Moms Demand Action Hammers Grocery Chain For Allowing Guns To Be Openly Carried In Stores



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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a national gun control group that was formed in the wake of the Newtown mass shooting tragedy, is targeting national grocery chain Kroger with an ad campaign highlighting the company’s lax attitudes towards guns in their stores. This ad campaign comes on the heels of open carry enthusiasts using stores across the nation to hold demonstrations where they walk through the aisles carrying assault rifles while they ‘shop.’ The print ads will run in USA Today, as well as large local newspapers like the Cincinnati Enquirer and Houston Chronicle.

When Moms Demand Action first announced they would be targeting Kroger with a concentrated ad campaign last month, the group highlighted that more than a dozen shootings have taken place on Kroger property in the past two years. The organization’s spokeswoman, Erika Soto Lamb, made the following statement when discussing the dangers customers and employees face in Kroger stores.

“Kroger employees shouldn’t have to determine whether the person holding a gun in the frozen aisle is someone dangerous or someone making a political statement.”

This is an extremely valid point and one that cannot be stressed enough. How is an employee, or store security, supposed to react when they see a person, or group of people, walking down the aisles toting a military-style assault rifle? Are they to just assume that if someone is openly carrying a gun in their store that the person poses no threat and is only exercising his or her rights? Furthermore, there is a completely racial element at play here. The feeling is that as long as the person walking around with a large gun is white, maybe wearing a hipster hat or decked out in NRA regalia, then the assumption is that the person is a ‘good guy with a gun.’ However, if it is a black person doing the same thing, then that person is obviously a dangerous criminal. (Heck, a black man could be carrying a toy gun in a store and get shot dead.)

Moms Demand Action’s ad campaign features three separate ads highlighting the store’s policies on who is allowed to enter the store and who isn’t. One ad shows a child with an ice cream cone. Another one shows a man with no short. The third one features a guy with a skateboard. All three ads show one of these people next to another person holding an assault rifle with the caption, “One of them isn’t welcome at Kroger. Guess which one.” the ads are meant to show the disparity between rules at the store affecting people that pose no real danger compared to their policy of allowing people to walk around with guns while shopping.

The group pointed this out explicitly when they released the ads.

Skateboarding isn’t welcome in Kroger stores. Neither is shopping while not wearing a shirt. And you’re not welcome to carry in outside food or drink. But you are perfectly welcome to shop in a Kroger-owned store carrying a loaded semi-automatic rifle.

A petition is also being circulated by Moms Demand Action calling on Kroger to prohibit the carrying of guns in their stores. As of Thursday, over 115,000 signatures have been collected.



64 Replies to “Moms Demand Action Hammers Grocery Chain For Allowing Guns To Be Openly Carried In Stores”

  1. This is bad PR, really, it is. No corporation should allow idiots to walk around with AR’s. How do they know it isn’t a man wanting to murder an ex wife/girlfriend employed by the store?

    Are these businesses wanting to be sued by surviving family members? What about disturbing the peace? If they were black, they would be shot dead.

  2. I live in Arlington, TX. Home of the crazies. If I ever see one of these people carrying an assualt rifle anywhere near me, I will call the cops as soon as possible. Let Law Enforcement figure out who is good and who is bad. If I’m in a resturant with my wife and see a gun nut walking in with an assault weapon, I will get up and escort my wife out of that place and never come back. did I pay for my food, nope, just got out of a potentially dangerous situation as quicklly as possible. No time to ask and wait for the check. They can bill me.

  3. Rats! Krogers is the only store here locally that carries Frosted Cherrio’s! The quest continues. Krogers is Cincinnati based and that corner of Ohio is very Christian and VERY Conservative. Between Dayton and Cincy there are many exclusive and gated communities that are chock full of wealthy Reich Wing Conservative Racist that give in to the crazed Tea Party and NRA trash. I think I will build a scale model of Fat Man or Little Boy the first 2 nuclear devices we had and roll one into Krogers while I shop, that will get some attention! But my reason will be that I fear for my safety and I could possibly stop a robbery or crime…..for a radius of ten miles…for decades…

  4. That’s a great point, John. Maybe if people did what you suggest, the police would get tired of responding to just the gun nuts. Could that move them to embrace more common sense measures? One can hope.

