

  10. Did your mother and her brother who conceived you know they were bringing a dumbass into the world?

  11. Wow, so much hate from the people posting comments on here. Let me know when Phil Robertson refers to ISIS as the JV team. Or laughs at someone when they suggest that Putin is a significant geopolitical threat. Our president has proven to be incompetent in foreign policies, that can not be denied

  12. I don’t do stupid. How is Putin a geopolitical threat when he cannot project force outside of the nations that border Russia? You are so stuck on stupid you cannot even think for yourself but get advise from a racist idiot whose only claim to fame is get ignorant people like you to buy his crap.

    Plus this is not about Putin this is about ISIS which being ignorant like your duck buddy has no idea what’s going on. Pick up a book sometime if you can read and then tell us what our strategy should be. As usual the only sound we will hear from you ignorant blood gurgling sociopaths will be crickets

  13. Well, Fox is masquerading as a news organization so it doesn’t surprise me that they’d have someone on that is masquerading as an ISIS expert.

    It’s the 21st century. I think we need a 21st century solution to the problem – and we are NOT going to find it on Hannity’s show or on any news show really.

    This requires a little more thinking than just “bomb them” and “kill them all.”

  14. djchefron, shortyblue is only another moron who has no grasp on real life. I know cretins like him get on your nerves as well as the rest of us who actually think for themselves so just ignore him. I won’t give his screed the time or thought just as he has given no thought to his comment.He complains about the “hate” from us while ignoring the party and agenda of hate of the right who hate every one not like them.

  15. I’m still amazed at how much hate you are filled with. Ironic all that hate talk is coming from someone who calls me an ignorant blood gurgling sociopath. And yes this is about ISIS, so let me know when Phil Robertson calls them the JV team. Finally, the administration says ISIS is a threat way beyond anything we’ve ever seen. Guess who has been warning our society of the threat of ISIS for several months now? Fox News, while Obama refered to them as the JV team.

  16. Bull shit. McCain was begging Obama to arm these people, even took selfies with them. And you blame obama?

    If Obama was hard on ISIS, Fox news would be saying they were pancakes. Grow up you ignorant blood gurgling sociopath

  17. Reading through the comments on here, almost every response is full of hate and bigotry. If one disagrees with the people posting on here they are meet with an onslaught of name calling in effort to minimize anyone who does not see things the same way.

    If anyone needs a great example of bigotry I would refer them to the comment section on this website

  18. Shiva, why are you so angry. We can disagree without name calling. You can choose to ignore the facts, but I don’t understand the anger.

  19. shortyblue.. Perhaps you could stop claiming that Obama is “incompetent” or “clueless” and other ridiculous accusations with NO BASIS IN FACT! the very FACT that he is POTUS means he IS competent and has way more than the clue you lack. Before you accuse us of being un-reasonable take a look in the mirror.

  20. What facts? You are citing faux but provide no links and you say you have facts? BTW where is that grand strategy you and the duck boy claim to have

  21. And what political persuasion has built many an empire with their inventions of Hate Radio and Hate NEWS?

    Fu*K…now we even have the Hate Hunting Products Industry!

  22. STOP giving that man any voice. He has no business on this site. I did not and will not read anything that he has to say about anything.

    I am very disappointed that PoliticusUSA thought that this was news to report on.

  23. Sorry, but changing the subject doesnt work here. Pulling the angry thing doesnt work either. You came up with the name, not me

  24. “Our president has proven to be incompetent in foreign policies, that can not be denied”
    Of course it can be denied for the simple reason that your statement is laughably false and stupid.

  25. This goes to show you how credible FOX News consider themselves. They are unable to contact someone of their mentality to come on and be a real expert. So what do they do find someone who looks like one of the terrorist. It’s really a damn shame that some law don’t exist that can shut down these nutcases at FOX. These idiots have no idea what real news is. They will do anything and everything to spread their evilness and hate. I won’t, at this time say anything against Robertson, because he’s doing what all their so called expert do, take their money. He’ll go home and with a smile on his face and more in his bank account. Laughing how stupid FOX really is.

  26. As long as Fox,the jolly White Giant exists
    our country will be infested with the Stuck on Stupids.bottomline

  27. so whats the big deal? Hannity called cliven bundy his rightwing folk hero. the guy is a brainless rightwing puppet. and fox news is a disgrace.

  28. what the hell is pat robertson shuffling through on Hannity’s desk in the above photo? it looks like a decrepid, old, tattered manifesto or something. maybe the bible? it looks like he had it up his azz. these conservative fools are lunatics. LMAO!!!

  29. I thought the GOPT was pro-life?..They want to kill????

    GOPT has totally lost any credibility whatsoever.

  30. The problem is that the people that are the leadership of ISIS are also the same people that we were providing weapons to in Syria and Libya; the more that we try to help in the Middle East, the more weapons end up in the hands of terrorists. The ONLY sane thing to do is to back out of EVERY country in the Middle East, stop sending foreign aid to ANY country in the Middle East and impose strict economic sanctions against EVERY country in the Middle East until such time as the people of those countries stop supporting the terrorist groups. Pull EVERY American out of those countries, and revoke every visa issued to anyone who is from any of those countries. If we have the balls to do THAT, then we can start to make strides in combatting terrorism. Until that time, we’re simply spitting in the wind.

