Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Are Under FBI Investigation For Several Federal Crimes


A new report revealed that both Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann are under federal investigation related to numerous potential crimes that were committed during their 2012 presidential campaigns.

OpenSecrets reported,

OpenSecrets Blog has learned that FBI agents have been interviewing a slew of witnesses connected to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and grand jury subpoenas have been issued for email records from campaign officials. And in addition to payments to a Maryland video company that were routed to Sorenson in exchange for his endorsement, OpenSecrets has identified an additional suspicious payment by Paul’s campaign that may be linked to a $25,000 check to Sorenson from a jewelry store connected to a Paul operative.

Sources say two grand juries are looking into the 2012 campaigns of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), whom Sorenson originally endorsed, and Paul, to whom Sorenson switched his support just days before the Iowa caucuses. A number of individuals confirmed to OpenSecrets Blog that they had been interviewed by FBI agents, the grand juries, or both.


The subpoena lists several possible crimes being investigated including false reporting of campaign finance data by federal campaign committees, false statements to the FEC, obstruction of justice and concealing a federal crime.

This is the same scandal that already took down Mitch McConnell’s former campaign manager, and Ron Paul’s grandson in law, Jesse Benton. There are currently two federal grand juries investigating Bachmann and Paul on top of the previously known FBI investigation of Bachmann.

The bribery scandal could go much deeper than first reported. The scandal has already impacted the 2014 Kentucky Senate race and could devastate Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential campaign. Sen. Paul was going to be using the campaign structure that his father had put into place during his two previous bids for the Republican nomination.

Bachmann may be leaving the House and former Rep. Paul has retired, but this scandal isn’t going away anytime soon. What happened in Iowa in 2012 shed light on the dirty underbelly of presidential primary politics. It was already known that Bachmann could be facing prison, but she could have some cellmates from the Ron Paul campaign coming with her.

60 Replies to “Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Are Under FBI Investigation For Several Federal Crimes”

  1. Lets hope the prison is co-ed they could be there with that slob from New Jersey and that piece of trash from Texas.

  2. Michelle thought that nobody could touch her, but she was intent on making Barack Obama a one-term president. She’s a pathetic liar and you can never trust a liar. Well it’s finally catching up to her. I hope they throw her ass in jail for breaking the law.

  3. BaWaHaaaa!
    These guys have to Lie,
    Cheat, & Steal and they
    STILL can’t Win!
    It’s Rally Time Folks!
    We Vote, We Win!
    Register to Vote.
    Get in line.
    Stay in line.


  4. As a libertarian I expect no honesty from Paul. He was misleading all his loyal minions into thinking he as for liberty for them. He meant corporations, they thought he meant their personal liberty.

    As for ms Lyin Bachmann, I hope she spends her time in prison preaching to the criminals. She has lied about ever single thing she has ever said

  5. Thanks to the Republicans, I am having a great week! The McDonnell’s are headed to prison, McConnell’s is loosing, weird things are happening in KS and AK, McConnell’s manager has to resign, and now this!

    Ole lawdy! Please say McConnell, is next to be investigated for ethics violations! That batshit crazy bitch thought she was untouchable! Ha! God don’t like ugly!

    I hope God works it out so they all go to prison: Perry, Christie, Walker, Deal, Paul, Bachmann, Martinez, Scott, Grimms, and only God knows who else. I will have sweet dreams tonight!
    Whatca3 great week!!

  6. Bull. Pure bull. There has not been a more honorable, honest, principle-based man in Washington, DC than Ron Paul for over 100 years. Of course, this administrations’ henchmen will be going in to try to discredit and slam him.

    Ron Paul is the biggest threat to the establishment this century.

  7. ROFLMFAO – Family Values RethugliKKKans, Guess integrity ISN’T a family value to these crooks!

  8. After the sledgehammer that hit the McDonnell’s today, these two individuals…Paul and Bachmann.. are likely to understand that they can, indeed, be indicted, tried, and convicted. It’s about time their ego-driven road trip came to an end…..perhaps at the gates of a Federal prison.

  9. Ya know these conservatives are slowly killing themselves. The Politician’s, the right wing media, including the blogger’s are just killing themselves. I mean they lie, cheat,and smear people simply because of there politics,then they use christian values as some sort of blanket, but they are just being hypocrites, and it is painfully obvious (Pat Robertson) I truly believe America is feed up with there bullshit. So Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann and a host of others, just stop it.