  5. I, personally, do not want to be around paranoid whackjobs that feel the need to militarize the public grocery store. Funny thing, these gunnuts are the ones pushing military-state conspiracies, are the very people trying to create just that.

  6. the stupidity of this situation is just totally beyond comprehension. One wonders what the need to carry a gun in a grocery store is. Are they going to be robbed in a building full of people? Do they think that their using one of their rights?

    You have the right to bear weapons, you don’t have the right to bear weapons where it could possibly create a dangerous situation. This is no different than yelling fire in a theater. and the fact that our representatives kowtow to a minority in our society is embarrassing. It’s even more embarrassing knowing they are graded by a group that supports killing. By a group that supports children killing children.

    The only way around this is to utterly clean our Congress and state congresses out. In the meantime when you see somebody carry an assault rifle in a store, my only suggestion would be to start laughing at them. They want you to be intimidated. Don’t be.

  7. I, too, have informed my children if we are in this situation we will immediately leave the store (informing all on the way out)and call 911 for gunman in store. My right to life comes before their right to a gun (even in their precious Constitution). PERIOD.

  8. And if ten-twenty people walk out leaving their orders untouched and unpaid-for, the financial ramifications will become quite apparent to the owner/manager.

  9. It is so odd that the republicans would love for this to be in all states when they know the ones who will be carrying their guns openly are mostly white. They also know that most mass killing are done by those who are white and suppose to be normal or someone overlook the mental illness issues with them. Yet they are afraid of blacks if they carry weapons openly and want to kill them on the spot, no question ask. Most blacks will try to walk away from a fight before shooting up a place, only when cornered is when they will shot. But as we have seen with the two theaters shooting done by the two white men, they just use any excuse to kill someone and then claim they are insane. They get to walk out the theater alive after killing people but if it was a black person in their place, they would never leave the theater alive. The whites who openly carry their weapon do so wanting the president to have them arrest, and to come and get there guns. They do it out fear.

  10. I feel threatened when I see open carry proponents. Lucky for them, I don’t carry. If I did, and mixed it with a couple beers to reduce my impulse control, what could happen then?

  11. My plan for dealing with a situation where I’m shopping someplace and see people with guns inside the place is to drop my merchandise, grab my family members and run through the nearest emergency exit. I think that situation DOES qualify as an emergency.

  12. Agreed 1000%. If that happened every time one of these small penised wimps had to show their “big guns” to advertise their cowardess, things might change.

  13. I went to Kroger store, and I was glad to find out that the 2 cashiers who were working that day, were sharing their hand gun stories and how they carry them everywhere they go, and were ready to go to the gun show that week.
    What a RELIEF! if there is a gunman in the store, they will be ready to answer the fire!
    Only problem: I and the rest of the customers will be right in the middle of the shooting….

  14. Guess you were not at the Kroger in Nashville where recently a crazed woman got in a fight at customer service, ran out to her car, got her illegal handgun, came back in, hit the clerk; the clerk took the gun-wielding maniac down….only person injured was the gun-wielding maniac who went to jail sans gun~


  15. Fucking lunatics. This country is turning into Somalia. No wonder the rest of the world disdains us.

  16. I know in Canada if so embody went into a public building with a gun, the RCMP would be called out immediately.

  17. Want to see how fast they put a stop to this foolishness? Let a group of Black men start carrying guns and rifles into these same stores. Watch what happens. Customer flight. Angry whites (stares with intnt to kill), then what happens when there is a shootout between a black man and a white man who didn’t like the fact that this black dude had a rifle –like him. Here comes the words then the smoke. After this—THIS STUPID charade will STOP!

  18. I won’t shop anywhere where people are walking around with guns.

    Guns do not belong out in the open like this and I have to seriously question the mental health of people who find it necessary to strap a gun on their belts or shoulders in order to prove how “tough” they are.


  19. You need only go to the Kroger Facebook page to see the Pro gun advocates at work. Their listed reasons are as follows. “Guns can be used for good.” “Cars kill more people than guns do.” They posted a list of articles on robberies , and claim that they are only preparing themselves for not becoming a victim, comparing their carrying a gun to bringing an umbrella. Yes… they said that. If you look into the Kroger policy, it does seem to vary from store to store, in one case a manager asked an armed man to leave after receiving complaints from customers that they were uncomfortable shopping in the store with him. So I guess it follows, if you see something say something, and if they are not willing to address it, leave.

