Jon Husted Freaks Out When Another Court Blocks His Latest Attempt at Vote Suppression

Jon Husted

On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Peter Economus  blocked the Republican Party’s attempt to suppress the vote in Ohio.  Judge Economus ruled a law that cut early voting violates equal protection clause under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and it violates section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. Aside from issuing an injunction to prevent enforcement of this law during this year’s election, the judge ordered Husted to open poll stations an additional Sunday.

Naturally, the Republican vote suppressor in chief for Ohio, Jon Husted, trotted out the GOPT talking points on the value of treating voters uniformly in his statement  reacting to the ruling.

My overarching principle for Ohio’s long-debated voting schedule is that all voters, no matter where they live, should have the same opportunity to vote. That’s why I have set uniform voting hours for all 88 counties and why I sent absentee ballot applications to voters statewide, so there would be no disparity in access.

In the same statement, Husted said he would appeal this ruling.

Of course, Jon Husted doesn’t like this ruling or any of the court rulings that blocked his numerous attempts to suppress the vote.  He tried the same tricks  in 2012. In his effort to deliver Ohio to Mitt Romney, Husted defied court orders and fired County Board of Election Officials who defied Husted’s unconstitutional edicts to restrict voting hours during periods used predominantly by African American voters in Ohio.  Eventually, Husted gave in, but as this election shows, he did not give up on his efforts to suppress the vote.

Attorney-General Eric Holder pointed to the significance of this ruling for court challenges to similar laws in Texas and North Carolina. During his remarks on the DOJ’s plan to investigate a pattern of civil rights violations by the Ferguson Police Department, Holder commented on the ruling.

Second, in Ohio, a district court has held that the plaintiffs challenging the State of Ohio’s changes to its in-person early voting rules likely will be able to prove that those changes are unconstitutional.  The Justice Department had filed a Statement of Interest in this case.  And today’s outcome represents a milestone in our effort to continue to protect voting rights even after the Supreme Court’s deeply misguided decision in Shelby County.

I am pleased to note that today’s decision, and the judge’s analysis, rests on some of the same legal reasoning that underlies the Department’s pending challenges to voting measures in Texas and North Carolina under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.  And as we move forward, my colleagues and I will continue to do everything in our power to aggressively defend access to the ballot box and ensure that every American can exercise his or her right to participate in the democratic process, unencumbered by unnecessary restrictions that discourage, discriminate, or disenfranchise.

Republicans are trying to confuse matters by arguing that uniformity and equality have the same meaning.  However, they betray their own bigotry because Republicans made a special effort to make sure that voters don’t have uniformly functioning voting machines or uniformly convenient poll stations.

Even so, people don’t have uniform circumstances.  This means that uniformity is ultimately discriminatory against people who don’t fit the mold under Husted’s version of uniformity.  That could be because many Americans don’t have the mythical traditional family unit or the mythical “standard” work hours. In the real world, people who work for a living don’t have uniform work hours nor do they have the uniform privilege of taking time off from work so they can vote. In that same world, people can’t afford to take time off from a job that pays slave wages and in too many circumstances risk losing that job if they do take time off.

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21 Replies to “Jon Husted Freaks Out When Another Court Blocks His Latest Attempt at Vote Suppression”

  1. Separate but equal. Damn I thought Plessey vs, Ferguson was overturn in the 1950’s.

    Now I see what they teach pasty face American Taliban. A return to Jim Crow. What’s next poll taxes? Oh snap, they are doing that too

  2. Your argument is the best yet exposing Republican hypocrisy about their bogus “uniformity” concern. DOJ & voting rights attorneys should take note for upcoming challenges in NC, TX, KS, everywhere there’s these psychotic SOS’s who are vote rigging pit bulls that never let it go.

  3. Herr Rove must be starting his next heart attack.

    “he did not give up on his efforts to suppress the vote.”

    Let me fix that

    “he did not give up on the koch efforts to suppress the vote.”

  4. If your party has to lie, cheat, steal, and sell its heart and soul to the highest bidder to win, something is wrong.

    The Democrats are not perfect, but they are not this amoral. The GOP have lost their moral compass. They would pimp out their own kids to win. And that is precisely what Palin did.

    They have GOP voters getting upset over dumb shit such as tan suits, and Obama being too happy (read Dana Milbanks article in WaPo). Meanwhile, their party is in serious trouble. Their leaders have serious criminal charges against them, yet they think Obama should be crucified for going on a holiday!

    They violate our civil rights, such Husted tries to do, and they say nothing. but get all atwitter because Malia got a job as a gofer on a movie set! smh.

  5. If Republican’s are so sure of themselves and their ideals, why do they have to rig the system to their own benefit?

  6. Republicans! Enough already! This guy and his ilk are the very reason why the people of this Nation continue to turn against them and their “crazy/anti-American” tactics.

  7. I live in Ohio.

    Husted and Ken Blackwell are the most controversial persons who served in this office.

    Just another reason why I will not vote Republican…unless the candidate distances himself/herself from the Party.

  8. I posted this to my FB page yesterday 09/04/2014:

    Dear Secretary of State (OH) Jon Husted: Gee, thanks for my Absentee Voter Application for the November 2014 general election. Gosh Jon, I must admit I found two things quite ironic in your letter. 1) “In Ohio, we make it EASY TO VOTE and HARD TO CHEAT.” and 2) “To ensure the integrity of our elections process, you must fill…”. Oh, the irony of “HARD TO CHEAT” and “INTEGRITY” when the whole damn state has been gerrymandered by Ohio’s Republican-controlled legislature!

    This just in though…

  9. At a local event where Mr Husted was attending I had the chance to lay it out factually to Johnny BOY and confront him with questions that I knew he could not answer truthfully. His security got nervous and you should have seen the sweat breaking out on his face. He will not soon forget me.

  10. The rethugs know without voter suppression they will lose most elections.Most of us know what scumbags they are.

  11. It’s way past time to stop making fun of Germans and Germany. They are way ahead of the USA in owning up to their past crimes, acknowledging them, repenting of them, and insuring economic and social equality as well as responsible environmental policies. The USA is fast becoming what Germany was eighty years ago.

  12. Oh Believe me I wanted to because I could tell he didn’t like my long hair and the fact that I knew facts that even he was ignorant of. But the mayor is a neighbor of mine and he is the only Republican I like. Husted like Blackwell are just more of the Christian ReichWing ilk, I got in Blackwells face at the county fair way back when he was illegally politicizing from the pulpit of the Fairfield Christian Church and Indoctrination compound. He started an investigation on me and was shut down in minutes because I know people who even he would not tilt at.

  13. We are always hearing how un American The President is from the GOP and their supporters but yet when they are trying to suppress the vote,strangely we hear nothing.Why are they not in a uproar about voter suppression.

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