Democrats May Keep Control Of The Senate By Not Having a Democratic Candidate In Kansas


The shocking news that the Democratic Senate candidate in Kansas has dropped out to make way for an Independent candidate who has promised to caucus with Democrats means that the control of the Senate may hinge on the winner in Kansas.

Democratic candidate Chad Taylor told the Wichita Eagle that he was dropping out of the race, “After much consideration and prolonged discussion with my supporters, my staff, and party leadership at every level, I have decided to end my campaign for the United States Senate. I have great love for the state of Kansas and the people that live here. I will continue work in their best interest every day, but effective today, my campaign is terminated.”

Taylor’s departure has paved the way for Independent candidate Greg Orman to take on Republican incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts. Orman has been running an Independent campaign that has been capturing momentum in the state. Seventy former Republican lawmakers have endorsed Orman. An August PPP poll of the state found that Orman leads Roberts 43%-33% in a head to head matchup.

Orman’s rise in the race is another aftershock caused by the civil war that Gov. Sam Brownback triggered within the Republican Party. Brownback led a purge of moderate Republicans from the state party in 2012. He led the charge to replace moderate Republicans with tea partiers, and the result has been a deeply divided Republican Party in the red state of Kansas.

The party is so divided that moderate Republicans in the state are supporting the Democrat for governor. Brownback may lose his reelection campaign and take Sen. Pat Roberts down with him. If Orman wins, he has promised to caucus with fellow Independents Bernie Sanders and Angus King. Both Sanders and King caucus with the Democrats. An added wrinkle is that Orman has also promised to vote to remove Harry Reid as Majority Leader.

A very weird scenario could play out where Democrats keep the Senate without having a Democrat candidate in the Kansas senate race. Republicans are having much more trouble than they expected with their attempt to win back the Senate. The last thing they needed was another red state incumbent fighting to keep a seat that they never thought they would need to fight for in November.

The paths to the Democrats maintaining their majority continue to expand. It’s clear that Democrats have a gameplan, but it may be a Republican civil war in Kansas that keeps Democrats in control of the Senate.

15 Replies to “Democrats May Keep Control Of The Senate By Not Having a Democratic Candidate In Kansas”

  1. If Democrats maintain control of the Senate, the political fault-lines of the GOP will widen, and intraparty feuding will devastate them, at the very time voting demographics shifts in the Democrats’ favor. The electoral sink hole that opens under them, will swallow any realistic chances they have of maintaining national power. Billionaires and fundies won’t be enough to stop the slide into political irrelevance. Unless they can undo their political suicide pact by honestly addressing women’s issues, gay rights, fair pay, and police abuse of citizens, etc., the slide will be unstoppable.

  2. If he remains, the question then becomes, will republicans cross over to vote for him? Which would be the lesser of two, in republican’s eyes? They know what they’ll get with Roberts: a slow swirl, down the economic drain, as the state continues on it’s disastrous path. Either way, here’s hoping Sheldon Adelson pisses away 100 million, trying to buy the Senate.

  3. I think we still have a ace and its name is Gov. Brownback. He is so hated right now that he has the potential to bring down the entire American Taliban ticket.

  4. Who would even trust the repubs if they all of a sudden came out for women’s rights? No one I know.

  5. It’s a beautiful day in LIBERAL CALIFORNIA with our governors debate tonight where all Brown needs to do is sit there and have Kashkarin (who doesn’t stand a chance) make a total fool out of himself…HAHAHAHA.

    Let’s not forget that California tried the conservative idea under Arnold Schwarzenegger: during Ahnold’s tenure: CA went DEEP into debt, and recession at the same time.

    Yet what pulled us out of debt and recession is BLUE LIBERAL policies via Governor Jerry Brown

  6. although I strongly believe dems will keep the senate without this dem candidate dropping out, the GOPTP cheats, lies, buys, deceives, and does anything it can to win political contests no matter how local they are. we can meet them on their own playing field if that is what they want!!! we will turn a blind eye no longer to their devious ways.

  7. So should my hubby and I sent a donation to KS for this Senator? We’ve already donated to Brownback’s challenger, whose name now eludes me.
    This sounda illegal. Remember that flap in Virginia when the Democrat gave up his seat to a Republican for a better job?
    How is this different?

  8. The quisling in Virginia was promised a judgeship for his daughter to quit. As of this time they’re no offers for him to drop out. Now if one has proof I would like to know

  9. This must have Republicans spinning. This is so low down and dirty, it sounds like a stunt the GOP would pull, not a Democrat! Looks Taylor has been studying the Republicans playbook.

  10. i refuse to read article i wont even click on link dems will keep senate period and chad taylor has the right to drop out of race,in the end the courts will side with democrat chad taylor dropping out, my gut feeling tells me the republicans got a big surprise coming november 5th this year when dems keep senate hehe

  11. in the end it matters not what Kansas secretary of state says he dont have final say the courts will, and screw that tea party bagger loser Kansas secretary of state

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