  20. I’m sure she also thought she was exercising her 2nd Amendment rights. But what if he’d killed someone in the crossfire? Krogers would be bled white with lawsuits. Vigilantes don’t always succeed in their pursuits, and bystanders pay the price.

  21. It’s only a matter of time before some angry and jilted boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is going to walk into the workplace of their former lover with malicious intent, hiding under the cover of a ‘good guy’. And, this person will quite possibly be someone who already has a restraining order against them. Then, before anyone realizes it, the former lover/spouse is going to be on the receiving end of some deadly retribution, as innocent bystanders find themselves scrambling for their own lives. Only then will the clueless finally realize that this is simply not cool, and that the real risks outweigh the potential benefits. Anyone walking around in broad daylight with a weapon in plain view had better be ready to involuntarily classify themselves as potentially hostile targets, just as LE officials already treat anyone similarly at a crime scene.

  22. Remember, Krogers=Safeway=Ralphs=Fred Meyers=many more; second-largest general retailer (after Walmart)…..

  23. Kroger, Don’t bow to the minority here… I do ALL my families shopping and 95% of that is at Fry’s Food Stores… I don’t typically open carry when I go grocery shopping, but if I am going hunting, I also don’t like to leave my gun unattended in my truck… That said, I WILL NOT support any business that bans legally carried guns.

  24. You need to work on changing your state laws then… I was surprised to learn in the wild west state of Texas, that the only guns legal for open carry are long guns… I think if you use that as an excuse to leave without paying the cops you call, may be looking for you instead of the law abiding citizen… Or should be anyway.

  25. Long guns kill people. Anyone in their right mind would get up and leave the presence of anyone carrying any sort of gun. Scream bloody murder. Call 911. Run for the hills. Businesses who allow the carrying of guns onto their premises are stupid to think in this climate of gun murders that people are going to calmly accept an unknown person. They will soon learn otherwise. It is not acceptable. I suggest we all make trouble for any business that supports the carrying of a gun of any sort onto their premises.

  26. Let me tell you something. If I were shopping in a store and some idiot came in carrying any kind of weapon, I would dump the cart and leave the store. Weapons do not belong in stores or restaurants, or movie theatres or on the streets. We are no longer in the wild, wild west, and I am certainly not in TX, nor would I ever be.
    Also, hear me retail outlets, if I were to be injured by a carrying customer, I would OWN YOU, lock stock and barrel!

  27. Jeff dear -I never said leave without paying, funny how you idiots make up facts. My goods would be left at the point of sight of a gun and the termination of my business at that store for good.

  28. Don’t kid yourself Jeff, you folks are the minority. Anyone who needs to carry in public places demonstrates their need to intimidate & the arrogance to show their “manhood.” And “manhood” applies equally to their women who also need to carry & show they’re “tough.” Fail.

    If you don’t want to leave your weapon in the vehicle, drop it at home first, then shop.

  29. Totally agree. You’d never come back to a store that stacked pesticides and rat poison in the produce section. That’s innocuous compared to a allowing a guy with a gun to roam around.

  30. Careful what you wish for, JeffD. You may get it. I hope you get to enjoy shopping some place where everyone is carrying. If all you guys congregate in one place, I’m sure you’ll feel very safe. I know the rest of us will, not getting within a mile of the place.

  31. Exactly my plan too. I will not do business anywhere that have gun toting paranoid freaks in them. I will leave immediately if I see one. If that store is so dangerous that people need to carry guns, well, I won’t shop there. Just wait until someone gets hurt or killed and see how much the store gets sued for. We have the legal constitutional right to feel and be safe wherever we go. Their rights end where ours begin.

  32. Dear loyal customers,

    As you know, Kroger has received some harsh criticism for its policy of allowing law-abiding gun owners to openly carry their weapons in its stores. We want to let you know that Kroger is respectful of the Second Amendment and welcomes you to exercise your rights in our stores. We feel that the lawful carrying of firearms contributes to a safe environment. When you and your friends and neighbors carry your weapons here, the entire store is made substantially safer. In this era of increasing crime and terrorism, armed citizens are the first line of defense. We encourage any of our armed friends and neighbors to feel free to intervene in situations to prevent any criminality. Clearly this would include armed robbery or a physical altercation, but could also include smash-and-grab, shoplifting, bullying, or even loud, foul language. Feel free to chamber a round and flick off that safety if the situation seems to call for it.

