ISIL Will Continue its Terror Campaign Until the World Says Enough! And Means it

ISILSo we’ve got this group in the Middle East kidnapping and enslaving people, holding foreigners for ransom, and generally getting rich off the misery of others, all in the name of God. We’ve seen this before in history. We’ve seen it many times. And it is terrifying.

Perhaps not since the Assyrians has the world seen a gang of thugs so adept at spreading terror among its enemies. The old Assassins of 11th century fame have nothing on these guys. They make al-Qaeda seem Pikers in comparison.

There is an art to spreading terror: For the Assyrians it was impalement, a spike up the fundament. The Romans liked to crucify. The French revolutionaries spread terror with Madam Guillotine. But ISIL prefers messy beheadings with a combat knife. These are people who have seen twerking and found its exact opposite.

For centuries, the “Barbary Pirates,” so-called because they operated out of the area known to Europeans as the Barbary Coast after its indigenous Berbers, did the same, only on sea rather than on land.

The Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS) claims to have re-established the Caliphate, but the Barbary Pirates had as their nominal suzerain the Caliph in Constantinople himself. And they raided far and wide, even as far as Iceland.

We rightly lament the loss of the few Westerners killed or captured by the Islamic State, but Wikipedia informs us that, “Historian Robert C. Davis estimated that between 1530 and 1780 1-1.25 million Europeans were captured and taken as slaves to North Africa, principally Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli, but also Constantinople and Salé.”

Imagine that today, in the age of the world-wide media, where the loss of even one innocent Westerner creates outrage.

The long horror of the Barbary Pirates was not stilled without violence. When the West could take no more, it struck back. The United States struck back. It was the activities of the Barbary Pirates which led to the establishment of the U.S. Navy, six frigates funded to face down the “Algerian corsairs.”. But meanwhile, like everyone else, the new country paid ransom.

ISIL demands millions for the release of hostages and again, this is nothing new. Michael B. Orem tells us that,

[O]n September 5, 1795, America signed a Treaty of Amity and Friendship with Algiers. In return for releasing American prisoners, the Algerian ruler would receive a long list of gifts — “25 chests of tea of 4 different qualities…6 Quintal of loaf sugar refined…Some elegant penknives. Some small guilt thimbles, scissor cases…a few shawls, with roses curiously wrought in them….” worth more than $650,000. Worse than that, though, the U.S. also agreed to provide Algiers with cannons, gunpowder and a 36-gun made-in-America warship — in essence, the very tools of piracy.

The sums paid were staggering. He goes on to tell us that,

The other regencies caught on, and soon Tunis and Tripoli had extracted similar concessions — so many, in fact, that by 1800, the United States was paying out 20% of all its federal revenues to North Africa.

The European powers fought back, as America ultimately did. When, in the wake of the beheading of journalist James Foley, President Barack Obama said, “The United States of America will continue to do what we must to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless,” he was only repeating what Americans had said about the Barbary Pirates two centuries before.

From Malta to Spain to France and England, Western fleets shelled Algiers in the old-fashioned equivalent to air strikes, forcing concessions and peace. Two actual wars were fought, the First Barbary War in 1801 and the Second in 1815. Finally, France conquered Algiers in 1830, rooting out the pirates at their source, as Pompey once did the Cilician pirates of Asia Minor.

The point of all this is the lesson learned by Rome and by other states since, that the bad guys do not simply go away. You have to make them go away. Paying them ransoms may save the few or even the many, may put off the inevitable for a time, but in the end, ransoms only encourages more kidnappings.

President Obama said, “People like this [ISIL] ultimately fail,” and he is right that “They fail, because the future is won by those who build and not destroy,” but they don’t fail without being destroyed themselves.

The Barbary Pirates persisted in their activities until destroyed by European powers unwilling any longer to put up with what we would today call their terroristic activities. The Islamic State, unless too firmly grounded in a cult of personality around Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his Rolex, will also likely persist until somebody gets weary enough of their terroristic activities to forcibly silence them.

