Instead of Doing His Job John Boehner Plans To Spend September Shaming Democrats

John Boehner

Instead of doing his job, Speaker of the House John Boehner is planning on using the month of September shame and smear Democrats.

According to Roll Call:

Speaker John A. Boehner outlined the September legislative agenda in a Wednesday afternoon conference call with House Republican lawmakers, describing a scheduled 12-day session that will be “brief, but busy.”

The most pressing item on the agenda is a short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown on Sept. 30, but Boehner also spoke strongly and at length, according to a read-out from a source on the call, in favor of using the remaining legislative days before the November elections to draw “a very stark contrast between ourselves and the Democrats who run Washington.”

John Boehner won’t be trying to pass any legislation, or working to erase the negative perception that the American people have of his do nothing House. Speaker Boehner won’t be doing any actual work. Instead, he is going to be filing his lawsuit against President Obama and trying to shame the Senate Democrats because they have refused to go along with the tea party-driven crackpot House agenda.

In case Speaker Boehner didn’t realize it, Republicans control the House of Representatives which means that they also control Washington along with the Senate Democrats and President Obama. Even when Republicans have a majority, they still find a way to play the victim. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell seems confident that the Senate will pass a bill that funds the government into December. However, some House Republicans are already objecting to any funding bill that doesn’t go through the rest of 2014.

Rep. Boehner let it be known today that the House Republicans intend to stick to their usual schedule. They plan on doing nothing in September. Boehner will use the House as a platform to help make the case that his party should be handed the majority in the Senate. The Republican Party is banking everything on taking back control of the Senate. If Democrats keep the majority, Republicans will have empty hands to match their empty agenda.

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  1. smear away my friend but all the lies the republicans have told and all the do “nothings” they have done will not be forgotten.

  2. The level of Republican delusion is mind-boggling, they truly do live in a bubble.

    I hope they pay dearly for their do-nothing, just say no approach to governing, America has suffered enough.

  3. I always tweet to Boehner and tell him what a bunch of moochers they are off the American people..not doing their job and getting paid anyways.

  4. The only tweets on Boehner’s twitter are revolving around how President Obama is incapable and not governing. I tell him FAIL…you and your congress are the dead beats, and we all know are not fooling us.

  5. Where is the lawsuit?
    If the gop really thought the lawsuit was valid they would file it asap. But they arent really interested in bringing Obama to court. They know the case is a loser. They just want to play it out as long as they can. Watch and see.

    If the case got to an actual judge before the elections and he threw it out then that would be VERY bad for republicans. They cant risk that.

  6. All moot, if the radicals in the House fail to pass the budget, which is the most likely result. Then Boehner will disappear from public sight, lest he remind voters of his failed pledge, and how politically useless he is.

    I see that the rise of ISIS has finally persuaded House Republicans to put country over party. I’m kidding, of course:

    House Republicans are laying groundwork to capitalize on widespread discontent with President Obama’s handling of ISIS, scheduling a series of hearings and meetings aimed at drafting a plan to defeat the jihadist group….

    Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized Obama’s response to ISIS’ rapid gains, saying it revealed misplaced priorities of the government bureaucracy. As an example, he seized on an article on a U.S. Forest Service blog providing safety tips for making s’mores….
    Read More

  8. Why don’t the people in his district get rid of the a-hat? Please do the country a big favor, don’t vote for him.

  9. Good luck with that.

    Congressional Approval: 9 Percent
    Presidential Approval: 38 Percent

    Two words for folks that are sick and tired
    of Do-Nothing Jerks like John Bone-Head:


  10. So, what else is new? These clowns stopped doing their jobs as soon as President Obama was in the WH. We the people should stop paying their wages, healthcare and pensions until they remember why they were elected.

  11. If the House has no standing to sue, the people ‘s consent to be governed evaporates. If the Administration makes the argument against standing, his party might as well call Obama a benevolent dictator. Because that is what they are condoning. Let’s ask the people: does the House have standing to sue, and do the merits of a case get argued before that is settled by the Court? I kept this simple.

  12. If the case gets thrown out for standing, it will be VERY bad for Democrats. You know, the party of the People. Why do we bother having a House? This is an 8th grade civics question. Give it a go.

  13. As much as I did not approve of the messaging sent out by OFA, which basically was a fund-raiser to prevent these Republicans from impeaching this President, I now really do believe that their end game is precisely that: they wish to impeach the President and care not if they have the necessary votes in the Senate for a conviction. Why, one might ask, which is a great question:

    They will do so just to tarnish the first elected Black man to the presidency. You watch!

  14. John Boehner has proven to be a very un effective leader. He has no problem wth making up false charges about Obama competency, while presiding over the worst congress ever. That’s some kind of denial, & all truth respecting people should call him out. The main stream press won’t!

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