    Good hunting,
    Kroger Management

  33. Thats’ what happened in California! Back in the day when the Black Panthers went to the capital building in Sacramento, armed with legal long rifles.
    White Californians freaked out!!. The law permitting the carrying of unconcealed long guns in public ,which was excersised by all manner of white men, was changed faster than you can tell a White lie! That law changed so fast, a lot of people didn’t even know they had the right to carry in the first place.

  34. I carry a gun everywhere I go. Always concealed. I don’t like open carry.

    As I work in a gun shop, I sell em as well.

  35. “I don’t typically open carry when I go grocery shopping, but if I am going hunting, I also don’t like to leave my gun unattended in my truck…”

    If you’re hunting steaks, they’re in the meat section. Otherwise, grow up, and leave your surrogate penis in the truck.

  36. Thank you for the laugh of the day. Next time you decide to go hunting in the frozen food aisle I hope another ammosexual blows your head off because he doesn’t know you’re supposed to be a “good guy.” If I ever see one of you freaks in a store or restaurant I will call 911, notify store security and walk out.

  37. Not to worry. Krogers and others will come to their senses after a shootout happens in their place of business and unarmed people are killed in the crossfire. Too bad someone has to die in order to grow a brain.

  38. I’m sure it’s happened before, BUT I have never heard of that happening. I’m betting the occurrence of innocent bystanders being hit by a stray bullet while a law abiding CCW holder has a shoot out with a criminal is so small that you can effectively say that it never happens. Why? Because no matter what is going on the CCW holder is responsible for every bullet that leaves their gun. In your mind we are all gun crazed idiot who are itching to shoot our guns at someone. The reality is that no CCW holder wants to shoot their weapon in a situation like that because no matter how much training they have chances are still high that they might get seriously injured or die. I avoid confrontation much more now that I carry than before I had my CCW. Having a deadly weapon in my possession is a good reminder of how out of hand a very stupid argument can get. It serves as a early reminder before i’m emotionally committed to a confrontation and prone to poor decision making.

  39. So glad, ever so glad I don’t live in an open carry state. I prefer the burden or suspicion of carrying a weapon falls upon an armed, individual who isn’t identifiable law enforcement.
    Open carry states w/ looser gun laws are the nut-bag, white criminal’s or supremacists’ target range.
    For the paranoids that disagree, remember the 2 Bundy supporters who were thrown off the ranch. They returned home, executed three people including 2 cops as they were eating lunch. Granted, anyone can walk into an establishment and open fire. But you walk into a public place, in open carry state, state law sides w/the rights of miscreants….now all they have to do is wait, aim & shoot.

  40. How nice that you’re a responsible gun owner, and how silly that you think ALL ccw weapons owners reflect you. They don’t. I see you misplaced your argument about gunowners who accidentally shoot themselves or someone else. Did you leave that part of your argument in your car?

    It’s quite disingenuous to claim that we are safer with CCW, yet ignore the shrieking elephant in the room, namely irresponsible gunowners who accidentally kill or injure innocent people.

  41. Here’s how open carry in these places scare me:

    A person has a relationship – real or imagined – with a store employee. (I worked at a Kroger store for 8 years. There are plenty of creeps who think that they are a part of the cashier’s life.) He or she open carries for 3 weeks at the store with the intent of putting everyone at ease. At first everyone is nervous, but eventually they come to terms with this being a “safe” person. That’s when on a busy weekend or holiday shopping day this person carries out his or her (so unlikely it’s a her) plan to take out as many people in the store as they can to prove their point that they were wronged.

    Please don’t tell me that this couldn’t happen. How many times did someone open fire in a public place with an AR THIS YEAR?

  42. Here’s another open carry nightmare come true:

    “An armed militia member who came under fire last week by border patrol agents is a convicted felon who is not legally permitted to carry a gun. John Frederick Forester was not injured in the Aug. 29 incident, when a U.S. Border Patrol agent was chasing suspects through thick brush near the Rio Grande when he encountered the militia member holding a shotgun or rifle.