President Obama has said groups like ISIL have “no place in the 21st century,” but they will have a place until somebody takes that place from them. Kind words will no more suffice than ransoms. There are some problems diplomacy cannot solve. It could not solve the Barbary Pirates and it will not solve the Islamic State.

Whether it is ultimately the United States itself, or a coalition of Western powers or perhaps the Islamic countries threatened by the so-called Caliphate, ISIL will be taken down by force.

As the example of the Assyrian Empire proves, a power subsisting on terror rather than on nation-building, will ultimately fall to the neighbors it has terrorized. ISIL has enemies aplenty. What it lacks is an enemy stronger than it, able and willing to shell them into submission, a task which, as history again proves, requires boots on the ground.

President George W. Bush’s misguided policy of plundering Iraq to make he and his Republican friends rich, is responsible for the creation of conditions in that country and the rise of ISIL. If America is too war-weary now to contemplate striking ISIL at its source, it is also thanks to Bush fighting a 10-year-war that need not have been fought. Now, when there is a need for war, the country has no will to fight it.

Obama gets the blame in the media, but it is not Obama who is to blame. He’s merely the guy who inherited the Middle East Bush destroyed. Bush gave us one war during his presidency and has condemned us to fight another in the echoes of his failure.

Now ISIL is the world’s problem. The United States will not, because it cannot, act alone. And ISIL will continue its campaign of terror until the rest of the world says “Enough” and, as it did with the Barbary Pirates, means it. And the American people will have to decide if they are more tired of war or of the terrorists of ISIL.

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  1. I agree Hrafnell. This is, unfortunately, one of those times when military might is required. These ISIL terrorists are the worst of the worst.

    I’ve been reading comments on Facebook and other sites where the right is blaming this on President Obama, as they do with anything wrong in the world.

    I agree with what the President is doing in regards to trying to build a strong coalition to fight the IS, we shouldn’t have to do this alone, this does not just affect the US, and we should not bear the costs in blood and treasure alone.

    If we hadn’t gone into Iraq with guns blazing we very likely wouldn’t have this situation now, but we do, and it has to be dealt with.

    If we had done what the McCains and Grahams of the world would have us do, we would be fighting in so many different areas that we wouldn’t have been able to address this situation in any meaningful way.

    I have faith that President Obama will do this right, and get others to join us, rather than doing this un…

  2. That’s right the world. Not only the US, why should we fight and die for people who will not defend themselves. These nutcases are a threat to the whole world. So happy we have a President, who questions and does not just go in with guns blasting.

  3. Eleven years ago, Uncle Sam screwed a pineapple. Once you screw a pineapple, you can either (a) leave it in, and get it dissolved, or (b) pull it out, and get it skinned.

  4. Reason to sufferings and wars of today and how to solve the problem:

    Since the religions made us worship Jesus who –(as based on God’s word in the prophecy in 2 Samuel 7:12-14) was punished by God for his own wrongdoing and not for our sins as the apostles claim, it is clear that we were taught by the religions an erroneous teaching about God.
    This is why God does not hear the prayer of the peoples of the world for peace but continues to let mankind suffer from all these wars and disasters because they are calling on a false god made by the apostles.
    THE HOLY BIBLE is divided into two portions, the TEACHINGS of the PROPHETS OF GOD and the TEACHINGS of the APOSTLES & FOLLOWERS of Jesus . There is a distinction here, because JESUS IS NOT GOD AND GOD IS NOT JESUS.
    God said in Deuteronomy 18:18-19 that people should listen ONLY to His prophet like Moses because God has put into his mouth His message about His great Name. Once the Jews (and the Gentiles) heed his message abou…

  5. Great article and I would wholeheartedly agree with your assertion. I do not think it is wise for us to continue our policy of isolationism against ISIS. Likewise, I believe this must involve the entire World and not just the US.