  10. The Ron Paul nuts will come out from under the rock to defend this charlatan. Bet you a donut by tomorrow there will be a fundraising letter sent out to the gullible begging for money. And you know what… A fool and his money are soon parted

  11. So paying Kent Sorenson for his endorsement was an honest, moral, honorable, principle-based thing to do?

    Tell that to Sorenson as he spends time in jail for it. There have to be two parties to a bribe. Sorenson was the first to fall. Ron Paul or some one from his campaign will be the second.

  12. Fckin’ Jessie Benton, I have a hard time believing the old man would pay off Sorenson but have zero doubt Benton would, the question is did Ron know prior to the bribe? Either way his sell out son Rand’s gonna get burned by this & 2/3 of kentuckians oppose amending our laws to allow him to run for 2 offices. As a real Libertarian living in KY I have many doubts about Rand’s authenticity, I would have liked to have seen President Paul on the Hill but if these are the type of people who would have been appointed to high office it kinda takes the sting out of the RNC cheating him at Convention

  13. It would be over due, theres alot of skeletons in Mitch’s ‘closet’ & Alison likes to press ethics violations as SOS to compensate for her father’s ethics conviction. If something could stick to McConnell out of this it would mainly help the 3rd part candidate on the ballot but certainly not hurt Alison

  14. So in other words Social Darwinism or to keep it simple survival of the fittest. Thanks but no thanks. I suppose you on your own will build the infrastructure to get your goods to the market. You and only you alone will decide who shall be educated. Its a bankrupt philosophy that may at one time had a place in a agrarian society but I hate to break it to you this is the 21st century

  15. Well, well, well. Let that be a lesson that if you want to run a campaign, make sure it’s clean folks.

  16. Lot’s of assumptions and misconception’s there but you’ve clearly got everything figured out. So I will choose to abstain from further discussion

  17. I am just going by what you posted. Classical liberalism. Now I ask you what was a true libertarian and you gave a sound bite answer. Sorry that dog don’t hunt. So again explain yourself

  18. It’s a loaded question there are many types of Libertarians, for the record I said Real Libertarian & I advocate Humanism, Social Consciousness, Individual Sovereignty, Localized Collectivism, a return Parliamentary Democracy, the abolishment of the private federal reserve and oppose wall street bailouts, I tend to look to NPO’s & Free Market options before Government intervention on local and state issues. That’s enough, I’m not going to write a personal manifesto

  19. Not meaning to nit pick but how do Individual Sovereignty and Localized Collectivism compute? I mean if you as a individual have your own sovereignty how do you become part of a collective? And since when did we have a Parliamentary Democracy?

  20. There’s no right answer on that because it’s unique to the individual but I feel there can be a balance between individual rights and voluntary engagement in social contract; individuals do collectively make a community do they not? we still have alcohol prohibition in many parts of my state, I don’t drink (not on any moral grounds), I think prohibition is stupid but I respect those communities right to establish their own laws. American wasn’t founded as a 2 party system, greens, justice party and yes the LP should have a chance to atleast discuss different approaches and ideals to the problems we face as a nation because the country is way to polarized in my opinion

  21. I trust the congress about as much as I trust the state governments. We are way past the point of not having a president thats equal to the congress. God can you imagine the states and this country run by republicans? My god, it would be a mass of religious insane clowns

  22. America wasn’t founded on a two party system but they had the choice to follow England in setting up a Parliamentarian government but chose not to. While that may sound good to have a lot of parties it also can cause more gridlock than what we have now. Just look at Italy and Israel where to get and maintain power you have to make deals with the truly nutcases.

    In your opening sentence you prove true libertinism cannot work. There is no such thing as voluntary engagement in a social contract. You either conform or your ass is on your own.

  23. I live in a state run by religious insane clowns and trust I have suffered numerous concussions banging my head on the desk because of their idiocy

  24. What happened in Iowa in 2012 shed light on the dirty underbelly of presidential primary politics”.

    NO! It should read,

    “What happened in Iowa in 2012 shed light on the dirty underbelly of REPUBLICAN Party politics”.

  25. We’re just going to have to fundamentally disagree on this I guess because I do believe that in a voluntary society your free to take your ass somewhere else if you don’t want to conform to the collective unless someone literally owns your ass. It is possible to uphold social contract with out the initiation of force against the individual

  26. Yet again I must say, this is one of the best Thursdays I’ve ever known:

    CARSON CITY Nevada (Reuters) – “Tesla Motors Inc has selected Nevada as the site for a $5 billion battery factory that will be key to its next generation of electric cars, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval announced on Thursday.