    Records show Forester has two misdemeanor convictions in 1999 and 2001 for theft and trespassing and a felony conviction for burglary of a building, reported KRGV-TV, and he served time in prison.”

    The leader of his group didn’t do a background check on his members. How many others are carrying illegal weapons while they supposedly assist law enforcement on the border? The FBI needs to get down there and infiltrate them, and learn just who these guys are. Now we know why they’re we…

  43. Stop shopping there. I do not feel safer with open carry. I saw a man with an Ar on one shoulder and holding a baby on the same arm. Someone could come and overtake them and grab it. It is foolish and frightens children. With all that goes on children feel they and their family’s will be shot. It takes a person with half a brain,who thinks they are proving a point to open carry. Just look at them and wonder why aren’t they at work. No one wants to take their guns away(since that’s all that makes them feel like heroes)but just be sensible. We do not need these powerful weapons on display in every situation.

  44. Its been years since I watched any news on TV… But I don’t need somebody to tell me the sky is blue either!

  45. Look, these ads are really silly. Most reasonable gun owners WILL NOT be carrying any kind of LONG GUN/RIFLE into any store. The only state where this is happening, with maybe a few exceptions, is Texas because they don’t allow open carry of handguns, like they do where I live in Virginia. I have a CWL here and that is how I carry about 95% of the time. I go to Walmart all the time carrying here and nobody even seems to even know or is bothered so this is much ado about nothing. I served my country in 3 services for 30 years so I have training and understand the responsibility of carrying a firearm.
    Just something to ponder for all of those anti gunners out there.
    Narobi, Kenya….Terrorists from Al Shabbah, Islamic radicals took over a mall there and started killing folks who were unarmed. A British soldier, visiting there, was off duty but carrying a handgun. He personally saved dozens of terrified people by going into the mall and escorting them out because he had a gun.

  46. And in many cases people start shooting and kill more people then they save. Forget Africa. You cant get there from here. Carrying a gun ionto Walmart on the chance someone may be shooting is like waiting to get his by a meteor.

    Further you may also notice cops do more shooting in walmarts then people.

  47. Accidental deaths by guns is less than 2% of total deaths. The leading cause of gun deaths is suicide. Long guns only accounted for 323 of the 12,664 murders by guns according to the FBI. Not just the AR but all long guns.Banning the AR is not an effective way to curb gun violence.

  48. His point is its more important for the peckerwood to have a gun and spout statistic’s then it is to care for humanity

  49. And someone firing a gun at them would have probably also have struck innocent bystanders. Your point is stupid, on a stick.

  50. Peckerwood? Really? If the law is ineffectual and I oppose it because of that how does that indicate a diminished care for humanity ? So quick to belittle anyone who sees things a little different from you and always claiming to want to help even if your methods are blunderingly ineffective. You can call me an idiot all you like D J it does not make you right. What of the president’s call for civility? Huh? You wouldn’t have the first idea how to hold a conversation. All you do is insult anyone who questions you. Great strategy, good luck with that.

  51. Also you know.. . Second Amendment?
    Shall not be infringed?
    I know it’s all new stuff for you so take it slowly

  52. No its not new, its the same old story. You hate people. The 2nd doesnt give anyone the right to any weapn they choose.

  53. Actually the second amendment says the federal government shall not infringe my right to keep and bear arms. Me hating people is pure conjecture on your part. Not surprising given your lack of grasp on the facts that you would assume something as mean as that about anyone. Bitter clinger to communism and earth day. You need to go out more really. See a movie maybe. get that cranky person persona a rest. it’ll kill you in the long run.Maybe get a dog too. that’ll help.

  54. And I think the guy looks pretty harmless in the store too. He’s probably got a cold and can’t aim for sneezing. The little old lady in the parking lot might run me over though.

  55. It amazes me that you idiots don’t read the whole amendment. The first part. A well regulated militia. But I understand you were homeschooled

  56. Defending yourself with a gun isnt exactly a everyday occurrence. Its far more hyped by people like you then is real.

    However this is about people like you that have to be extremely stupid and carry their little penis extenders around while they shop for socks.

    What you are not smart enough to question is, the more guns there are the more likely you will have to defend yourself. SO basically all you are doing is wanting more guns so you can get your first kill. Without asking, is there someone else looking for their first kill too?

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