  6. Really? Because Jesus’ commandment was “love one another” and Old Testament’s commandments were “eye for an eye”, stone disobedient kids, and kill prostitutes. Jesus, instead, forgave Mary Magdalene. The reason for suffering and wars is never God, but people’s choice of evil.

  7. We need for Arab nations to help lead this attack and condemnation on ISIL.

    Saudi Arabia started and has continued to fund Wahhabi movements and they need to step up to the plate and put their soldiers and funding on the line.

  8. I agree that it’s coming to the point that America must step up here – but not alone. Never again.

    Our first step would be to shut down the funding to ISIS while, at the same time, make Saudi Arabia stand with the U.S. The second step would be to make Europe stand united in a show of force.

  9. I believe tht there is a sense of urgency going on right now down at the Pentagon and in the White House “war room”. Something is being planned hush-hush. Obama can not let it out, because as you know ISIS are media savvy, they read and watch the news like everybody else, so why tip our hand. It will involve other countries from the West and others in the Middle East. Obama has to take the flack from the frothing at the mouth neo-cons who everyday are shoutting insane nonsense about attacking ISISA now, without a plan. How foolish is that? And not to mention reckless? What if Obama caves into the noise? Then what? He goes in without a plan then what? If it fails–he gets blamed. Ironically if the plan that’s about to come about is successful, they (you know who) will not give him credit, nor will they applaud and change their negative tune. They will find ways to blame him for not killing ALL of ISIS in two months. Betcha. Wait and see…ISIS is in for a BIG Bang surprise.

  10. ISIS will continue their Chit until the B-52 bombers start their carpet bombing campaign. When A-10 Warthogs start straffing their positions night and day. When their cash flow is halted. When the oil they sell will no longer be bought. When Drones start to eliminate their “leaders” one by one by one. Then when we get the big guy, I wonder what will happen. Anyway, even without him, they will do their nastiness. Good, then we can finish them all off. No mercy for the merciless. And let’s not create no Guantanamo—those guys don’t deserve no jail time, they need to be summarily executed. Don’t listen to their “hands up, don’t shoot” either—-Just shoot them like the dogs they are. Period! We should be sick of this BS.

  11. All anyone needs to remember is how coolly President Obama handled getting Osama Bin Laden and they will realize that ISIS has something to worry about.

    President Obama is the silent, big stick type, he doesn’t need to stand up and beat his chest to prove his manhood, he knows what to do, and how to get it done.

  12. Before we go off half cocked remember ISIL while evil and any other adjective you want to use does not pose a threat to the US. Where are the countries in the region that it does pose a threat too?

    Middle East Time Bomb: The Real Aim of ISIS Is to Replace the Saud Family as the New Emirs of Arabia

    Now we do know that the Saudis along with the other gulf states funded them in their Islamic Civil War against the Shias but they do have a capable Air Force but I have yet to see the house of Saud flying planes against them.

    Quote:”In political and financial terms, the Saud-Philby strategy has been an astonishing success. But it was always rooted in British and American intellectual obtuseness: the refusal to see the dangerous ‘gene’ within the Wahhabist project, its latent potential to mutate, at any time, back into its original a bloody, puritan strain.”

  13. “After Blackwater faced mounting legal problems in the United States, Prince was hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and moved to Abu Dhabi in 2010. His task was to assemble an 800-member troupe of foreign troops for the U.A.E., which was planned months before the Arab Spring revolts [30] He helped the UAE found a new company Reflex Responses, or R2, with 51 percent local ownership, carefully avoiding his name on corporate documents. He worked to oversee the effort and recruit troops, among others from Executive Outcomes, a former South African mercenary firm hired by several African governments during the 1990s to put down rebellions and protect oil and diamond reserves.”
    Now… Look up who is funding ISIS. Don’t wait for the people that will benefit the most to tell the truth..look up what you can and connect the dots that has been proven in spite of censorship all these years. It’s interesting there is another article about Blackwater today too.

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