    The California-based electric car maker is still hammering out the final details on the plant that will crank out cheaper and more efficient battery packs for Tesla’s future cars, including the $35,000 Model 3 that is due in 2017.”

    Carson NV. is about 200 miles from their other plant in Freemont, Ca.

    Eat economic-cherry-picking failure, Texas.

    Low wage/low regulation is fast becoming a negative, and you’re leading the way.

  27. Nothing will erase the fact that this whole mess began with accusations made by officials in Bachmann’s campaign. It was illegal for Sorenson to accept money from outside persons/groups while he was a member of Iowa’s legislature. He knew it, Bachmann knew it, and Ron Paul knew it. This investigation began in Iowa and federal prosecutors followed the money trail. Just because you like Ron Paul and federal prosecutors are investigating his campaign finances doesn’t mean anyone is out to “get” him. I doubt if Pres. Obama even has time to think about Ron Paul or Bachmann. In spite of what you and his other supporters think, following the law applies to all of us. Dinesh D’Souza discovered this the hard way. He lied and convinced millions that Pres. Obama had “targeted” him only to get before the judge and sing like a damn Canary. Bob McDonnell lied, too, only to be convicted today. Bachmann and Ron Paul could have followed the law but chose not to. Time to pay the piper.

  28. I’m glad Tesla decided NOT to build the plant in TX. In his usual pandering-to-the- extremes-manner, Perry put his foot in his mouth and jammed it down his throat by following Krispy Kreme’s example in NJ of blocking Tesla from selling cars directly to the public. It was only after he realized Tesla was looking at TX as a possible location for building a battery factory that he began trying to suck up to Elon Musk. When he was in CA recently, he rented a Tesla to drive around in. Showboating. The vile, vindictive, deceitful b*stard. Sandoval hasn’t run off at the mouth the way Perry and Krispy K. have done. He quietly kept his head down, went after the deal and won it. It serves weather vane Perry right that TX didn’t get the deal. Ain’t the free market grand?

  29. I am waiting to hear (like the IRS “scandal”) how Obama officials are profiling corrupt GOP politicians. How long before Hannity will be asking “Why aren’t liberal politicians being targeted too?”

  30. Didn’t Bachmann actually fudge the results of an unofficial poll in Iowa, in order to show her as a top runner? Something about trucking people in from out of state. Anybody remember that too?

    I can’t recall all the details because when it comes to Bachmann, there’s been a lot of insanity since then.

    I guarantee there are a lot of worried Republicans out there. Rick Perry said (not really) that if convicted. d he would not mind serving his time. However he did say that if he was forced to share a cell with Chris Christie he would prefer to be on top. Reporters assumed he was talking about the bunk beds

  31. You forgot to mention that fracking child abuse enabler from Pennsylvania who’s about to lose badly to a Wolf.

  32. That would be a wonderful thing. Looking at this picture, all I can think of is Dumb and Dumber. No offense to the movie.

  33. Shiva & dj you both write about “religious and insane clowns”. I’m reading a book by Fredric Rich, called Christian Nation. Was recommended by a comment from one of your posts. It really does reveal the “insane religious clowns” who could have been running this country had McCain/Palin won the last election.
    We as a nation escaped a disaster for sure. My question is, can we continue to escape disaster with all these “insane religious clowns” clamoring to take over?
    Only if we, as a nation pay attention and vote !

  34. I seem to remember the same, but I think the charge was that she was actually paying people to vote for her in the Iowa poll. Damn these golden moments. =)

  35. Mark Twain is widely quoted as saying a Lie will travel around the world before the Truth gets its boots on.” There is an addendum, “The Truth will catch up with the Liar.”

    There is an old saying about Fascist campaigns for political power. “Nod head. Shake head. Take head.” Promise anything to get power. Deliver nothing when you have power. Kill any opposition that comes later.

  36. I can’t wait until she is incarcerated and her carnival barker husband is defrocked from his company trying to fix gays is condemned.

  37. “It serves weather vane Perry right”

    That’s funny, that’s an accurate description, had not heard it before. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it.

  38. Bachmann is an idiot and completely oblivious of reality. As a money grubbing egomaniac politician she ignored the campaign finance laws. Politicians go to jail for dirty money back room deals. Don’t worry Michelle, I think the orange jumpsuit is a one size fits all. You get to spend some time in club Fed.

  39. hum…Obama and the democrats break laws daily…Eric Holder -Lois Lerner etc…you guys don’t seem to have a problem with that…

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