  31. So he was asked an opinion and he gave it but it sounds like people act like he shouldn’t have one.I think that the convert or kill is a bit much and I don’t believe Jesus would agree with that at all. Do that and we are no better than the radical muslims.

  32. Oh please, knock the nonsense off already. Our President incompetent in foreign affairs? Get real. What can not be denied is the utter stupidity of statements like yours.

  33. He wasn’t talking about all Muslims you bunch of politically correct idiots. It’s people like you that have caused our country to be in the shape that it is in…

    All he is saying is that they are going to fight regardless of whether we (Americans)are there or not and they are not going to leave us alone even if we leave them alone.. So we either convert them to Christianity (which would change their belief system and cause them to stop their agendas) or keep fighting them and ultimately kill them..

    NO one said Phil was an expert, not even Hanity lol… But Phil is an American citizen and he is a famous public figure who a lot of Americans respect.. And he was simply giving his opinion.

  34. Shorty blue, put the shoe on your own foot. I see and hear much hate coming from your side. Every day, all day on fox news. WND, Palin, almost all rethugs. Seems to be a much needed quality of being a part of the republican party. So Look to self FIRST please!!
    I for one am sick to death of such small minded thinking. We as a nation need more then what YOU provided.

  35. Well you need to be more curious. How are we to fight to keep our country out of the hands of ignorant, hateful, racists if we don’t know what they are being fed? It’s important to know what our fellow Americans are being told and by whom.

  36. Jack, Phil and Sean’s “opinions” are not worth the ink stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Their “opinions” are based on completely FALSE information and dogma that has been PROVEN wrong. What they believe and speak is WRONG!!! and is therefore meaningless.

  37. LOL! Do you think christianity would be any different then Islam given the chance?

    Look at you, keep killing them. You are everything you say Islam is.

    No, its people like you that cause the problems. Sorry

  38. “Phil is an American citizen and he is a famous public figure who a lot of Americans respect.”

    The only people who respect Duck Boy are people like Jack–Faux Noise victims whose IQ is smaller than their shoe size.

  39. You have a point, but if it was a Hollywood movies star or Oprah on CNN, ABC etc, the world would think that was great.

  40. And that’s why only the small-minded listen to the MSM for news. I have a flash for you they are not there to inform you only to entertain. The difference is the Reich listens to idiots and glorifies them, see the grifter from Wasilla while most Democrats would say that’s nice and then pick up a book to try to understand the situation

  41. This whole comment section cracks me up. You people hop on here and see who can shriek the loudest to drown the others out. It’s as if you actually think your opinions are of any consequence. So what if Fox airs something you don’t agree with? Are you so brainwashed that you are incapable of independent thought? Do you not have the intellectual capacity to simply agree or disagree with one man’s opinion and just leave it at that? Do you really think that Robertson represents the views of every single Christian in America? If so then you really need to get out of your secular bubble more often. And hey! As a last resort? There’s this magical little thing called a remote control. You know what it does? It changes the tv channel.

  42. Sparky, its our independent thought that tells us Fox is lying to you. We have the right of expression and opinion, the rights you try to hide to protect your network of propaganda. Move along.

  43. One expert in hating treating another expert in hating as if he were an expert, makes sense only to expert haters.

  44. Jimmy boy, you do realize you are doing the very same thing that you are accusing the people that post opinions here of doing. How very republican of you.

  45. Yes, because the liberals are doing such a great job of leading this country. You people will absolutely be the demise of this country. I’d rather have someone with a plan than Obama who is cowering on Martha’s Vineyard. When things get sticky, you all are going to be looking for the ones with the guns to defend you. At least this man will stand up for what he believes. Always looking for someone else to blame. tsk tsk…

  46. Yes, Christians are second class, but that’s only because there is no one who is “right” enough for first class. Not you, not your neighbour,not your governor, not Congress, not celebrities, and not even president obama. Nobody on this Earth would be qualified for first class because we have all done wrong. First class only has 2 people, and although there is plenty of room, nobody is even a mere millimeter from being allowed to enter said “first class”. This is sort of what Phil was talking about. Nobody can enter “first class” because there is none on Earth. I’m sure by now, you understand what I’m talking about when I say “first class”. It is possible to get there, but not by what anyone thinks, unless they get it from the source. Phil knows it, and he’s trying to get out that message. It’s up to you if you want to go to the “first class” and see that, in reality, there really is no class at all. We are all on the same planet, facing the same global problems. “Class….

  47. What I find amusing is the fact that these Duck Dynasty guys look a lot like some of the hippies from the 60s and 70s that the Republicans despised. My what 40 or 50 years will do.

  48. People should contact Fox pretending to be comfused older viewers and complain about them having hippies on.

  49. Funny someone called me dummy for not having a plan. Sad thing is the POTUS admits he has no plan, so you are insulting the president at the same time. I am not the one responsible for having a plan, but I would have listened to my generals in charge and left the 30,000 troops they were requesting to stay. Then we wouldn’t be in this situation.
    Here is one president who listens to his Military briefings and advisors. Not so dumb after all.

  50. News max? LOL

    Bush signed the agreement to get all the troops out. End of story
    Generals want one thing. To stay at war

  51. First you are a dummy for linking to Newsmax and further more you are a idiot for even taking the advise from someone who got us into this mess in the first place. Marc Theisen? Child please go back to your sandbox and go play with yourself.

    What you don’t realize is for the thousand time dummy Iraq would not sign a SOFA when your boytoy bush was in office. They wanted us out and no matter how your pointy head want to ignore facts that is a fact. Second., only chickenhawks like yourself who had no skin in the game wants to send our soldiers to die for what is a unwinnable war. You have graduated from dummy to a sociopath.

  52. Just ignore the fact that Bush predicted it and Obama ignored the Generals , let’s focus on the website. Yeah that makes sense. Ignore that Obama has no plan and is on record of saying this is the JV team. Ignore the fact Obama took all credit for withdrawal when he thought it was a good idea, and now denies responsibility.

  53. this southern gal has a question for each of you…..
    God gives you free will to believe that He is who He says He is. Are ready to take chance that He is not ? Are you going to live as if God doesn’t exist and then find out that He is very real ?
    The Bible tells of everything that is happening in the world today. Read it for yourself.

  54. The gospels, our only accounts of a historical Jesus, contradict each other.If you think you know the Jesus story pretty well, I suggest that you pause at this point to test yourself with the 20 question quiz

    Remember don’t lie don’t cheat Jesus is watching

  55. I am not a fan of Duck Dynasty but Phil does have a good point. Radical extremest of any religion must be taken seriously and can not be ignored. If a group of ISIS radicals knocked on your door and gave you the option of convert or have your head and the head of your children removed what would you do? I would not deny my faith in Jesus but I would certainly try to stop the extremest before they got to my door.

  56. I think the point is very clear and we’ll supported, Obama is in over his head when it comes to foreign policies. I will openly criticize and complete democrats and republicans. If you have trouble seeing Obama’s inadequacies you are more than likely an ideologue and incapable of free thought.

  57. So real man of genius WTF do you want see done? And please call of duty chickenhawk be specific. In case you don’t know what that means let me help you out.
    adjective: specific
    1. clearly defined or identified.

  58. “this southern gal has a question for each of you…..
    God gives you free will to believe that He is who He says He is.”

    Any God that (notice I said “that” instead of “who” since he doesn’t exist) would give incurable cancer to innocent children, is a monster. Visiting punishment on the innocent for the crimes of the parents is hypocritical, and goes against what He commanded of us. Any God that allowed the rich to flourish, while elderly people are forced to work or starve, is a mountebank. Any God that EVER commanded his followers to kill others, and take slaves in His name, is no different than the God of the Muslims.

  59. It’s really hard to read illiterate postings like yours. Take a remedial English class. PLEASE.

    And your little rage note forgot one important thing. Examples. Obama just clearly articulated his foreign policy, so you’re either asleep or ignorant of current news. I’m guessing the latter. Obama has pressed for a coalition of nations to cooperate in rolling ISIS back, and his efforts in that area have succeeded, as other countries are signaling they want in. How does that make you feel? Mad, or sad?

  60. I have a question for you: did you know that the whole biblical story contains parts of other older religious beliefs?

    Virgin birth, rise from the dead, the ten commandments, are also parts of other religions much older than Judaism. Centuries older. How do you feel, knowing your beliefs are a mixture of dogma, borrowed from other religions? What did He say about theft? Lol!

  61. Duncan…I would venture to say you are one of those who loves what is America’s favorite Bible verse… Matthew 7:1.

  62. So, because a virgin birth, resurrection, and religious laws exist in other, older religions, that AUTOMATICALLY means that Christianity stole those ideas from them? That doesn’t follow.

  63. Interesting quiz. Didn’t take me long before I got the point that there are supposedly contradictions in the Bible. Let’s look at a couple of them:
    1. How many men were in Jesus’ tomb when the women arrived?

    There is no discrepancy at all. An angel of the Lord moved the stone and was sitting upon it outside (Matthew 28:2). The two men (Luke 24:4) were angels (John 20:12). Mark 16:5 presents the only potential issue, and it isn’t the only one at all. If there were two angels in the tomb, then there was at least one. This one was on the right. Therefore, we see that there was one angel outside and two on the inside of the tomb.

    2. On the way to Golgotha where Jesus was to be crucified, who carried Jesus’ cross?

    Both carried the cross. John 19:17 does not say that Jesus carried the cross alone, it says he bore his own cross. He carried the cross until he couldn’t carry any more, then Simon assisted.

    Not enough space here to answer them all, but you can go to car…

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